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The wail

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The night wasnt silent

The wind was violent 

But the main issue was the wail

It was off the scale


The river roared

The water soared

Hitting the ground with a boom

Still not covering the gloom


The wail was deafening 

Never silencing

The wail was in my mind

As the world isnt kind


I screamed and wailed

My friends all bailed

My sanity is slipping

My heart is ripping


They called my crazy

But it was kind of hazy

Like a dream

Awaking with a scream


No one could hear the wail too

This i knew

But i kept screaming

While they were all dreaming


Help me through the noise

Help me be like the boys

Im lost in this body

My rationality is cloudy


This girl is ‘me’

But its what i want to see

I want to be them

I want to be a him


Stealing my brothers sweatshirt 

But i still hurt

Because they still call me their daughter

They still see me as a toddler


Im to young to be a son 

But to old for eveything fun

Make up your minds

And putting me in binds


My dear mother

My dear brother

My dear father

I am not a daughter


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Jennifer T

Oh, how this brings back memories of an early childhood when I was thrust into a world of boys and had no idea how or desire to be a part of their world.  The wail. It was a song for me. 

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    • KayC
      Hi Kathryn, and welcome! You've found a great place to start.  This Forum and the Members have been the source of great encouragement and information.   I am going through similar issues with my wife, but everybody's situation is different.  Mine is a bit of a roller coaster. My intent is to get therapy for myself first, and then be open and patient with my wife.  If my marriage is worth saving, then its worth that investment in time and patience.   Hoping for the best outcome for you and your family❣️  
    • Kaltia_Atlas
      I only ever take my forms off to bathe, or work. I sleep with mine and depending on the bra, they are fairly comfortable and stay in place all night. Even with my tossing and turning! Lol. I hope to start HRT soonish and start growing my own, but for now, I am satisfied with my forms. I want to get another pair so I dont wear out the good pair I have.
    • Kaltia_Atlas
      Thats where the UTx would be required. If the organ that produces hormones is available, the active gene uses it to prodice its intended hormone. Wether it be testes or ovaries, the gene is what decides which hormone to produce. 
    • NB Adult
      Wonder how it went for you Shawna? I was awake when mine was done, I recall crunching up on my elbows and saying "Bye Fellas!" The little nurse holding onto the little fella to keep it out of the way of the laser knife chuckled. The surgeon asked me why I had said that and I said it had been the hard drive for some very naughty past behavior. Total elapsed time was 43 minutes start to finish.    Get several bags of frozen peas, keep it cool and get well. You'll be doing kip-ups in no time!
    • Erikka
      I didn’t start wearing bras until I actually had something to put in a bra. Since then I morphed from feeling sad to take it off to go to bed to ditching it when I get home. At first I wouldn’t leave the apartment without a bra but even that has changed now quite often I will walk to mailbox , take out the garbage or pop over to the neighbors sans bra and not get embarrassed that my nipples are quite noticeable under my T-shirt or tank top. But then again I live in the Emerald Triangle, a land that is a bit stuck in the ‘70’s, a place of hippies and Humboldt Honeys.  
    • KayC
      Thank you for sharing, Carolyn Marie❣️  
    • KayC
      Sending prayers 🙏🙏🙏
    • KayC
      Hi Janae  Well, you nailed this one on the head.  By time we finished dinner I could tell it was no longer a positive experience for both of us.  I think she let all the possibilities of what could happen next to roll around in her head and she closed down.  I think we both went to bed a bit depressed last night. This was the response I was worried about.  It was almost like I was Coming Out a second time.  Almost like she had come to think my gender dysphoria was a passing fantasy, and now she had to face it again (although it had never gone away). As much as I prefer the "open communication" approach my wife does not really handle it very well .. that's our history. This morning she told me she didn't want to talk about it and needed some time ... so its a little bit (actually a lot) tense right now, but I think/hope she will open up again.  She did reaffirm that she supported me going to therapy .. but she pulled back on ever participating.    Not knowing how your wife handles these topics I cannot give you advice on how to proceed based on how this went over with my wife. I almost regret telling her now about wanting therapy, but it was going to have to be addressed sometime, just for my own mental health.  But her delayed reaction and pain is hard for me to watch.  For now, I am just going do what I can to reassure her and to wait and see what happens after I start therapy.  thank you for the support and encouragement❣️
    • Erikka
      I find the hormones to be liberating. Yes there are days that I get weepy over seemingly trifle things. But on the whole I love the way the hormones have given me the ability to react to life in a way that seems so authentic. As a man I had to walk a tightrope, skirt minefields and walk on eggshells around emotions that made being a member of the boys club closed to me because I was too girl like in my feelings. Now I just go with the emotions.  No longer have to constantly police myself to “fit” in. Viva  la hormones.
    • Patti Anne
      Correction: Just heard from Angela, She's listed as pre-op call as of 6:35 am her time. My bad.
    • Dana Michelle
      If altering the gene causes the testicles to produce estrogen, how would it work on someone with full bottom surgery? With full bottom surgery, the testicles are removed.
    • Patti Anne
      Okay....... Shawna was wheeled into the OR at about 8:32am East Coast time. Angela said that she was nervous, but who wouldn't be? No reports yet after that. She's been in the OR for about 50 minutes and the procedure is scheduled for about 2 hours, assuming no surprises.   Fingers crossed!
    • Ms Maddie
      Morning. Didn't sleep much again, but feeling brighter And bearded A friend from forums referred me towards their electrolgist. They have reopened this week and want to look over my face today.  Free consult yeah!!.  Interested what they notice and if they have opinions about the results I have from the work done on me already.   If it doesn't storm I may take a hike afterwards.    
    • Charlize
      Welcome to the orchi club Shawna.  The pain won't last long and i have found the difference to be wonderful.  Best of luck! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to chat.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Tessa
      Thanks for that Toni. That’s what I try to tell myself and have been trying for years. I am very talented but my talents go unnoticed because none of them have ever been taken seriously. I write, color beautiful pics, take photos, have 2 degrees Bachelors/Associates.    I wanted to be a teacher but couldn’t get through student teaching. So I got a Bachelors in Science and Educational Studies. I love to teach. All this and I’m stuck in a 9 to 5 collections job. I know I should be happy I have a job.    I get out and use my camera. I write on an app my stories (Chapters) in fact enrolled one story in contest for 1000.00 dollars. I’m great with the people on the phones. My job let’s me present as Tessa to customers. So I’m using my talents just not to the full extent my mind wants me to.    My problem is my family will not accept Tessa and that’s a fact. It’s ok though. I will never be able to fully see myself as Tessa until I refuse the other person. That’s the scary part. I can’t seem to let that other hurt person go which is why I’m stuck.    I’m afraid the world won’t accept her. However, in many arenas it already has! I’m just not convinced of it. My job and I have 1 friend who will embrace her. Everyone on this site is nice and loving.    My struggle is not so much a gender one. It’s finding the true authentic person inside that happens at this time to present more female than male. I don’t want to make people or obligate people to accept someone else I want them to see it’s always been me.    I feel I have a long road ahead. But I’m further than I’ve ever been. (Lorf of The Rings) Sam says this when they step out of the Shire. I just have to keep searching and not give up on myself and know that I matter.    Tess. 
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