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Guest Conrí


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Guest Conrí


I started my own channel on youtube, which has my montages and v-logs. It's called Sheut Dusphoros.

Does anyone else here want to share their channel?

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Guest Tammy Maher

Sorry I'm not really out to a lot of people so I really am showing my "guy" side on my channel...here

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Guest NeverSayNever


Still need to put some videos on, I have my Jasmine Tribute and that's all so far...though I do have a helluva lot of favourites :lol:

There's going to be some soon though!!

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Guest Kacee

WOW!! I haven't cried like that in a long time!!! Thank you

BTW, I absolutely LOVE the victorian gowns!!

The Aston-Martin ain't bad either!! LOL



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Guest Lex7

No vids on my channel atm, but I am planning on starting a blog here real soon... Tried last night, but I didn't realize till this morning that the mic volume was on 4 instead of 100 so I couldn't hear myself. Lol. Anyhow --> www.youtube.com/user/Halo4vr777


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    • jae bear
       Dang it sorry for the misspelled names girls,  using auto Text, my fingers are too nervous and are not hitting the right keys I’m not thinking quite straight.
    • jae bear
      Hi Bobby and Brandi I’m sorry I’m just a little freaked out I had no intention of spilling everything last night, just kind happened and things here could get little bumpy... I’m pretty sure she’s going to stay I sure hope she doesn’t leave me. I’m so anxious I can hardly sit still keep going through bouts of trembling and worrying I love her so much I don’t know what I could do if she left... I would just beg at her feet I think. hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      I’ve been telling her how amazing she is since the moment I woke up I think it’s getting on her nerves, I really have to give her some space and a little time and hope things work out right now she’s so quiet it makes me nervous... hugs, Jae
    • BrandiBri
      Jae, I'm so happy for you! You have a wonderful woman who is willing to stand by you and that's really great. Have a great time shopping!   Love, Brandi 
    • bobbisue
           My answer would be a resounding yes and a big hug but this is your decision I am very happy for you I imagine this is a great weight off of you, be sure to tell your little bunny how wonderful she is for standing by you from yourself and from me  ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to both of you        bobbisue
    • tracy_j
      I spend a lot of my time listening to Radio Caroline on the radio now they have their medium wave transmitter. Not quite the pirate radio it once was (they are now legal), but still playing better music than most stations (lots of classic oldies from those days). I listened years ago when they were pirates and BBC was rubbish, with regard to modern music. In general terms they are still more to my taste!   Tracy
    • Cindy Truheart
      I pay the credit card off at the end of every month. The issue isn't that I'm in debt, or she's in debt. The issue is that she kept using the card when we both agreed to stop using it and because I wasn't paying attention and she never does, it didn't get paid for two months. I've almost filed bankruptcy twice and pulled my fat out of the fire both times, I know what I'm doing here, I'm questioning whether or not she does.
    • jae bear
      Thank you Rachel, she asked me to do that this morning, wanted to know if I needed help buying clothes... I think I’m still in bit of shock, I didn’t know how to answer. She’s a medical person so she’s worried about the risks... hugs, Jae
    • Carolyn Marie
      Republicans at the state level are trying to roll back the clock all over the country.  In Georgia, the legislature on Friday passed a law forbidding gays and lesbians to adopt.  They don't want to accept that they've lost the "culture war."  I know of no Federal court that has upheld these noxious laws.. We can only hope that the trend continues.  They are our last line of defense.   Carolyn Marie
    • BrandiBri
      Sound's like it went better than you thought it would! I'm glad that she's not going to leave you. I also sure that it's going to be a bumpy road, but it sound's like you will make it. I imagine that you have a sense of relief now that she knows. I know I did when I came out. Best of luck lady. Many hugs and kisses,   Brandi
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