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Misgendering triggers

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Sorry all, I just need a place to vent right now.


First day of vacation with my partner's side of the family and the triggers are already piling up. I came out as NB a few weeks ago by text. Got the underlying text of "we don't see gender, everything will be as it always was." 

Apart from the general subtlies, I already heard "good girl!" Not only am I not a girl, I'm also not a child or dog! That's more than one trigger even... I don't even... The person who dis this is super critical and defensive, I didn't want to get started because it seriously drains me.


How do you deal with this type of thing?

Bonus: this side of the family is german and their english is also limited, which doesn't help but the underlying attitude is worst. 

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You may already have done this but perhaps you could ask that they use the pronouns you choose.  It takes time for people to change the perceptions they have always had. Gentle reminders do help as does patience.  My son used the wrong pronouns for years.  I must admit that i let him know how upset i was when he misgendered me in public.  Today he is much better.  "Giving up" your father can be hard.   I find it so pleasing now that my wife never makes a mistake.  It simply takes time and patience.

Perhaps i also have an advantage being MTF.  My gender presentation is obvious but even so it took time for those who knew me.





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I have had the same issue with some of my friends.  It is very irritating, and difficult to know whether people are doing it deliberately, or whether it just doesn't occur to them.


It is easy to think that these people should know better, but we can't see things from their perspective.  It must be very weird and confusing for them.



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Its similar to a loss. If you lost a friend to an illness you would need time to grieve. Well it’s a similar timeframe for all of this I think as well. Figure you’re gonna deal with misgenderings for about 1/2 of the time they have known you. (Hopefully much less) So parents for instance. I am 40. So by the time I’m 60 (20 yrs) they will have mostly forgotten I was male. And it’ll be less and less as time goes by. But it takes time. And hopefully they are able to gender correctly before that “forgetting the old” occurs. 


For me i I just don’t let it bother me. It sucks but it doesn’t take away from me in any way. I am still me. And I am happy with me. Maybe a quick “that’s she” or “I’m a her” and right back to the convo. Then it’s not a big deal. But try not to be upset with the misgendering. It’s not worth the time or effort it takes to be upset about it. 

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Thank you for your replies. Oddly forum notifications don't seem to be working for me..


I know it's not easy on them and they aren't coming from a bad place. I feel like a coward for not bringing it up, but I honestly don't have any mental energy when I'm around them. I guess what bothers me more is my identity/coming out being completely ignored. The culminating point having been:

they "any plans for the weekend?"

me "going to be pride parade"

they "oh... there was one in Berlin last week"

and topic changes...


I'm just glad it's over now and I'm on my way home.

