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A place of peace

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Inhale the air

For once life seems fair

Up on this mountain 

Where there is no doubting 


Looking away

Started on the highway

On the way to this peaceful place

Where im not a disgrace 


Mirrors dont bother me

Its not what i dont see

It the beauty 

As If accepting is my duty


This cabin

All i hear is laughing

I know who i am

I wont make my joy scram


My personality 

And sexuality 

My gender

Taken out of the blender


That creates me

And everything i want to be

In this peaceful place

The worlds saving grace


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Donna Lynne

That creates us

And everything we want to be

In this peaceful place

The worlds saving grace


Your words inspire

And create peace in place of air

In a world that needs

What we have to offer

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I just finished watching ‘Mountain Between Us’ So it’s interesting I would read your poem today and you talk about a mountain. In all of us is the will to survive but it’s not activated until we really need it. Once you get to the top of the mountain you can enjoy the view. As you take in the sights you begin to notice how far you really have come. Then you can put your flag up and say in pride I made it. Then you have a choice. You can climb back down the mountain or start climbing the next one. Life doesn’t give us a break we have to take one ourselves. Smell the fresh air, take in all the new colors and expieriences, enjoy the moment, and then pack up and move forward. Always move forward. 


Keep climbing!



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Jennifer T

@Hellothere,  the one place in the world where I have no care for me physical presentation is in the natural world. I am a long time hike/backpacker/mountain biker. And out there, I am free. Out there, I am not viewed by gender. Out there I breathe the peace of creation. 

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Jennifer T

I penned this many years ago as I stared at a distant horizon at the end of a long day; an escape from the world of concrete and asphalt, men and machinations. I had come out to my wife one month prior. 


The sun settles gently into the west
And the early evening warmth slowly wanes
Silence and stillness fill these moments
Noone intrudes
and nothing disturbs the solitude
Time slows
Night will slowly envelope this citrus sky
And tomorrow will inevitably come.
But now, here
Forgotten are the sordid fears of the past
And the fleeting dreams of the future
Only now remains.
Only now reigns
And here am I.
-Jennifer T., November 16, 2009

