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Modest Pocketed Swim Dress? Confidence... struggling


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I'm MtF but I'm not currently transitioning. I started to accept myself as transgender about a year ago and am working through a lot of issues in therapy. Not on HRT yet.


Occasionally I like to present feminine to take the edge off because it makes me feel really grounded and comfortable. This summer I've really been struggling.


1) I really just want a cute but modest swim dress that is pocketed so I can use breast forms. I have cute little C-cup knit breasts that my wife made me but they are made of yarn but are not great for swim wear for obvious reasons. I plan to buy some breast forms and hopefully a swim dress that they could go in. I really don't have a woman's figure and am hoping a cute swim dress might help hide / draw attention away some of my manly gut. I have an in-ground swimming pool in my back yard. My wife and kids have been enjoying it a bit this summer and I'm the only one who hasn't done more than put my toes in the water.



2) I am struggling to be confident in wearing women's clothes this summer. Over the fall / winter / spring it wasn't bad at all because I could wear some long boot cut jeans and a cute top. With my wig on, no one recognized me or even clocked me (sometimes my voice gave me away). Being more revealing than that (like shorts or a maxi dress that doesn't flare) makes me want to give up on presenting at all this summer. Most summer dresses advertised seem to be cotton maxi dresses that work with your curves and I have none. It's August, summer is nearly over, and i'm pretty depressed about all of this.


I don't want to be revealing or flashy. I just want to be very cute and feminine, but modest too. I'm a 35-year-old girl and I just want to be girly but I don't desire to draw attention to myself because I'm already married and we really love each other. Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated - especially on the swim suit.


Thanks ladies,




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I have also had problems this summer with the idea of presenting at all in public during the summer. I have only been able to feel comfortable dressing while at home and not really going outside. I can completely understand having a hard time with the pool because we have a community pool, so it makes it even more impossible.


I actually have a tankini swimsuit that I bought, but have not had the ability to wear outside or going to the pool. I would probably suggest looking on Amazon for a swimsuit that you like, and not worrying about the breast forms for now, or picking up a decent pair on there.

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I agree with Amazon. They have many choices of clothes from all over the world. 

I haven’t purchased a swim suit yet, just a string bikini top, I’m waiting until I finish my bottom surgery until I get the bikini bottoms. What I would suggest, is either a one or two piece bathing suit with a skirt attached or add a wrap skirt.

Which leads me to summer wear. I looooove wrap skirts, especially the 2 layered sari skirts. The sari skirts allows a lot of freedom, a variety of styles and looks can be made. They come in different lengths, mini skirt, medium and maxi skirts. I have a medium and maxi. The two layers allow you to pull one layer up to make a dress. Also it can be flipped around raised all the way up, many many versions. It comes with a booklet to show you how, or use YouTube. 

I hope you find your summer wear and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Speaking of swimsuits...I had my first opportunity to go swimming as myself a little over a week ago.  As we were packing for the trip, I remembered how nice my wife's colorful one piece with built in skirt looked on me when I tried it on back in March.  I've been anxious to wear it ever since but our Spring weather here is much too cold.  I decided to try it on again to see if I should bring it along.  The damn thing was much too large and I had no time to shop for another suit before we left.  Sadly, I ended up not swiming during the trip because I only brought were small short shorts and a matching top for the beach.  I barely got my feet wet.  I'll be better prepared next time.  The summer is half over here so I'm hoping I can find that exact same style in my size.


So my only advice is to plan ahead and make sure you have a few alternative options available.  Your mood can sometimes have an effect on what you feel comfortable wearing when it comes to more revealing attire...at least it's like that for me.


Have fun getting wet this summer,

Susan R?

