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Starting to question out loud

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Title says it all but lemme give you some background...

I'm 32 AMAB and have really started to question myself. When I was younger I had an older step-sister that didn't really live with my mom and my ex-stepfather but she had a room at the house anyway. Mine was right across from her's and when I was 11-12ish, I would sneak in her room late at night and try on her clothes. The one thing I used to gravitate towards was a green Prom dress of hers and I would always put it on and was surprised it fit. But I really liked doing it, I don't know if it was the fear of getting caught wearing it or that I just liked wearing it at the time. 

Flash forward to my 20's and I have this folder on my computer of different girls with all sorts of hairstyles, always wished I could do something like that to the point that for a period I had bleached blond hair and even did blue for a spell. Always been a bit obsessed with girls hairstyles and general confidence. Now I'm going bald to the point that I shave my head and have a big beard.

I have had a few semi-serious relationships but always have had trouble in the intimacy dept. I'm not well endowed (don't know if this is just lack of experience or nerves) and found out that my parents chose my name because the Doctors didn't know if I was a male or female at birth.

I've really come into question recently if I should be a girl and what it would be like. I fantasize all the time what it would be like and have even bought a few wigs of varying hairstyles and have a private amazon wishlist full of other wigs and even some clothing pieces that I'm considering buying. When I put on the wig I look at myself in the mirror with the long black to honey blond ombré hair and the beard and I feel ridiculous but somehow right at the same time. My brother is a wedding photographer and he's going to be gone for a weekend coming up, I'm considering shaving off the beard, buying that stuff and see what I look like then. 

I've never really been happy with my body and when my hair started to disappear and finally decided to shave it off it was a big hesitant moment for me. 

I live with my older brother and while I feel like he might be somewhat supportive if I choose to transition, the thought still scares the hell out of me and how everyone else would react. I'm already disowned by my father for something stupid so I don't see that side of my family. But I still feel like it might be something that would finally make me feel like me and not me wearing someone else's face.

I should add that I also found out earlier this year that my half brother on my father's side whom I don't really know, is transitioning and I'm pretty sure that's what might have really brought my thoughts about it into the forefront.

Sorry for the really, really long post, but I've been debating posting about this for a while now and have wrote and rewrote this about a thousand times.

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Welcome to the forums


Your story is not unusual for this group as far as your "miss" adventures, even in to having the beard as a form of "proof" that you are male.  Being Trans does run in families as we have recently found out, so there is something going on there possibly. 


If you take off the beard, it will grow back and it is summer when it can be hot.  Give it a try and see what it feels like.  


On thing I will suggest is to find a Behavioral Health Therapist who works with patients who have gender questions.  (Gender Therapist).  They may also be able to refer you to someone who can help determine if you may be Intersexed which would give some additional explanation to your being who you are.  For peace of mind, it is all worth looking into.

