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Is this an urban myth?

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So in my research of transgender issues I came across an article. I wish I could remember more about it other than the discussion topic. The article was talking about how it could have been common practice in some delivery rooms for gender alteration surgeries to be completed on babies that came out "non binary".  It said it was possible in many cases that even the mothers would have been unaware.

Is something like this possible?

Saying it were possible, what kind of scars would be visible 40 years later?


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Back in the 1950's  and until just recently this type of procedure was done, on infants with ambiguous genitalia.  It is no myth.  Considering that ti was done on infants, scaring would be minimal because of the nature of infants skin.  What has happened to a few people who have been on this site, has been that only the outer surface was "corrected" they did not know at the time that deeper differences were still present and had not been corrected.  The State of California recently made it illegal to do it in the state.  Some hospitals kept records detailing exactly what happened, but others did hide this from even the parents our of "Kindness" and many doctors felt their judgment superseded that of the mother in particular, who was likely to have been still under anesthesia from the delivery while the infant was operated on.  Look up Dr. John Money and you will find quite a lot of stuff.

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Wow. Then this explains a lot about signals from my body awareness instincts. I've been "willing positive motion" in my pubic area. My entire lower abdomen carries a lot of trauma and stress. In the healings that have come it feels like "a pelvic floor"? It's hard to put most of it to words as I don't know the names of muscle groups and such. Bottom line, I feel like I could have been subject to something like this. It fits with some of the circumstances around birth stories, location, time frame, etc. Plus, from the forty years of being a well concealed gender confused person, I have learned that I need to trust my instincts. They've proven to be more reliable that I give them credit for or budget with. My soul feels like part of my body has been cut away and other parts are sewn together in wrong feeling connections. Over time, with meditation and manipulation, I have worked what I would call, scar like scab tissue to the surface in what seems like a line pattern in three places. Furthermore, it feels like there's a cave inside me. Not just emotionally, but sensorally. 

I will meditate more on it and see if I can include further study of it in part of my transition plan. 

Thank you for your input. Very informative and validating.

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If you think you could have had that type of surgery, my suggestion it to go to your medical provider, tell them of your suspicions and see if they can do any type of check for the surgical scars.  Be honest with them since we are years down the road from the practice. 

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I have to ask why you would suggest I be honest with them? Of all that I've posted in this thread, if you suspect I might be less than honest about my process please don't disguise an accusation as advice. You may have used more words yet all I got from your comment was that you're calling -holy buckets- on me. As for the "advice"...

The treatment plan I cited is being managed by my doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, addictions counselor, friend of confidence and dog. What, when and why we discuss things, wasn't back story or disclaimers I thought I needed to include to ask for specific replies regarding a certain topic.

As for being years past the process?? 

My process is happening right now. Was there a date that passed where all bad things were stopped being done to all people everywhere?

Has no one done bad since?

I appreciate the volunteer consult. 

I asked a specific question, for a reason.

I commented about my personal experience, for a reason.

When I read the rules it said to be careful about advice and comments on other people's situations. The other thing I got from it was that we all have different paths. On them are different mixes of exposure to any of many varied forms of horrible practices used against us.

Do you know how much of my experience "shouldn't have happened"? ALL OF IT.

Pertaining to the information I enquired about, and your original reply to it, Thank you. Very informative. I will keep the issue in my plan, which, by the way, made amazing progress today. 

Not really sure I feel like sharing that part now.

Happy Friday.



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My comment was not a question about your personal honesty with your team of caregivers.  As an Admin here I do not have time to read  everybody's posts in full depth 100% of the time.  Other people do read these posts though and harvest ideas from them looking toward their own ends and they will benefit from my comment.  Unlike other forums we do not allow attacks or engage in innuendo about a person's posts, we remove fantasy posters from the membership quickly though since they are not helpful.  You are still here. 

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On 3/22/2019 at 9:47 PM, Stillbourne said:

Of all that I've posted in this thread, if you suspect I might be less than honest about my process please don't disguise an accusation as advice.

Claire I don't think that was the point.  I can state that I might not have been fully honest with my doctors in the past whether it was about my diet, depression or other concerns that I didn't really want to speak about.  IMO its human nature to ignore unpleasant or hard to discuss items.  Being transgender is certainly one.  I was terrified to tell my primary physician, but it was all for naught as he's been very understanding and supportive.   Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that it is in our best interest to speak up.   All of us here want to see each other succeed and be happy.  


Cheers, Jani 

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Josie Beth

I don’t know how this relates to your situation much but I found out years after leaving home that my mother had a chronic miscarriage issue that required special medical care. She had 4 children including myself but I have no idea how many didn’t make it except one for sure. In the late 60’s and early 70’s it was still common practice for doctors to inject hormones into expecting mothers with a history of miscarriage. I found out that this more than likely contributed to me having a more female brain. Is it the same thing as having SRS as an infant? No, but it’s just another example of outdated medicine that can effect individuals without their knowledge. I’m not even sure if there’s a fool proof way to test for what happened to me but I do think that your chances of discovery are much better if you suspect that you were surgically altered as a baby. 

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      Found out my nephew Nick came out as genderfluid and mom accepted it.Asked him where he got his advice and told her from me.She told me thank you.My cousin Lewis,he did take it well too and is glad I helped out with advice.They both noticed he loved dressing as the opposite gender for a long time.14 years old and wants to dress as Nicole.
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      I think you are doing great with your makeup.  I’m very inexperienced but it looks really good to be.   It amazes me that there are still places that still are homophobic.   It’s a bit out of your way but the University of Vermont is extremely tolerant and supportive toward LBGTQ and the pay well too.  Vermont is a wonderful place to transition so we will take you!!!  
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      Ready for work. Y'all have a good night.   Be Safe. Be Smart
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      Well that sucks. Hopefully you can find another way forward. I don't know what the situation is in Arkansas, but here it's legal to discriminate against trans people. Our colleges are pretty tolerant though. May you find an employer that doesn't suffer from recto-cranial inversion.   Hugs!
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      Well, I finally got the talk by my principal due to two calls from unidentified females voicing concerns about me wearing makeup while giving GED tests. He said he personally doesn't care how I choose to express myself. But with attendance being as low as it is, he really doesn't want to create any more variables that might threaten the school's budgetary futures by pushing away new or current students.    I knew it was coming, but I let myself think it'd be much further down the line. Yeah, it hurts, and yes, I'm doing what I've taught myself not to ruminate and spiral back into depression. But dang it...I was finally feeling happy about myself. Oh, well....just keep repeating "progress isn't always linear". 
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      That's one of the government's reasons for not putting an X marker on passports, but mostly "it'll cost too much to implement those changes" which is demonstrably incorrect. But personally, I would assume that's just one of the many considerations the individual should make when planning international travel. Some places are hostile, others (like Saudi Arabia) reportedly refuse entry to anyone with an X marker on their passport. So, that's kinda convenient, I guess? Incidentally, I've done some investigating since reading and posting this, and it seems that if your state's drivers license permits an X marker, then your Real ID will, too.  But I know that there are some people with a severe enough level of dysphoria or emotional triggers that having a gender marker on an ID that's different from how they identify/present will cause distress or out them as trans. So, as it stands, it's probably just a trade-off that the individual will have to make for themselves. 
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