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    • King Arthur
      Oh yeah, I also call myself a he, boy, son, etc. It feels so nice and it kind of comes naturally now. I dislike it when others call me something feminine, like girl or daughter
    • King Arthur
      Okay, so I know everyone feels/experiences dysphoria differently, but I would like some first-hand accounts of what it feels like to others, so I can make sense of my own feelings. For me, I talk down on myself, saying stuff like, “You’re not as masculine as you think you are” or “No matter what, people will always see you as feminine in some way”. I also feel disappointment in some way whenever I look in the mirror, it’s kind of just a vague sense of unhappiness, but I really dislike how feminine I look, and if it’s not that, then it’s how I look like a 13 year old boy(I’m 17).
    • Mmindy
      Erikka,   It's amazing to me how much in common we all have here. I did a similar thing to my across the street neighbors, by firing up my Harley inside the garage acting like an amphitheater to their bedrooms. I don't mind a Friday or Saturday party in the hood, but weeknights need to have a respectable quiet hour.   Have a great day,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Erikka
      Good morning all. I used to drink two or three 20oz triple red eyes daily until my doctor asked me if I was attempting suicide by caffeine. Now I drink 8oz in the morning and occasionally a 16oz red eye when out and about with DD1. Behind the house I shared with my ex was a rental house that was always rented out to college students. One night their party was sooooooo frickin’ loud that even the dog was not happy. Their party died about 3 am and when I got up at 5 am to go to work I did wheel my 100 watt Marshall stack out to the back deck, cranked it to the max and serenade the neighbors with the intro to “Iron Man”. Wheeled back into my studio and end to work.
    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone,   Yesterdays therapy session was very good, and filled with tips on how to bring my wife up to speed on my push to open the closet door. She and I sat at the dinner table last evening talking about my pinned up emotions, the tough man who consoles everyone else with positive motivation, hides and doesn't take my own advice. She said that the world she knows, sees me as this happy go luck guy ready to cheer anyone up with a smile and quick witted quote. Never suspecting I was really spending my alone time sad, afraid, and hidden. I told her I was about to show her the depth of my true emotions, and as side of me that I hope will not run her off. I kept reinforcing that my long term goal is for us to continue to grow old together. That made her laugh because we're both in our mid 60's and make noises when we stand up from the arm chairs. I'm still a few weeks from coming out to her... It won't be long and then we'll see if it's a smooth slow ride into transition or an explosive I'm out of here reaction.   >Hugs< and love for everyone,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • KayC
      Hi Kathryn, and welcome! You've found a great place to start.  This Forum and the Members have been the source of great encouragement and information.   I am going through similar issues with my wife, but everybody's situation is different.  Mine is a bit of a roller coaster. My intent is to get therapy for myself first, and then be open and patient with my wife.  If my marriage is worth saving, then its worth that investment in time and patience.   Hoping for the best outcome for you and your family❣️  
    • Kaltia_Atlas
      I only ever take my forms off to bathe, or work. I sleep with mine and depending on the bra, they are fairly comfortable and stay in place all night. Even with my tossing and turning! Lol. I hope to start HRT soonish and start growing my own, but for now, I am satisfied with my forms. I want to get another pair so I dont wear out the good pair I have.
    • Kaltia_Atlas
      Thats where the UTx would be required. If the organ that produces hormones is available, the active gene uses it to prodice its intended hormone. Wether it be testes or ovaries, the gene is what decides which hormone to produce. 
    • NB Adult
      Wonder how it went for you Shawna? I was awake when mine was done, I recall crunching up on my elbows and saying "Bye Fellas!" The little nurse holding onto the little fella to keep it out of the way of the laser knife chuckled. The surgeon asked me why I had said that and I said it had been the hard drive for some very naughty past behavior. Total elapsed time was 43 minutes start to finish.    Get several bags of frozen peas, keep it cool and get well. You'll be doing kip-ups in no time!
    • Erikka
      I didn’t start wearing bras until I actually had something to put in a bra. Since then I morphed from feeling sad to take it off to go to bed to ditching it when I get home. At first I wouldn’t leave the apartment without a bra but even that has changed now quite often I will walk to mailbox , take out the garbage or pop over to the neighbors sans bra and not get embarrassed that my nipples are quite noticeable under my T-shirt or tank top. But then again I live in the Emerald Triangle, a land that is a bit stuck in the ‘70’s, a place of hippies and Humboldt Honeys.  
    • KayC
      Thank you for sharing, Carolyn Marie❣️  
    • KayC
      Sending prayers 🙏🙏🙏
    • KayC
      Hi Janae  Well, you nailed this one on the head.  By time we finished dinner I could tell it was no longer a positive experience for both of us.  I think she let all the possibilities of what could happen next to roll around in her head and she closed down.  I think we both went to bed a bit depressed last night. This was the response I was worried about.  It was almost like I was Coming Out a second time.  Almost like she had come to think my gender dysphoria was a passing fantasy, and now she had to face it again (although it had never gone away). As much as I prefer the "open communication" approach my wife does not really handle it very well .. that's our history. This morning she told me she didn't want to talk about it and needed some time ... so its a little bit (actually a lot) tense right now, but I think/hope she will open up again.  She did reaffirm that she supported me going to therapy .. but she pulled back on ever participating.    Not knowing how your wife handles these topics I cannot give you advice on how to proceed based on how this went over with my wife. I almost regret telling her now about wanting therapy, but it was going to have to be addressed sometime, just for my own mental health.  But her delayed reaction and pain is hard for me to watch.  For now, I am just going do what I can to reassure her and to wait and see what happens after I start therapy.  thank you for the support and encouragement❣️
    • Erikka
      I find the hormones to be liberating. Yes there are days that I get weepy over seemingly trifle things. But on the whole I love the way the hormones have given me the ability to react to life in a way that seems so authentic. As a man I had to walk a tightrope, skirt minefields and walk on eggshells around emotions that made being a member of the boys club closed to me because I was too girl like in my feelings. Now I just go with the emotions.  No longer have to constantly police myself to “fit” in. Viva  la hormones.
    • Patti Anne
      Correction: Just heard from Angela, She's listed as pre-op call as of 6:35 am her time. My bad.
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