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Maid In Bedlam

Dermablend Concealers

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Maid In Bedlam

Yay first thread. In a new Sub section.


Dermablend Full coverage 3d Correcttion and fluid Correcter foundation.




If you wanted to hide a bus parked on your face. Then for the past 5 years these have been my go to products.


Use a beauty blender to apply it and as it says it will still look great 16 hrs later. It is a bit more expensive but you wont be dissapointed. You do not need much The liquid lasts me a  few months and the 3d correcter maybe Two


The 3d is more for those darker areas like top lip chin etc.


The secret is do not slap it it on like cement.


They also do a Loose powder but any loose translucent powder will do for finnishing. I just get whatever and it works for me.


As a footnote. if its still part of your routine then the obvious is make sure your face is prepared before you apply. ie, A good shave and some moisteriser pre application.


Yes my bottles are almost at the end of there useful lives but thats academic. They get used everyday. Even now I still consider it the best concealers/foundations ever.


I use nude as you may have guessed but they do them in diffrent tones.




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There is a product here in the U.S. by the same name, that is as good as the one you are mentioning.  Ours is made by L'Oreal, but as I say, same overall claims and results.  I have used it for 15 years.

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I have the fluid corrective foundation posted but it is in a white tube. Maybe old stock now as I have had it for some time. I agree with using it sparingly, but I do find it good. I use a very thin smear and blend it all over my neck (it hides shaving rash well). Put on too thickly (very easily done) things look worse than using none at all. Generally I use a more general foundation on my face and blend things in.