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    • VickySGV
      I cross dressed for several years and ran with a crowd of other Cross Dressers for about 8 years.  The drastic change thing was part of that fun. My wigs were mostly mid shoulder length or longer.  My avatar here is one of them that I still wear since my own hair has zero ability to keep any curl or style volume really. I have a few more examples here in my GALlery that I posted a few years ago when someone was asking about wigs.  https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/gallery/album/1573-wigging-out/ I have far too many good wigs from that period still, and in good condition. 
    • Lady Ayu
      Hello hello everyone!!   It's been a little while but I'm still doing fine!! My transition is moving on along and i am really starting to blossom :3   Recent labs from my Endo lead to some adjustments to the meds; I am so thankful to have an endo that's watching out for me. I am actually at my endo's right now; they are a little backed up so I'm in a lil queue.   Work is kinda crazy right now as many upper management have left and so openings are available. I have applied for one of them; they are done with interviews but are dragging their feet on the results   Yall!! I finally went out with my friends to that bar we love; it took forever for the stars to align but last weekend, they did and we went! I wanted to look extra cute so I threw on some heels; 3 inches nothing too crazy but i was getting complements all night long! We all had so much fun! Can't wait to go again!   I gave my blog some love with a few new posts and I aspire to add more posts more frequently, but i don't want to force it. I'm gonna do the best I can!!   If you haven't checked it out yet that address is:   iamyuuseria.blogspot.com   Check it out if you want to :3   Well she sounds like she is about ready so i am gonna end it here. I will try to post again soon!! Love you all, keep on being awesome :3   ~Mayumi~  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      This both made me giggle and admire you all in one shot. Thank you!
    • MetaLicious
      Congratulations!  I'm excited for you.   Count me in the good mood crowd.  Last week, I had painted my nails for the first time in almost three decades, and my wife and son surprised me by bringing me several colors of really good polish, plus some eyeliner (she said I'd look hot in it!).  I also did some clothes shopping this weekend, and re-discovered something I'd managed to forget over the years - womens' clothes fit me better than mens'! Like, every time I'd by a pair of pants, they'd need hemming because there just aren't many 5'2" guys out there.  I grab a couple of pairs of pants from the ladies section (thank you. TransPulse size guide!), and they fit perfectly!   I am so full of *squee!* right now... 
    • KathyLauren
      I switched cold turkey.  I stood up, in male mode, at the weekly coffee gathering and announced that I would be transitioning, starting immediately.  The following week, I showed up with my wig on.  I didn't see any point in pretending I was growing it out: I didn't have enough on top to grow out, and everyone knew it.  So they all knew it was a wig.  I didn't care: I looked good.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I definitely like the idea of moving from short man hair to longer female hair but not in one weekend.  I may do this with the cheaper ones as I have been impressed with the quality and real look they have.  It could get me into a slightly longer one a couple months down the line and so on and so on.  Until I go and have the expensive wig shop set me up with a more "permanent" wig. (Yes I know they can wear out)
    • KathyLauren
      Yes, I should have mentioned that, it's in the UK.  I was born in Northern Ireland, so I have to follow British rules and procedures to get my birth certificate changed.  I won't bother with school diplomas.  The only one worth changing would be my university degree.  But I'm retired, so I won't be submitting resumes anywhere: no one is going to care. 
    • MetaLicious
      My wife suggested I keep a journal shortly after I came out to her.  I can't claim any real diligence in my journaling, but I try to write something at least once a week.  If I could transmit thouhts about what I'd like to write directly to  my journal, I'd probably have several volumes by now.  Raising two young children while being the family caregiver leaves me thinking about writing far more often than I actually have time for.   @TammyAnne, I am so sorry to hear that.  It breaks my heart to think of such a violation...
    • ShawnaLeigh
      OMG I am so sorry you had that spill.  I do things like this all the time now.  I use to be a very well coordinated and prefect balanced person.  Now I am a mess some days.   I hope it heals fast.  Fingers suck to break too.  I've had all 8 fingers broken in one shot one summer as a kid.  Tried to Evil Kenevil something way to far with my bike and went over the handle bars.  LOL   My day is going along fast due to be busy at work  Mondays always are here.  Though it is good with my appointment later to check out this dang uninvited lump.  I hope its either nothing or bad enough they need to go in for surgery.  I already have a couple letters recommending a Bilateral Orchidectomy. Maybe something good can come from this.  
    • Jackie C.
      I originally bought a short red-headed wig (I'm a natural red-head) for about $20. While I like the cut, I like it better on other people. A week later, I bought what was my go-to for my first year. It's not-quite shoulder length and auburn. Not quite my original color, but fairly close. I'm kind of a special snowflake and it's hard to find copper auburn in wig stores. My second wig was about $40. It started looking pretty ragged about a year later, but I learned a lot about wig care and the products that go into it. The one I'm wearing now is past my shoulders and Susan helped me pick it out. I considered some pretty wild changes, but she talked me down and we settled on this one. It's sort-of the right color (again, copper auburn is hard to find) and I love the way it frames my face. Even if I do keep it pinned back most of the time.   That progression wasn't really a conscious choice. It's just the way things worked out. I don't think I'd go back to short hair though. Despite the extra maintenance, I really like the way I look in long hair.   Hugs!
    • Jani
      I suppose if you could afford it that would be a way to ease into things for all parties concerned, including you!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      So more of a "please let me know how you did it" sort of post. I was wondering once you decided to go the wig route.  Did you go from a balding or short hair guy look right into long lushes female hair or did you start with shorter wigs and move slowly into wigs with longer and longer length until you settled at the length you wanted.  To kind of show a progression of your "hair" getting longer?  I realize this would be a high dollar process even going with cheapy wigs.   I suppose I am at a stage where I may not feel comfortable going to work on a Friday with my short mans military hair cut and Monday with my long beautiful female hair.  Though in reality I am not at a point where I can do this yet until I build at least a female professional work wardrobe.
    • Jani
      Kathy I assume the GRP is in the UK?  Will you be having any school diplomas upgraded as well?  I don't know if that's really important after a certain point in our lives.     Jani
    • KathyLauren
      I am glad that you are in a good mood, Willow.  I am too.  I just got confirmation from the Gender Recognition Panel that they have received my application.  Now I just have to pay them and the process will be under way.   I have all my local documentation changed: driver's license and health card, in particular.  But my birth certificate, being British, had to wait until I could document my official gender change over here.  Now they have all the papers, so hopefully some time this decade (I've heard about wait times in the UK! 😉), I'll have a GRC and a new birth certificate.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Its on my things to do list for sure.  I already have one close by and it is by appointment only.  High dollar stuff too.  But I plan to go this route once I figure out some how to and fit first on a cheaper one that I don't care if I destroy it in a month or two.  
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