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I love you

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I love you

you said it first, 

I was scared, I was just  Freshman and you a Sophomore.

As the time passed by like a gentle breeze I said

I love you

I love you's turned into kisses and kisses into more

stolen sleep overs turned into a home together 

Just you and I

I love you

A ring thin and gold decorates my hand, my heart swells thinking of the future we planned where we say 

I love you

in front of all the people we love, this picture in my head as solid as stone. There is no such thing as a more beautiful picture to me .

I love you

One day is different than the others and when I turn to you I ask what is it my love. 

With tears in your eyes and a voice so fragile and shaky you tell me this isn't the real me.

You cry and I cry and I don't understand. The stone picture is shattered how can that be? 

I ask you what now?

you say I don't know

I love you

I ask you if I'm still who you want?

You hold me in an embrace so tight there is no room for doubt.

I think long and hard and then I laugh

I picture you with your soft gold curls long- tumbling down your back.

Your t-shirts replaced by dresses. 

Your wallet now a hand bag

and in all this I see it doesn't matter. 

No matter what you will still enjoy

Video games

I love you

you will still tell me all about your new D&D characters

I love you

You will still ask me to make your lunch 

I love you

and you will still cuddle me right before bed

I love you

It will be ok

the shattered picture in my head flows back together even more beautiful than before

It didn't seem possible

So now months later and I feel the hurricane that I thought would rip us apart is long gone.

We have and will overcome anything in our way

I love you

Over our seven years we have been through a lot 

the date of our marriage is quickly approaching 

and then one day you come home and your quite.

I ask you what is it my love

You say, I'm not sure what I want

I guess I was right to be scared 

I love you

but you may not love me the same

I will always love you



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Thank you for posting that lovely poem.  I must admit to welling up a bit with a sweet sadness.  Keep that love.





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that's a nice poem, well done 👍

