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Dunderheid "safe" Challenge


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I heard about this challenge recently, no Scots person would willingly put themselves through this. Scotland is stunning, we effectively have no dangerous predator animals to worry about and our laws give us a right to roam anywhere as long as we are sensible, but in order to balance it out we have these wee beasties, woe betide you if you are out in long grass anywhere near water and the wind drops. Many a campsite early morning or dusk has people running around like lunatics as they attempt to put up or take down a tent or sit around a bonfire. Even watching this will make you itchy if you have ever experienced it. No amount of Deet will keep them off for long - only full mesh suits and even then their size makes it hard - sometimes it literally stops outdoor workers from doing their jobs. They are only 1.4 mm long at most but you can get half a million of them living in 1 square metre of grass and they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out.


 (I cannot stop itching now)



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You've got to be weird to subject yourself to something like this.  No matter where you live!

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    • SaraAW
      That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the good news. Sounds like a friendship in bloom.
    • Shay
      I absolutely LOVE your avatar - you are gorgeous AND I love your fashion sense - it fits you SO well 😊
    • Shay
      Do yourself a favor - especially in these times - it is an oasis of fun.
    • Confused1
      I have to agree with Kay. You gave a very eloquent Introduction. You will find others here who can relate and share some of what you describe. I also have a spouse that means the world to me and I have no desire to jeopardize my marriage. I did manage to stretch it a bit this year though.   Hugs, Mike
    • Timber Wolf
      Good day everyone,💓   Happy birthday irl_spark!🎂 Happy birthday tscad!🎂 Hope you have a great day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Shay
      @Berni I suspect you've done this all aloong but when I told my wife about being trans and wanting HRT - I used an example. Her son has Asperger Symdrone and I have been ultra supportive of him. I told her that he never asked to have Asperger's. I never asked to be trans. Anyone who says they WANTED to be this way I think does have more issues than this. If I didn't have to do HRT I wouldn't but she knows I've been through therapy multiple times since we've been married and I told her it always keeps ROARING back and I have to find out if HRT and transition resolves my dysphoria. So far the results have been amazing in me and I have tried subtly to let her know in so many ways and with true sincerity because I know people can sense insincerity a mile away. On my side I know the path is full of pot holes and I know we will have issues and I am taking it slow - sort of the turning up the heat of a frog in water and hoping for the best. Will it work - only God knows but like you I will try my best until we are happy with both of our transitions (she must transition as well in her own way) or if, like my first marriage, when I had tried my best I finally had to let go because 100% effort times zero still equalled zero. Best Wishes, comforting arms and gentle hugs, Shay
    • Rorelai
      Hey all! A little update on me and the girl from my class:   A few weeks ago I asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me and a friend at the dining hall. We hit it off pretty well, and got to talking for a while. I waited for her to bring up her trans identity before I said anything about mine, but she seemed pretty comfortable talking about that with me. I've been getting lunch or dinner with her a couple days a week and she's gotten to know some of my other friends pretty well too, and it's great being able to welcome her into our community here at college. Good luck to anyone else out there that's in a similar situation! I know it's intimidating to reach out to new people but really it's good to know that you're not alone. 
    • Timber Wolf
      I don't know. I don't know what a browser is. I'm about as far the opposite direction from a tech geek as one can get. I use an Android phone, I believe Transpulse comes through chrome. I don't think I can tell you any more than that.
    • JustineM
      Good morning everyone. Back to the grind today after a nice mini-vacation. Coffee was strong and drank. Time to pull up my big girl britches and deal with the Monday’s. 
    • Jandi
    • Lee H
      It seems to me that letting her know that you want to see things from her perspective, that you are doing your best to do so, and that you would like her to share that perspective with you, might help?   I suppose she might want you to stop, go back. You couldn't be your authentic self if you were to do so, however. She would be married to someone whose life journey she blocked because of her own preferences, and you both would know it. It would become a different elephant in the room, always a huge problem, spoken or unspoken. But it's not as if you are saying you don't love her any more or that you don't want to be with her. You are saying just the opposite. You are changing genders, not your entire being. The essence of Berni will not disappear, including your love for her?   So assuming she just doesn't want to jump ship entirely, maybe if you are able to see things from her perspective, she could identify discreet issues, concerns, fears, and the two of you could figure out ways to work on them together?   I wish you the very best, Berni. I hope you can work things out -- I'm alone, and it sucks. It is worth a lot of effort.   ~~Big hug, Lee~~
    • Jandi
      I love a skirt.   Can hardly get me into britches these days unless it's for something like using a chainsaw or something.  I use leggings with them in cold weather.  Maybe it's because I had to wear pants for most of my life.  Of course at my age I avoid the short ones.
    • Jackie C.
      I've got a peasant skirt that I love, but I don't think that's exactly the same thing. I completely agree though, there's just something about the way they flow when I swing my hips.   Hugs!
    • Kestrel McLoughlin
      I have socks like those in knee-highs too, but I didn't want to subsume the leggings, they had something to say too.   I am quite excited to get into skirts. I love what's problematically referred to as "gypsy skirts". (There must be a better name.)   I also want to touch base with some feminine people in my life about feminine clothing I didn't quite understand: a lovely acquaintance of mine once wore what at first appeared to be a button-up dress shirt, but instead of buttoned up it was tucked criss-cross into itself like a kimono, and the skirt acted as a belt. I haven't the faintest idea whether that was a real button-up shirt (and if so whether it was oversized for the purpose), or a mock of a button-up meant for exactly that motif.   Both Google and Siri think I'm insane when I describe these things. Clearly I need community.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Watching father and son react to each other's wins and all the family together was wonderful.  I haven't seen the show but it must be a great one.   Carolyn Marie
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