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Update re: That "You're Banned" Error

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Morning y'all!


It seems the forums are telling people they're banned much more often than they ever used to.  This has been a randomly occurring issue for a couple of years now, in which people visiting the forums see a message telling them they've been banned instead of the usual forum content.  This happens to both members and unregistered visitors.  The important part of the problem is that it's displaying this message to people who are not, in fact, banned.


You can read about the corrective steps we know of in the red announcement posted at the top of each forum page.  These are solutions that have done the trick for people who've contacted us about this issue up to now, but we have now had at least one person for whom they didn't work.


So everyone is aware, I just opened a support ticket with Invision, the people who develop the forum software we use.  I also gave them an admin account so they can log in and poke around our settings.  Hopefully the information I've managed to gather from people this has happened to up to now will be enough for them to point at something and say "that's breaking it."


In the meantime, if you run into this issue, please check that red announcement - if there are any new things you can do to get past the problem, I'll update that to let you know what they are as I hear about them.


Please accept my apology for the confusion around all this.  I know it's not pleasant to see "BANNED" in big letters, especially when you know you haven't posted anything even remotely controversial, never mind rude.  We are on it, though, and I'll keep everyone posted as things develop.

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Josie Beth

I’m not a huge IT expert but have a little bit of experience under my belt and one of the possible culprits could also be how the server resolves addresses in the flurry of packets sent back and forth when a user attempts to connect. Sometimes the software misdiagnoses a normal connection as a spoof or illegal connection, which can happen very often these days for many reasons. Most often with cel phones and how the carrier routes the packets. For instance my google keeps placing me in other cities even though I keep correcting the zip code. It’s been as bad as me being placed in China which can cause issues with over paranoid network settings. All of this is most likely going to be in a constant state of flux because it seems protocols and updates to them are happening on a daily basis. As of right now my phone is nagging me about getting the OS updates so that might clear up some of the issues. It’s difficult to tell what exactly causes all of this but there’s many moving parts and not all network rules can keep up with the changing environment.

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Its only ever happened to me twice when I've been logged on at home, close the tablet without closing down the browser  and then refresh the site from a different wifi connection - my assumption was that it just spots that the cookie is invalid from that IP and instantly blocks as it always works fine when I come back home.  If I've shut down properly I do not get the same errors.

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I would think similar too as, although I am lucky in not having issues here yet, I have noticed that on some sites content is restricted after a while. Shutting the browser down and restarting does not usually sort this (I delete cookies on exit so this isn't the problem). Shutting the computer down will sort though, so I think more in terms of dynamic IP address. What happens if you get allocated an IP address previously used by a banned member?



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Josie Beth

I don’t think it works like that. I think actual banned addresses are based on trace route to the ISP, country and sometimes even MAC address. A dynamic IP address can change. It’s not a very good way to block unwanted traffic.

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The way that I finally got back onto the forum was to switch my internet hub off for a couple of hours, so that when it was switched back on, I was given a new IP address.  I have no idea why it made a difference, but it worked, so I was happy.



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Josie Beth

It sounds like they need to reset all the IP’s that are banned and set new rules based on better criteria. If it’s based on blocking specific IP’s that can dynamically change by switching off a router, or using terminal/command prompt, then that makes it easy for unwanted traffic to bypass an actual ban for spam or because an admin actually blocked the dynamic IP. I’m guessing most of this stems from the rules that automatically block spam. 

