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Hiding Clothes


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So im quite young and have been wearing my mother's clothes for many years. I am finally buying a bra and some underwear for myself but I don't know where to hide it. Where are some of your hiding places?

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Our hiding spots might not work for other people. I always used hiding spots I knew my mom would not look during normal dirty clothes searching on wash days. Does you mom do extra searching for “contraband.” Are there places it would take a step stool to find your clothes. Loose floor boards in your closet or can you place furniture over said loose floor boards. 

Do not hid in places she can easy spot during an easy search. Test with with things that won’t get you in trouble, and place tape or other small objects on areas and see if they have been moved, including doors, drawers and furniture. Good luck! 

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I was the master at hiding ladies clothes when I was young.  I often took time to make custom places nearly impossible to see or locate.  We moved around a lot so I was always having to find new hiding places.  One of the best quick places I found useful for such things was the space under my dresser.  It was easy to remove the bottom drawer without making a sound.  I had it down to a science.  I kept mostly underwear,  bras and 2 thin nightgowns in two 'side by side' shirt boxes.  This was for my 'every night' attire.  One other place that worked well for me at one home was inside my box spring mattress.  I removed a few staples from the mesh covering underneath and used a tack to pin it back up when I was done accessing my clothes.  In order to keep the clothes from sagging down onto the mesh cloth covering, I used a piece of cardboard which was laid on top of the boards above the mesh.  My clothes were wrapped in plastic bags and rested on top of the cardboard.  You could look under my bed and not see a thing. 


I had other places that I kept dresses later in my youth but most locations required me to get them from one location earlier in the day then move them to my bedroom hiding spots in my closet.    My mother was a snooper so she did eventually locate the mother load of my clothes in my closet when I was 16 or 17 (that's another story).  My favorite location to store clothing long term was under our stairs which in one home was located right next to my bedroom door so it was convenient.


I hated all the secrecy but I had to be careful as my parents had a conniption when they caught me...and as I mentioned, they did.   My biggest fears were realized shortly thereafter.  It's painful just thinking about those moments.  I wish you the best but hope that someday this secrecy, like mine, will no longer affect you or be needed.


Susan R?

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If you have like tall cabinets or "built-in" units, there's often decorative trim/molding on top that creates a few inches of cover and from below this visually extends another inch or two- so you can fold stuff flat and lay a few things up above tall things and most ppl never think to look there. 

We had stuff stashed in an attic area that you could walk over to on the beams to get to the space, otherwise invisible cuz it was around a corner. As long as the insulation was pushed back into place to hide the beams, no one would ever think of walking back there- but that was kinda time consuming and NOT something we could get to easily or when ppl were in the house. 