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    • Susan R
      Thanks Jani & @SaraAW ...it has been so nice.  I hope to learn more about my bio family in time now that I’ve unlocked Pandora’s box.   I wish you and Nikki the best of luck on your reunion. Hopefully, Nikki will get all the answers about her bio mom & family she’s been searching for all her life.   Susan R🌷
    • TrIIIy
      I highly recommend aikido as a self-defense martial art. I did it for only a couple of years, but I understand enough of it to see that it is a great way to get out of/end trouble. There are no strikes in it. It is only defense. I wish that my old dojo were still open. I’d be there every week.
    • TrIIIy
      I think about this often. I would love to be 6’4” (my dad’s height) and buff with a deep voice! I’m 5’7” with a curvy body and a high voice. I’ve always been told that I could be a model. That seemed like such a waste, since I wanted a man’s body and features. I’d gladly swap bodies with an average dude.   Of course, I would also love to not have crippling misophonia or ocd.   The deep voice and buff body may come in time, though!
    • Lucca
      After more consideration and looking at altered photos, I'm not so sure about black hair anymore. I'm not sure it'll look good with my skin, and if I don't like it, it's not going away without significant damage to my hair or cutting it off.   That being the case, I'm wondering what will compliment my dark brown hair if I leave the bulk of it natural, and I was thinking of maybe getting a white or light blond streak? Kind of like this this girl, but not as much white to start with. I usually wear my hair in a ponytail, I like the idea of a bold platinum blonde streak going across my head and into a ponytail. If I don't like it, I can easily dye it brown like the rest, and it still won't be a whole lot of my hair if it gets too damaged.  
    • AdriannaB
      My wife Nikki was adopted,saw a smile on her face today.Talked to her bio mom for the first time this afternoon.It was her dream to reunited with her and I supported Nikki through this.They get to reunite next week.Did find out why.Her mom was 15 when she gave birth to her,couldn't take care of her and Nikki understood this.Good thing is her parents that adopted Nikki gave her a great life.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Yes my princess.  At your command.  Lol Thsts pretty neat though.  I’d be proud of that.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Thank you.  I’m still blown away by it all.  
    • A. Dillon
      Lucky dawg! I am sorry that I didn't see this sooner; good for you! One thing that people definitely value is confidence, so I think that you should go for it. You don't have to force anything, but this definitely sounds like somes clear hints. I mean, saying that you would never be his boyfriend and asking for a bairthdaykiss? My brain would have literally exploded. Next time something like that happens again, I would do something like shrug and say "I'm down". If they are not serious, then everything that they were saying was a joke and they will probably just laugh it off. However, if they were really flirting, then they will probably be happy that you are showing interest and continue down that line. Just some friendly advice from a peer!
    • Mahaney
      still unfortunately hiding from my parents though
    • KymmieL
      My mom was adopted. Found out that my grandmother by birth(is that such a thing) Was the subject of a book and later a movie about her life. my grandmother went blind in her early teens and was probably raped.   She was from the upper crust in new England. Great grandfather owned an outdoor outfitters. So everything was kept quiet. A young lady of society having a child out of wedlock. Was unheard of especially in 1936. So she was sent off to "school" in IL. Where my Mom was born.   She has been researching our family on both sides. Found out I am royalty I am descendant of King Henry the 5th.  Now kneel to your princess knaves. LOL   Princess Kymmie    
    • TrIIIy
      I’ve been researching packer harnesses online, and most of the good ones are pretty overpriced. So I decided to make one myself based on the Multicolor Packer Harness on TransguySupply.com. It’s basically a Full Monty-style harness that is supported by an elastic band that sits just below the waist. The part that holds the packer is made of the same kind of elastic, and it keeps the packer in place while still allowing some natural movement.   Here are instructions for how to make the harness:   I have a sewing machine, so the actual sewing was pretty simple. It could also be done by hand. For measurements, just wrap the elastic around yourself below your waist, at about the start of your pubic area. Make sure that the elastic is fairly tight, but not tight enough to restrict blood flow. Cut and sew the ends together. Lay the band flat on a table.   For the packer area, get your actual packer out and wrap elastic around the testes. Don’t make this part too tight, or they won’t fit. Cut that length of elastic and sew both ends to the band that you just made.   Next, sew a short strip of elastic to the middle of the packer area, just below the band. This will support the penis.   And you’re done!    This harness style works best with non-stp soft packers, although I use mine with a soft silicone packer.   Happy crafting!     -Trey
    • AdriannaB
      Lucky to have a dad in my life,my step dad.My bio dad passed away when I was 7 years old.Good thing is my step dad was good friends with my dad.He helped out my mom,3 younger sisters and I out in hard times.Told my dad he would help us out if anything happened to him.Plus he is also supportive of me crossdressing part time,told my dad would be too.
    • Jani
      @Susan R This is nice to read.  I hope you won't be disappointed with any of them as sometimes these reunions can go sideways.  All my best to you.   So cool to reconnect with someone from your past that you have a present day connection with.    Jani
    • SaraAW
      I exfoliate prior to shaving and moisturize like crazy after and it helps with the ingrowns and the itch. Still have it the next day or two, but nowhere near as bad. My face is the only part I don’t shave, it doesn’t make me dysphoric right now and hides my face from the world. It’s like a security blanket on my face, as I’m still very much not out socially. 
    • Belle
      Lol, right now the only places I shave are my face and my crack since I'm not presenting as female at all yet. I don't have trouble with itching down there for some reason.
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