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Fast food / junk food addiction

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So recent changes in my life have finally made me accepting to the fact that I am a woman(Stuck in a man's body). I have previously talked my self out of it in one way or another dismissing these feelings. ("I'll never pass", "I am too tall or big", etc.) I am starting to baby step my there. My weight is a stage gate to that in my mind. One problem I have dealt with my whole life is binge eating and possibly an addiction to fast food/junk food. I am 365 lbs. I can not even be hungry and feel a overwelming need to stop at a McDonald's. It's not just getting a cheeseburger either, I regularly spend 12 to 18 dollar eat it all to the point of being sick, then feel horrible about myself. I want to get down to a healthy weight, my weight and behavior is not healthy(It will probably kill me eventually). The urge is so strong, I can't fight it. I don't know what to do, has anyone else dealt with this? What can I do???






The reasons I consider this a stage gate other than health reasons to transitioning is one fat blocks testosterone, I may feel differently if my hormone levels change getting healthy. Probably not since I have had these feelings since childhood but it's worth exploring before making life changing choices. Second I have heard it's hard to lose weight on HRT, so I should knock this out while it's easier. Third I am 6'4" tall, and tall clothing is hard to find as it is, big and tall makes things even harder.

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It’s hard, but you need to start cutting out the bad foods. Foods high in fat and sugars make you crave more food. It’s why you can sit down and eat an avocado and feel more full and more sustained than when you eat 3x as much of something like Doritos or McDs fries. Your body is being fooled. 

Eat as much healthy foods as you can. Nearly 50% of your food every day should be veggies. For someone your size I’d say you should be in the 6-8cups of veggies a day. 

My advice, cut out bad and replace with good. Go as fast or slow as you can handle, but create goals no matter how small they may be and stick to them. Eventually you’ll get where you want to. But it’s gonna mean work. And I also recommend a support group. It really helps. A lot. If you stay active with it at least. 


Good luck. 

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If you have insurance, they might have options, and or your doctor, to get a referral for some type of Nutritionist that could help you. Possibly a councilor  could recommend group meetings, perhaps even a trans group that you could join. I know it helps to have a support system in line. Substitute fast food with veggies and fruit. Drink water with all of your meals, good or fast food, drink water. That helps me filling up and it's just plain healthy. Try and eat salad with your meals too, they can be rather tasty. Dont go cold turkey, ease into it, find a comfortable balance. Walk when you can, and ease into that too. Start bringing small weights with your walls after a while. Maybe find people that are willing to walk with you. 

During my research of HRT and what would help me see changes, boobie growth, losing weight was one of them. That inspired me, cause I noticed the changes after i lost weight and maintained keeping weight off. The weight distribution has really been shoing this past week. 

Other than eating healthy foods, going to a therapist might help you with what is driving you to eat when you are not hungry. 

I wish you the best!

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Really sorry that you feel this way. I'm kind of in the same boat. I've always struggled with weight and I've bounced around a lot. I have binge eating disorder, sometimes I purge but in general I binge a lot more than I purge. Recently though, I've kind of switched to pretty much not eating at all, which I always thought would be amazing but I've come to find out it has its own set of problems.


I have bipolar II and borderline personality disorder, and the past couple years have been pretty rough. I've been put on antipsychotics which in general make you ravenously hungry 24 hours a day. In just a month of being in-patient (which otherwise went really well) I gained 40 pounds. When I got out, I got taken off Seroquel and put on just Lamictal and Wellbutrin, and since then I've started to lose a considerable amount of weight, albeit in a vaguely unhealthy way.


You might talk to your doctor about weight loss. Over the past two months I've been on Wellbutrin (which is prescribed for depression/bipolar but also prescribed for weigh loss). It took a while to start working, but basically at this point it pretty much turned off my hunger and drive to eat. This can be a very good thing but also a very bad thing. In the past few days I've eaten a protein bar and a handful of fried shrimp (along with some Rosé but I pretend that doesn't count). I know that I need to eat but at this point I pretty have to force myself to. And why would I when I'm as overweight as I am? My point is I guess that appetite suppressants can be a double-edged sword but are an option.


