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Lingerie shopping

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So today I visited our local shopping mall with my sister Helen. I have to say she has been really supportive of my journey and likes to take me shopping for clothes, lingerie and off course.....make up.


we went into BouxAvenue lingerie store, I have to say the underwear is gorgeous. Helen insisted I got measured properly and I’m happy to report I fill a boux Avenue C cup quite nicely.


i purchased a lace navy blue plunge bra, and an entice 2 sizes bigger push up bra.....both looked fantastic.


i also brought a lovely grey pencil skirt and navy cami( the cami really shows off my boobs) that I will wear for the office tomorrow.


today I feel really sexy after having my make up done by the girls on the max factor stand.


hope you’ve all had a great weekend 


Diane x

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Wow Diane, sounds like quite the shopping trip. I have never heard of the shop franchise but it is great that your sister is taking you to be measured up, and that you found something you liked. :) 

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Susan R
16 minutes ago, dianeT68 said:

So today I visited our local shopping mall with my sister Helen. I have to say she has been really supportive of my journey and likes to take me shopping for clothes, lingerie and off course.....make up.

That's the definition of acceptance right there.  I hope someday I'll have the same opportunity with my sister.  What a wonderful experience.  Thank you for sharing this good news, Diane!


Susan R🌷

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Cool, diane! My sister and I went lingerie shopping together at Soma last weekend. It's nice having a second opinion and way more fun than shopping alone. I enjoy putting my wish list together for the more expensive items and sending it to my sugar daddies. ;)

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You are so lucky that your sisters will shop with you!  I assume that you mean biological sister?

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    • Susan R
      Glad you’re recovering Jani.   Starting my day with some Blueberry coffee my neighbor gave us for Christmas. Mmmm is it good.   Yesterday, my oldest daughter dropped by and to give me my second haircut since starting my transition back in 2018. Some of you old timers may remember the disaster I experienced with my first haircut back in July at a salon in town that sent my into a mild depression. I have to admit I was a bit nervous as my daughter took out the shears but it all turned out great.  Unlike my previous stylist, she actually listened to what I wanted and did a great job, IMO.  It wasn’t anything major just a trim, layering and feathering. Have a great day all, Susan R🌷
    • Jackie C.
      Whelp, things that help me... I'm on a high protein diet so I frequently have this problem.   (1) Moving around. I don't know what kind of restrictions you're on but if you can, work the lower body/abdominal area.    (2) Fiber. I take a lot of fiber supplements.   (3) When all else fails: Laxatives. There are a bunch of over the counter products that can help.   My wife is pointing out that you should check with your doctor on this. If it becomes uncomfortable enough, go to urgent care, that's what they're for.   I hope some of that helps.   Hugs!
    • IsaacToussaint
      Hi everyone. I’m new here, and I’ve never used a trans forum before, but two days ago I had top surgery! Yay! The only problem is that the opioids are making it very hard for me to go to the bathroom. This is embarrassing, but I cannot figure out how to poop. I’m sorry that this is awkward but any help at all would be so greatly appreciated. 
    • Charlize
      Welcome dear.   I'm glad you have joined us here.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      Thank you for sharing about your life Kathy Lauren.  So many parts of your story mirror my own.  Perhaps the biggest difference is that  after staying back in the 3rd grade i was no longer the smallest kid so i avoided being the target of bullies. This journey to self acceptance was  hard but so worthwhile for me as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I give it 👍👍
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone, 🐁   Happy Birthday nikrs!🎂 Happy Birthday claire1000!🎂 Hope you have a great day!   Lots of love,  Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, that happens to FtM's, but once you've grown out your voice box, that's it. Fortunately, resonance is more important than pitch (see Cher) and you can train yourself to speak with both a higher pitch and feminine resonance. It's hard work, but it totally pays off. Well worth every second I spent doing it.   Alternately, voice surgery is a thing but it only helps with pitch. You still need to train to speak from the right part of your throat.     I get that too. I'm 5'11". My new favorite person at the gym is this lovely woman who is taller than me. I just like standing next to her. But hey, remember that there's a 7' cis-female model out there. Tall girls can be pretty too. It's harder to find clothes, but we can be pretty.   I'm not sure about being alone. Alone time is important, but being around friends can be very affirming. Especially if they know, and use your correct name/pronouns. Or even if they don't know and use the correct name and pronouns. Being around people who know and that you trust is incredibly affirming for me.     I took that approach too. It was scary... so, so scary... but I did it, and it worked out for the best. @Susan R is right though, therapists have seen, heard (and/or done) everything. You can't shock them. I think it's more likely that she'll be happy to finally get through that last bit of armor and get to meet the real you. OK, my therapist described it more as storming a castle. After two years she's past the moat... and I came to her as trans... but I prefer an armor metaphor. To me, coming out felt more like dropping heavy armor I'd been wearing to protect me from the world.   Seriously though. Deep breath and talk to your therapist. She's there to help and she can't help you if you keep things from her. Open and honest communication about what's bothering you is always the best way for the two of you to interact.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      That sounds like fun! The first place my spouse and I went together was the beach... well, technically it was the garage, but that was a "two friends" thing and where I asked her out. I think he'd really enjoy it, especially since he dropped hints. Also, he constantly wants to hold your hand. In my experience, that's not what you get from a guy who isn't in to you.   The two of you sound so cute together! I hope everything works out just how you hope!   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Ugh. That should have been a huge red flag. Who DOES that? Those were private. We do not snoop through our partner's private things without permission. I'm so very sorry you had to endure that breach of trust @TammyAnne.     I love voice training! Resonance is more important than pitch though. Testosterone will help you with pitch, resonance is more about speaking low through your chest. Girls speak more from the upper middle parts of their throat and project through their mask (face). Guys talk out of the lower part of their throat and resonate in their chests. Well worth every second I put into it.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      I completely get this. I've got a pretty androgynous face too. I look like a cross between my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather. Dimples. Megawatt smile. I have an entirely different area I'm not comfortable with, but I get it. That part is just "wrong" or "other." I would trade you in a heartbeat. 😅   I was "enjoying" a breakdown about it just yesterday. Although I don't think about it so much on the HRT. Mostly because everything goes "quiet" down there. It makes it much easier to ignore. I'm sorry you don't have that option without surgery.   Same thing growing up, (well, no skirts) until grade school in the 70's dropped the, "boys don't play with girls" hammer on me and I started trying to pretend so I would fit in. I'm a gamer though, so I still fight dragons.   Hugs!
    • Tristantulaine
      I totally get it! I have an hour glass figure and so many of my MtF friends joke they would snag my hips and or a cup size or two if I didnt want them.  I laughed about it while secretly wishing they really could because that would make us both so happy.  Top surgery while I have friends wearing padding feels unfair.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      This is truly an awful thing for someone to do.  I’m so sorry you had to go threw that.  😢   I have wanted to do this all my life but something always holds me back from doing it. Perhaps my ingrained sense of need to hide everything about the person I was inside was so strong that I just couldn’t “confess” this even in written words.   Then there was the ever present fear of having someone read it, or worse, like what happened to TammyAnne.  I honestly do not know how much of a negative impact that would of had on me.   These days I’m out.  Not to the world but to most everyone I care about so these fears don’t control me any longer.   Why do I still resist?
    • Belle
      That is so awful @TammyAnne... I'm so sorry you have gone through such trauma. I hope one day you will be able to heal enough to stay a journal again.   Belle ❤😥
    • Belle
      Like DeeDee I blog about mine. It's not necessarily a journal but it's an outlet to express my journey in words.   https://medium.com/@qtcbelle   Belle ❤
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