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How to handle this

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I need to ask for advice. Recently my wife and I had our child to tell us that she is transgender. I have no idea how to handle this. I love our child and my wife but I have no idea how to handle this. She has always been a bit of a tomboy and I am ok with that. She also has dated boys and really liked one in the last year. He broke up with her and it hit her hard. Now she is telling us she has been like this for all her life. Don't get me wrong I have always thought the lesbian/gay,etc have been treated badly but I cannot relate to the group. I have never had feelings like this and am only attracted to the opposite sex, namely my wife as we have been married for a few decades. I had friends all through my life who were of a alternatve lifestyle as it use to be called but now it hits home I have no idea how to deal with it. At this point I feel like I am to blame. I wish she had been more open. To think of all the pain she went through it hurts me she waited so long to tell us. I am at the point I have no idea who to deal with it. The funny thing is we raised her to accept others and she believes in God. No I am not so sure about if there is even a god. At this point I have lost all hope. Personally at my age I am fine with dying if it means I would hurt her and I no longer care if I wake up the next day if it means I would hurt her. My question is how to deal with this. I am hurt and tired. I had a bad childhood myself and my wife and child are my world anymore. I am afraid I will hurt her or my wife as I have no idea how  to deal with this. I prefer to just pass away if I would hurt them. Anyway what can one do. I am at a loss.

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 Love and support him. And communicate with him. Your daughter will still be the same person that you have always loved and cared for.  That shouldn’t change just because she is now he. Therapy can be a great way to get help for everyone in the family too. 

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First and foremost, there is no blame for you and no shame for your family.  This is not a tragedy, it is the beginning of a new and wonderful adventure for all of you if you let it be that way.  Where you live, it may be a little harder than it would be elsewhere, but you are doing the right thing by coming here.  Your SON needs his father, so dying would be totally the wrong thing.  What you secretly dreamed about having a son when your child was born can now come true. I would look up the nearest chapter of PFLAG to you as one resource that is currently doing a wonderful job of helping parents of Trans children:




Your son actually appreciated how well you took care of them as a daughter that he tried to be the daughter you thought was there for reasons that are not your fault at all but his love for you.  None of us as parents, (and I am one) begins parenthood thinking and dreaming our child will have something like this in their life, but children try so hard to love their parents that they worry about hurting the parents, they want to do what pleases you, and at last they have to be themselves though.  Once again, you have done nothing wrong at all.  You have all the more reason to be in your Son's life. 


I work with Trans Children, and have a Trans God-daughter and am an honorary (aunt ) to a couple of more Trans children, all of whom are really the happiest and most loving young people, and who fulfill dreams of their parents as well.


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Susan R

Hello wxyzintn,  I agree with everything Vicky and Kirsten stated above.  Love, understanding and support are what your child needs right now.  You are not the cause of this and this could change over time..though unlikely.  No one but your child can make that decision.  Many of us here have wondered our entire lives about such things.  It's a long process but more than likely this will always be a part of your child's life in some form or another.  It's part of who they are.

I can relate to your situation a little as something like this happened to my wife and I back in 2001. Our eldest daughter invited my wife and I over for dinner at her new apartment in Seattle.  We met her and her live-in girlfriend.  We had no idea she was bi let alone living together with her girlfriend.  Yes, there was some shock as we were not informed in any way while she was living at home.  There had been no signs at all.  She had always dated boys.  We still gave her all the love, understanding, and support as we always did.  My wife and my daughter eventually went to therapy together and everything was worked out and went very well for both but it took time...about a year, if I remember correctly.  My wife had more difficulty with it than myself due to my personal secrets at the time.  My daughter stayed in this relationship for 3 years.  When it ended, she went back to dating men and was married a few years later.

There are no guarantees in life but we have to support our children no matter what they look like and no matter who they want to be with in this life.  They need to be themselves.  Whatever you do, don't blame yourself or anyone else.  Your child did not choose to have this difficulty.  Life is  complex and sometimes our path has many unanticipated turns along the way.


Susan R🌷



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It totally understandable that you cannot relate to people who are L, G, B, or T.   That's because you're cis-gender and you never question this aspect of your being.  


