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Reaching my target weight


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Today was an epic weigh in. ?


First off the food I ate yesterday.


For or breakfast I had a bacon and egg breakfast taco from taco cabana. This was unplanned but a friend at work brought in breakfast and I figured what the heck and ate one. It was very good.


For lunch I had a honey chipotle grilled chicken sandwich on sourdough bread with a side salad and no dressing because they forgot to put it in. But the salad was still good so ?‍♀️.


For dinner I was very bad. I ordered dominos and of the food I ordered I had a slice of Ultimate Pepperoni pizza and a slice of the Honolulu Hawaiian pizza.


I had 64 Oz of water.


I burned 1110 calories from moving and 3452 calories in total yesterday. My total steps yesterday were 14788 and I walked 6.64 miles.




My weight when I got up today after Inused the rest room was 219.1. Yes I lost one pound yesterday! ?


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Just now, Kirsten said:

I had an even day yesterday. No gain. No loss. Weird too because I was only at 1400 calories in. Only 22 carbs in. And I walked almost my 10k steps. I mean I had sashimi and beef teryaki for dinner for gods sake! It was 2 carbs! And all that raw fish is so good for you. Oh and if you’ve never had octopus sashimi you have to! It’s cooked but oh man. Soooooo good! Well if you like lobster at least. It has that sweet chewy buttery flavor like a cold water lobster tail. ?

 I should’ve had a good day. Idk what happened. Here’s to a better day today! From 1.25 a day average loss to 1.00 now. Eeh I’ll still take it! 

Don’t give up. It could be water or a poop that hasn’t come out yet that is screwing up the weigh in. Another possibility if you wear cloths for your weigh in is what you are wearing today is simply heavier.


I have privacy so I weigh in with nothing on but my glasses. It’s the only way to get consistent weight readings from day to day by eliminating what variables I can.



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2 hours ago, Kirsten said:

Well if you like lobster at least. It has that sweet chewy buttery flavor like a cold water lobster tail. ?

Now you've done it!  My mouth is watering and it's 10:30am here.  It's going to be a long day.


Susan R?

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2 hours ago, RithiaAllen said:

It could be water or a poop that hasn’t come out yet that is screwing up the weigh in. 

You hit it right on the money sister! ??

i weigh in same time every day nekkid as well. That takes all the guesswork out. But no bm in 2+ days. So I’m sure I’m losing since there’s plenty in me to still come out. Yuck. 


@Susan R  sorry. Lol. It was just soooo tasty! I can’t wait to have it again. ? sushi and it’s counterparts are by far my favorite! There is this maki roll the local place makes called an enchanted roll. Spicy tuna, avocado, salmon and crunchy inside. Tuna, mango on top covered in a citrus mango sauce!! Oh I wish I could have one right now! I’m gonna have to see if they can do it with a cauliflower rice. If not that’s the FIRST thing I’m eating when I hit my target weight. Lol.  

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Well down another pound this morning. 192.6 Still waiting on the other part. But still losing every day. Keeping that 1:1 pounds per day ratio. I’d like to hold that for another week if I can. Well see. But it’s hard to complain about 6 pounds in 6 days. And I should just be starting to hit ketosois now. It takes like 2 weeks they say but idk. Last time I was losing like this too. And it didn’t really change all that much. I’d really like to hit that 25 pounds in a month. They say 35 is possible too but god that’s a lot of weight. That’s over a pound a day. And I do cheat a little. Last night I had 7 cheese curds at the Buffalo Wild Wings with the boys. But it was a greens salad with lemon vinaigrette and 1/2 an order of traditional wings which was a combined like 6 carbs. The 6-7 carbs from the cheese curds still fit into my daily 30carb goal. I was at 24total yesterday. 30net and 6fiber equals the 24. Odd how to figure out sugar alcohol but it’s prolly a gram lower from that too. 

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That is great. Just be careful to stay hydrated. :D


I don't have as good of numbers to report but I did shed three tenths of a pound. I'm down to 218.8.


Also importantly my resting heartbeat is down to 58 and I did a 16'35" mile today walking and the overall walk was 1.83 miles. My average heartbeat while walking was 113 which is down from 135bpm at a 18'21" mile a week ago. I'm getting faster and doing it with a lower heartrate. ?