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    • Jani
      We're here to support each other dear.  It certainly goes both ways and you are special.   Jani
    • RithiaAllen
      I  weighed myself several times over the course of last night and this morning. For a change seems to be more steady in its estimate after I finally managed to get it to properly calibrate itself. Also there are four sensors on it so if you are not dead center it can cause the weight to be lower then centered which I think caused it to inaccurate. The odd pattern on it appears to be a indicator for where to put the heel of your foot. So while still just an estimate because it’s not a beam scale. I am tempted to get one but I don’t really need that level of accuracy. I just need something that will be consistent to help me track trends so I can respond accordingly.   This log while I build confidence in the scale shows the fluctuations of weight in the day. All I’m looking for here is did it go up when I eat and drink and does it come down over time but not so much where it is a fairy tale. It matches the changes over time that I have come to expect.   1700 hours: 200 pounds (whatever gain from lunch was left plus three bottles of water through the day)
      1800 hours: 201.1 pounds (dinner and a bottle of water)
      2200 hours: 200.2 pounds (going to bed)
      0630 hours: 198.6 pounds (getting ready for work)   So my weigh in has broken past the 199 barrier. This makes my weight loss in the last seven days ~4.4 pounds.   Yesterday I burned 3421 calories and ingested 1502 calories and drank 40 Oz of water. To burn the calories I jogged 4 miles and walked an additional 4.4 miles.
    • JametB0223
      Hi Ladies,  my name is Janet and I have been reading post and topics for the past week on here and have just recently joined.   I have been CD on and off since I was a young adult and when I was married I buried deep.  Up to here recently since I am disabled and divorced has the desire come back to dress once again.    The relieve part is I can dress fully and don’t worry about being caught by anyone. But the guilts or confused part is.    I have went and bought gaffs, breast forms and etc. i really don’t have no desire to get up in the morning in man mode. I get up shower , shave and dress full female mode.  If I got to go out running errands it still female under garments because I have yet to go out full female attire.      Just had to get this off my mind because the desire to be full female 100% and not male is concerning.    Thanks for the opportunity to let this out   Janet
    • Tessa
      Thank you. Because you like them here are some more. These pieces are to show courage. In the first one I chose pink because I wanted to show she was fighting for love.    Second piece she has a pink wolf. A wolf is suppose to be a vicious animal but when tamed my love it becomes a girl’s best friend.    Last piece I chose blue and red (red is my favorite color) Blue is for male and red is for female. The two are mixed but present together bring about harmony and strength.   I can’t take credit for the picture but I was the one who colored it. Enjoy!    Love   Tessa👩‍🦳
    • jo_g
      That's true, thanks.  I think I'll give them a call, but am hoping it'll be OK to shave sooner rather than later. 😂
    • jo_g
      Great news! Super happy for you.
    • MarcieMarie12
      Hi Jo-g, I will add everyones experience with laser and electrolysis is a bit different. I went through laser without lidocaine,. But for electrolysis I needed it since it took for ever. I did not worry about my body hair, as with HRT it turnedo ut less than most cis girls.   In regards to the not shaving, I was not told that in regards to laser for myself. But I can see they might have a reason for it. From not irritating the skin, to seeing how effective the treatment is. Your technician may also be worried about scarring. But in the end asking them about will tell you more, as they might also be trying to gauge the effectiveness of things.
    • SaraAW
      Naomi, I feel your pain. No matter how many different directions I shave in, I have a permanent very dark shadow. Within a couple of hours, you can use my face like coarse sand paper.  I’m torn between starting laser or electrolysis. Most of my hair is still really dark, with just a few patches of gray.    As for body hair, shaving or even using depilatories leaves me with insane ingrown hairs. I’ve actually started plucking chest hair to help with the GD, but it takes for ever. I might try waxing.    I wish you all luck in the quest for smooth hair free skin.    *hugs*
    • Naomi Knowles
      A second hand makeup manual that I picked up some time ago suggests that liquids like mascara and liquid foundation are good for about 6 months, while pressed powders and the like should be good for up to 2 years with proper storage (though it bears frequently checking their viability during that time).
    • SaraAW
      They look great. Well done!
    • DeeDee
      Gosh Jackie that sounds like a genuine epiphany moment! It is not a bad thing to be able to forgive hurt, this world would be a much better and safer place if others could be as big hearted as you seem to be  
    • DeeDee
      Hi Lexi, pleased to meet you. I have found the friendliness, knowledge and support of people here to be invaluable!  
    • DeeDee
      That's just simply fantastic news! well done Susan! ❤️
    • SaraAW
      Welcome Lexi. I’m only a couple of years older than you and in a similar situation, without a child though.  It can definitely be stressful and worrying at times. But as I begin to learn to listen more to myself and what I feel inside, the better I am feeling.    I’m hoping to see a GT shortly, my GP is researching to help me find someone qualified in the area.    Lots of great people here, lots of information and many relatable stories.    Welcome.    *hugs*
    • Josie Beth
      Awesome Susan!
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