Your child has not been more open probably because of fear of hurting you, and they probably lacked the ability verbalize it in a manner that would be understood (this took me forever).   But they've come out and have spoken to you.  That was brave of them and it means they love and trust you.  


Open a line of dialogue (not an inquiry!) where they are comfortable talking to you about their feelings.   I would recommend setting up an appointment with a gender therapist.  Despite my lifelong aversion to the idea of therapy, I found it was the best thing I could have done to help me sort through my feelings. 


1 hour ago, wxyzintn said:

The funny thing is we raised her to accept others and she believes in God. No I am not so sure about if there is even a god. At this point I have lost all hope.

Being a transgender person and believing in God are not mutually exclusive!  Just as in the fully society, there are a large number of believers in the LGBT community.   Some have reached deep for their faith to help them understand and cope.   Do not despair!  Do not lose hope and don't stop believing.  


Give your son a hug and tell them you love them, and that you as parents will be there for him through it all.  


Peace, Jani

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3 hours ago, wxyzintn said:

The funny thing is we raised her to accept others and she believes in God.


I overlooked this in my earlier post and meant to comment on it.


Transgender people are very spiritual and we have almost a special relationship with our Higher Powers in many ways, we are Christian Priests and Ministers in a wide variety of ACCEPTING denominations, and a large number of us practice other spiritual belief systems, and some of us bridge multiple spiritual pathways.  I am very active in my denomination and take part at regional and national events where I am held with both love and esteem.  I frequently find myself telling people that I honestly believe that Trans people have spiritual gifts that we need to share with other people.  We were made to give others a challenge in their beliefs to see the Highest Power in a wider and more awesome way than most people ever do.

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I agree with all that has been said and would add that you are very lucky that your son trusts you and loves you enough to shared this news with you. You need to be there to support him even if you are having trouble understanding the situation. Bottom line, assure him that you love him unconditionally, will support him totally and tell him that he will always have a safe place when things get rough.


I have recently joined a church that is very inclusive to the LGBTQ community. I am getting involved with a program entitled "Her Voice Matters" and after talking with the associate pastor, who btw has a trans-son, we are planning on working on helping people understand transgender people and how to be allies, in addition with speaking out on behalf of women who are battered, abused and raped.