I suspicion that some of my slower weight loss is simply my legs are getting more muscle which is fine as long as they don't huge. :D My torso is starting to look a little less flabby though which is the overall goal so I'm very happy. Today while not flattering because of the flab ? I fit into my employee appreciation day t-shirts from this year that I had grabbed X-Large. When I first got them I tried them on in my room I had at the time and was very depressed because I couldn't get them on. So I'm down a size of tight t-shirt!


My food yesterday was 47% carbs, 38% fat and 15% protein. I'm not super concerned about the carbs because most of it was from two Granny Smith apples which has natural sugar and fiber and I needed some fiber.


I walked 7.91 miles, burned 3655 calories and consumed 1400 calories and drank 40 Oz of water.


Ok I'll be back later. It's time for another round of Fallout 4 VR. ?

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That’s awesome Rithia!! You are doing so good! I like your attention to detail on your intake and all too. For me, that’s what keeps me motivated. The numbers really keep me pushing. I Am very analytical. And when the numbers add up to loss it makes it all the better. I have issues with extra skin in my belly. I was 250 last year. And it’s gotten a touch better but it still bothers me. I may do a touch of the cool sculpting thing. I heard it helps elasticity. But I’m gonna give it another year at least. All these hormones, and the biotin could help it enough on its own. ?


We will both be bikini girls this summer!! Well top for me at least. ?


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Final week 1 weigh in was 192.2! Down 6.4 I believe. That’s pretty good I think. Now to keep that level up for another week. Planking starts today too. 5 mins 2x a day. Get that core ready for running in the spring. ?


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I overslept this morning and didn’t have time to weigh in this morning. I’ll check where I am when I get home from work but I’ll aim to get my weigh in tomorrow.

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It’s hard to not be a little disappointed in the results but today I was the same weight as I was on Sunday. So I haven’t gained or lost weight.


That said I got up closer to 9am and I had a large movement. I’ll spare the details but my point is I didn’t this morning despite feeling the need (I need more water) so my weigh in was 3 hours earlier in the day and not on a empty tank. So I guess I have still lost weight in the grand scheme of things. I’m hoping tomorrow I can quantify it.


Over the last two days I had 2167 calories in total. I burned 3520 calories on Sunday and 3378 calories yesterday.


I had 32 Oz of water on Sunday and 56 yesterday.


I walked 9.12 and 5.86 miles on Sunday and Monday respectively.

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Poor weigh in today. I was up .4 but I’m sure it’s used food in me and not gain. Today I am starting the shift to full keto and a 16/8 fast. Some take it to the max and do a 21/3!  No way! Lol.  I’ll be waiting till 13 hours today which is thankfully in about 1/2 an hour cause I am literally starving. Lol. And my carbs are dropping to 17 a day now. I’m also making sure I get at least 15g of fiber too. That one is really tough to get. Basically it’s from like 3 cups of salad greens and only greens. This week is gonna suck to say the least. But it’ll be worth it to break into full ketosis mode till Christmas. 4 weeks and I’m hoping to loose 25+ pounds! That’ll put me close to my target weight by New Years!

❤️My Keto!! Definitely the best and most amazing way to loose. But it sure is hard too. Lol. 

Planking isn’t going well. I haven’t at all. Tonight I am 100% though. I may even walk on the treadmill for 1/2 hour. Really beat down that fat in a hard way. Haha. 

Anyways keep up the great work everyone! 


Thats tough Rithia. But no up movement is a good thing! I also “moved” already today so hopefully that’s a sign of things to come. And holy crap that is a LOT of walking!! Awesome job!! 

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Hi all,   I hear you ladies...today was very difficult.   I am very disappointed with my weekly Tuesday weigh in which happened this morning.  I worked so hard and never missed my 3-3.5 miles of walking each day.  I was strict on my diet...no portion control issues and no deviation from diet, whatsoever.  After all my hard work, I sadly lost only 1.5lbs this entire week.

