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I'm tired of fighting.. *DEEP CONTENT, WARNING*

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I'm tired of fighting. I'm fighting right now as I type this only because it's become such a habit. The coping skills I had to learn to get comfortable with and practice have become instinct. I guess you could say I'm pretty far in my "recovery" for that . But that's the thing I don't want to cope anymore. I just want to let go, just fall away. I try so -censored- hard to pretend that desire isn't there anymore and that I'm "changed" but it's there. I keep forgetting that it built a home inside me. And even tho I keep the door shut, is still standing and it always finds a way out; my desire to let go. close my eyes, disappear. I fight it whenever it comes up but -expletive-. I'm starting to wonder why I even fight anymore. I used to ask myself this all the time and it's scaring me that I'm asking myself this again. It really is. I want it all to go away. I don't know why I wrote this here. It's not fair to put this on you guys I just... I can't tell my family they'll think I'm "bad" again. Or unsafe again. I don't want them to worry.


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Ive lost  count  on how many times ive been  in youe  situation  reg this  i just whant to give  up during  my life   Trevor    & i defenetly understand. BUT   just giving  up  is NOT will NEVER  EVER   HAS EVER  been the right solution dear, 


I know why you wrote this here  and you did the RIGHT thing you wrote in here as you really DONT whant to give up and asking for help  and here we are. Feel free to pm me  if you whant  & also 


 If you are suicidal, call the Trans Lifeline at (877) 565-8860 in the US or (877) 330-6366 in Canada, or log in to our live chat room and ask to speak with a crisis moderator.


and above  all  DONT repeat DONT    do anything stupid  Trevor                     

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Hi Trevor,

You will probably have heard all this before, but bad times do pass. I am not sure I have ever been as far down your current road as you, but I have had people worried about me. It was often the little things that helped. Unrelated things that happened during the day. People just being nice and caring. Not always to me, but just simple acts I saw or felt. I think one thing my psychiatrist was happy with was that I cared for my family and was worried about them. A positive thing. They thought I was suicidal. It still confuses me and wonder why they sent me to a psychiatrist. It even scared me a bit when I was given an emergency contact number. I might have been suicidal at other times, I wasn't then. Or was I? It was all so confusing. In the end I made a positive move to be me. It made me more confident so my fears mostly receded. I think one of the things I have realised, that it was not a fight in that sort of way. It was more a move to sidestep the fight. Not see things as a fight, just a different way of life.


I hope it helps, and not confusing. We all see things differently, but help each other.




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Trevor i'm sorry i don't know how to change how you are feeling today.  I know i have spent time during my life when i have felt much as you describe.  I tried to wipe out those feelings with drugs and alcohol.  Needless to say it only got worse.  Fortunately i reached out for help.  I didn't want to at the time but when i did i found i wasn't alone yet others seemed to be having a good life despite the difficulties life placed before them.  That has become now how i see life.  It is hard but somehow beautiful.

I'm glad you reached out here and shared with us.  Please take care of yourself.  You are posting to a community that understands and is here to support each other.


Big Hugs,



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Recently, (this past Sunday) someone who was in our community took his own life. Everyone's devastated. My boyfriend is really not himself and it worries me. He cut over it, and it wasn't just one or two. Giving up, when you think about it, is a pretty selfish thing to do. You end your life, you end your own pain, and leave everyone behind to pick up the pieces. 


I know it's hard, I'm in your spot right now. But, you have to remember, it's not like this forever. I don't care who you are, there's at least one person who would be deeply hurt by your giving up.


We're here for you. We love you.


Stay safe and stay alive,


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Timber Wolf

Hi Trevor,

I wish I had a magic wand I could wave and make your difficulties go away. But all I can give you is what helps me get through difficult times. Just take it one day at a time. Just live in today. Let tomorrow deal with itself. There are countless tomorrows, and they can be overwhelming, but there is just one today. Focus on today and don't worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will come in it's own good time. And remember, we're here and we care.