I wish the best for you, your wife and son,




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    • BrandiBri
      Wow, that dress pops in red! I may have to order one for myself! The black is nice as well.
    • Lizzie McTrucker
      More than once I was looking for my phone while holding it. 😣
    • MaryMary
      that's why we say "one step at a time". Honestly my understanding always evolve. For me it's so deeply rooted in instinct and childhood irrationals. I'm always finding new ways to describe what I feel so people understand as best as possible. I find that to describe how we feel language still fall horribly short. This can cause some extra confusion. I hope you will clear some of that confusion and shine a light on what your feelings mean to you. Good luck on what's to come.
    • BrandiBri
      Happy Birthday Jayson! 🎂 Hope your day goes well!   Hugs,  Brandi
    • Kirsten
      I am skipping it I think. I think it’s too much for my wife. As what usually happens she finally told me the issue. She is worried that someone would say something about me and she believes that wearing anything like a dress will make me more of a target. And then the real reason finally came out. She sees all the changes and is just overwhelmed. She wants things to go slower. She wants me to be her version of transitioning. And that’s understandable I think. But only to a certain point. It was like the shoes thing. She didn’t want me wearing women’s shoes for months. But then one day it was ok. And at this point there isn’t issue with shoes.  Its so hard to walk that line between both of us being happy about this process. But I have to remember how much she has lost as well. How hard all of this is for her. How it will take her time too. It took me 30 years. I can’t expect her to come to terms in 7 months.  I am going to try to find something like a pair of high waisted slacks and a shimmery top. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too feminine. Even though it is who I am, it’s not what she can see yet. 
    • Reptidad
      Hello!          Let me start by saying hello to everyone. I knew when I was young that I landed in the wrong body. I prayed for God to take me at 9 years old. God hasn't taken me yet, and I am 51. Please know this Eliza. Go slow. Also be realistic. You sound like you have a plan. Remember cost. A fully functioning phalloplasty takes 2 or 3 surgeries. That is about 2 years worth. (healing, being able to use). I was quoted $50-55,000. Now, I am not here to be a downer. I want you to know that most surgeons do not work with Medicare. I have United Health Ins. through that and they will not work with it, they will give me an estimate. I cannot afford the procedure. BUT.....My friend, did get a metoidioplasty through Dr. Sherman Leis in PA, and is very happy. (That is the elongated clitoris). You said something about 4". This depends on how your built. The testosterone helps with the growth, I have been on it for 10 years.            If you "Google" FTM Bottom surgery you will get cost, the surgeons who do it, what is involved. You sound like you have it going on. The therapist letter is VERY important, appearing in public as the gender you wish to be is a stupid requirement, but must be done. (a therapist will vouch) I got everything but the $$. If I was a younger me, I would tell "me"....cost and a place to work like Starbucks. (they pay for your surgery!) Find out what insurance a surgeon will work with. It cost me $11,000 to go to San Francisco. $8,500 for the chest reconstruction and hotel, food, cab.            Only rely on you. YOU GOT THIS Eliza. IT CAN BE DONE. HAS BEEN DONE, AND I KNOW YOU WILL DO THIS.   
    • SugarMagnolia
      Having torn off the clothes off fear We stand naked in the world Exposing not our skin but our souls   And living bare in front of the world We cling tightly to the safety of the wreckage that was us Realizing, in time, that though adrift, we can swim   Why is there such gravity to being? We want each choice to be the right one We are infinitesimal Yet we're all we have   And Isn't it enough to be warm, safe and fed? Comfortable and loved? Though inevitably dead, we’re compelled To search for meaning in the wake of time   What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be conscious? How will we use the time that we have left? How will we even use this moment?
    • SugarMagnolia
      Just a little doggerel after not being able to sleep the other night. It's OK to not have all the answers! 🙂     I'm not bothered when I don't know the time of day Or the weather tomorrow If I can't tell someone the way to this place or that Or where I got this hat   But it's two in the morning And it's somewhat demeaning That I have no answer In my search for meaning
    • Willow421
      MaryMary, thank you for your perspective on what it means to "look" or pass as female. I'm nowhere near this stage and still trying to understand what my feelings really mean to me, seeing a therapist help me process the issues. Dressing in your own style is so important, thank you for reminding people about that. I love the picture you posted in your sunglasses. You look awesome! Willow
    • Leo
      Kirsten, I like the dress you chose in black. Every woman needs a little black dress. The style and length is fairly neutral and can be dressed up or down so it is something you can wear on multiple occasions. Play around with different accessories, shoes, and jewelry to get the look you want.  Boots, lower heels, tights, Christmas themed jewelry are more casual, than 4 " heels and pearls. 
    • RithiaAllen
      Yes I agree. Part of it is because now it has an accent with the hair, shoes and the belt. It’s not all just one color.
    • SeekingSadie
      I know its easy for me to say sitting here in my closet on Google (Oh WOW I love the dress in that colour!), but if you know what's in store and what will fit in at the party and look good on you, and you know your wife will be happy doing her own thing then just go for it. Why not get dressed up? 
    • Kirsten
      Sadie, that second one is very nice. They do have my dress in red. But only online. I wouldn’t have it by Saturday so it’s gotta be something in-store. I have a charcoal gray turtleneck tunic that I can wear over my nice jeans if I don’t find anything.  I guess my issue is more that I just want to be dressed up someday. Being a parent of a 3 and 13 year old set of boys alone doesn’t allow much time for anything fancy. Add to that my wife who doesn’t even wear makeup and can’t walk in heels and it just seems like there is never a time to wear anything nice. Idk.  Here’s the dress in red. But it’s not in-store so not really an option either. 
    • Leo
      My thoughts are that you are getting a lot out of this relationship. Toxicity can be powerfully addicting.  However, like any drug it can ultimately destroy you. Therapy can be a lifeline out of this relationship. 
    • RithiaAllen
      I really like that second one.
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