When dressed, I have definitely noticed my clothes becoming much looser.  What's odd is that this is the first week that I actually feel thinner without clothing.  I thought I'd see some progress over previous weeks.  Looks like I've got a real battle with this.  So after today's weigh in, I have lost exactly 20 pounds total in 10 weeks and still have 30.0 pounds left until I reach my target weight.  Nice even numbers for once...guess I got lucky there..lol


Good luck people..the struggle is real,

Susan R?

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@Susan R A pound in a half is very good. A modest burn rate increases the odds of keeping the weight off long term and not rubber banding back up and then some. Like Kristen says any weigh in that is less is a good weigh in.


My results today, I have lost half of a pound and down to 218.3. That is 1.8 pounds lost since November 30th and just 68.3 pounds to go. ?


I walked 16,797 steps for a total of 7.67 miles and burned 3450 calories which eating 1310 calories. My percentages were 29% carbs, 46% fat and 25% protein.


My tops are really starting to fit better which is great. I have also noticed my butt seems to be getting a little bigger though. I’m hopeful that it is simply filling out as I am losing weight and doing lots of exercise.

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Sounds good Rithia! I wish my butt would get bigger. Lol. 

Today my weigh in I was 192.0. So down a bit. But I lost an entire belt loop today! Side effect of Ketosis is that you don’t necessarily always loose weight. Sometimes you eat the wrong veggies and it causes water retention. So I’ll have to swap to romaine lettuce or kale I think. Iceberg seems bad for me. 

Also my IF is officially at 18/6 today! I get to eat in 1/2 an hour and haven’t since 640 last night. Nothing but water. Not even coffee! And I am not the least but hungry oddly enough. Proof that I am in full ketosis today. Should be a good rest of the week I’d think. Macros for yesterday were 9/24/67 carb/protein/fat. Supposed to be 5/20/75. Closer every day! 

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Be careful with the words like get to. That is where cheating starts which leads to binge days.


I just simply have a set schedule that I go by and if I eat earlier or later it doesn’t matter but I only have two meals.


If I feel hungry I might have some berries. Around a cups worth or less. I also drink water when I’m feeling hungry but I’m starting to get better at telling when I am thirsty or hungry.

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I was on the other end this time. I ended up at 18-1/2 hours and I figured I should eat only because it was time which is a bad habit according to dr Berg. You should only eat when you start to feel stomach pains, headaches, or you’re feeling dizzy. I wasn’t there but I ate anyways. ??‍♀️ 

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Just now, Kirsten said:

I was on the other end this time. I ended up at 18-1/2 hours and I figured I should eat only because it was time which is a bad habit according to dr Berg. You should only eat when you start to feel stomach pains, headaches, or you’re feeling dizzy. I wasn’t there but I ate anyways. ??‍♀️ 

That sounds like horrible advice. I understand eat when you’re hungry hence my no set specific time but more of an average. However waiting until you’re dizzy and have a headache is horrible. At that point you have waited too long and will go into starvation mode which is counterproductive in the long run.


I eat when my stomach grumbles.

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Keto is a different type of eating though. All the rules are different. From the bacteria in your body to the hormones and receptors in your cells. Basically what you are doing is reverting back all the need in sugar and carb nonesense from the last 2000+ years. The human body is not designed to run on glucose. But it does because it has to. It’s actually designed to run on fats. But in order to make that happen things inside really need to change. It’s unhealthy to get like that on a sugar based diet. But on keto it’s required. It’s what keeps your body from storing fat and tells it to burn it instead. 

The #1 cause of obesity in this world is too many carbs. Carbs are sugars. Too many cause the receptors in your cells to get confused. So the body keeps on making insulin. That is why so many people have diabetes. Like 70% of the worlds populaiton actually has some level of the disease. You can eat “healthy” all day long and still end up with diabetes and overweight simply because you feed your body the wrong stuff. And at the wrong intervals. 


Having said all that, I plan on going back to my tasty sugar heavy garbage diet when I hit my target weight. Lol. I can’t imagine a life of salad, meat, cheese, nuts and berries supplemented with some oils for extra fat. Lol. That’s just sad sounding I think. But for 2-3 months I’m in. And hopefully when I swap back I stay mostly healthy. ??‍♀️

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Probably. It took me about 3-4 months to loose 60+ last year and I gained 20 back in the next 8 and now I’m back on it. If I can keep that going I’m happy. And I don’t need to loose 60 this time so it’s always positive gains. I like the reset feature the most. At the end of this I feel great! My body is clean as clean can be, thin, belly is shrunk, skin is clearer, hair is shinier, even my brain seems faster and more able to learn, but it’s no fun. I like food. I like wine and beer and sour patch kids. And I want to eat them. They can’t be eaten at all (wine is ok in very small quantity). So I try to find a middle ground. But mcfatsos and macaroni are just so tasty. Lol. I’m weak I guess. 

