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Facial products

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I’m looking to get into a regular facial beauty routine, What products did you use starting out and what’s your current routine?

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I deal with fairly minor acne from time to time and in general kind of rough skin, however what I've been doing these past few weeks has really started to help a lot. When I shower while my hair is pulled back and my Revita is setting in, I use this pink grapefruit face wash I don't use any harsh exfoliators or washes with like beads and stuff in them, because when I did it ended up doing more harm to my skin than good. I use a very small amount and just gently message it in. Rinsing in warm to hot water for a good minute opens up and cleans out the pores then a quick rinse with cold water (I usually get a wash cloth wet with cold water before I shower and just leave it to one side on a holder) closes the pores. At least this is what I've heard from the limited research I've done.


Haven't had a serious breakout since I started using the wash, but I never had a super serious problem with acne. One or two blemishes come through at some point, then I use a benzoyl peroxide spot cream. Don't really have a brand preference, it's all the same drug. I also use this for razor bumps whenever they come up, but they haven't really, at least on my face, since I started this routine.


It's really important though if you use benzoyl peroxide to always wear sunscreen when you go outside, or you'll end up looking like a lobster. This is also a good idea even when just using something with salycilic acid (like the wash I mentioned earlier), since both chemicals take away the top most layer of skin. Just an SPF 15-30 spray has worked for me, doesn't have to be anything extreme. If you wear makeup daily, you can also get finishing spray that has sunblock in it.


Two or three times a week I also use this dead sea mud mask the specific kind of mask is really down to personal preference, I really like the way this one smells and feels, so it's what I go with. The only downside is that it doesn't peel off, so you have to wash it off and it can get kind of messy. As for moisturizing, I use this Aveeno lavender moisturizer again this is really down to what you like, just mess around with stuff and find what you like.


The important thing in my opinion is the routine, not the specific brands. I would warn you against using anything like a "sunless glow" moisturizer or anything else that colors the skin without caution. I have very, very fair skin and luckily I noticed it in time but I didn't get my entire face and I looked like I had just thrown on a single spray of spray tan. Luckily with a lot of effort it washed off.


In general, my skin is still far from perfect. But I have had a noticeable improvement from this routine, to the point I can finally use make up and have it work to even out the skin tone, before there were too many blemishes and patchiness. Again, if you have very fair skin like I do, you'll automatically be facing an uphill battle, since every flaw is automatically a lot more noticeable. This isn't gospel, I'm still very new to this myself, so I'd see what others recommend, and I'd encourage anyone to tell me what they might change or add to this routine.

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My current routine is first of all in the morning I will cover myself in a body scrub before showering. Then shave in the shower with a moisturising cream to even out the bumps. Then I will use an exfoliator, then moisturiser, then a vitamin C gel on my skin before putting on my makeup. With a face mist spray afterwards to brighten me up.


In the evening I remove my makeup with makeup remover. Then exfoliator and toner water to fully clean up my skin, followed by a night moisturiser.

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Hmm I’m sure I will be the outlier here since I don’t do much. I use an age defying face cream cleanser in the shower, shave with conditioner (whatever I have at the time and I leave it on for 3-4 mins b4 I shave, then I wash with the cleanser again. After the shower it’s an age defy lotion and I put my foundation on when it’s still just tacky. (Helps it blend I feel) 

at the end of the day I use a cheap makeup wipe and use an overnight cream lotion. All together the products I use cost about 20 dollars for all of them. And I haven’t heard any complaints. 

