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My Journey

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I believe I may be at the start of a new journey in my life. For some reason I think of myself as a fraud at times, as if what I feel is somehow going to be gone one day when I wake up. That somehow what I have been experiencing for as long as I can remember is somehow a lie, that its not true. Unsure of how to even define myself, or lacking a clear answer gives me at times this feeling that  I am a fraud, a liar to myself. Below is my story, and perhaps someone else has felt this way, or can tell me if I am somehow being disingenuous.


One of the first memories that I have in life comes from around the time I was 5 years old. I recall one particular day that defines much of how I felt during this age, before it became ingrained from my father mostly, that as a boy I should like different things than girls. During this time I would often find myself sneaking into my sisters room and borrowing her barbies to play with. I would play with them all the time, and when my sister found out, we started playing with them together. These were some of the best times of my childhood, before learning that I "should like different things". My mother can attest to the fact that during this time, I would only use the bathroom sitting down, as she would later recount to me I would say "I have to sit, because when I grow up i'm going to be a girl".


After all of these happy childhood times, when all you would do was what felt right, I started repressing a lot of my feelings. During the next few years I remember clearly starting to be mistreated by my father for acting how I felt was correct. I was just myself, connecting a lot more with girls, and playing with more girl toys. Between 6 and 7 I used to braid my sisters hair, and my mother would let me play with her makeup, these were happy times yet not destined to last. My father started making fun of me and try to make me feel bad for enjoying the things I liked, playing with barbies, braiding hair, playing with makeup, so I started withdrawing from these activities. During this time the more I stopped doing what felt right, the more I started to become an angry child, and started misbehaving. I started to feel uncomfortable in my own skin, that somehow something was off.


During the following years I had issues controlling my temper, and was getting in trouble all of the time. This continued until I was around 15, when I started my first relationship. His name was Norm, we shared a lot of things in common, and would sleep over at each-others houses all of the time.  At this time no one knew we were in a relationship, he was from a very religious family, and as we were both boys, we were unable to live openly with our lives. It was during this time that I though I had discovered myself, that I was somehow just bisexual, as being repressed from when I was a child I didn't connect the dysphoria I was experiencing with feeling I was really a woman. It wouldn't be until a few years later that I would discover something else new about myself.


After a year my relationship with Norm was almost over, as he was moving halfway through the year I turned 16, I felt during this time that a piece of myself had gone missing. It was during my time grieving that I met one of the most amazing people of my life, he name is Lacey. Lacey and I would hang out all  of the time together, I would accompany her while she was looking for clothes, and help her pick them out. When seeing her try on all of these clothes, it never connected that this feeling I had was jealousy, not realizing until later that I wanted to be able to look like she did, and try them on myself. During one adventure in a strip mall, helping her pick out clothes, they had this amazing corset that was on display, and this was when I connected that what I was feeling was that I wish I could wear her clothes. After she came out of the dressing room, I was quiet, stuck in my own head thinking about this corset, when out of no where I blurted out "I want to try this on, as I pointed to it" Fearing her reaction immediately after saying this I was calling myself stupid in my head. Then I see this GIANT grin come across her face, and calmly she states "I thought you were never going to ask". As it turns out, she knew more about me for the last year than I knew about myself, she already knew that what I wanted was to wear the clothes she got to.


After getting the corset on, I could not stop smiling, as though I had just found a piece of me that had been missing since I was young. After this I tried on dresses in the store, along with many other items of clothing, I felt amazing. Now, not but a few months after this my family moved from where we had been living in England, to the state North Dakota in the united states. This was a culture shock, but also, with this new place I no longer felt safe to wear or try on women's clothes, so a step was taken back again. Over the next few years I had multiple relationships with women, and tried my hardest to get into a relationship with a strait man that I knew, but this was not his cup of tea.


Fast forward to where I am now, at 27, having denied this part of myself I knew when I was 5 I have been depressed, and have been unable to put into words this dysphoria I have had. It was only at the end of 2018 that I realized what was happening. You see, I decided that the uncomfortable feeling I have about my body could be solved by going out and getting a tattoo. Looking back now I see how foolish and ridiculous this sounds, but at the time I thought it made sense. Shortly after getting the tattoo I was looking at it in the mirror when I came to the realization that the feeling I was having was dysphoria. But somehow, thinking about this, I feel as though I am lying to myself, as if these thoughts and feelings I have are somehow fake. I can think about this constantly, and have yet to share these feelings with my wife for fear of what might happen.


I tried not to make it too long so I omitted a few parts, but there it is. After all of this time I feel as if I am somehow lying or faking it to myself, as if one day I will wake up and realize everything I have felt will be just my wild imagination or something.


Thank you.

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4 hours ago, Morgan91 said:

I believe I may be at the start of a new journey in my life.

Thanks for taking the time to share this. :)

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6 hours ago, Morgan91 said:

It was only at the end of 2018 that I realized what was happening.

Hey Morgan, sometimes we have a hard time seeing that which is in front of us.  I know I did.  


Another thought... you need to speak with your wife.  This is important to maintain trust.



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Hi Morgan,


I can certainly relate to a lot of the things that you have said, and I am sure that many other people on this forum have had similar experiences.