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Another epic weigh in with .9 pounds lost. I went from 218.3 to 217.4 pounds over the course of yesterday.


I had Pot Belly for lunch with a cup of Loaded Bake Potato soup and half of a roast beef sandwich. I saved the second half because I got full. For dinner I had the left over sandwich and a left over piece of Hawaiian pizza.


I wasn’t counting calories in the sense of restricting myself but I only felt compelled to eat that yesterday and it was only 990 calories.


I walked 7.57 miles yesterday and burned 3618 calories with 1083 from walking.


My resting heartbeat seems stuck and 57 but my peak heartbeat was down 10bpm durning my fastest pace of walk yesterday compared to Sunday’s walk. Of course Sunday was almost two miles on that walk but I like to see my heartbeat lowering for the same task week over week.


Today my team at work is going to Hard Eight Pit BBQ for lunch. I’m going to grab a salad and a half rack of ribs. I can eat a few (2) with the salad before getting full. If I get full sooner I’ll stop. What I don’t eat will be dinner. I love getting to eat for free for a entire day. ?

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Why do you want your resting heartbeat lower? I am at 62 and my doctor was worried that was too low. Just curious. 

I was down another 0.4 today. But still having issues getting “regular”. My wife has asked me to stop with the healthy keto as well. It’s too stressful for her she says. So I am going to have to agree with that request. She deals with enough with the transition. She shouldn’t be worried about all the keto food restrictions as well. So it’ll be a low carb low calorie diet instead. I am gonna stick to the intermittent fast though. I think that will be fine. And I’m not a fan of breakfast foods anyways. ??‍♀️  And the benefit of low carb is that I can add some fruit into my diet and cut some fat out. But I’ll have to start the exercise half ASAP too. What are ya gonna do right?! Lol 

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3 minutes ago, Kirsten said:

Why do you want your resting heartbeat lower? I am at 62 and my doctor was worried that was too low. Just curious. 

I was down another 0.4 today. But still having issues getting “regular”. My wife has asked me to stop with the healthy keto as well. It’s too stressful for her she says. So I am going to have to agree with that request. She deals with enough with the transition. She shouldn’t be worried about all the keto food restrictions as well. So it’ll be a low carb low calorie diet instead. I am gonna stick to the intermittent fast though. I think that will be fine. And I’m not a fan of breakfast foods anyways. ??‍♀️  And the benefit of low carb is that I can add some fruit into my diet and cut some fat out. But I’ll have to start the exercise half ASAP too. What are ya gonna do right?! Lol 

I’m mostly looking for a lower heartbeat rate while exerciseing. I guess you’re right 57 is a great rate for rest.


Keeping in mind I’m in the early stages of training to be able to run again. What I’m looking for is increased lung capacity and decreased stress while running. ?


Thats better for you in the long run anyways. Plus it will allow me to catch up at this rate. ?


I’m a bit high on my calories in today at 948 but it’s somehow managed to be 11% carbs. I’ll eat some of my left overs for tonight and probably be around 1400 to 1500 calories today. It should be ok though because I have been burning over 3100 calories a day as of late.


keep it up.?

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Just now, Kirsten said:

Haha. I see how it is now! ?. That’s it. Time to go go go!!  Lol. 

?? I’m very competitive. You might be able to beat me but I’m burning fat now and up to speed. So far in the first week of November I have lost 2.7 pounds. I have one more day. If I can lose at least another .3 pounds today that is 3+ pounds in one week.


Of course my dose of estrodile increases by 100% today so it remains to be seen how that will impact things.