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    • Susan R
      That should be interesting...you’ll have to share how it all went.  I will be doing the same in the next few weeks if all works out.
    • DonnaBall
      Well I finally brought it up to her a few days ago and she was ready to deal with it, and to my surprise and relief, she was agreeable to everything that I had proposed.  I think she just wants to get this separation over with so we can stop living together under this cloud.  It will still take a while though as I need to get a mortgage to keep the condo and pay her the share of our assets and then she will have to find a condo for herself, get a mortgage and close and move out.  That all takes months.  I can't wait to start living as Donna full time. 
    • VickySGV
      We now know a judge to avoid.  He could and may find himself up on judicial ethics violation charges in the future.  I was just reading something from an actual elected trial judge about that sort of thing.  
    • TrIIIy
      Hi, Dillon. I live with my mom, and she is very resistant to my transition. She doesn’t even like to talk about it.  But she is getting better about it. She even took me to my appointment to get my first testosterone shot recently, which is huge for her!  Having parents who support you is such a comfort, but many of us don’t have that. But that can change over time. My family is starting to use my preferred name and pronouns, if only sporadically. I try to take each correctly gendered occasion as a small personal victory.  Celebrate the little things on your journey. Big things are coming!
    • VickySGV
      Better yet, go into a beauty supply store that has clip in hair extensions, (the same type of store that sells the dye) and buy one or two colors of the cheapest ones to try out, and then you will do even less than the damage even dye would.  The extensions are fun to use and do not cost much in synthetic hair types. https://www.sallybeauty.com/color-strip-clip-in-hair-extension/HAIRDO2.html   I buy things at Sally Beauty supply but other places have them too. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2020/01/trump-appointed-judge-rules-trans-people-no-right-called-personal-pronouns/     Carolyn Marie
    • Robin68
      You are probably better off discussing your physical options with a physician. Maybe you've already done that. There are other FtM members here who could also offer helpful advice. I wish you the best of luck! Believe me, I relate to your feelings of dysphoria.   Hugs,   Robin68
    • TransMex
      Hello everyone. I would like to thank you very much for your responses and I would also like to apologize for not doing so earlier. After reading your responses (and some that I have received elsewhere) I've been spending a lot of time reflecting on my options and the future. I'm actually still thinking about it right now, I am truly not sure which path I will take exactly at this moment. However, I should not have neglected to respond to all of you, that have helped give me some peace of mind. I am no longer panicking as I was before, when I felt I had a biological time bomb on my person. The fact that I was able to take my time thinking about this at all is in large part thanks to you all.   Vicky, your kind words despite my fumbling around with these forums in my panic were invaluable to me. As I mentioned earlier I do not interact with many people neither irl nor online and that first mistake I made nearly convinced me to keep things that way; until I received your words of encouragement. Thank you for welcoming me to these forums so kindly.   Jani, your quick response helped me feel connected to other people like me when until now I've felt almost completely alone in these matters. Your reminder that the body's response to any hormone can be dictated in large part by genetics was the first thing that took my mind off the feeling that I had allowed myself to miss my one chance to live like I wanted. I have to remember that it is never too late to change.   Jackie, your words helped put things into perspective. Sometimes, I admit, I feel old at my age already. I felt like I had allowed my body to miss any and all chances to grow the way I wanted it to, but that changed a little reading your response. Knowing of someone that had felt the same way I was feeling in that moment, and was now happy with their appearance, really shook me off that state of mind. I cannot change the past, but that fact doesn't mean I can no longer be happy with my self.   Shawna, thanks for your answer. I really wish I could have gotten HRT before puberty but I didn't even know any of this was even possible. I don't know if I'll ever be entirely rid of that regret but you are right. It is what it is. I can only look forward, I cannot let the past prevent me from enjoying the present and the future.   Once more thank you to everyone. Since I posted these questions I've done some more digging around and found a group of people that may be able to help me getting HRT in my city if I wish to take that path. At the moment, I feel like that may be what I will do. However, I am taking my time to decide these things, and that is a big change from before. I was ready to start any kind of treatment however I could get it. Now I feel I don't have to take such drastic actions in order to secure my happiness. My anxiety is not entirely gone, but I am able to manage it more easily thanks to the help of people like you ladies.
    • AdriannaB
      I did talk to her mom on the phone too.She is glad I do treat her right and she did ask me this.I plan to be there when they reunite.
    • Susan R
      Thanks Jani & @SaraAW ...it has been so nice.  I hope to learn more about my bio family in time now that I’ve unlocked Pandora’s box.   I wish you and Nikki the best of luck on your reunion. Hopefully, Nikki will get all the answers about her bio mom & family she’s been searching for all her life.   Susan R🌷
    • TrIIIy
      I highly recommend aikido as a self-defense martial art. I did it for only a couple of years, but I understand enough of it to see that it is a great way to get out of/end trouble. There are no strikes in it. It is only defense. I wish that my old dojo were still open. I’d be there every week.
    • TrIIIy
      I think about this often. I would love to be 6’4” (my dad’s height) and buff with a deep voice! I’m 5’7” with a curvy body and a high voice. I’ve always been told that I could be a model. That seemed like such a waste, since I wanted a man’s body and features. I’d gladly swap bodies with an average dude.   Of course, I would also love to not have crippling misophonia or ocd.   The deep voice and buff body may come in time, though!
    • Lucca
      After more consideration and looking at altered photos, I'm not so sure about black hair anymore. I'm not sure it'll look good with my skin, and if I don't like it, it's not going away without significant damage to my hair or cutting it off.   That being the case, I'm wondering what will compliment my dark brown hair if I leave the bulk of it natural, and I was thinking of maybe getting a white or light blond streak? Kind of like this this girl, but not as much white to start with. I usually wear my hair in a ponytail, I like the idea of a bold platinum blonde streak going across my head and into a ponytail. If I don't like it, I can easily dye it brown like the rest, and it still won't be a whole lot of my hair if it gets too damaged.  
    • AdriannaB
      My wife Nikki was adopted,saw a smile on her face today.Talked to her bio mom for the first time this afternoon.It was her dream to reunited with her and I supported Nikki through this.They get to reunite next week.Did find out why.Her mom was 15 when she gave birth to her,couldn't take care of her and Nikki understood this.Good thing is her parents that adopted Nikki gave her a great life.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Yes my princess.  At your command.  Lol Thsts pretty neat though.  I’d be proud of that.  
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