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So Rokkatru is an off-shoot of Asatru or Heathenism, which is Paganism specializing in Norse mythology. Rokkatru focuses on the worship of Rokkar -- IE Frost Giants. The most popular members of the pantheon is the shape shifting, genderfluid, and pansexual God of fire, mischief, and stories Loki and his family. Because Loki can take the form of both God or Goddess or even androgyny, he has become the patron saint of queens, so to speak. 


I run a Rokkatru blog on Tumblr where I am out as FtM and have a little over 300 followers. Is anyone else interested in this? 

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    • Kamarka
      Hello, Hello, I'm here to complain about my family because they can be downright medieval in my humble opinion. Since my brother is home for the summer, my father works at home, and I'm not doing much during the day besides helping my mother run things around here, that means I don't have a daily uniform. So, that being said, if I wanna be comfy, I get comfy. If I feel the need to bind and can't (usually because I need to give my ribs a break), I usually don't wear anything at all beneath shirts (big shirts. shirts that are not revealing or anything so i really don't think the no bra thing should be an issue). Bras tend to lift and accentuate what I have and when dysphoria hits that is literally the worst thing I can imagine. That's the first thing my family has a problem with. The second? Leg hair. Oftentimes I let it grow because it helps to defeminize my legs (and I guess the fact that they're angry about it means the effects not just working on me. So basically I'm not allowed to be near my brother or my father unless my calves are smooth as a baby's butt and I have a 'proper' bra on. Apparently these are 'the rules'. I have never agreed to these rules, nor did I know they had come into existence. If I break these 'rules' (which I have been for a few months) I get called butch, a '-lesbian-' (my apologies for including this slur), and other things including just plain 'disgusting'. For what? Some fuzz on my legs while my brother has a RUG ON HIS? I'm just tired of getting yelled at, so I usually pull myself from the situation. Like now! They're watching a movie I don't particularly enjoy upstairs and I'm down with my laptop, Netflix, and some frozen waffles I'm about to devour. Let's see if I can make them sweet enough to cover up how bitter I feel. Cheers. 
    • Kamarka
      Hi there Jaye! I'm so happy much of your family is ready and willing to help you through this process– Keep chasing that light!
    • Kamarka
      Hi, Dain! I might just give that book a read!
    • Kamarka
      I don't want to try and make light of the situation, so please call the helpline. Your beautiful life and soul matters so much in the grand scheme, no matter which path you are on or where you find yourself. There are people who love you and will miss you, and I for one am going to keep wondering where you are if I never hear from you. You've made it this far, so just make it a little farther! It's never too late to learn! Never! You've got to console yourself with that fact and do what you can, imo– Make a list of girly things you're dying to learn, join a group, just do what it takes to get yourself back on your feet again! People experience dysphoria in so many different ways, and I'm confident you can and WILL find how to combat it again and again and again https://www.translifeline.org/ 
    • CrystalElaine94
      Thank you guys for your advice! We may try the jewelry. He doesn't want anyone to know about it, not even our kids, so something like an ankle bracelet may be perfect! I got a new job and we are going clothes shopping for it tomorrow, so he may pick out a dress he likes that way it is his and not just one of mine. 
    • Raven1981
      So I am having some super dysphoria happing right now.  I just started having thoughts of wishing that I was a little girl.  I am having thoughts of everything I missed cause I was not a little girl.  I am hating these thoughts.  I just want to die cause the never got to do the activities that the little girls get to do.  I just want to die.  Why can't I do some of the stuff or learn the stuff that little girls get to do?
    • VickySGV
      Unless you work with a bunch of people I would not like to, your time is going to be whenever you want to based on your clothing options.  If you wear mechanics coveralls, you might never have to worry about it.  If you are a lifeguard at a pool that will be another problem.  The time frames I gave above on when the HRT will most likely have done what it is going to do also rely on your family biology as to how big you will get. Talk to your Gender Therapist for contingency plans based on "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and take whatever comes your way with a smile." It will happen sooner than you think it will.
    • VickySGV
      When we get to the point of coming out to ourselves it is even more confusing than coming out to absolutely anyone else in the world.  We had feelings and ideas defined to us by others.  If they assigned you male at birth you got the definitions for boys, if you were assigned female, you got another set of definitions.  For those of us who have some degree of binary, getting the wrong definition was bad enough, but to my knowledge only the tiniest number of parents or communities have given their children the definitions of Non Binary life.   I am 60% binary Trans Female and 30% NB these days but I was given only the tools to understand being male as I was assigned at birth.  Long lead in to saying that you are discovering how to talk about yourself at  this point in the journey and it may take time even to you to find your very personal definition.  Don't worry we have been there, and you will come to where you can declare "This is ME" and know what that means. 
