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I cut my hair to avoid cutting and I may be abused for it


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I had a rough patch last night, where I just about started cutting again, or using drugs from how depressed and dysphoric I got. So I cut my hair. My mom is going to kill me once she gets home soon and I'm terrified of how it will play out. I have a plan for if I do get hit, but this forum is on my tablet and I do how to reach Tomball if I need help here. If I do get hit, i know that I will be going away to a friend's house, after alerting the polyurethane I've left and why I've left. Then I won't endanger myself or the friend in staying with until child services get involved. I tried to stay safe and closeted but it just didn't happen. I'm so scared rn, I'm having the worst snowball effect from anxiety and I'm afraid I'm going to cut anyway. Help


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  • Admin

Instead of waiting around, go directly to a local hospital if you are that critical.  The hospital can call Child Protective Services and have them come work with you. 

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Carolyn Marie

I agree with Vicky, hon; please get some immediate help in real-life.  A hospital, LGBT center, even an urgent care center can keep you safe and know what resources to call for you.  You don't have to go through this alone, hon.   We are here for you, too.  If you can access Chat on your phone or tablet, they will do what they can to help you, too.  Please stay safe and take care of yourself,  We care about you very much.




Carolyn Marie

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    • KayC
      Hi @Lain!  Ya know, like @Astrid said, I am not sure I have ever known a woman who was not happy about some part of her appearance.  So, it comes with the territory.   I am not trying to be flippant, but I think the most important part of transition is Self-Acceptance from the inside.  If you find that, everything else will fall in place. Happy you have joined us here, and already received some great experience from others. Deep breaths ... one step at a time
    • Jackie C.
      That sounds really familiar. I dealt with it by committing myself to becoming the person I wanted to be. Not just physically. I mean, sure, part of it was physical because I've become a gym rat but what I mean is working on myself. The person I was meant to be, but never managed to become because of my dysphoria and the boatload of depression that came with it. The point being that I've thrown myself into self-improvement to become that person and in so doing, learned about loving myself. I still have my moments and probably always will, but my quality of life is so much better now. Honestly, now it's mostly other people that bum me out. 😜   Hugs!
    • Emily michelle
      Hi willow. It was actually 86 here but on Thursday. We’re usually at least a month and a half away from snow sometimes 2 months. The weather has been really screwy lately.    Im just getting up from probably my worst night in a really long time. The last 2 days have been horrible thanks to dysphoria. I even told my wife it would be easier to end it all than deal with it. The scary thing is at 1am this morning I was ready to. My dysphoria comes from parts of me that I can’t change easily and hormones won’t help them. I don’t know why I’m 6 months on hrt and having dysphoria like this. Maybe this is related to being quarantined. I read the perfect analogy about me. I’m like a shark they can’t stop swimming or they will sink. That’s what I feel like now that I have time. I guess being busy all the time I was able to run from it. Now I can’t run from it I just don’t know how to face it.
    • KayC
      HAH! 😆 so we are, Jackie.  Thank you for pointing that out.  And I agree with your position on taking care of everybody. Hugs back❣️
    • Jackie C.
      Well, counterfeiters...   I completely agree though. We need those taxes invested into America's people, her infrastructure and her quality of life.   Also, we ARE in the politics section of the forum. I'd expect it to get political in here.   Hugs!  
    • KayC
      Wow!  this thread got really political, REALLY fast.  Its obvious just being Trans does not necessarily align us with a political party.  But I do know who I can trust on these issues.  Its pretty clear. wrt Taxes.  I pay a LOT of taxes every year (way more than the current occupant of the White House) and I truly don't mind.  I understand that my (our) income comes from the collective resources of our society.  I don't mind returning my fair share.   Nobody actually MAKES their own money .. it comes from other peoples' pockets.  So, those making more than $400K a year can afford to pay more taxes and I guarantee you it will not affect their quality of life.  (and they can also afford to pay more into Medicare and Social Security too).  When everybody in the society benefits, the rich benefit also.  They just don't seem to understand that. I am more concerned about what our taxes are used for ... that's worth deciding who to vote for.
    • Shay
      I was raised Catholic and had a Polish mother so I know A LOT about the feelings of guilt. It is so good to be here at TP. I have found comfort and wisdom from those who have been there and honestly share their experiences and IT HELPS so much.
    • Confused1
      I just tried the A+ and all I can say is WOW!   Hugs, Mike
    • Jackie C.
      I'd argue that we, as Americans, need to change. We need to invest in other Americans and see that their lives have value. The rest of the developed world figured that out more than fifty years ago and they're running rings around the United States in terms of stability, security, happiness and wealth. We're becoming the kind of country that Americans have traditionally banded together with other countries to fight against and it needs to stop. It will likely be generations before we undo the damage wrought by the last fifty years of our policies, but the best time to start is now.   Hugs!
    • Shay
      Interestingly....my oldest brother died last week and yesterday I saw a collage of photos of his life. As you can imagine there were photos that included me at many different ages. I looked at these photos, many I had never seen before and I hardly knew that person I was. I saw a person who was lost and didn't know it at the time and looked lost. I hope as I transition I truly find me.
    • KayC
      Great post @JillPilled! .. thank you for sharing what, as you said, is a common theme for many of us ... and, Welcome❣️   Deep breaths ... one step at a time
    • KayC
      Good article.  Thanks @Carolyn Marie!  I am happy it seems they have come further along in the last 15-20 years to identify this as a medical issue and not an environmental/behavioral cause.  But, seems some just want to hold on to these rejected ideas, and they are still floating around out there.  Dangerous little darts.
    • KathyLauren
      Hi, @Lain and welcome!   I think we all start out despairing of ever looking feminine.  I know I did.  But I agree with the advice above: you have to work with what you have got.   One thing I didn't have was the money for facial surgery.  So I knew that I would have to make do with whatever improvements hormones could make.  I knew I would never be pretty.   So, imagine my surprise when I was getting ready to go to my support group, putting on lipstick, and I suddenly realized that I didn't recognize those lips!  And, a month or two later, it was the eyes.  My wife noticed it, too.  A couple of times, we'd be in the car, me driving, and she would stare at me and comment on how much my face had changed.   I'll still never be pretty, but when I catch a glimpse of my face in a mirror, I like what I see.  It is the face of a mature woman.  (I am 66.)   Work with what you have.  Some surgeries are options; some are not.  If you work with a therapist, who can help you with your confidence, that confidence will shine through and people will like what they see.  I hope you will, too.   Regards, Kathy
    • Charlize
      I have already voted.  I seriously can't believe my opinions will influence others but as a trans person i have one vote.  I'm married to another woman and our Supreme Court may soon endanger that union.  As a retired person, apart from  a small occasional income from working the farm, we need Social Security.  We paid into this plan all our lives, others still do but now somehow it is an entitlement.  Of course the wealthy don't have to contribute on all of their earnings.  New yachts help the economy?  The problem may not be handled in the presidential election.  Congress must change as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KayC
      Isn't it WONDERFUL? ❤️
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