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    • Bri2020
      Sounds like a great day!  
    • Jacqui
      Does anyone remember a mid-sixties Italian sci-fi epic called "Wild Wild Planet"?  Central to the plot was the head of a giant bioscience corporation who wanted to merge his body with that of the lead female character to form a new "perfect" being.  From what the movie implied, the resultant individual was going to be part man/part woman . . . divided lengthwise!   The issue of 'passing' (of any kind) was evidently not a concern in this enlightened future paradise LOL.    
    • Confused1
    • Confused1
      Wow,   This is a powerful movie, and I've only watched about half of it so far!   Hugs, Mike
    • Jackie C.
      That is awesome!   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Aww! I have no words, that's just so wholesome!   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      It's shifted a little on HRT. I'm not sure if it's because of the HRT or because as a woman, it's more socially acceptable to like men. I can admit that there are some men that I would consider as a romantic partner. They have to be pretty special though, I'm still pretty gay. My wife and I talked about it. I have no plans to act on any of these feelings, I love my wife and that's the end of it. However, it's not a bad thing that I can admit that I'm a little bi. I guess it means that I'm choosing her over an even larger pool of people.   Good on you for being into beards though. I personally find them repulsive. I like smooth, muscular (and apparently black) men. I have no idea why.   Hugs!
    • JustineM
      Top o’ the morning everyone! Got to sleep in today and now enjoying a nice cup of the good stuff. Got an appointment with a personal trainer this afternoon and thinking of getting my ears pierced today. Hope everyone has a great day. 
    • QuestioningAmber
      Good morning everyone. I am feeling tired his morning and it is another slow day at work, so that isn't helping. I am looking forward to having tomorrow off and the wife and I are going to go for a drive in the country which will be nice. I am going to be seeing my mom for the first time since coming out on Saturday, so that will be interesting. I am wondering what she is expecting, which I probably shouldn't be worrying about, but yet here I am. I am not sure what I am expecting myself to be honest.
    •  Kylie
      Good Morning!   Elizabeth that is wonderful news! I remember that moment I received my new work badge, was like a young child getting the toy they wanted so badly for Christmas!    Waking up this morning to my regular and tiresome routine. Hate to say this, but I’m ready to go back to work in about 4 weeks. While dilating and such keeps me busy, I’m getting more and more stir crazy in the house. As flu season approaches, I know my ICU I work in will be hit hard with the combination of the sick CoVID patients. I’m ready to return to being a Nurse!    So, about to shower and get myself together for another Doctors appointment and to get my nails done.    Hope everyone has a fantastic day!
    • Bri2020
      Good Morning Ladies! I'm sensing lots of good vibes here this morning. I'm loving all the positive changes I'm seeing in everyone's lives. Keep it up girls. Emily, good luck with the consult. I'm probably going that route in a year once eligible from a time of hormones perspective.  I would love to just do SRS instead but that's going to be a much longer wait time and I would rather get off the spiro faster and reduce the E needed since I'm older.   Today's adventure: Consult for laser tattoo removal.  I've got a big celtic knotwork tat on each deltoid area that looks terribly male and I don't do sleeveless because of it.  The big back piece I might live with for a while since I don't see it and most clothes cover it anyways.     I feel like I need more coffee . I rushed my two cups this morning since I over slept and didn't get to enjoy them. I don't need the added caffeine though.  Tomorrow I'm gonna set an alarm.  
    • Willow
      Great morning everyone    the birds are singing their happy songs, the sky is a beautiful blue and the sun is smiling down at us!  What a great day.   And what a good news day for Emily and Liz and several of my local friends too.  Even for me, my wife and I are starting  to recover.  I guess having our kids (who are middle age which in it self is hard to imagine) sit down with us and force some difficult answers has pushed us along.  I think we were stuck on a plateau falling back but never moving forward. now we are climbing up again. It’s great for me and brings tears to my eyes.   Charlize, I haven’t seen you on here in a while.  I trust all is ok?     well, time to enjoy this great day.   hugs   Willow
    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone, the temp outside is 44° and 64° inside. Welcome to Fall, the coffee is still hot, black, and strong. #GoPink #OctoberCacerAwarnessMonth #BreastCancerAwarnessMonth #SusanGKomen #SafeTheTaTas   Hugs for all,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Shay
      I am happy this topic seems to be resonating.  @Berni I will see if I can find a more extensions feelings list but be assured any feeling you or others wish to express is completely welcome.   I am ecstatic that we can and all of you so far have been so open and honest. It helps me me and I hope it helps you.   Heather Shay
    • Heathick
      Yup, fifty-something! The nightie i mentioned is..I think a 4XL..? Maybe 5? The male puberty fairy hit me pretty hard! (Didn't bother me at the time, I saw it as "rite of passage" and much-desired "growing up", but now I envy the transwomen who started early and avoided it.)   I think that size will go down a little bit when I lose the weight I need to, but even before I ever started considering transitioning, I'd already been thinking "Yea, I really should get a good sewing machine and learn how to make alterations and make my own clothes." At least I'm not totally a novice at it, I have sewn before, just not often enough to remember how to do it...and I never could keep a straight line!   I heard about a documentary series called "My Giant Life" about a few very large-frame women, probably even bigger than me from the sound of it. I should watch it, hopefully they'll talk about how they deal with clothing.
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