It is sometimes difficult to accept that these feelings are real, but the more you listen to other people's stories, the less unusual they become.  The subject is not something that is generally talked about in society, but you are certainly not alone.


There are many people on here that are always extremely helpful and supportive.  Don't be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas, or to ask any questions.



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    • Charlize
      I think we all have times of looking at life more as a chore than as a joy.  I know i have those times.  I've found that it is easier to get through them if i share.  I've also learned that if think of things i'm grateful for rather than my disappointments my mood does improve.  i read one story recently about a woman who does the alphabet thing of things to be grateful for for each letter.   A......animals, alive,  B......butter, bread, bright  etc.  It's harder than it seems but seems to brighten my day.   Big Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      I listened to There and Back last night at dinner.  Good tunes! 
    • Charlize
      Welcome Janet.  Thank you for sharing.  I felt much as you describe and found help i needed from others here. You are not alone.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      We're here to support each other dear.  It certainly goes both ways and you are special.   Jani
    • RithiaAllen
      I  weighed myself several times over the course of last night and this morning. For a change seems to be more steady in its estimate after I finally managed to get it to properly calibrate itself. Also there are four sensors on it so if you are not dead center it can cause the weight to be lower then centered which I think caused it to inaccurate. The odd pattern on it appears to be a indicator for where to put the heel of your foot. So while still just an estimate because it’s not a beam scale. I am tempted to get one but I don’t really need that level of accuracy. I just need something that will be consistent to help me track trends so I can respond accordingly.   This log while I build confidence in the scale shows the fluctuations of weight in the day. All I’m looking for here is did it go up when I eat and drink and does it come down over time but not so much where it is a fairy tale. It matches the changes over time that I have come to expect.   1700 hours: 200 pounds (whatever gain from lunch was left plus three bottles of water through the day)
      1800 hours: 201.1 pounds (dinner and a bottle of water)
      2200 hours: 200.2 pounds (going to bed)
      0630 hours: 198.6 pounds (getting ready for work)   So my weigh in has broken past the 199 barrier. This makes my weight loss in the last seven days ~4.4 pounds.   Yesterday I burned 3421 calories and ingested 1502 calories and drank 40 Oz of water. To burn the calories I jogged 4 miles and walked an additional 4.4 miles.
    • JametB0223
      Hi Ladies,  my name is Janet and I have been reading post and topics for the past week on here and have just recently joined.   I have been CD on and off since I was a young adult and when I was married I buried deep.  Up to here recently since I am disabled and divorced has the desire come back to dress once again.    The relieve part is I can dress fully and don’t worry about being caught by anyone. But the guilts or confused part is.    I have went and bought gaffs, breast forms and etc. i really don’t have no desire to get up in the morning in man mode. I get up shower , shave and dress full female mode.  If I got to go out running errands it still female under garments because I have yet to go out full female attire.      Just had to get this off my mind because the desire to be full female 100% and not male is concerning.    Thanks for the opportunity to let this out   Janet
    • Tessa
      Thank you. Because you like them here are some more. These pieces are to show courage. In the first one I chose pink because I wanted to show she was fighting for love.    Second piece she has a pink wolf. A wolf is suppose to be a vicious animal but when tamed my love it becomes a girl’s best friend.    Last piece I chose blue and red (red is my favorite color) Blue is for male and red is for female. The two are mixed but present together bring about harmony and strength.   I can’t take credit for the picture but I was the one who colored it. Enjoy!    Love   Tessa👩‍🦳
    • jo_g
      That's true, thanks.  I think I'll give them a call, but am hoping it'll be OK to shave sooner rather than later. 😂
    • jo_g
      Great news! Super happy for you.
    • MarcieMarie12
      Hi Jo-g, I will add everyones experience with laser and electrolysis is a bit different. I went through laser without lidocaine,. But for electrolysis I needed it since it took for ever. I did not worry about my body hair, as with HRT it turnedo ut less than most cis girls.   In regards to the not shaving, I was not told that in regards to laser for myself. But I can see they might have a reason for it. From not irritating the skin, to seeing how effective the treatment is. Your technician may also be worried about scarring. But in the end asking them about will tell you more, as they might also be trying to gauge the effectiveness of things.
    • SaraAW
      Naomi, I feel your pain. No matter how many different directions I shave in, I have a permanent very dark shadow. Within a couple of hours, you can use my face like coarse sand paper.  I’m torn between starting laser or electrolysis. Most of my hair is still really dark, with just a few patches of gray.    As for body hair, shaving or even using depilatories leaves me with insane ingrown hairs. I’ve actually started plucking chest hair to help with the GD, but it takes for ever. I might try waxing.    I wish you all luck in the quest for smooth hair free skin.    *hugs*
    • Naomi Knowles
      A second hand makeup manual that I picked up some time ago suggests that liquids like mascara and liquid foundation are good for about 6 months, while pressed powders and the like should be good for up to 2 years with proper storage (though it bears frequently checking their viability during that time).
    • SaraAW
      They look great. Well done!
    • DeeDee
      Gosh Jackie that sounds like a genuine epiphany moment! It is not a bad thing to be able to forgive hurt, this world would be a much better and safer place if others could be as big hearted as you seem to be  
    • DeeDee
      Hi Lexi, pleased to meet you. I have found the friendliness, knowledge and support of people here to be invaluable!  
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