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Carolyn Marie

FLA Teacher Refuses to Use Proper Pronoun - Is Counselled

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I find this interesting in that there is such emphasis on pronouns. It is possibly that convention is different over there but from my experience (both when at school and occasionally working in them since) it is normally names that are used and seldom pronouns (whether it be surname or first name). In that way, at least here, it is likely such a confrontation could be easily avoided even with someone with strong beliefs.



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i dont see why they cant use the correct pronouns, its not difficult

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Carolyn Marie

I recently attended a lecture/training session at the museum I volunteer at.  The lecture was given by a 40-something admin and scientist.  Her first slide identified her, and listed her preferred pronouns.  Afterward someone asked me if that is normal practice, and I said it is becoming more frequent all the time, especially among academics and professionals, in many different situations.


That's really good, as it gets people used to seeing it, even among cis-folk.  In this way, LGBT folk become less stigmatized, and less the exception.


Carolyn Marie

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15 hours ago, tracy_j said:

I find this interesting in that there is such emphasis on pronouns


Especially in the "Bible Belt"/Conservative areas here where Trans are only thought to be a fantasy or a perversion of a "sinner" the idea is that GOOD religious people will call them "what G made them" and not what the devil has put in their minds.  For the GOOD person to call them by their gender pronouns puts the GOOD person into sin with the Trans person.  Some of the GOOD people do stand a chance (not really large) of getting kicked out of their neighborhood church if it is found out that they did not stand firm in the faith even against threats from their bosses of being fired.  Being "counseled" will give them points of faith for having been persecuted and "standing firm" if it does not change their minds. 

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A bit of a twister for me Vicky, but I get the gist. Over here that would be less of an issue, although has occurred in some of the more religious schools. I think my thoughts attune more directly with most of the population here in attempting avoiding confrontation as being no real issue rather than even the presenting of pronouns, as Carolyn examples, which does actually raise the issue in the minds of some.


On a wider front, there is becoming very much increasing resentment here of minority groups getting dis-proportionate representation. That is working against, in this example, trans people, turning what may only be a tricky situation into a confrontation in the minds of people who would otherwise live and let live. In this the press, both good and bad, are probably hindering as much as helping.