    • LeavesThatAreGreen
      Thanks for your support! I wish you the best of luck and I don't think 32 was too late for you either, you're looking pretty good! Inspiring to see all the different people here who are really making it work, gives me a lot of hope for the future. It's going to be a rough couple years here at times, but for the first time in my life I truly see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    • MaryMary
      hey, welcome I'm happy you are here and also happy that things seems to be going well. It's never too young to transition, we should not fall into that trap. To me it's a serious health concern (in the sense that it's not good to stay depressed and dysphoric for too long). It's great that people are doing this younger but the end goal is to be yourself and it's never too late to be yourself and to be happy I transitioned at 32 I was really old lollll I will send you positive energy so that it continues to go super well.
    • LeavesThatAreGreen
      I apologize in advance for how long and rambling this is going to be.   Well, in the past few weeks I've finally come to terms with the reality I've known for years. And I don't think a second too soon. I've been on a roller coaster ride these past few days, getting really wasted (not encouraging that behavior, nor do I mean to trigger anyone who suffers from alcohol abuse, just let me know if this part isn't ok) and crying my eyes out to music so loud the neighbors could hear it.   The first people I came out to were some people I knew online. I think I felt confident coming to them first because they have no idea what I looked like, they could instantly shift their perspective of me, and they did. They were incredibly accepting and to be treated like the person I really was for the first time was such an amazing experience and I felt a kind of happiness I've never felt before. Of course very soon after I was again wracked with self-doubt and shame. I almost got to the point where I felt like I was unsafe enough to check myself into in-patient (once again).   Realizing that my only options were seriously transition or die, the next day I came out to my therapist. Our scheduled meeting had to be called off, but when I emailed him to schedule a new one he offered to do a session over the phone. He was obviously incredibly supportive, said that he's had clients like me in the past and we'll have a lot to talk about the next session. Called me by my real name a million times and it was so great. Afterwards I called my brother and sister-in-law, which also went incredibly well, they're very open minded people, as is my mom who I called next. They all were supportive and agreed to try their best to get into the habit of using the right name and pronouns. I know it's gonna take a long time to adjust, and hell I still misgender myself even in my own head. I don't feel at this point that I'm worthy of being recognized yet, but I think I just have to fight through that. Telling my dad is going to be rough though, and I'm not even going to think about that for now.   As the title might suggest, I'm 22 and I'm not getting any younger. The thing that finally did it for me was noticing how masculine my body was getting. All of us sudden I experienced dysphoria intense enough to truly recognize it for the first time, and I realized that I've been dealing with it for years without knowing what it is. I've always been attracted to men so in the recent past I figured that "just being gay" would be enough, but obviously it's not the same thing. I could fight through it, but for some reason homosexual activity just didn't feel "right", not in a judgemental way, just in a "that's fine and all, and I'm into it, but it's not really me" way. Now I know what that reason was.   As far as the hand I've been dealt in terms of transitioning, I'm honestly pretty lucky. I think talking about the specific things I'm dealing with, for better or worse, is probably best for another thread. I've been reading around online and some people say that 22 is getting up there to start, but I don't think it is at all. Our bodies aren't even done developing until 25 or so, and it's NEVER too young to transition. I think most people who say "X is too old to transition" are trolls and transphobes who want us to choose the that only other option we have. Like I said, this isn't really the thread where I'd like to go into it, but in my opinion I don't have overly masculine features, and I think passing is well with-in the realm of possibilities for me sooner rather than later. I've got my work cut out for me, but in a lot of ways I really am lucky to be in the situation I am. Well, I mean if just being born the right gender wasn't an option.   Good luck to everyone else here, and I look forward to being a part of this community, Jaye
    • Ellora
      First of all Welcome! It's great to have you here! I have deleted and or walked away from many many posts, cause sometimes my mind wants to say a whole bunch, sometimes it flows, and sometimes it gets all tangled up. After i come back and read a bit more in here, i find i am able to write most of what I wanted to say in the post. Sometimes I "ramble on," but I feel better getting it out, instead of bottling it up. The TP community helps me with my thoughts and questions, and later I can see what and how i was thinking.  As abstract as you might think your thoughts are, they will make sense to us, cause we are and have been where you are right now, in some form shape and manner,   we either understand and/or can be here for you to help. (I hope all of that made sense, lol)  
    • carolcrissy
      Thanks to all for a warm welcome!😊
    • Ellora
      The Answer depends on the individual. For some people. their bodies might respond quickly, others not for years. I am 53 and have been on HRT for a little over 4 months and counting. I had an Orchiectomy a little over a month ago, and I am T free. I feel that My hips are starting to show, but not to anyone else. I can see slow breast growth happening , but only one comment about "have i been working out?" But thats Me, you and everyone else will probably have a different response. Speak with a Gender Therapist and your Doctor (that is fluent with the LGBTQ community), so they can help you with your journey. Continue researching until You are comfortable with your decisions. If you decide to start HRT, and do not like the way you look and or feel, then talk to your doctor, or stop all together.  Since you have a "year or two," you have plenty of time to do your research and talk to the GD therapist and your Doctor.  Best of luck in  your Journey!
    • Nebulous
      Facial hair is no longer my “beard”- pun intended as I’ve had laser hair removal. I guess my main question from here is the question of when the curves:fat redistribution and breasts became harder to hide. I do eventually want to live full time. I just won’t be ready to make that leap for another year or two though.
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