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I thought a nurse would understand..?

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So, here's a little storytime:


Backstory: Today, I was very panicky. I was in the midst of a bad anxiety/panic attack when we were warming up in PE. Then, we had to walk stadiums and run the track. That wasn't a good mix for me.


Now, after PE, I felt very exhausted and I felt like I was going to pass out. So, I went to the nurse. My friend, Will, came with me to make sure I got there safely. He walked in and I sat down while he waited for the nurse to get to him. (There was a line.) He told the nurse that he wasn't there to be treated, that he brought me down. "I just came down with him. (me)" She said, "That's a she but thank you." He walked out and was visibly upset. He turned to me and mouthed "B***h" before walking out. I told her that I was a "he" and that I was trans. She kept repeating the fact that I was biologically male. I said yes, but hopefully I wouldn't have girl parts by the time I'm 30. I told her when I turned 18, that I would go to a gender clinic and start the process of getting testosterone. She told me to wait until by brain finished developing. I explained to her the science of being trans, but she still didn't get it. She's a sweet woman, but she was rude when it came to the trans thing.


It made me mad and Will and I told my teacher what happened earlier. She shook her head and told me she was sorry. I said that it's fine, I'm used to it. She replied, "No, it's not."


Just wanted to share since it made me flustered.

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I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with that.  The nurse was just plain rude and your teacher is right that it's not okay.  Sadly there are a lot of people, including medical professionals, that are uneducated when it comes to transpeople.  It doesn't make it right and it doesn't make it okay.


I'm glad to hear you're alright otherwise!

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Carolyn Marie

That is a shame you got treated that way.  I'm not surprised that a high school nurse would be uninformed.  A lot of hospital and clinic nurses, who are better trained, I think, make the same kinds of mistakes and mis-judgements.


You would do both you and she a favor if you downloaded some of the material available on the Web for cis-folks and give her a copy.  If she has an open mind and a willingness to fill it with some facts, she will learn a few important things; such as the importance of treating trans people with respect and dignity.


Carolyn Marie

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Hey, I know this thread is a little dated but everytime I pass it, I always have an urge to reply...so this is me finally caving.

I find it super crappy how she handled talking to you. I'm sort of, second hand offended, if that makes sense. Carolyn and Eli both made good points but I wanted to throw in my own two cents.

A nurse should understand.


I'm in RN school and I can tell you that we do recieve transinclusive training. In general, nursing stresses a huge emphasis on not passing personal judgement or assumptions on any of our patients (we can't decide your gender identity, your religion, your pain level, your experiences, etc). But the trans education doesn't dig in deep unless you attend voluntary minority training, which not a lot of students do. If your nurse was older, her ignorance probably played a large role but you correcting her the one time should've been enough for her to acknowledge your gender. Implying that you'll figure it out when you're older is what we deem "untherapeutic" conversation and is discouraged in practice.

Behavior like hers (intentional or not) is one of the things I hope I can have an impact on when I enter the field, especially because I'm not cis myself. My profs probably get tired of all my papers being written about transgender healthcare 😅 but what can I say, I feel passionately about the topic.

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I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope you're okay now. 

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sorry this is quite a bit late, but yes, a nurse should understand. the nurses in my school are great, but i know some teachers who are just plain ignorant. at least your friend Will and your teacher is supportive, its good to have friends.

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      When i first moved to Bonnie Scotland. I took me ages to get use to being called "Pal" Where i came from it was a very male oreintated acknowledgement. But here all genders it can be associated with the term.  I was right upset for a while being called "pal" as i was thinking i was being outed everywhere. A very strange phemominan for me as it just doesnt happen. Well not for at least six years and then i was just finding my feet so to speak until i quizzed my partner about it who is native. I didnt feel so bad then.   Also "Hen" is used  between woman but men use it a lot when addressing a Female but not knowing there name. Isnt it funny how little regional things can be so diffrent?   A bit like how you would call someone darling down south if your a man talking to a woman in passing by  "Thanks darling" They say "Thanks Pal" or "Thanks Hen"   They do not really use sweetie. At least i have never heard it. Maybe im  just not sweet enough? 😉         Wow that is old school.  I have not seen one of those in years. I use to have the attachment if you had points but even they went out of use a few years ago.   Just a plastic one now for me im afraid.
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      She's the senior senator from my state, and I've heard her speak. She's a breath of fresh, sincere, air.  Her primary passions are economic justice (she spearheaded getting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau established, which has been greatly curtailed under the Trump administration, sadly).  However, she was also a firm supporter of our statewide ballot initiative for transgender rights last year, which was successful.   I have no doubts about her support for trans rights on the federal level.  The question will be, how receptive will the U.S, Senate be to any Democratic president on any issue if it retains a Republican majority.   Fingers crossed,   Astrid
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