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Kris' bio: A ramble

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Hope it is okay as a newbie to try this. Here it goes from the beginning:


From a young age I felt uncomfortable whenever things were gendered and would often end up sad and lonely without really understanding why.


However, I really realised something was going on when I was around 11. Whenever I saw people presenting androgynously or gender non-conforming I was experiencing what I now realize was gender euphoria. Really strong to the extent I was a scared. I started cross-dressing in secret (taking my mother's things out of the washing basket) and regularly praying to have my gender changed. I did start to research into it and did think I might be non-binary but the information available on the internet at the time was limited and contradictory. After being caught a couple of times I just convinced myself I was just a bit of a perverted teenager and tried get on with my life as best I could (even though I would still fantasize about it).


Fast forward and I continued my life with these feelings but just kept making excuses for it. I got married and was dealing with still feeling unhappy a lot of the time. I would still think about it sometimes and would usually be stuck in a cycle of: my feelings overwhelm me, I would start reading resources, in secret borrow my wife's clothes\imagine my body in a more feminine shape, get scared, destroy all evidence, suppress my feelings and hate myself.


 Last year at work, I nearly had two nervous breakdowns and so went to see a life coach. First of all they diagnosed me with autism and I worked through a lot of problems from my neurodiversity. Life got a bit better and I was able to deal with situations a lot better. I was still too ashamed to talk about my gender feelings as I assumed these would fade as I dealt with these other things which I actually needed to cope with. 


However, I realized my feelings were getting stronger and more powerful, not going away. I would start to find myself staring at women's magazine or just be lost looking at my body in the or face in the mirror and wishing I could make it more feminine. I got so scared I couldn't even sleep and one day at 2 am I found myself in the bathroom browsing websites about it. I found websites and youtube videos on being nonbinary and genderqueer and suddenly they matched everything I had been feeling up til then. 


I still wasn't convinced 100% but new I needed to find out. So I first found a workbook on working out your gender identity and also worked with a friend I know who is a diversity rep at a university who does a lot of work with supporting trans students. I was supposed to take longer to do it but I worked through it in about two weeks and had loads of discussions. I eventually concluded, okay I am definitely trans and probably genderqueer\non-binary. I told my life coach and we tried to work together on how to tell my wife.


Telling my wife didn't go as well as planned, partially due to my method to reassure her before hand just increased anxiety and partially because it opened up a lot of trust issues that we had that I hadn't told her about this earlier in our relationship. We started going to counselling and we got to a better place. She is now very supportive, often helping me with clothes and makeup (I am still terrible with eyeshadow).


I also started coming out to friends I trust and now I usually present how I feel. Last weekend I went out to an event with loads people I knew fully femme and everyone was lovely and supportive. One of the happiest times I have had.


I have also stared voice lessons to try to feminize my voice as I find it genders me more than my body.


I am still trying to work out my labels and pronouns. These are really complicated for me. And also how to tell my family and work colleagues.



Sorry for the length. So that is me.

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Thank you for your share.





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Hugs back and thanks for reading. Felt really good to share it.

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1 hour ago, Krisvm said:

She is now very supportive, often helping me with clothes and makeup (I am still terrible with eyeshadow). 


Awesome, really glad to hear you have strong support. :)

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Thank you. It took a while but we got there.

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Thank you Kris.  It was difficult but you're here and moving forward.  Congratulations.



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Puppy and cat

Thank you for sharing your story 

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Wonderful that you have a supportive partner Kris. I hope you two continue to grow together.

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    • Mia Marie
      congrats on getting your labs. don't be surprised if it takes longer than a week to get your scripts done so you can start taking your hrt. I got my labs done last week and it has been over a week and I still havent heard from my doctor on her assessment of my results. still hoping I can get my hrt before my next doc appointment.
    • Susan R
      Don’t worry @Sandra6sandy9sand. I can’t wait to get my ballot in the ballot box.  We need some real change and fast. The saying...If you don’t vote, you can’t complain...is so true. Let’s get out there and do it!   Susan R🌷
    • Kylara Anne Bagwell
      Sorry for the latent response here I knew I had read it before but I could not for the life of me remember where I had read it. How do I start a blog? Where do I go to do this...
    • Lexi C
      Hey Mex We all do that. Jackie is right it dose  take a lot of confidence and courage to wake up and be happy with you.  I know that sounds like some stupid Hallmark bull, but 2 yr ago i was ready to end it. I get the bills the booze  and wrote out a will. I took the bills drank the booze. Had the craziest nightmare. The next day i did not die,, i piss off. But it gave me some hope. Today i still get depress but not as bad and i stop judge myself against other CIS. Just head down , work save,  continue to fight  medical for my surgeries and work out.   Be safe, be proud and be happy being you            
    • KayC
      Congratulations, Emily! on your commitment to self improvement and the opportunity for compassionate service to your fellow human beings. You've made a great choice.  Now, go and get it❣️
    • KayC
      That's a great post @Sandra6sandy9sand!  thank you for sharing your thoughts and connecting with what I am sure many of us are feeling. Regardless of our personal situations or differences, if somebody cannot see how interconnected we are by Covid and societies problems then they are truly lost.  This is actually a great opportunity for a fundamental change in America's "constitution" and direction (i.e., America's social conscious and morality ... not the actual Constitution... I agree it hasn't changed)   VOTE 2020❣️  
    • KayC
      That's a great attitude Leah, and that you have been able to settle into a comfortable place.   I see the value of therapy for myself (and others here I assume) as helping us to find our inner voice and start to live truly as we feel we should.  Its difficult to sometimes deal with the negative feelings as we may try to convince ourselves that the path to our journey should follow societies expectations. I hate labels, I hate the idea that we are somehow required to declare/come out, but I also know that's the reality that society places on us. YES!  I agree❣️❣️❣️  
    • Andrea Jean
      My name was simple the female form of Andrew and used my moms middle name to honor her...
    • MomTGDaughter
      My daughter is a little shy about her transition. First of all, after nearly 5 months, she looks like a girl and hard to distinguish otherwise, especially at her young age. How did it workout for you or your daughter? School is not going to start right away in person, however it will be online and he name is very feminine. The school faculty has been updated about her new status, but the students don't know as of yet. I appreciate you sharing your experiences so I can better prepare her. 
    • HollyNoel
      OK so here might be a fun question for everyone.   After you started presenting as either a woman or man, have you ever either dated someone you knew, like a guy friend or a girl friend, or have you been hit on buy someone you knew? I would love to know if transitioning changed the friend dynamic or made old friends think differently about you. You don't have to respond and you don't have to get specific with any details. I'm just curious if old friends see you as a completely different person after your transition.
    • TransMex
      I compare the way I look with how other women look a lot. That's practically all I do all day at this point. I want to look like them.
    • HollyNoel
      Bri2020, I wish you luck, just know that what ever happens, you have us to get support from.. Did you like the duct tape hair removal thing.. lol
    • HollyNoel
      I had my first gender therapy session last Tuesday. I told her thatb I've always known that I was a girl fron the youngest age and that I wished I could have switched places with my sister. I told her that when I finally told my mom I felt like a giant crushing weight had been lifted off my chest. At this point in my life I feel I'm ready to have the surgery but I know they want to make sure I'm sure thats what I really want. I feel that that is the best course of action. I may feel I'm ready but I haven't even lived as a woman yet. Though I still feel I'm ready. I wont regret having it. Been a dream of mine since I was 12.
    • Bri2020
      I'm in the hair removal process anyways so.....     Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Lots to think about.
    • Jani
      Good for you!  👏  Thanks for getting involved. 
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