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Hiding Clothes

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So im quite young and have been wearing my mother's clothes for many years. I am finally buying a bra and some underwear for myself but I don't know where to hide it. Where are some of your hiding places?

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Our hiding spots might not work for other people. I always used hiding spots I knew my mom would not look during normal dirty clothes searching on wash days. Does you mom do extra searching for “contraband.” Are there places it would take a step stool to find your clothes. Loose floor boards in your closet or can you place furniture over said loose floor boards. 

Do not hid in places she can easy spot during an easy search. Test with with things that won’t get you in trouble, and place tape or other small objects on areas and see if they have been moved, including doors, drawers and furniture. Good luck! 

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Susan R

I was the master at hiding ladies clothes when I was young.  I often took time to make custom places nearly impossible to see or locate.  We moved around a lot so I was always having to find new hiding places.  One of the best quick places I found useful for such things was the space under my dresser.  It was easy to remove the bottom drawer without making a sound.  I had it down to a science.  I kept mostly underwear,  bras and 2 thin nightgowns in two 'side by side' shirt boxes.  This was for my 'every night' attire.  One other place that worked well for me at one home was inside my box spring mattress.  I removed a few staples from the mesh covering underneath and used a tack to pin it back up when I was done accessing my clothes.  In order to keep the clothes from sagging down onto the mesh cloth covering, I used a piece of cardboard which was laid on top of the boards above the mesh.  My clothes were wrapped in plastic bags and rested on top of the cardboard.  You could look under my bed and not see a thing. 


I had other places that I kept dresses later in my youth but most locations required me to get them from one location earlier in the day then move them to my bedroom hiding spots in my closet.    My mother was a snooper so she did eventually locate the mother load of my clothes in my closet when I was 16 or 17 (that's another story).  My favorite location to store clothing long term was under our stairs which in one home was located right next to my bedroom door so it was convenient.


I hated all the secrecy but I had to be careful as my parents had a conniption when they caught me...and as I mentioned, they did.   My biggest fears were realized shortly thereafter.  It's painful just thinking about those moments.  I wish you the best but hope that someday this secrecy, like mine, will no longer affect you or be needed.


Susan R🌷

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If you have like tall cabinets or "built-in" units, there's often decorative trim/molding on top that creates a few inches of cover and from below this visually extends another inch or two- so you can fold stuff flat and lay a few things up above tall things and most ppl never think to look there. 

We had stuff stashed in an attic area that you could walk over to on the beams to get to the space, otherwise invisible cuz it was around a corner. As long as the insulation was pushed back into place to hide the beams, no one would ever think of walking back there- but that was kinda time consuming and NOT something we could get to easily or when ppl were in the house. 

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      Whatever Shampoo people use, Try not to over shampoo. Shampoo can and will strip the nutrients and oils from your hair if it is overused. Use Conditioner if you do not have dirty hair, and leave in some conditioner to help the hair stay moisturized and healthy. If you feel your hair needs a wash, then just use conditioner. 
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      Wake me if there is a good half time show at the "super" bowl.  I was a soccer player and never was all that interested in football.   How about the US women's soccer team.....awesome!
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      Hi! Welcome! Best of Luck in your Journey!
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      It does have its own Forum:  " https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/forum/57-coming-out/ "
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      I agree, cause ive seen two teams I enjoy watching tank. The Washington Redskins, and the Carolina Panthers. I also used to watch my former home team, Chargers, tank every year.
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      She is one person who stands up to the current president and it appears he is aware of it, hence how he talks about her.  She would be a tough candidate I believe. 
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      I recently had a bone scan as well and all is well.  My doctor put me on Vitamin D a year ago.  I'm trying to be pro-active with my heath so I'm not going down without a fight!
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      That is awesome Kymmie!
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      That is why I am painting my nails, wearing what I want. If people don't like it tough tooki. Last week I had worn red nail polish. a few looks but no comments other than from a lady liking the color.   Yesterday was my second visit with my speech therapist. Got into some preparation exercises. I was able to get to a level I liked. 😁   Kymmie
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      When i first moved to Bonnie Scotland. I took me ages to get use to being called "Pal" Where i came from it was a very male oreintated acknowledgement. But here all genders it can be associated with the term.  I was right upset for a while being called "pal" as i was thinking i was being outed everywhere. A very strange phemominan for me as it just doesnt happen. Well not for at least six years and then i was just finding my feet so to speak until i quizzed my partner about it who is native. I didnt feel so bad then.   Also "Hen" is used  between woman but men use it a lot when addressing a Female but not knowing there name. Isnt it funny how little regional things can be so diffrent?   A bit like how you would call someone darling down south if your a man talking to a woman in passing by  "Thanks darling" They say "Thanks Pal" or "Thanks Hen"   They do not really use sweetie. At least i have never heard it. Maybe im  just not sweet enough? 😉         Wow that is old school.  I have not seen one of those in years. I use to have the attachment if you had points but even they went out of use a few years ago.   Just a plastic one now for me im afraid.
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      So she sounds like I should give her my support for what its worth...
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      My opnion is. They should man up and play Rugby Union.  It's like this you speak of but without all the cotton and bubble rap.   Proper mans game 😉
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      She's the senior senator from my state, and I've heard her speak. She's a breath of fresh, sincere, air.  Her primary passions are economic justice (she spearheaded getting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau established, which has been greatly curtailed under the Trump administration, sadly).  However, she was also a firm supporter of our statewide ballot initiative for transgender rights last year, which was successful.   I have no doubts about her support for trans rights on the federal level.  The question will be, how receptive will the U.S, Senate be to any Democratic president on any issue if it retains a Republican majority.   Fingers crossed,   Astrid
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