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Hiding Clothes

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So im quite young and have been wearing my mother's clothes for many years. I am finally buying a bra and some underwear for myself but I don't know where to hide it. Where are some of your hiding places?

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Our hiding spots might not work for other people. I always used hiding spots I knew my mom would not look during normal dirty clothes searching on wash days. Does you mom do extra searching for “contraband.” Are there places it would take a step stool to find your clothes. Loose floor boards in your closet or can you place furniture over said loose floor boards. 

Do not hid in places she can easy spot during an easy search. Test with with things that won’t get you in trouble, and place tape or other small objects on areas and see if they have been moved, including doors, drawers and furniture. Good luck! 

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Susan R

I was the master at hiding ladies clothes when I was young.  I often took time to make custom places nearly impossible to see or locate.  We moved around a lot so I was always having to find new hiding places.  One of the best quick places I found useful for such things was the space under my dresser.  It was easy to remove the bottom drawer without making a sound.  I had it down to a science.  I kept mostly underwear,  bras and 2 thin nightgowns in two 'side by side' shirt boxes.  This was for my 'every night' attire.  One other place that worked well for me at one home was inside my box spring mattress.  I removed a few staples from the mesh covering underneath and used a tack to pin it back up when I was done accessing my clothes.  In order to keep the clothes from sagging down onto the mesh cloth covering, I used a piece of cardboard which was laid on top of the boards above the mesh.  My clothes were wrapped in plastic bags and rested on top of the cardboard.  You could look under my bed and not see a thing. 


I had other places that I kept dresses later in my youth but most locations required me to get them from one location earlier in the day then move them to my bedroom hiding spots in my closet.    My mother was a snooper so she did eventually locate the mother load of my clothes in my closet when I was 16 or 17 (that's another story).  My favorite location to store clothing long term was under our stairs which in one home was located right next to my bedroom door so it was convenient.


I hated all the secrecy but I had to be careful as my parents had a conniption when they caught me...and as I mentioned, they did.   My biggest fears were realized shortly thereafter.  It's painful just thinking about those moments.  I wish you the best but hope that someday this secrecy, like mine, will no longer affect you or be needed.


Susan R?

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If you have like tall cabinets or "built-in" units, there's often decorative trim/molding on top that creates a few inches of cover and from below this visually extends another inch or two- so you can fold stuff flat and lay a few things up above tall things and most ppl never think to look there. 

We had stuff stashed in an attic area that you could walk over to on the beams to get to the space, otherwise invisible cuz it was around a corner. As long as the insulation was pushed back into place to hide the beams, no one would ever think of walking back there- but that was kinda time consuming and NOT something we could get to easily or when ppl were in the house. 

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      You and me both!  
    • Emily michelle
      I like that jacket! I’m really excited for fall outfits. I’m thinking it’s going to be leggings all fall and winter I cannot get enough of them. I would like to find a cute jacket come winter.
    • Sally Stone
      Berni,   Let me offer you a different narrative.  You assumed the couple was laughing at you, but what the woman was whispering in the man's ear was this instead: "see, that woman can be herself, so, there's no reason for you to hide in the closet."  Then they both chuckled at the man's timidness.     Stay positive girl!  It does get easier.
    • SaraAW
      It's a tiny step in the right direction. They have a long way still to go for redemption in my eyes.
    • SaraAW
      Welcome @Lee1 and congrats on finding yourself! This is a wonderful place filled with super supportive folks. Take a look around, I am sure you will find many questions already answered and if not, ask away. Have a wonderful day! Hugs!
    • SaraAW
      PSL, Sweaters and boots, what's not to love? I did some retail therapy this week, waiting for my haul of 2 plaid shirts, a long sleeve tee, a sweater and pink plaid flannel pj bottoms to arrive now. It's the start to the fall/winter wardrobe build.   Me too!
    • SaraAW
      Congrats @HollyNoel! That's great news. Hope you have a winderful day!
    • Shay
      @Berni I think everyone experiences doubts and I gave them a lot but there are a lot of people like you met out there and always will be. You got to keep working on not letting their ignorance affect you. You own you feelings and you can remind yourself that and not let others allow you to be hurt. Yes I think it will always be there but the more you are aware of it the?less it will give you anxiety. When you identify the problem you can disarm it.
    • ElizabethStar
      This happens to me too.  Earlier on when I was more clock-able I built up a pretty thick skin towards these things. But as I progress and pass more often (thank you face mask) I get clocked far less often, I relax more, let my guard down more, enjoy life more. Still all it takes is the one person out of a hundred to give me a second look to shake me to my core. I try to remember the good things that have happened: the cashier that called me young lady, the soccer-mom that gave me a smile as she walked by, the guy who held the door for me, the times I didn't get clocked using the rest room,..... I still find myself replaying events in my head late into the nights trying to understand what it was that happened. Truth is I'll never know. Maybe the wind messed my hair right before I walked in the door, maybe I rubbed my eye without realizing and look like a raccoon, Maybe their lives are so horrible they have to exploit flaws in everyone else whenever they can to validate their own existence.   I think we are all emotional stronger then we give ourselves credit for.
    • ElizabethStar
      This is going to be my first autumn/winter. I'm looking forward to finding some new looks.
    • Berni
      My question for this evening is : will I ever stop questioning?   I'm seeing my therapist tomorrow and it's what I plan to discuss, but some insight from people here would be very welcome.   So, I had a good day turn bad day a few days back.  Most of the day I felt really confident. Makeup good. Hair great. It was warm (30C), so I was in my favorite shorts and sandals  and beneath the tshirt my A cup breasts were pretty obvious and kind of perky.   I was walking through a shopping centre and a couple, walking hand in hand, came towards me. I could immediately tell the woman clocked me and I thought I heard her stifle a laugh.   Stupidly, I turned to check and noticed her whisper into her boyfriend/husband's ear. They both turned, looked at me and laughed.   At the time, I brushed it off and forgot about it. Or so I thought.   Late that night, and  again the following evening, I had such an anxiety attack. "What am I doing!?!" I kept asking myself. Each attack ended after a while  and I returned to normal .. but my confidence was really shaken   I thought I was past this!   Does this ever go away?
    • Berni
      Hi @Brianna66. Definitely not too old! I'm 56 and 5 months HRT. I started electrolysis at your age and was growing out my hair. I too felt I was a girl inside my whole life. I'm so glad i set her free.
    • Emily michelle
      I have to say that is awesome!
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      Good morning everyone,🌷   Happy birthday MarcieMarie12!🎂 Hope you have a terrific day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Patti Anne
      Among the dreaded COVID virus, fires, economic ruin and death, I thought I'd take a stab at interjecting a little humor. My daughter sent this to me last night. It took me a second to get it, only because I didn't recognize J.K.'s face.      For those who suffer from poor facial recognition, The answer is "Surf and TERF"
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