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Dysphoria Causing Ana

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I had started restricting my diet around the time I came out. I was cutting back before then, but it didn't get really bad until dysphoria came into play. I didn't want to be curvy, I didn't want to have a big chest, I didn't want to have a big butt. So, I restricted and restricted. At my worse, I would fast for almost two days, and when I did eat, I wouldn't eat more than 400 calories at the very most. On average I ate 300. I'm in therapy now, and I'm technically in recovery, but I still have those thoughts of restricting, and I catch myself sometimes when I'm trying to cut out as many things as possible. I lost 40 pounds, but it's still not good enough. My hip and chest dysphoria are suffocating, yet nothing is fixing it. I can't start T for at least another two years. Has anyone else experienced this? WHat advice would you give me?

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was in a similar place as a teen, refusing to allow any weight gain. i ate more wood products than actual food, would puke most of what i did get down back up, and i would try to stunt my bone growth by fastening physical restrictions around areas i did'nt want to grow any wider... which mostly just resulted in lasting joint damage.
i couldn't tell you up or down about carbs or proper diets, i've never counted them or gone on one right. but, assuming you're young, i would strongly advise that regardless of what shape your body may take, take care of it. you can go back and learn to work around/compensate for areas you don't like, have some removed/others worked on, but it's harder to work back up your physical health if you run it into the ground. try to keep an eye on longterm success.

perhaps try to lose it through exercise or working out rather than diet change. exercise can improve your mental health, and muscle feeds on fat and proteins and will help even out your shape by adding bulk to other, not-necessarily feminine looking places. you don't need to be amab to get built, but muscles are more often stereotyped with a masculine persona, so building up a bit would add a lot more to how you pass than just trying to get skinny enough that there isn't any room for boobs or butt to exist... which, as someone who grew up/and is still stuck far underweight, i'll tell you this right now: you will not get skinny enough to make them go away. i can count each of my ribs from rested-breath and my pelvic corners poke out like roadkill, but i still have a B-cup and hips wider than my shoulders. until you get estrogen blocked out, your body will always default your fat to feminine areas, and they will always be the last parts of your body to deflate as you lose weight. if you're trying to get thin enough that these areas cease to exist, it will not happen until every other part of you is too threadbare to function properly, which will only hinder your transition.
aside from that period symptoms become exponentially more of a pain in the arse the worse your health is, transition itself relies on your overall health. HRT will heavily try on your body's systems and wreak hell on your organs if they're not in good shape, and if you get to be too unhealthy/high risk for anesthesia due to health complications it could stall your SRS indefinitely. if you're getting on T, take care of your liver, don't overdo pain meds if you can help it, don't give into heavy drinking, and give your body the resources it needs to maintain itself. 

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Limiting your caloric intake to below that needed for healthy sustainment is not good.  You can change your diet to limit certain aspects though.  Also get involved in a weight/strength training program.  Understand that muscle weighs more than body fat so don't focus so much on that as much as on how you look and feel.  It may be exactly what you are looking for. 

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Thank you guys so much. You've given me a lot to remember. Thank you, MicahKj, you've definitely helped me. I appreciate you taking your time to write to me. 🙂

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    • wolf055
      I found some thank you so much fo your help
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://deadline.com/2019/02/lupe-clip-rafael-albarran-lucerys-medina-andre-phillips-charles-vuolo-1202559805/     Carolyn Marie
    • Josie Beth
      I’d like to check them out but unfortunately their website is either outdated or not mobile friendly. I can’t navigate the site or download the pdf. It’s also refusing to let me see the map for some reason. 
    • Jani
      If you Google "breast prosthetics" you should be able to find a number of shops in the UK.    
    • Josie Beth
      Oh the tragedy of people who are so eager to fall on their own swords. Do they not realize the insanity of their behavior?
    • Susan R
      My wife and I battle with this too.  Neither of us want to lose our kids or grandkids.  We know it's likely going to come out sometime soon and we are accepting that fact more every day.  The unpredictability of it all makes it so hard to get up one day and say, "Well, looks like today's the day!"  We acknowledge the path I'm on is never going to change but are hoping to postpone the inevitable until it's absolutely necessary.   Jay, I hope all goes well with the other side of your family.  I'm sure it will go well.   Susan R🌷
    • wolf055
      now I need help again as I asked about my breasts and the GP said they will take time to come in and I my to have them enlarged so I just want some advice is there anywhere to get a pair of false ones till mine come in as at the moment im using some I made with desert rice
    • Susan R
      Hi gang,  no good news this week to report.  Followed my diet and exercise regimen pretty well but despite my best efforts, I only lost 0.6lbs.  Am I hitting my second plateau since starting this life change?  Next week will be very telling...I'm sure!   I'm spending this upcoming weekend with my daughter and their family.  I saved one cheat day this month for this occasion so that certainly won't help but I'll be good about everything else this next week, otherwise.   Here are my current diet results: Last week's (based on 20 weeks) average weekly weight loss:  2.33lbs. This week's (based on 21 weeks) average weekly weight loss:  2.26lbs. 🙁👎   Here are my weight loss totals as of today Using my home scale from Oct. 5 - today:  43.0lb weight loss. Using doctors scale from Sept. 25 - today:  47.0lb weight loss.   Weight loss still needed to hit target weight: 7.0lbs   Good luck to you all on your weight and diet goals this next week! Susan R🌷  
    • SugarMagnolia
      Thanks! I saw it retweeted by Planned Parenthood and figured it was legit.
    • DeeDee
      Well done on having the courage to take that step Wolf.  
    • wolf055
      thank you all so much ive been to my GP and she as started me on medication and as told me to contact a trans support team that's local to me so im actually going to start the journey to becoming my true self thank you all again for all your kind wods and support hugs
    • VickySGV
      I am going to pin this list here in the forum.  I have seen these folks before and know a couple of their board members.  
    • Jani
      Great news about your cousin!  Congrats to them.  Maybe this will be just the thing for you to open up to that side of the family.  I'm sure your cousin would appreciate it.  
    • AsTheCrow
      thanks! I'm optimistic.   maybe when I get out from under this depression I can actually start improving other aspects of my life.   in other news, one of my young cousins has announced she's getting married to her long-time roommate, another woman. First openly LGBTQ person in that party of my family.  I've been out for 20 years now but not with that part of the family. I haven't heard yet what the reaction has been, but I will do everything in my power to make it across the country to get to that wedding. I'm so proud of her!   sorta gives me hope that I might be able to really transition some day without getting absolutely disowned.
    • Jani
      I hope it works well.  😀
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