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    • Susan R
      Yes, I only mentioned “political beliefs” in case your children were older. It can make all the difference in the world. My oldest daughter has always been bi so I thought for sure she’d be completely accepting. It might have been if it wasn’t for the fact that she married one of the biggest trump supporters this side of the Rockies one week prior to my coming out to the world.   Oh, I believe that is the most accepting age. My grand children are all ages 9 thru 13. My experience says yes there are many successful outcomes in that age range. It’s not as common reading about unsuccessful outcomes with children. I think one of the more important things when you come out to them is to make sure you let them know you’ll always be there for them and your love for them will not change but only grow stronger.   Best of luck, Jade. I know it’ll be emotional and difficult at the beginning but you’ll do fine.   Susan R🌷  
    • KMTAL
      I do not think so. For now, our lives do not matter to many or most of the general public. Sadly I worry if we will need an Emmet Till or Matthew Shepard moment, for people to wake up and start marching.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2020/09/28/transgender-woman-killed-west-philadelphia-shooting-police-say/   By most counts this is murder #28 this year.  Does anyone outside this community even give a damn?   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/09/28/los-angeles-man-sentenced-25-life-killing-transgender-woman/   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.startribune.com/court-separate-locker-room-violated-transgender-boy-s-right/572564792/     Carolyn Marie
    • Jade Diaz
      I wish I could say I had a better marriage but the truth is it was always pretty rough - mostly because of me and the way I tried to hide the truth from my wife for all those years. The disclosure itself was rough but we got past that rough spot reasonably quickly. We share a common goal of trying to part without causing each other a lot of unnecessary pain (it still hurts of course)   My son is 11 and my daughter is 9. They don't really have "political beliefs" yet but I know this will probably be difficult for them to accept. I have a lot of low key anxiety about it, but at the same time it feels a long way off.   In truth, I spent a decent amount of time reading posts in the forum (including your own previous posts on the topic) - I am left wondering if there have been any "successful" outcomes with children in my age range - I guess your grandchildren would possibly qualify there?   Anyway, thank you for welcoming me. I am looking forward to learning and sharing.
    • Msecret
      Good to know. Thank you again @Abi
    • Dana Michelle
      It turns out that I will have to send pictures of my genitals, but not until I've had several sessions of electrolysis (so the surgeon can see how much progress I'm making). I mentioned my concern to my therapist and she said that anything sent through the health provider's website is very highly encrypted (to comply with HIPPA). I'll probably take the pictures with my desktop computer (which has a lower change of being stolen than a phone) and I'll use the shred command in Linux to delete them once I send them.  
    • Emily michelle
      A sweater dress would be cute. I’ve been drawn to cardigans so far. I have gotten 3 already. I’m pretty much hooked on leggings. I just wish I had the boots to go with them.
    • ElizabethStar
      I've been starting to like fall and the fashions more and more over the last few years.  I have seen so many cute outfits but the one that sticks in my mind is a pair of Uggs, leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. Something about it. Maybe it's the simplicity or the "every girl" look, I don't know. There's just something I love about it.   I really want to get a skirt or two but I just can't decide. I'm drawn to mini and over the knee length ones when I should probably be looking at midis and maxis.   I do, at least, have a sweater dress I crocheted last year. Now that I have some semblance of a female body I can start wearing it.
    • KendraML
      Kendra's life,it has been a discovery of whom I am really.First memories of trying on feminine clothing when I was  14 years and curious how comfortable they were to were.I was in the 8th grade at the time after I got home from school doing my homework first if I had any.Mom was gone at work usually coming home around 6:30 PM.Then it was into my mom's closet trying on a few pieces of clothing of hers on.First one was a very favorite dress of hers,I loved how comfortable it was to wear against my skin and put it back the same way she had it.Then it was a couple tops and skirts of hers putting them the same way she had them.I was lucky too,never got caught in the act knowing when she came home from work.Mom never suspected anything something was going on with me seeing I was normal son of hers.Did try on her bras as well being careful to put them back right as well.Even tried on her heels.This was until I was 15 years old.Things stopped when I was 16 living a life as a normal young man doing anything any male would do thinking I was not really female.Then in 2011,what I did when I was 14 and 15 