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Carolyn Marie

Trans Rights Takes Center Stage In LA Governor's Race

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Carolyn Marie

If I weren't the foot ball, I would never get to be in the game at all. 

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    • Tessa
      Love Form   Love in it truest form Is kind and sweet It is so incredibly warm Its like a candy you can eat   It doesn’t boast  It wants to only be with you Its real and not a ghost If only people knew    The touch of true love Will always heal It won’t push and shove  It will cause you to feel   It doesn’t look at financial gain It love the rich and poor  It’s like a gentle rain  That falls and then begins to pour    True love is empty of pride  It lives in sickness or health  It doesn’t run and hide it doesn’t care about wealth    It looks inside your heart  Not the shell you are in  It loves your most vital part  It praises you when you win   It breaks through your insecurities It enriches your inner soul It brings you new opportunities It chooses to make you whole   It will never leave you empty  You will always want more  It will always have plenty  True love is knocking at your door   True love is free Anyone can give it out True love is in you and me  True love we can’t live without    It searches to and fro Looking for a heart to consume  Its a friend not foe  Its always has room    If you’ve been touched by its power Then you are under its spell This is the hour  To break out and yell   True love is coming for you Just you wait and see It will guide you through  It will lead you to your destiny    by Tessa      
    • DeeDee
      😂🤣 I used an online translator maid. Love it!  I spent the first couple of minutes doing that too, and while I think she exaggerates her walk to the more common 'casual' shoulder bounce when she walks past the guys in the street funnily enough I couldn't find any. I think they did a good job at pointing out the possible reactions and definitely the fear of rejection being coated in fake niceness.    Jani she has indeed been born, despite everything else so in a way it does have a happy ending. It is a part of history, the United Kingdom was united by the ruling classes so England did not have to worry about fighting a war on multiple fronts, outlawing the language happened after the Jacobite uprising, it stopped the peasants plotting and revolting, if it wasn't for the outlying islands the language would have been totally exterminated. There has been a concerted effort to bring it back which has had some success.
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Yes its the same in anything.  people fear what they dont understand.  However it would generally be  straight men making all there same old record type put downs. However if they actually look deeper To be a Transsexual or gay actually gives them a clearer path to achieving there utopia. So in reality coming out the closet should be praised if they had a think as its just one less obsticle for them to concern themselves over.   Is it a threat to there manhood? No its just one more step up there ladder   Until they relise this then things will never change.
    • Maid In Bedlam
      As Far as Transexuality goes there have already been many studys on the brain diffrences.   Its been proved that brains reflet more to the gender they feel more phychlogical attached to   The human brain is a very complex but men have roughly 6.5 times More grey matter than woman. Woman 10 times more white matter than men. In the brain of the Transsexual the White matter reflets the white of born female. Its already been done. even pre hormones.  To the point where they took the brains of the deceased and examined them transsexuals and non Transsexuals repspectivly and results showed this also.   Well good luck to him if he finds something new.   However I would be cautious of a cure so to speak. If there is such a thing.  The only cure i know is what is avaliable now. Which isnt a cure but controls the symptoms. (Thats my take on it)   To put that in perspective. I do not feel the symptoms now. However tommrow if i decided to go back to trying  to live as a man I could be damm sure within a week all my symptoms of gender dysphoria  would be back.     I think and there are 2 sides to every story. He is trying to find proof that it is not just male and female brains but more diffrences than have already been established.        
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Thank you Ladies for your clarification.   Still all the same. Its nice to be able  to have the document to hand with correct details on it.   Im not sure again if its the same over there. But by Default the actual Certificate is not your property but property of the state. Therefore the powers that be have to authorise changes to it. hense the call for reforms to the law regarding gender recognition.   Which as a whole is still very good but needs some tweaking. Its very much misrepresented in what you can and cannot do without holding a gender reconition certificate.   To be honest. a scrap of paper that the goverment has soul ownership of has no bearing on my life because it no longer needs to be produced for really any purpose. I do need any goverment to instuct me on how i feel or live. But is the principal of the thing. I would change mine if it made any diffrence to me. But in reality it doesnt. But I never say never   So I hope that they archieve there goals in this matter.