I've got to strike a balance between under and overeating to truly be healthy, and my situation is no better in all honesty. I really hope that we can both slowly but surely get to a place where we're happy and healthy. Talking to a nutritionist can help if your insurance covers it. They can help you lose as much weight as possible in the most healthy way.


Much love, I wish you the best!

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8 hours ago, DawnD said:

The urge is so strong, I can't fight it. I don't know what to do, has anyone else dealt with this? What can I do???


Look up the groups for Over Eaters Anonymous in your area and get with them. They also have on line meetings as well as in -person meetings.  Eating to live is necessary, living to eat is another problem all together.




One of my friends who does use OA has a bit of a warped sense of humor, but they observed that  fast food at one time was good for us when we had to run fast enough to catch it.  It is a good program, but you have to do some work for sure, but all of it is satisfying in the right ways.

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    • Cyndee
      Good luck with the appointment, may it go well for you....   C -
    • SaraAW
      I have my first endo appointment today. So nervous.   My wife is hoping they will find something wrong with me and that I won’t be eligible for HRT. She is still very much against anything that even hints I’m a woman. Hoping she comes around eventually, but I can’t keep going on the way I am now.    Have a a great day everyone.    *hugs*
    • Cyndee
      You will always remember your first. It's a great feeling.....   Congrats !
    • Raven1981
      I still wear my breast forms whenever I feel like that I need a little help.  My natural size is a 38B and my breast forms are a B cup so it does help me when I am feeling like I need a little help.  But there are some times I sleep in my breast forms and some times I dont.   But to me it is all about comfort and how realistic you look.   What is the difference between a Trans woman and a Cross Dresser?  The Cross Dresser can't wait to get home to put her bra ON, a Trans woman can't wait to get home and take her bra OFF.            I love Vicky's quote here and I guess that I am a Trans individual cause I will admit that I love wearing a bra but OMG it feels so good to take it off when I get home.
    • Kirsten
      A year in and I still don’t mind wearing a bra. At the start I liked the bralettes best. There still my go to for pjs on super hot nights too. Underwire isn't comfortable, but it sure does a great job of pushing everything where it belongs.  I use the little add a cup chicken cutlets still at times. Usually with something that shows a lot of cleavage cause the rest of the time I just don’t care. 
    • Kirsten
      For me it’s one simple thing. No more being fake. I get to meet people and be myself. I get to dress walk talk act and be myself. That’s it. 
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,   Happy Birthday Gwenivere0819!🎂 Happy Birthday scress19!🎂 Happy Birthday Uncouthguru22!🎂 Hope you have lots of fun today!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      I'm not out to the world, but I am to my family, and to my family I am Carla. It is so nice not to have to hide from them.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • tracy_j
      I am in a bit of a twighlight zone as I am not really sure if I am out or not. This is maybe partly due to not (at the moment) intending hormones, surgery or legal changes. That said I am pretty much out and relaxed in it. Yesterday I had a chance meeting with one of my partner's sisters (who knows) and her new boyfriend who she has just moved in with. Interestingly it was a good meeting quickly relaxing, although he was obviously initially surprised (actually he was so attractive I think the body language kicked in lol, a good catch for her). It is seldom, if ever, I get embarrassed when I chance meet someone I know when wearing a skirt or dress these days as it is me. A good point to me about coming out is not really having to think much about it any more.   Tracy
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      luke_b was available.  Done deal.
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    • Debra Michelle
      I am,family and friends are helping out too including my employees.
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      I forgot to post this yesterday. I got Ma'am d. Or at least I hope it was.   I help out a lady customer with some parts. As she walked away I swore I hear her say, Thanks, Ma'am. It is my first. With my hair in a high pony tail (girl style, to keep it off my neck in the heat) and my fingernails painted + my ladies Minnie Mouse watch.   It felt good.   Kymmie
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    • AnnaD
      thanks, all 👍
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