Lots of love and a big hug,

Timber Wolf 🐺🐾

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    • ToniTone
      Like Jani said, this is pretty typical. Not just in coming out, but life in general. I'm sure many would agree, but I'm just speaking from my own experience.    It's like somedays I feel like a euphoric woman, makeup hair and ensemble is on point, I'm getting lots of compliments and gendered properly, and other days I'm getting mostly misgendered, beard stubble and body hair growing back in giving me dysphoria, and my anxiety telling me why I'm doing this at all.    I had the same experience before coming out publicly. I was going to wait until I hopefully presented more naturally, but I wanted to start dressing out and couldn't contain myself anymore. I'm so glad I did. I'm so much happier to be me now.
    • Aidan5
      Heyo Cam! Welcome. I would be down to be your friend  We share a lot of the same interests. Anyways, hey, hi, hello. 
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Welcome to the family.  Great place to learn and ask just about anything.  
    • Aidan5
      Heyo Salem! Welcome. Man, you are taller than me haha. If you ever have questions, don't be afraid to send me a message, I don't bite haha. Anyways, welcome man.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I definitely look forward to this but waiting a bit for my outward appearance to be more feminine.  So the picture looks like the name more.  I also think I’m going to wait for a legal name change to have that put on my drivers license too.   
    • NB Adult
      Hey Salem!
    • Cam
      Age:13 Hieght:5'4 Gender: Trans Female (MtF) Interests:Drawing, Eating, Singing, Memes, Hanging out with friends   I really just need some good friends
    • woailuo123
      I am male who loves high heels since young, seeing ladies putting their feet on it, beautify the shape of the feet and leg, it is extremely seducing. One day a thought come into my mind: how about me testing to put it on? Then here it starts my journey with high heels, couldn't resist wearing them every single day, when I am alone, of course. I wear them bathing, I wear them sleeping, and occasionally, I wear them doing housework. And now, I even breakthrough by wearing them out, at night, alone, on the road, or even offroad ( with stones and rocks, it is really hard to walk, I even broke some heels on it).  Does this called crossdresser? And is there anyone like me? Or I am the only one like this?
    • Mistfit7
      I have a consultation with her on Monday. Do you know anyone that has good results from her. The CA office will only take my insurance policy not Texas office. 
    • Salem
      age:13/14 height: 5'7ft gender: Trans male(ftm) Interest: drawing, memes, singing, other stuff  I'm pre-t and hopefully starting gender therapy next year
    • Mahaney
      This is why I wear running shoes. I know I'd have a hell of a time running in heels. If I gotta run I'm gonna run. Safety over style any day.
    • Debra Michelle
      Found out they did put my dad in that nursing home,mom is doing well with the changes and knows he will be taken care of better there.Good thing is his insurance is covering it.He had it set in 1980 planning it out updating it in 1993
    • Mahaney
      I've found that for my 32" waist and my 130-140ish weight not being well endowed thank good a 6 fits me well, and a 7 work well. 5 would be too small, and 8 would be falling off of me inside my pants or leggings.  One of the things I discovered about panties is that they tend to fall down even in pants or leggings. I had never understood why girls were pulling up their pants. That was until I started transitioning almost 5 years and wearing panties. I was like Holy Cow! Being very smooth for a male born female, it was very eye opening. There was a day when I worked a 1/2 of a shift at work with my panties almost in my pant legs. Now I understand, we're not pulling up our pants, but pulling up our underwear in them.  I also wear a nylon pull over bra, which goes by S, M, L, and XL sizes instead of numbers which is helpful.
    • SaraAW
      That is great!  Sounds like you had a pretty good experience too. 
    • Jackie C.
      Fantastic! Congratulations! Promotions all around!   You've also reminded me that I need to get off my butt and attend to that myself once I get my car back from the shop.   Hugs!
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