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    • SaraAW
      Oh, I feel for you Toni. My body hair drives me crazy too. My wife has asked me not to shave and it hurts.   I’m not out socially yet, but I dread the misgendering. I think at the end of the day, you need to do what keeps you going. The old saying about sticks and stones is so untrue, words sometimes cut deeper than a knife.    Im so sorry you ended up with the chemical burns, they are awful to deal with. Did you recently change depilatories?   We all know that you’re a beautiful woman, inside and out hon. I wish I could do or say more to help, but all I’ve got is a great big virtual hug and I hope that you’re feeling better soon. Keep coming here to vent or for support.  Hang in there Toni.  *HUGS*
    • Josie Beth
      This isn’t as uncommon as you would think and even a common tactic of managers/supervisors. They lead the employee to believe they are given permission to be excused from work and then fire them without proper procedure. I’ve had this done to me twice. It’s even worse when it’s someone who is discriminating against a transgender person.    https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/2019/11/dunkin-stands-by-customers-who-bullied-transgender-worker-forced-her-out-lawsuit-says.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
    • SaraAW
      Hi Sally and welcome. 
    • Josie Beth
      I sure wish this was an option here! There’s similar doctors offices in the area that work on a sliding scale but nothing specifically transgender or over video online. That’s a great way to help people with very difficult schedules or transportation issues.
    • KymmieL
      Remember girls as the song goes, It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. While I can put up a brave face most of the time. I can break down crying at the drop of the hat. Like some girls do.   Kymmie
    • Krisvm
      Hi both,   Thank you I will try to have a look into this.   Thanks,   Kris
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Very well put and that aligns with how I feel too. You just said it better. Lol Thank you
    • tracy_j
      If she was professional she would have some background. For instance, if a speech therapist she may be a member of a professional organisation. Look for this membership of a professional body and try contacting them for information.Professional bodies do provide directories of members for members. I am not sure how easy they would be to find but not impossible. Maybe it's possible she was doing the coaching as a sideline to her day job? If so she will be working somewhere. Thorough examination of her details you have might provide a link?   Tracy
    • Madelyn
      I’ve know for several years that I’m trans. I should have seen it long before that, but blamed it on kink, just wrote it off, and all the others things one in denial does. There is a long back story to everything, but to make it more so to the point (I’m horrible at that, btw. Details details lol ) my wife and I are both accepting of my being transgender. We have both always wanted a big family, and have a son now. We’ve discussed fostering, adopting, etc. Something that’s important to her is experiencing the wonder of pregnancy with our own children, as well as helping children in need. So, we’ve decided putting hrt off until then. The thing is that I’m feeling more and more dysphoric as time goes by. We are ttc (trying to conceive) now. I’m super excited for another as well. I feel selfish for wanting hrt now (not that it solidifies me as a woman, but I really feel I need it) Freezing sperm is so expensive. Just looking for ways to cope until then. I try and stay positive and thankful for all the things I do have. I feel so dysphoric lately though, as I believe it has to do with my coming out more publicly    Tldr: Trying to conceive and holding off on hrt. What helped or is helping you during your wait for hrt?   Thank you, Madelyn
    • Aidan5
      I am at the age where everyone starts dating one another and there are breakups left and right. I kinda just chill unnoticed, which is a good and bad thing lol. I am an easily flustered person, but I know how to flirt(sometimes).    The other day I saw a really cute girl while on my way home, we kinda just looked at each other then, like an idiot, I just gave her a really awkward smile and she laughed. I got really embarrassed and just went on with my day. But I also feel really close to one of my friends who respects me as a man, we talk to each other with every opportunity we get, but sadly I am grounded from my phone (Long story I might post later) and he doesn't have social media. School is the only time we spend together, and the bus. We both really like a show called "Jojo's bizarre adventures" and are constantly making references to the show. Another really cool dude I recently met is actually a cross-dresser, which I find really cool and might invite them to this website.    I have dated before and held hands, but that's as far as I have gone, I refused to kiss my last partner, because I wasn't comfortable since we had just started dating. (I low-key dodged him)    From time to time I feel lonely and wish I could have someone special like all my friends, I get tossed aside because sex is not the first thing on my mind, I just want them to know I am after their heart and not after what's in their pants. You would think being bisexual would make it easier to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, ha. Of course I am not throwing myself at people, I will be patient and let time to its thing.
    • VickySGV
      This is one of those subjects in Transdom where we are all vastly different, but still the same.  My birth assigned name is, still part of me and "He" really did have a very impressive life that is worth remembering in the details but I also had to step away from "him" to realize what had been done.    When you know that your birth name was a matter of heavy friction between my parents and was in fact a compromise that neither really liked, it does give you a different view of things.  It turns out that I had to do some "parenting" of "him" over the years, but now "both" of us are in harmony.    I refer to "him" as my Retired Name and "he" is actually happy to be retired and to heal as now I can give "him" the appreciation that "he" could not get from others in "our" family for years.    Over in the Spirituality forum I made some posts about Two Spirit people and I do have enough Native American heritage that I feel alright to put myself into that class.  It is a matter of spiritual balance between our male and female selves and letting our female spirit side work now puts us into balance that we did not have before.    I use the Dead Name term so I can communicate with others in the community better with the term, but while the name is dead, "he" is now my spirit that is at rest. 
    • VickySGV
      My own HMO here in California is doing more work via the internet and telephones instead of in-person consultation and it is a viable way of getting help where competent and cooperative medical help is difficult to find.  I have blood pressure and my glucose meter and fever thermometer  that can hook up to my computer and download vitals to the HMO's web links, and the electronic gadgets were covered by my insurance although they are all less than $300 from merchandise web sites.  There will be some wrinkles before this idea really is fully workable, but I like how it looks and hopefully grows.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Me too.  Sharing all of it here has helped me more than I can describe.   
    • MaryMary
      the important thing is your happyness and finding a place for all of you, including him. Everybody is different, has a different past. I think it's great that we can share it.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I certainly understand those who associate their dead or birth name to terrible negative feelings for a life time having no problem calling it a dead name.   I just never had those native feelings.   Earlier here when I joined TP I was coming out of my shell and I was a bit freaked out about killing off my male persona.  That guy was pretty cool nice strong and had an awesome life.  I was proud of him and all his Accomplishments.   But hated him for keeping me hidden away.  I loved him and hated him and those feelings were freaking me right out.  I literally thought I was going crazy feeling like two people.   So no I don’t want him dead it’s just that’s it’s my turn sort to speak.  He can support and encourage me from within like I did for him all these years.   yes I’m struggling with the internal family system therapy still as you can see.   but it’s definitely my turn.  
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