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Hello everyone, my name is Leo.

I'm still trying to understand myself and where exactly I fit in. I've been crossdressing for about 3 years and have been honing my female figure during that time to fit exactly as I want it. Recently, I've gotten my figure to a point where I'm questioning if I want to keep it as just dressing or to transition and make it something more.

I mostly play games on PC for my free-time, though I also tend to write stories.

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Hi Leo,


Welcome :)


Please feel free to  join in. There is a lot of accumulated experience and friendly people here. You will learn a lot and understand yourself more. If you need advice on things plese ask, as people here may have similar experiences.



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Welcome Leo.  I was helped greatly in making a decision about a path by seeing a gender therapist.  it also helped me to share and read about the journeys others were making here.  Just knowing i wasn't alone helped greatly.





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Welcome Leo.  Please join in the conversation!  I think you'll find lots of advise and support.  If you read older posts you'll see you are not alone and hopefully you can find your own path. 



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Hi, welcome! Everyone here is nice, supportive and welcoming. It's a great place to inquire about these things. 


I love your username btw! ❤️

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Welcome Leo! Everyone here is very supportive and has good advice. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

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    • Cyndee
      Good morning all ! Just cooking bacon up in the kitchen right now, so I'll keep my post short.   "she can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan" Life is truly good here !   Congratulations Ellora on your daughter's graduation   Have a wonderful day !   C -
    • Amy LeBlanc
      So I have not posted here in awhile and I am still working on trying to lose weight and working out.  Yesterday I was all unhealthful with having my first beer since December and eating Little ceaser pizza and having chocolate and when I stepped on the scale this morning, I lost 2 lbs.  I went from 214 to 212. I am wondering if it is because I was active with cleaning my house and I had 18000 steps yesterday and I am working on refinishing my coffee table that I manage to get my matobelisim to pick up and burn off what I ate and them some.
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Looking through my pictures and it is hard for me to even find my old boy pictures.  There is not many pictures of when I was a boy, I was always afraid of getting my picture taken and now I love getting my picture taken.  But I have found a picture of me back in 1999 before transitioning and hormones and wondering if I have changed and can it be seen.  I know that I am so much more happier and confident and comfortable with myself.  What are others thoughts.
    • Jani
      Congratulations Ellora on your daughter graduation.  Now its off to a new career.     All my best, Jani
    • Michelle F
    • Ellora
      (Hmmm, I wanted to add and can’t find the edit button). Having fresh breakfast from the farm has to be the best. How many farm animals do you have ? My friend I visit frequently, lives in an area where people have some goats and chickens in their yard. Some others have horses, one we can see from her backyard. A little further up the road The farms get bigger. 
    • Charlize
      Zoey i'm sorry you are going through this.  My sex drive has never been all that great and now is seemingly non existent.  Personally i find the peace that freedom from the drive an improvement.  I can also see how it would become difficult for my wife.  Years ago i know she was disappointed but now age and illness has given both of us a place of a delicious intimate non sexual relationship.   I can only suggest that you be as honest as possible.  As you know issues with sexual drive and preferences can destroy relationships.  Honesty throughout can help one avoid the worst even if it hurts at the time.  Seeing a therapist a a couple might be a great way to discuss this if it is hard otherwise.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Ellora
      Thank you! I couldn’t stop hugging her yesterday 😂 I’m so proud of her, she very hard to do this. The culinary part was easy. The Math part of her degree was not. Anne was never good at math, but she pushed past that, and did it!  The place was ok, but not the best. That ok, there are plenty more restaurants in SD for us to go to in San Diego another time.    Mmmmm blueberries and maple syrup on oatmeal. Especially if they are fresh! Enjoy your breakfast! 
    • Charlize
      Congratulations on your daughters graduation.  I hope the breakfast lived up to the expectations of a person with a culinary degree.   I'm finishing my oatmeal cooked with our blueberries and maple syrup.  The trip from farm to table can be quite short here.  Grow oats?   Na.... too much to do already.  That's coffee talking.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Tessa
      Feelings    I’m not feeling beautiful today Is it I don’t want to feel that way Who cares anyway  Will this feeling fade away   Everything I’ve done is for others  I leave no room for myself  When I’m alone I’m empty I don’t want to feel this way   I want to feel happy and loved  I want to feel accepted  I want to feel desired and loved  These feelings are foreign to me   You will only find them in the characters  That I write about in my stories If I could be one of those characters  Who is writing about me    by   Tessa🌹
    • Zoey
      Me and my trans partner dealt with the stunted sex drives by exploring fetishes that didn't need to involve actual sex.  Super bumpy at first but things are steady, evolving and fun now :).  Maybe don't try for sex, but explore other things that turn her on.
    • Josie Beth
      I’m not sure 100% about how much legal standing you would have as a couple in the Philippines because of the laws there. I’m a native of Guam which has similar beliefs and values in their culture about transgender people and their rights. Because of the uncertain political climate here in the states I did a lot of research because I was considering going elsewhere to live but being transgender and traveling abroad has another level of complication. So for now I’m holding off until I get further into my transition. As far as I know it’s not easy for someone to gain asylum in Australia unless there’s a very good reason. So I imagine that unless she were either a citizen of Australia or had dual citizenship it might be difficult to get the recognition that you both seek. Filipino’s can maintain dual citizenship if they visit the country often enough. But if anything drastic should happen such as martial law, (which is not entirely impossible in that country) then it could cause other problems. It’s something to seriously look into.    I’m eventually going to have to petition the government of Guam to alter my birth certificate under special circumstances because I don’t live there but I’m expecting a lot of difficulty because they just voted down a resolution that would have allowed transgender people to change their marker and name easily. I’m expecting to have to travel there and request those changes in person because I’m not a part of their patriarchal culture and that will be an obstacle if I don’t get it changed eventually. As an aside I was considering going to the Philippines for a visit while I’m on Guam but I probably won’t after reading their laws.    So this is going to become a bigger issue worldwide in the future, the question of transgender rights coming to the forefront and breaking past the religious and cultural barriers that have been in place for centuries. Almost every nation is dealing with this in one way or another. Some are making strides forward and some are going backwards. Keep informed of any changes related to this because it will effect your future marriage.
    • Amberlea
      Hi Ross I really feel for your situation. I'm not going to presume to offer advice, just a point of view. I'm a trans woman in a sexless relationship. I too have zero sex drive, and it is something that my partner of ten years reluctantly has come to except. I personally would be happy for her to have sex with another, I would not deny her what I wouldn't (couldn't) give. This topic we have discussed, and she feels she is not in the position to sleep with another. She also feels that it is not fair to me to push me into something that was abhorant to me. In the very early days she pushed me hard to perform, which I reluctantly did.... As our relationship matured we have come to our present state. I understand your need for sex, you are entitled to it! I understand that you would feel very guilty if you "cheated," you obviously love your girl friend very much! Love is capable of very great things, and is not out of the realms of possibility that accomadations could be made to allow you to meet your physical needs else where in a non emotional way whilst all love and affection is purely for your girl friend?   wishing you the very best Amberlea    
    • Ross
      Thanks Carolyn. I'm Australian but spend about 25% of my time in the Philippines. My gf is a Filipina citizen and, as such, still has all her id listing her as M. We plan on living ft in the Philippines in the next few years and so I'm really wondering what sort of recognition from a legal perspective (joint bank a/c's, property purchases, 'next of Kin, etc) we can rely on, based on an Australian marriage certificate.  Thanks!
    • Ross
      Thanks so much Carolyn. Just about the confusion, I split my time 75:25 between Australia and the Philippines. 
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