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Scientific articles, studies and reports needed

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I have written about the situation in my country (Bulgaria), where the Constitutional Court erased us with one inadequate and not objective decision. A Court decision that was dictated by the nazi and religious organizations.  

We won't be erased!!!

Our identity, self-consciousness and gender is not a joke it is our life, our core!


So I want to ask any of you, who is doing, following, archived any articles and researches, that proves that biological sex is not the main determination for gender, any scientific studies about our identity, even other HRT, trans related studies and articles, please share! 


You can send me links here.


Thank you very much! 😊


P.S. As more they are actual, the better they would be! 


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Carolyn Marie

Hello, Shelly.  That is a big ask, as there have been many studies on the biology and physiology of transgender identity and its causes.  I do not, however, believe that there is any one or two studies that prove the physical causes of transgenderism beyond doubt.  From my reading of the subject, there may very well be multiple causes.


That said, I did a quick Google search of articles and came up with the results below:




This will at least get you started on your search.  I'm certain that other members and staff have their favorite research studies and articles that they will share.  We're happy to help.  But please be aware that regardless of how many scientific studies we, as a community, share with those in power, it will not change many minds that have been calcified and closed, because, sadly, there are not enough people in power who understand and appreciate science, and dismiss findings they don't find helpful to their cause.  That is true in America, and will be true in Bulgaria, too.  Dogma, religion and political needs will trump (pardon the pun) science every time.


Best of luck.


Carolyn Marie

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Hi Shelly,


I also recommend the book "Being Transgender, What You Should Know", by Thomas E. Bevan, PhD. It addresses the biological factors and science in a language a non-scientist can understand. She argues that being transgender is determined by inherited DNA. The author is also known as Dana Jennett Bevan, a transgender woman, who has worked with the USA government, including the department of defense.


Best wishes,



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Josie Beth

The first link is one of the better ones. There’s other articles about the topic of genes and fetal development that determine whether or not someone is transgender. I can’t locate the link I had of a more in depth look at this but there is a definite connection between the development of the brain and gender expression. The article also showed that a specific medical practice in the late 60s and early 70s was contributing to the development of transgender brains. This was the use of injected estrogen in the mother to help prevent miscarriage. My mother went through miscarriages twice that I know of and more than likely was administered estrogen during my development. I suspect that she had a miscarriage before I was conceived. She also had one before my sister. Anyway this artificially induced estrogen flood was very likely the reason my brain became female after my sex was already developed as male. My mother thought she was going to have a girl but they had to hurriedly come up with a boys name because they were not planning on having a boy. She chose John but was quickly vetoed by my father. I think she said that she had picked out Mary as a girl’s name but I’m not 100% sure.

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Thank you, very much!


I will check all the links and recommendation and every future one as well!!! 


Sorry, for the late reply but I had some issues to deal with, so I wasn't able to enter the forum.


Thank you, once again! :)

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NB Adult  (Inactive)

I found this to be a rather interesting article as it clearly points to how environmental contaminants can affect genes and even alter DNA. I feel that having been exposed to excessive amounts of Agent Orange with it's heavy concentrations of Dioxin during the VN War, affected my internal mechanisms which made me all the more prone to transitioning, something I never would have considered prior to that. Both my sons were born with birth defects which says something for my theory. Take note of item number 7 in the article.


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      So we got a new kid on our bus a little while ago and of course he was cute, he was shorter than me and really hyper. He loved talking to me and I was terrified he would be disgusted I was trans. So the first day we met I had my crocheted pride flag on my bag and asked him if he knew what it was. He smiled and said it was the trans flag, he then told me he was pansexual. We kinda just clicked as friends and sit with each other often. I told him about how my parents call me "Dan" which is short for Aidan and he called me Danny. My face was burning because it was a cute nickname. Today on the bus he was joking about how he was single and how he thought I would never date him, I didn't have the chance to say anything and he asked me to hold his hand, I hesitated but somehow managed to hold his hand. It turned out to be his birthday today so I drew his a character from jojo since it was his favorite and he loved it. I almost died when he said "How about a birthday kiss?" I couldn't tell if he was joking or not so I played it safe. It was really awkward and then he got off the bus because it was his stop. There is my current dilemma haha. 
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      I came out three years ago as enby/gender fluid.  It never changed, however in recent months i've felt very very feminine. To the point where I feel like two completely different people. Questioning who I was was a horrific long road, and I don't want to do that again. But my other trans friend said they feel the exact same way.   I feel like two different people entirely. In terms of what I like, music etc.  When I feel feminine, I like colourful cute clothes and upbeat music, I put it down to my name being 'Dove.' I'm basically the opposite of me when I feel like this   But when I feel like me, who I have been for three and a half years now, Ashe, I just feel like me. I am me, but the Dove side just exists and I think about it all the time.    It actually gets to the point where I beat my own dysphoria fluctuation with my feminine side. It's horrible, and so scary and confusing. I didn't know where to turn, but I found myself here 💝
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      I have never used any type of app. let alone the face ones. I have been told by my therapist at one session that if she didn't know better she would think I was a woman. (yea)   I have thought of FFS but that is a ways off. (if at all)   Kymmie
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      Lol you always get me.  Lol
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Me too!   Nice look!
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      Both sets of glasses look very good on you.  I like the top set (the heavier square-ish ones) with your facial structure a little better. They both feminize you’re face quite well.   Susan R🌷    
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      Looking good!!  I have to wear glasses or I cannot see as far as the end of my nose!!  
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      I like the glasses look on you @Miseria!
    • TrIIIy
      In Mississippi, I had to see a gender therapist and get a recommendation letter from them to give to an endocrinologist. This process took not quite a year. The hardest part for me was finding an endocrinologist able and willing to do transgender HRT who wasn’t 50 miles away. Mississippi just doesn’t have a lot of trans resources, though. You might have better luck where you live. I actually found my doctor through a Facebook support group. Once you have everything in order, make sure to check about your T being covered by your insurance. I didn’t think that mine would be, since I have Medicaid, but it was! I had to wait until my doctor sent the prescription to the pharmacy before I could find out, though. It was a nice surprise.
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      Hello all, I find glasses do conceal my brow slightly as bangs arent much of an option for my style. I find i cannot shape my eyebrows to save my life... that is without them resembling Nike signs... First photo is of reading glasses 2nd are large circular ones i bought from wish.
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      Love wearing my skirts and dresses    just wish I could do that outside    sadly will never happen 
    • AdriannaB
      Therapist was glad to hear it and gave great advice how to do it.Going to meet me as Adrianna tomorrow for the first time
    • Susan R
      Great advice Trilly...the world will go on without us.  It’s like most things...you get what you put into it.  It’s takes motivation to engage in activities we are unfamiliar with but if you try a few on for size I think you’d be surprised how many activities you never realized you enjoy.  For example...Try volunteering somewhere....there are endless opportunities in most metropolitan areas.  Pick one and get information...make a few calls and see what they need.  That way you help not only yourself but possibly someone else in need.  It’s a great feeling.   Susan R🌷
    • Belle
      I'm glad you have such wonderful support Claire!   Belle ❤
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