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    • Jackie C.
      I don't know, T is a hell of a drug. You might be surprised how masculine you become on HRT. I'm a little jealous of FtM's honestly because of how well most of your physicality turns out. (MtF's get better bottom surgery, but that's about it.) Seriously though, grow a beard, nobody will question you.   Hugs!
    • JoniSteph
      Welcome ErinElizabeth from another new member of the Community. I have been a lurker of the shadows as well learning what I can and finally hit the GO JOIN button. Enjoy.   JoniSteph
    • JoniSteph
      A BIG Canadian HUG to you ladies for the warmest of welcomes. I am sure I shall learn a lots and be as nervous as everyone else has been plus a whole lot more. I break down at least 3/4 times a day over the least little thing. Be it my voice, my thick white facial hair, or my self doubts. I am know what i want though, so i keep that in mind on my journey of 40+ year adventure of life.   HUGS and love to All JoniSteph
    • Josie Beth
      There’s really no way to contact a complaint department. But I’ve already filled out a survey from a 3rd party that does the same thing. Unfortunately it’s not going to change anything, will probably mean some inadequate “training videos” for the employees to virtue signal and cover their butt legally, and then they won’t even punish anyone for the mistake. I probably can’t even file a lawsuit because they keep trying to contact me off the recorded line and are very vague in text. So I’m blocking anyone else that calls me for them. They call me or text me on official channels or I won’t answer.
    • Adrian Doyle
      Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to update here if I get to know that girl better! She’s got a really cool name too (it’s Livi). ٩( ᐛ )و
    • Adrian Doyle
      Thanks everyone! Well, unfortunately, I naturally look very “feminine”, so it’s still a bit of a battle with looking “masculine” enough. On the other hand, I find that even though I am 100% sure that I am a trans guy, many of my mannerisms, interests, and choice in apparel stems from both male and female upbringings. I love sports, but I was trained in music and dance at a young age. I love them equally. I can’t live without oversized hoodies, band shirts, and baseball tees, but at the same time, I feel more comfortable in high waisted shorts than jeans (I think the only jeans that actually fit me show my curves off too much for comfort, so I wear shorts all year round). There’s so many other little things that have confused my friends for years, but I know who I am, and personally, I think that it’s not so much how you look or act, but what makes you most comfortable and happy that helps define one’s identify, gender, sexuality, or otherwise. I am a boy, but I don’t look or act like the “average” one. But at the same time, that in no way discredits what I identify as. I would never be “average”, no matter my gender or sexuality, and I’m so grateful for the friends and my boyfriend that recently entered my life and support and love me as much and I do them. I can’t thank them enough for the amount of happiness they’ve brought me in the past few months, so for now at least, I’m trying to be positive about my transition. 
    • Jackie C.
      She might just think you're shy. I have a gorgeous friend (I mean really, it should be illegal to look that good) who changes in "my" bathroom (it's unisex and has a lock) because she doesn't like to change or shower around other women. Anyway, if this girl wants to be your friend, be her friend and come out to her when you think you're ready and you have a better idea of how she's going to react.   I completely get the locker room thing. By law I still have to use the men's room until after my bottom surgery. I feel like a frog on the highway in there. I always have. One dude commented on my breasts. I don't even really do "naked" in there, I just wore my gym clothes under my street clothes. Still super uncomfortable. I am SO very glad to have some space to myself now. I don't even mind sharing with Xena (seriously, that's her birth name. Gorgeous and a cool name? I could absolutely DIE of envy.)   Still though, once gym class is over, it's over and you at least have a quiet corner to change in. Best of luck. Perseverance. Other uplifting words. High school is terrible. It gets better though. (Unless you're one of those people who peaks in high school, then it doesn't get better but I don't think that applies to ANY of us.)   Hugs!
    • Susan R
      Hello @JoniSteph Welcome to the family and good luck to you on your upcoming HRT appointment.  If there's ever a place to learn about your "new self to be", it's right here.  Everyone on TP is a different flavor but we all are hoping for some of the same things you are...peace with ourselves, our mind, and our body.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Adrian Doyle
      Welcome to the community! I’m new here too! Everyone is so nice!
    • Jackie C.
      Is there a contact person you can call? Register a complaint? I remember there being someone I could bitch to when I was being mistreated at Volt. Of course Volt is no longer in business in this area. Maybe it's because they didn't treat their temps like complete garbage. Mostly garbage, but not complete garbage.   I really have no words. I'm angry on your behalf. That's inexcusable behavior from an employer but I understand how "at-will" states work. I live in one too.   I'm just sorry Josie. You deserve better.   Hugs!
    • Adrian Doyle
      I mean, as a teen, I’m self-conscious enough. Adding dysphoria from being a trans guy makes it a million time harder.    My school has a mandatory year of aquatics class for sophomores (which yes, is just as awful as it sounds for anyone that’s trans). I was so incredibly uncomfortable that I had to change in the stalls, wear a rash guard, and ended up having a panic attack that worsened my predisposed breathing issues until I nearly drowned. For obvious reasons, they pulled me out of the class, but gym in still very uncomfortable. I recently met a girl who’s been quite nice to me, but I’m not sure if I should come out to her unless she asks why I change somewhere away from everyone else.    I still feel quite isolated from the rest of the class, but I still have hope that it’ll get better. Hopefully, I’ll get to know more of my classmates and be able to distract myself from my disphoria    
    • Susan R
      Welcome ErinElizabeth, it's a pleasure to meet you.  It's so nice to read that your spouse is a supporter.  If the time comes that you need to move forward in your transitional journey, you're in a rare position of having your strongest ally right there along side.  Most things will be smoother...even the difficult milestones will be reached with greater ease.  You have been given one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive.   I know it was difficult but thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us.  It's been a long and tiring week for me and I needed some good refreshing news.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Josie Beth
      I am so upset right now. Most of you know about my temp agency texting me not to go in to work last week on Monday. Well this morning I was woken up by the same temp agency and this time I was asked why I had not been to work for a week!!! So this whole time it was a mistake that nobody was willing to admit that they made, that screwed up my chances of ever working for this company again and it’s putting me dangerously close to homelessness!?!? Because of ineptitude? I’m so furious right now I don’t know what to do. After explaining this to the person who called me and voicing my feelings about not appreciating the mistakes because it could make me homeless, they just didn’t even acknowledge it! So I blocked them. I’ve been gaslighted and now they not only punish me but just ignore the fact that they are responsible for maybe making me homeless? She was just munching on some food and said “uh huh” with the same disinterest as if I said there’s free napkins in the break room. I just can’t. If they ever send me anything else on any other number I am going to explain that I don’t want any assignment until they pay me a full week to make up for them screwing up royally. 
    • emily the wolf
      Thx im going to attempt an aproch simmaler to that I just hope that my mom will let it happen
    • OliverPerry
      You're living the dream! Well, a male body, of course, would be an even better dream but still I do envy your situation. Your boyfriend must be a wonderful being. It must be quite rare to find someone so loving and expecting.   The whole calling you his "girlfriend" when talking to his parents thing must suck though. But I guess it must be done.   I'm FTM and dating another FTM like myself is not something I would oppose to. I like blokes and I perceive trans man as blokes (male anatomy is great and all but it's not the only thing that I find attractive in a guy).I'm still living as a girl though. And, while dating as one, If if I were to bring a trans guy to meet my parents, then I guess, if pre-T, I would introduce him as a "friend" and, after T, as a cis boyfriend (hiding the trans issue). I guess this is bad but the need to protect ourselves and others is important.    Hopefully, when you start taking T (if that's what you're hoping to do) and begin experiencing physical changes, your boyfriend's parents already like you so much that they won't mind and you'll become the boyfriend instead of the "girlfriend" in their eyes with no judgement. This would be heavenly and it's not completely impossible. I have a bisexual female friend who used to bring her girlfriend to her parents house as if she were just another friend. They broke up in a horrible way (after almost three years of dating) and my friend was so low she ended up telling the truth to her parents over the phone in a crying fit. Her mom and dad are wonderful people and had been quite found of her "friend". However, they've always lived in a small town and never had access to anything other than what's considered to be "normal", so it was quite a shock to them. Also, they are very religious people. Still, after only a couple of days, they accepted it, maybe not fully but at least showed their support. In the end, all they wanted was for their daughter to be happy and actually expressed missing her girlfriend's presence in their house, even after knowing about the truth of their relationship.  I'm sharing this just to show that isn't impossible for not very openminded parents to accept things like this. Well, I guess if they don't like you now as their son's "girlfriend", they'll probably won't like you as a trans boyfriend in the future as well. I hope that's not your case and that they adore you.    Oh well, again: your boyfriend is bloody amazing!        
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