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Intersexed Male/Female

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I have been a member here for a couple of months, reading and learning from the post. I am 71 year old intersex male. During puberty is when changes were noticed with my development. My male parts did not develop and I sprouted breast buds. I went through the usual teasing and torment in junior high and high school. My body continued growing and I reached 6'2" and 225 lbs. I started wearing a bra in high school very discreetly. My parents took me to several doctors to try to figure out what was going on with me. I have always presented as male mainly because of my size. Over the years I have been treated with t shots and suggestions of surgery to remove breast and re-do genitalia. The T made me ill and no way did I want surgery. I always had low T and this affected both my mental and physical development. I was put on estrogen in my late 30's and I improved both mentally and physically. My mind had always thought female and changes to during my body have made me feel more female. I love my soft and smooth skin, hairless body, 44 full C breast. I have had an orchi which really helped me. I never wanted srs. An ovary was found during the orchi procedure. So much for the doctors years ago that couldn't figure out my problem. I feel I am a transwomen, but present non-binary (butch). I love life and wouldn't change a thing. Sorry for the long post.. Billie

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Hello Billie and welcome, finally!   Yours is not a long post.  We don't mind any extra words you might post!  Its interesting that doctors never did enough (correct) testing to determine you actually had an ovary.   If you feel you are a transwoman, then you are.  Enough said.  I'm happy you're loving life and are happy with things to date.  


Please join in!!!  Don't wait so long for you next post.


Cheers, Jani

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Hi Billy, thanks for the introduction. Lots of us enjoy sharing here. I've found it to be a very safe place. Your post is not too long at all. Like you, I felt I rambled on in some posts, but have come to realize that the folks here appreciate the sharing and that when I do need to get some stuff out of my head, it really helps and we all understand. 



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Hi Billie,

I find it inspiring that you found yourself and are living joyously! Thanks for sharing your story.

- Rey

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    • Jennifer T
      Hi @Miseria. I think I began posting in late 2009.  There were quite a few posting poetry back then.  🙂   I do enjoy the creativity that words allow.   @ToniTone, thank you.  ☺️ 
    • KymmieL
      The Cheyenne VA hospital is great as far as I am concerned. I have had no troubles at all. My Dr's are fantastic. Unfortunately they have no endo. I will be seeing the one down at the Denver VA. Good thing I get travel pay. Just recently found out that I can claim travel for any appointment at VA based on my disability percentage. My GYN's nurse found out for me.   I feel totally safe when I am at the VA. I use the ladies room. dress how I feel.of course girly.   Kymmie
    • Aidan5
      Some one hit me with the skills on how to flirt because I am terrible and I know, the new kid just laughs at my miserable attempts, I think he finds it cute that I try. Sadly I am about as smooth as sandpaper. So I tried to get revenge for him dropping his phone on me when it said "Hints" So he was dropping hints on me. So I wrote "Hints on a piece of paper and dropped it on him, for revenge. He was like "Ah, I see your true feelings." And I panicked and said "Ha, no it's just revenge from earlier." He obviously didn't believe me and just laughed. Someone please teach me how to flirt so I can compete, he is a smooth as butter! He is always trying to hold hands so I do it back, He told me to move to the back of the bus with him and I said no playfully and he said "I will kiss you right now if you don't" (Also playing) I froze up ack. I need halp haha
    • Aidan5
      Welcome to the forum Michaela!    We welcome you with opens arms and open minds, I hope you can find the same comfort I did here
    • Jackie C.
      That's the spirit! Also a good attitude when you're waiting for anything else you care to do while transitioning like getting approved for HRT or bottom surgery if you choose to pursue either of those things. Probably FFS too, but I haven't signed up for that one. I don't want to get TOO pretty. My friends would be jealous. 😘   Hugs!
    • secondlook
      Totally agree. I figure, I've been waiting 40-plus years to get this stuff figured out, what's another couple days?
    • Jackie C.
      Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. I've had that happen before, but it was always an emergency out of their control. Deep breath and remember that therapists have lives and obligations too. Last time it happened to me, my therapist's firstborn was in the hospital so yeah, I cut her some slack. I'm cool like that.   I'm sure they'll reschedule you as soon as they can. Hang in there, it'll happen.   Hugs!
    • secondlook
      Would you believe that my therapist canceled on me 10 minutes before my appointment was set to start? Unreal. I'm trying to be chill about it, so far that's working, but we'll see how soon I can get rescheduled. Good thing it wasn't an in-person appointment.
      yaaaaaaay :DDD
    • TrIIIy
      I have a Carhart work coat that is amazingly warm. It also is great for passing in public, because it covers my torso. I got it at Academy.
    • TammyAnne
      ShawnaLeigh I hope everything goes well for you. Sorry that you've already had to endure surgery there without the results you'd wished for (orchi I mean). Maybe third time is the charm? TA
    • A. Dillon
      Oh yeah, those are really high quality and masculine in their design. They can last for years.   If you are trying to navigate your fashion surroundings, looking for what is worn in your area is the clearest way to get on track. 
    • Jackie C.
      My surgeon? I've got just a hair over one more week. Well, a shade under two... Eh, eleven days.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Well for @ShawnaLeigh's case, sure. There are lumps. Those need to be addressed and tested for Bad Things. The guy in Farmington Hills does orchis on the weekends for $10K a pop. Jar included. I only know about him because he does the work with just informed consent which is unusual. Most doctors require the standard two gender therapist recommendation letters.   Hugs!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Yes I told you it would happen.  It was not a welcome thing for me either.  Quite the opposite.  I will pray for you to you know who.  
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