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Facial products

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I’m looking to get into a regular facial beauty routine, What products did you use starting out and what’s your current routine?

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I deal with fairly minor acne from time to time and in general kind of rough skin, however what I've been doing these past few weeks has really started to help a lot. When I shower while my hair is pulled back and my Revita is setting in, I use this pink grapefruit face wash I don't use any harsh exfoliators or washes with like beads and stuff in them, because when I did it ended up doing more harm to my skin than good. I use a very small amount and just gently message it in. Rinsing in warm to hot water for a good minute opens up and cleans out the pores then a quick rinse with cold water (I usually get a wash cloth wet with cold water before I shower and just leave it to one side on a holder) closes the pores. At least this is what I've heard from the limited research I've done.


Haven't had a serious breakout since I started using the wash, but I never had a super serious problem with acne. One or two blemishes come through at some point, then I use a benzoyl peroxide spot cream. Don't really have a brand preference, it's all the same drug. I also use this for razor bumps whenever they come up, but they haven't really, at least on my face, since I started this routine.


It's really important though if you use benzoyl peroxide to always wear sunscreen when you go outside, or you'll end up looking like a lobster. This is also a good idea even when just using something with salycilic acid (like the wash I mentioned earlier), since both chemicals take away the top most layer of skin. Just an SPF 15-30 spray has worked for me, doesn't have to be anything extreme. If you wear makeup daily, you can also get finishing spray that has sunblock in it.


Two or three times a week I also use this dead sea mud mask the specific kind of mask is really down to personal preference, I really like the way this one smells and feels, so it's what I go with. The only downside is that it doesn't peel off, so you have to wash it off and it can get kind of messy. As for moisturizing, I use this Aveeno lavender moisturizer again this is really down to what you like, just mess around with stuff and find what you like.


The important thing in my opinion is the routine, not the specific brands. I would warn you against using anything like a "sunless glow" moisturizer or anything else that colors the skin without caution. I have very, very fair skin and luckily I noticed it in time but I didn't get my entire face and I looked like I had just thrown on a single spray of spray tan. Luckily with a lot of effort it washed off.


In general, my skin is still far from perfect. But I have had a noticeable improvement from this routine, to the point I can finally use make up and have it work to even out the skin tone, before there were too many blemishes and patchiness. Again, if you have very fair skin like I do, you'll automatically be facing an uphill battle, since every flaw is automatically a lot more noticeable. This isn't gospel, I'm still very new to this myself, so I'd see what others recommend, and I'd encourage anyone to tell me what they might change or add to this routine.

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My current routine is first of all in the morning I will cover myself in a body scrub before showering. Then shave in the shower with a moisturising cream to even out the bumps. Then I will use an exfoliator, then moisturiser, then a vitamin C gel on my skin before putting on my makeup. With a face mist spray afterwards to brighten me up.


In the evening I remove my makeup with makeup remover. Then exfoliator and toner water to fully clean up my skin, followed by a night moisturiser.

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Hmm I’m sure I will be the outlier here since I don’t do much. I use an age defying face cream cleanser in the shower, shave with conditioner (whatever I have at the time and I leave it on for 3-4 mins b4 I shave, then I wash with the cleanser again. After the shower it’s an age defy lotion and I put my foundation on when it’s still just tacky. (Helps it blend I feel) 

at the end of the day I use a cheap makeup wipe and use an overnight cream lotion. All together the products I use cost about 20 dollars for all of them. And I haven’t heard any complaints. 