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    • ShawnaLeigh
      OK WOW. So I read through this whole thing and ask anyone here.  I'm not a very patient person if you do not know.  LOL I found it quite interesting and @Just Lee exercises were interesting.   I can not lie, I was not able to follow them all, because, well I'm not very patient.  LOL But I am noticing the things you both spoke of and I am only at 7 months HRT. It is a fact that we all look for, and yearn for, all the physical changes that come with HRT to show the world we are female but for me its the brain and its part in all this is what I was craving.  Its the root of being a women not just acting as one. I am seeing results on subtle but increasing levels but I find my personality has responded well to HRT and my transgender positive environment.  I don't act like a women nor want to be one anymore.  I am one threw and threw and all my mannerisms are proof enough for me.  I can do a makeup and a wig look that is very feminine and I seems to "pass" (I hate that term) and I have found no one can tell I was ever male.  Yes that's awesome but for me its not the basis of truly feeling you are female at your core.  Ithas to be in your mind and your heart knows the truth of it. This is how I feel now. I'm sure I make mistakes. and drag male traits out now and then but I give myself a break as I was male for 52 years. That's the beauty of being trans and in transition.  You can be what or who you want and chose what levels you feel most comfortable with.   As for feeling any dysphoria of the brain.  I do not seem to share this. I see things from a different angle on most things.  Maybe an ever so slightly different angle from most but I do not let fears or anxiety and dysphoria rule me like I once have.  I refuse it the battleground it once controlled. Being stubborn and proud of being me and even self love of being the person I feel I was born to be helps.  LOL        
    • Tori M
      Of course. 😁     The smallest one, a sticky note.  Of course I arranged them, lol.  The envelope was softest and also the heaviest.     Yep.  The bottle cap is off to the side.     I tend to use my 2 middle fingers or at least my 2nd finger for sliding things.     I think I got lost here, but did the switch.     Nothing is wet but I think I get the idea.  Did I pour the water too neatly?     I don't have very long nails now, but when I did I used them a lot.  I still use mine to separate/turn pages when I'm reading a book or magazine.  Still, I used my index fingernail to pick up the papers since they were kind of sticking to the tablecloth. Observation: I used fingertips to make almost every single move in this exercise.  Dipping my finger in the water made me immediately want to dry my finger, as usual.  I have a thing about drying off water.  I'm severely aquaphobic.
    • Gaylord
      Our governor is weaponizing covid against black people The trans community must not stand for the murder of the black trans women at the core and center of our movement!  Kemp's and mayor Bottoms response to the protests in atlanta is unacceptable! 
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Yea I've not done well with prunes. They don't seem to agree with me and do not stay inside me longer enough to make it to the bowls.  LOL I was told to take laxatives to get things moving but they are like lightning storms inside me.  Cramps hit hard a fast and then its a mad dash when its the least likely time for me to "make it". I know there are others products but a healthy diet seems to work best for me.  My diet is very carefully planned and measured after Bariactric surgery last summer.  If I go very low fat I have bowl issues.  Its a delicate balance to eat enough of the good fats to keep natural lube inside me. For all my joints and yes for this also. Sorry. TMI.      
    • Gaylord
      1500 national guard troops are shipped in today Pigs inciting violence at the peaceful protest Corrupt celebrities and news can't spin this KILLER COPS MUST PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES  
    • Gaylord
    • Gaylord
      Three months ago hundreds of army tanks Shipped in from Fort benning Crouched below the blue line train Today military caravans parked in the shopping center paint ball guns in the window Kids tazed for driving home in front of a CBS camera My neighbor is speaking from a megaphone this Sunday morning for church My cousins are going to church every Sunday but they aren't hearing Jesus's message  There was no open Georgia! The curfew is Marshall law! They will be unkempt!!!! 
    • Mmindy
      That’s good Aidan5, Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door for a good job. You are among friends here and can always bounce ideas off of any of us.    Best wishes,    Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Just Lee
      It's based on an article a read a couple years ago. "Male epidermis for example is 20% thicker than female epidermis, being able to bind a larger amount of moisture, and containing more collagen in all ages, thus, making male skin more dense and vigorous." as well as "Androgens stimulate sebum production. Therefore, due to higher androgen levels male seborrheic glands produce more sebum leading to fatty glow and coarser pores of the skin." It's scientific phrasing for men have thicker skin, larger pores, and produce more sebum. Sebum is the oily stuff we produce to protect our skin and coat our hair. Men produce this in copious amounts so it retains scents. Think of how a guy will have the urge to take a shower right after he cheats--that's to get the smell off of who he cheated with. It's not just psychological. If women are wearing perfume and hug a man, each bit of skin contact will leave a scent trail that lasts longer than what's left on women by a man.  Women smell those scents more but men carry more of the smells for longer.  Reference link: https://www.longdom.org/open-access/impact-of-testosterone-on-hair-and-skin-2161-1017-1000187.pdf
    • Tori M
      Good stuff, Grace.  Thanks for posting that here!  I love yeasty baked bread smell; hate locker room smell.  But, from the study results you mention I guess that doesn't mean much in my case.  I've always believed I am a lesbian as did my late female partner of 17 years.  Most of all I love sweet feminine scent, the sweeter the better.  Furthermore, I swoon over a cis-woman's intimate scents "down there".  I once dated a woman with a sour smell that was almost masculine; that relationship didn't last long.  Due to things like this scent orientation, I've always wondered if we trans-woman were AFAB would we still have the same sexual orientations.
    • sleepinflame
      So much to unpack here.   Yes, visuals go right into a man's sex drive.  It's about identifying healthy women who can survive childbirth.  Wide hips, etc.   Scent.  -- got to go into pheromones.  My info is from studies 15 years ago, so maybe there's an update.   Men give off pheromones in their sweat.  Women do not.  Women give off pheromones in their urine.  The purpose of the pheromones is to identify mates who will give you a healthy immune system match.  Your family shares some metahistocompatibility-complex keys with you, so they do not register as good mates, the children will not have healthy immune systems.  Women can tell from men's sweat if they will make a good mate in this sense.  The study I'm thinking of had boxes with sweaty shirts (day old)  and women sniffed them.  The shirts with a good immune system match smelled like yeasty baked bread to the women.  The ones with a bad match smelled like dirty locker room shirts.   On to a Finish study about pheromones.  They studied the brain response with MRI scans.  The cases where straight women smelled the sweat and were attracted lit up a part of the brain having to do with sexual attraction.  The cases where it was a bad match lit up the smell sensory part of the brain.  Same with gay men with male pheromones.  Same with straight men with women's pheromones.  Gay women were a mixed bag.  I presume some of them just don't like men.   My "sweaty underarm smell" faded about two years ago, same time as my mental changes.  "Go figure," as we say in New York.   Grace  
    • Tori M
      Do you have any elaboration on this statement?  I'm not sure I completely follow.  I've heard men say, "I met my dream girl, etc, etc, and hours after we departed I could still smell her!"  Actually, that might have went, "...I could still smell her perfume."  Is it specifically other peoples natural scent that men's skin doesn't retain?  It sure seems to retain their own!  Is a man's skin moister or dryer than a woman's?  Your exercise seems to demonstrate that moisture attracts and holds aromas (e.g. the licking of the lips).  Relating that to weather, I think that's true in nature (e.g. rain, ocean, and damp forest smells).
    • KathyLauren
      Regarding the bowel movements, prunes are your friend.  Prune juice if you need some “Drano”, or just prunes themselves for ongoing maintenance.
    • sleepinflame
      Tori,   I am non-binary.  I had very strong male qualities and strong female qualities.  I'm glad the male has faded and the female can be more to the front, I like myself better.  Your thread is entitiled "Brain Dysphoria".  I found a definition of dysphoria which includes that:   From Brynnn Tannehill: Q: What does it mean to be transgender? A: The term transgender describes individuals whose inherent sense of their own gender doesn't match the sex they were assigned at birth. Many transgender individuals have experienced some degree of gender dysphoria, which is an intense and persistent sense of distress or discomfort with their birth sex.   I have tremendous discomfort with those male qualities that I listed.  This definition includes me.  The transgender piece too.   Thanks for writing! --Grace  
    • Tori M
      I know exactly what you mean.  If a girlfriend is telling me her private thoughts, I want to respond to her in a female mindset.  Maybe I do, cuz women have always seemed unusually comfortable sharing their thoughts/experiences with me despite looking like a man.  But I've never felt my responses were exactly right.     I wonder if this is part of what's happening to me now.  I've been thinking it might be my thyroid condition... maybe it's both.  Two years ago my T tested in the low 200's; seems normal for my age but I don't know for sure.  But lately it feels like it plummeted.  It also feels like I'm getting a boost of estrogen but I'm not taking any. I never had a male ego and my male lust was always tempered with the envy many of us trans-gals feel toward women.  Male anger I had plenty of... not violent, mind you, and mostly with things, not people.  I hated that.  On hormones I would cry instead.  That felt right.  That anger has suddenly subsided tremendously but I'm not crying instead, I just seem to have more patience which I've been attributing to aging.   However, I have not felt the gradual decline over 10 years like you described, Grace.  That might be because I've always felt my T was low since my early '20's (and I wasn't complaining!).   Anyway, I'm happy to see you are finding more peace and balance with age, Grace.  It's nice to get something positive out of the aging process, isn't it?  Enjoy it!   Tori
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