years old came back.This time it was with trying on my wife's clothes on when she was gone,we were dating and I thought I never got caught.I was wrong,she came home early one day and I thought she was mad at me with the oh crap look on my face at first.Instead,she said I looked good in the dress of hers on I tried on and I would look good dressed as female.Did get the idea of getting a couple of her friends of her involved and I was for it.First stop was to a jewelry store getting my ears pierced.Said clip on earring won't cut it also buying me a pair of 2 inch hoop earrings too.Then it was to a second hand store finding me a black knee length dress also finding the perfect pair of 3 inch black heels to go with the dress.Did get fitted for a bra too also get a pair of panties too.A friend of hers had a brunette wig that said my name on.Another friend of her taught me make up application.Said in 6 weeks I was going out with them for the first time.I thought cool,it took me practice to get everything right.My wife was surprised I got it right in 3 tries.Then it was a Saturday,Kendra finally came out 6 weeks after this happened.All said I looked good dressed as a woman and they were right.I loved it and it was part time at first.Then in 2015,I knew I wanted to stay as Kendra in 2016.Began the hair removal which took a year and told my wife I wanted to be Kendra fulltime in 2016.She fully loved the idea and said I look better as Kendra which I agreed with her 100%.I saw wearing of the male wardrobe was getting boring and liked the female wardrobe better.The plans went great with us and tough part was telling my mom she was going to have a new daughter in her life.She saw me as her son.It was in October of 2015 I told her I was going fulltime as female on January 1st,2016.She was speechless,gave her time and space to think things over on this.Finally on January 1st,2016,I said goodbye to my life as male stepping in a salon with the staff ready.I had good long hair which was washed and permanent hair extensions put in also my hair styled,make up and nails done too.When everything was done I loved the results having a reveal party and was surprised my mom was there.My wife loved it,she loved it right away and everyone else said I must be much happier now.Wife even said I look better as a woman.Then I saw the look on my mom's face and said she thought things over good.Finally told me that she finally accepts it and knows she has a daughter that is finally happy.I was glad she came to terms about it.Kendra and I were in the 3rd year of our marriage when this happened and say it brought us together more.In 2017,had my breast augmentation and a trachea shave done.I have a 16 year old son,he was 12 when I went fulltime,he learned to adjust to the changes very well.I taught him can't live with a struggle in your life holding you back.He usually calls me Kendra most of the time now seeing I live a happy life now.
    • Jacqui
      @Willow and @QuestioningAmber, thanks for your thoughtful replies!   Willow, while I am grateful for your kind, supportive words, I'm not sure I deserve all that much credit!  Only my gender therapist is going to deal with me face-to-face as Jacqui.  You go out as Willow when you are in Charleston, where multiple people know you as her.  What's more, Jacqui has never 'put herself together' yet (my profile pic is courtesy of FaceApp, using a 10-year old picture of me).  Willow has a look already -- hairstyle, clothes, jewelry (I love your starfish earrings, by the way) -- and you have faced someplace in the world as your true self.  I am dieting, letting my hair grow, and doing a lot of planning, but that's it for now (unless my self-acceptance takes the form of a step-wise progression where I eventually wind up attending my therapy sessions in full feminine regalia -- talk about a wow moment!  I think I'd have to find a 'big sister' to help me get to that point.  Right now I have trouble visualizing myself that way just walking from my car to the therapist's door!)   By the way, when you are in Charleston, have you ever tried the restaurant called "Husk"?  It's supposed to be pretty special -- all locally-sourced cuisine.  I read about it in a New Yorker article some years ago.   Amber, I'm glad that you are finding opportunities to use your preferred name (which is beautiful, by the way).  I'm a little surprised your therapist has not offered to use your preferred name in your sessions (unless they are not doing gender therapy with you).    
    • Jandi
    • KendraML
      Looking towards it and always wanted it,we always worked together very well knowing I would be good at it.Two other people applied for it,they liked my resume better
    • ElizabethStar
      I almost went with the name Sheila, it was pretty high on my list. I chose Star for my middle name so I could have something that sounded fun and spunky. But I like the way it sounds, Elizabeth-Star and If I want I can just go by Star since it will be a legal part of my name. When I updated my Facebook it says Star is not real name and I will have to furnish legal proof in order to use it although other people have used it. I can't say if they had problems or not but it's silly that a computer is telling me what I can use for a name.
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