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Chan urrainn dhomh mo cheann fhaighinn timcheall air garlic.   But it was a lovely film and had me going right up till the end.  Is it really bad that i was trying to pick out a single feature to identify her as trans?   But i got it in the end. It was a abstact perception.   lovely post Dee. Great film showing the diffrent reactions to a transition.  It was a nice dress to.     Ill say this very small . I had to google translate to put galic in my post. I cant speak a work of it  Butt shhh dont tell anyone    
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Hey Charlize You may be 71 but have the soul of someone half that age. As you managed to tame that beast.   Get those goggles on and keep on riding sweets 😎
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Hi Ricki. Thank you for you opinion.   I would be very happy to be enlightened in how you formed this opnion and where the conclusion for it manifested themselves from   I am not lacking Terminology. I would be more inclined to believe as i stated.     Just a walk or a voice can be part of this constuction. Subcoinsouly we make up our minds who is male and who is female before we ever get to asking pronouns or indeed even talking to them. Preemptive if you like.     I am talking about society in general and not  minority groups. If those you mentioned were accepted broadly then there would not be the need for parts of this forum and there would not be storys of people who believe this is there gender or sexuality being ridiculed or put down for it as it would just be as normal as male and female are and have been seen since we came out of the caves. At least in western culture anyway. ( I am also talking outside the confines of the internet)   I am all for people being what they want to be in there minds. But the trick is to proactivly be accepted by all. Which as i said may happen in the next Fifty years. But at this time i feel is not and will not be while the stigma remains attached to it in the view of it not being part of the social constuct. I do hope there will be scenitific evidence that there being neither gender is part of biology and is a proven fact.   As i have concluded anyone can say they are or can be whatever they want. Me for instance could expect Lady before my name as under  scottish law this would be my bistowed title as i own  land  therefore have a title. But I dont expect or demand anyone to call me by my title and i do not expect people to know it on there first glimpse of me. I do not announce it.  Hense if someone wants to correct me on pronouns then fine. As I said Im not judge or jury. I can only go by what sceince teaches us.  Transexuality is a proven medical and biological condition. Unlike Enby's and Ace's which is at this time to my knowledge not. I have spent many years working towald being called by a female pronoun. To fit into the socail constuction of what it is to be female.   If im wrong then as i have said in many posts on many occasions. Show me my error and i will accept with open arms. (Well being honest i already do) on the basis people are entitled to live and be who they want. My condition gives me a very open mind to others. But facts convince me completly. But it is not me that needs convincing. Its the human race.     Thanks Tracy. It was just a typo and  it was never my intention to sound like i know your mind. 😊         I would definatly try to get him to say "GORDONS ALIVE" and perhaps tell the gorilla story to 🤣   However i will say this if you came to my shop then on the basis of your picture It would be Ma'am or Miss. You may call yourself Androygne but I would aire on the side of female pronouns on your presentation.  Then see if you corrected me. Which i wouldnt expect as you present as you do.   just a point to note. british  driving licences. If its a male one in general it will never have a title where a Female driving licence will have a title Such as Miss or Mrs. As womens titles change were mens do not regardless of there status. This also includes the numbers on it. Well in female and male driving licences but thats an obvious one. Mine now has Miss were my old one had no title. Just straaight into a name. Some people say its sexist. I  was actually was quite euphoric about having a title 😉 and the female id number.  A bit of a milestone so to speak    
    • tracy_j
      Looking good Charlize! You are reminding me of an old life from some time back   Tracy
    • EvanC
      Oh, you have an beemer, and it's just about as old as me. Looking great!   I haven't been on a bike in over 20 years, but I still miss it sometimes. I guess it's not too late to think about getting on one again someday.
    • Jani
      Yes it is a bit sad but then, maybe not as she has awakened from here past.     I must admit I have never heard Gaelic spoken conversationally so this was an interesting experience.   I can never understand the arrogance of those who would make speaking in one's native tongue illegal.  
    • Jani
      I know we do have other college folks here, but due to schedules and the issue of dorm room privacy (for those not out publicly) they may not check the site often.    I think connecting with the GSA was a good choice.    Cheers, Jani
    • Jani
      Looking good Charlize!  Be safe when you're out there.     Hugs, Jani
    • VickySGV
      Looking good there.  I have never had the courage to ride one of those.  I used to be fine with the pedal type of bicycle, but the engine driven ones were too scary.
    • Charlize
      I took the old gal out for a lovely ride today.  She started with the first kick.  Awesome for a 52 year old bike ridden by a 71 year old woman.  Such fun
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