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    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone, 🎈   Happy Birthday Shiratori!🎂 Happy Birthday KathrynJulia!🎂 Happy Birthday Michelle2010!🎂 Happy Birthday woahshutitdown!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!   Lots of love,  Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Robin68
      Thank you very much! I wish you good luck! 🍎🍎
    • VickySGV
      Your Gynecologist is your best resource.  I tell girls on the way to GCS to line up a post-op Gynecologist who does know Trans people and who has permission to communicate with their surgeons.  It was a little bit funny when I got home from GCS and was hurting while dilating pretty badly and called to schedule an appointment with a Gyn, and they told me the one the HMO wanted me to see had just gotten back from training by Dr. Meltzer and would see me the next day.  Took her six minutes to diagnose a yeast infection and two pills later, all better, but she called my Surgeon (Marci Bowers) and got acquainted since I had r3leases with both of them.   I have a Cis woman friend with vaginismus and while her dilators are a bit different, we can both commiserate. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      That's fantastic news, Trilly.  Congratulations!  Your journey to manhood has begun.  I hope its a smooth one, filled with joy and discovery.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      You guessed it on the pill reason.  Not the stomach so much as the liver though.  The injection and epidermal methods do not involve the liver as much as pills do.  As far as the estrogen gel goes, I have a tube of it about 8 feet away from me, but it works best on cis women and Trans women who are post op with a GCS technique that does create a mucous tissue inside the vagina. Estrogen in pill form is the form most likely to cause blood clots due to liver interaction.  
    • Ronin82
      Congrats, dude!! Yeah, that first shot is scary, but sooo worth it! Looking forward to hearing about your journey.
    • TrIIIy
      Welp, I just did my first self-injection of testosterone! Super scary, but manageable.   I am going to be chronicling my transition by taking a picture of myself every week for at least a year. I hope to have a nice montage by the end of year one! I will eventually post the video on YouTube. No links, I know, but it will be there.   Excitement!
    • FrozenWinter
      Thank you for your wish! *Gives "lì xì" (lucky money)*
    • Aidan5
      Ah, confidence will help a ton. Which, recently I find myself having more confidence when he is around. I also have really bad trust and abandonment issues, which he is helping me with. I am very cautious when I like someone. It blows my mind when someone tells me that they like me. I will work on my confidence and self respect.     thank you guys a ton
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Flirting isn’t a skill. It’s a comfort level.  You have to have a few things to make it work.  You have you really be interested in the person. Not just smitten.  You have to be confident in yourself as a lovable person and someone who is also desirable.  You have to relax and let things flow.  You can not plan or act out anything anyone else has said.  It can not be forced.  It comes from inside you as a confident playfulness.  Being clever and humorous is only a small part of it. But it helps a lot.   The biggest thing is to believe in yourself and be brave.  Eventually you see it’s not hard or scary.   just be you.  
    • Robin68
      The Vietnamese in my area celebrate Tet. Have a wonderful holiday!
    • Susan R
      Hey Michelle, the heavy dose of masculinity you quoted above reminds me so much of myself and where I came from.  The description is slightly different from mine in detail but very manly, none the less. It sounds like you’re able to look past these male features to see and feel the real you. It was easier for a time growing up to conform to the expected standards set before us but as you and I have both found, it doesn’t last forever.  Eventually, a good number of us see through the mask we put on and start to take control of the situation despite what society or culture dictates.  I congratulate you on getting to this very important part of your journey.  It will make things even better if your wife accepts you as you and becomes a vital support in this journey too.  I wish you the best in either case.   Susan R🌷    
    • Lucca
      Just something I'm curious about... the three most common methods of administering estrogen are pills, patches, and shots, but from what I can gather, the three most common methods of administering testosterone are patches, shots, and skin gels that you rub in like hand sanitizer. I've never heard of testosterone pills. Anyone know why? Does testosterone not survive in the stomach to get absorbed into the blood? Or for that matter, why is there no estrogen gel? 
    • Cara
      Another update -- the problem is actually called vaginismus, and caused by contraction of the vaginal muscles making intercourse painful or not possible. It is not necessarily even related to gender surgery -- it is not uncommon in genetic women. The treatment is... dilation, even for genetic women, and can be handled by someone's regular gyn physician.
      idk whenever im flirting with me boyfriend what i usually do is make a play on words with whatever he said to me example him:the sky is so blue me:as deep a blue as your eyes him:but my eyes are brown... me:i thought they were blue from how much theyre shining flirting 101 with max lol
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