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    • Niamh
      For years and years I thought my need to experience being a woman was deeply shameful and I feared ever telling anyone about it let alone the possibility of going out in the big bad world as a woman. But once I had made the step of revealing this need to my wife and getting help from a therapist and people like in this forum I began to realise that there IS NO SHAME in being transgender and now I am proud to be who and what I am.    My only shame is in having been so afraid of revealing how I needed to be to my wife in all those years and that I caused so much hurt to my wife as a result of the lies and hiding of the truth. It's getting better now and she accepts how I am, although has difficulty supporting me.  But when I am Niamh, I feel no shame, and should never do so again. 
    • Noah A
      First of all, I totally agree that fear never goes away until you do it and, until one day you look back and think "what was I so scared about?"   I had the same problem of being afraid of losing parts of myself, and needing to taste the waters first. What I did (and still am doing as of today) is to take it in baby steps. I.e. about the hair cut - you go to a hairdresser and get a short cut, even if it still is woman-style. It's a big step but you have not totally crossed the lines. About clothes - you choose a t-shirt and a button down that look masculine, but combine them with feminine pants that hug your hips. You get the idea. And with every thing you try, you pay attention if it feels right or not.    I totally get the feeling of needing to rush into it. But it actually makes it harder. Small steps get you there faster, because you don't have to deal with so much inner resistance. And truth is, no body is gonna blink an eye at a girl with jeans and a shirt in France, the fear is all ours.   Ah! By the way, something that really helps me... because I might be going in the male direction but I'm gayer than gay... Pick the right shoes, and it's the deal. I don't know what's your style (sneakers, boots, whatever works for you). I put on my low cowboy boots and I feel the kingy queen (???) 
    • Astrid
      Early ballot acknowledged as being received 🙂
    • MiloR
      Don't worry @Jackie C. 😄 But take this nap if you need it though, it's better to be well-rested 😊 Ah, well thanks for sharing @Jandi it made me laugh, it's a good comic 😄 And I get what you say about the beard, I think it was the same with my makeup for a time, I was hiding behind a ton of lipstick to feel safe. Glad it's behind me.
    • Jandi
      I saw this years ago and had to keep it LOL   For me it was my beard.  I had been hiding behind it most of my life. 
    • Jackie C.
      My fault, I was thinking @Danusia for some reason. Maybe I need a nap. It's been a LONG week. 😜   I know it's only Tuesday. Oh my Goddess...   Hugs!
    • MiloR
      I live in France, but yes. You're probably right  I think I'll just try to relax, those questions are driving me nuts these days. If I go cut my hair people won't say anything, that's very likely, you're perfectly right ^^'
    • Jackie C.
      Probably, but I think we all overthink things in the beginning. While I've never lived in Poland, I'd think you'd be able to get a short man's style if you wanted and nobody would think anything of it. The truth is most people are too tied up in their own lives to pay attention to yours.   Hugs!
    • MiloR
      Hey everyone, thank you for all of your answers, it's greatly appreciated, and it's nice to know fear doesn't last forever... Thing is, I know that a more masculine haircut would help me pass more, but I'm afraid of what it represents... I'm afraid to lose myself with doing so, it might sound silly... Cause it's just a haircut and I've had short hair before... And I don't know, going to a hairdresser and paying more for my haircut than a man because i'm born a girl makes me sick... And I'm afraid they would cut my hair short but like short in a woman-like shape. I don't know, maybe I think too much ?
    • Jani
      Well written!  I couldn't agree more. Thank you dear friend! Jani
    • Jani
      Tomorrow is a new day @Shay!
    • JillPilled
      @KayC That's good to hear that it's helping yourself, and yes maybe there's a lesson to be learned and things that could help if brought abroad to help people in more places too :D! We really should be all covering each others' backs in a sense by mutual support and funding, thank you KayC.  I wish or have been hoping here there could be more unity or table-side discussions here too, there's plenty of that on this compared to most communities and its really heartwarming! It's cool to get worldly input from all us who have common experience and identities--there's a shared experience there!   Also I just want to apologize, likewise,  if I've said or expressed anything divisive at all to any y'all--there is enough fear and anxiety about current affairs for all us here who are trans or nonbinary, genderfluid, bigender, that really we could stand to speak openly and still support one another which we direly need still. Civility is super nice/needed particularly now when tensions feel high just about everywhere else. I just repress a lot of political feelings, too on things I see at the cross-roads of my identity/experience and feel really concerned if I were to speak in public discussing politics in general. It can be nice to have a place to do so for sure here and I'd rather not lose that . To return to the original topic, it's good to have some public-acknowledgement by a candidate on the presidential ballot like Biden. I'd hope it'd mean more change to help us, times are really uncertain now.
    • Heather Nicole
      I appreciate all the civility here, and there's a lot that's been said I liked hearing. (Erm..."seeing"...)   I normally avoid political topics because I feel so strongly about certain things it can be difficult to keep emotion in check and not devolve into uncivil rule violations. I think I can manage that right at this moment, though. If I find I can't, I'll just delete without posting and keep my big fat mouth shut   Just a couple misc points:   1. The idea of COVID being deliberate is quite a large claim. That's not to say it can't be true, but as per Occam's Razor, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I'd welcome being presented such evidence to evaluate, but all I've been able to come across so far has been hearsay from social media's siloed echo chambers and maybe one, and only one, news channel I won't specifically name that happens to be widely considered questionable. I would need much more than this to personally consider the claim plausible, let alone true.   2. I've noticed that most of the objections to socialism I've personally come across tend to fall prey to "slippery slope" usage which is a well known logical fallacy. Yes, the USSR does provide convincing evidence that a full-blown extremist form of 100% socialism is...uhhh...certainly quite problematic to say the very least. But there are other parts of Europe, Denmark especially, that provide living, breathing evidence that utilizing a mixed economy of partial socialism together with free market (which, btw, is also the US's model, just to a much lesser extent). Despite it's notable socialist side, Denmark has yet to fall apart or degenerate into Soviet-like extremism. And they have a lot less of certain problems that are prolific here in the states.   And I, for one, have never felt any particular need to be "number one!" in overall GDP, especially if it comes at the cost of other socio-economic problems. People matter more than money. And rather than partial socialism, I'm far more fearful of totalitarianism and loosing the very fundamental foundation the US was founded upon, the very reason for the first amendment: The right and ability to question leadership.  
    • Shay
      so true so true so true
    • Danusia
      I'm also aware of some pain and difficulties during the pregnancy, but I have got incomprehensible attraction to be pregnant. All I'm writing about are the desires that cannot be fulfilled and cannot be verified, so I use mild phrases like "it seems" and not "it is for sure". btw, I'm very pleased that my person was warmly welcomed by portal users. I feel understood by others.
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