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Wearing womans pantyhose/tights in front of my family


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Im very afraid of what they might say if i was caught cross dressing but if anything i want them to find out by catching me. I like this one pair of my moms panyhose/tights i have no idea what to call them and their so comfy. Should i just tell them or what because my dad caught me but he was in a rush and didnt really think anything of it. Ill put them on and take a pic but ill sometimes wear them with my door unlocked or open but noone has acually caught me yet. Help if you can understand what im trying to say but my lg screen has lines and cracks all over it so sorry for spelling or puntuation bare with me. Also im very masculine more so than any of my brothers i dont want to disappoint my parents but i hate wearing shorts or pants period i rather a dress or tights something like that.


There is a picture in my gallery --

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Sneaking clothing from parents or a sibling IS going to get you caught before too long.  That is a sure thing.  Buying a small stash of your own stuff is slightly safer if you get caught but it would be a good idea to get some IRL help to come out to the parental units and at least get them to describe their boundaries on the subject instead of guessing.  You do live in a state where it will be hard to find safe areas for a while but they are there I have been told.  Maybe you could get a dance or acting part or even a garage band with your friends where you have to do some CDing as part of the act.  That may not be your parent's dream, but it would be away from the obvious questions about whether you are gay or are full Trans woman or some other things.  I got away a couple of times that way, but it was a push.  Honesty is the best idea but be prepared to accept the home rules until you can get your folks on your side. 


I met some great teenagers yesterday who are Trans so I know it can be done.  I do have teenage grandchildren as well, and while they are  not Trans or gay I still am in their lives.


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Well how would i go about it i mean my brother is way weirder he wears diapers but they already caught him and and he insisted he be aloud to do it should i wait to get caught or just tell them im also afraid of my freinds grandparents and what they might say if in theory i did come out bi or trans

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If you would like a favorably response, then honesty would be best. If you do things that will knowingly “get you caught,” then you might not get as good as response, if that’s what you want. If this has happened a couple of times, there is a chance they know, and are waiting for you to say something.

Have they ever talked about anything that has anything to do with CD and or LGBTQ topics? If so responses? This might give you an idea. How close are you to them? Do you have anyone else in the family, or is close to your family that you can talk to, that might be able to give you some insight? A forced response might not be the best approach. Best of luck! 

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1 hour ago, Park said:

Well how would i go about it


The Coming Out Forum has a lot of good suggestions for that so go look there first.  Those are ways that have worked.  Until you have checked out resources you are not ready to act on the coming out. 


You don't say how your parents reacted to your brother.  If the poor guy has enuresis then diapers or more likely adult undergarments will help all involved. I hope he is being medically treated since bladder problems are nasty.   


It is too early to even bother to worry about friends outside of your immediate family.

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Maid In Bedlam

Its sounds to me that you are wanting to get caught wearing them.


So when you crossdress, is it for personal feminine identity reasons, or for sexual gratification?


Am I right in saying you are Wanting people to acknowledge the fact that you wear these garments. As it gives you some sort of gratification regardless if its a good one or a bad one?


If its your fetish then who am i to dam it. But that acknowledgement will at the start perhaps give you a little kick but the long term effects could potentially be life changing.


I would suspect that even a reply here is an acknowledgement and gives you some form of delight that we have commented.


However if this does constitue that you are trans. I wouldnt say Bi as this in my limited knowledge is not the behavior of someone who is Bi then there are many resources for you.  But I dont think wearing a pair of pantyhose would make you trans either. More sexually gratified perhaps? Perhaps you should look more towald the term Crossdresser. when describing yourself




As the above posters surgest. Talk to someone. Get some aid in your plight.  If Trans is the way forwald for you then alienating yourself by getting caught  is not the way forwald. Being open to your piers before they get the shock of catching you unexpectedly. A well presented debate is by far better for you in the long run rather than a heated arguement brought on by the shock of being caught by someone who did not know or was aware of your compulsion.


Your brother wears Diapers. As Vicky pointed out. This could also be a medical condition and is therefore more openly accepted. Where the wearing of pantyhose. A garment associated with the oposite sex to you is regarded more as a fetish as such. Therefore this is not really a useable excuse to wear the said garments. In saying that the only useable excuse would be you live in the antartic and you wear them for warmth. But I would suspect a good body  undersuit would be a better option.

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I feel like you should bring it up rather than get caught. Getting caught when it’s honest and true is one thing, but I think that going to them with a well thought out plan is much better. 

As a parent myself, if my son came to me with anything that was well thought out I’d be more inclined to listen vs seeing him trying to get caught. That would lead me to believe he was just confused and didn’t really know what he wanted. 

You really want to go to them with purpose. Gain their respect in this matter. It can only make whatever steps that come next much easier. And this is all hard enough on its own. 

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I would agree to be honest and sit down and talk.  From my experience when I had the idea in my head that I was a CD, I thought that I was safe stealing my sister's clothes, but I found out later on that my mom knew for years I was dressing and different and she just waited for me to come out and say.


So I can probably say in your situation if you are taking clothes, then you are already caught and they are just waiting for you to come out and say something first.  So honesty is the best and they probably already know.

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And i dont really have any fetish reason to wear womans clothing i just feel like they are just right you know they make me feel so open just they sort of fit my personality people always ask me why i dont try to match or anything with my normal clothing is because i dont really care about it and they ask me why i dont wear expensive stuff is because i dont see the point it just doesnt express me i feel more natural girly.

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On 6/20/2019 at 4:16 PM, Park said:

And i dont really have any fetish reason to wear womans clothing i just feel like they are just right you know they make me feel so open just they sort of fit my personality people always ask me why i dont try to match or anything with my normal clothing is because i dont really care about it and they ask me why i dont wear expensive stuff is because i dont see the point it just doesnt express me i feel more natural girly.

Hello Park,

Its been a while since you posted.  How are things going? HAve you been caught? Have you thought of seeing a therapist?


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