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Carolyn Marie

Opinion: Both Sides Gear Up for SCOTUS "Battle Royal"

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Timber Wolf

 I hate to say this, but I fear this could go badly for us. Although the hate monger's arguments are not founded in fact, trump has been allowed to stack the supreme court in his favor. Despite the medical and scientific documentation that we can provide, our haters are not going to listen to it.                               


This will be a fight we have to win in the long haul. Although legal protections are great, the current administration is demonstrating how quickly such protections can be taken away. 


We can not change our haters. I believe we must focus on the education of the ignorant. Many who go along with the haters arguments do so because they simply don't have knowledge. Ignorance allows one to be lead, while knowledge allows one to stand. I believe for lasting transgender rights, our community must seek out avenues for distributing truth and knowledge to those who don't have it concerning us.


Political leaders, and even judges installed by those political leaders may be horrible people. But in our system it is the people who put the political leaders in place. By shining the light of knowledge on the darkness of ignorance, fewer people will vote for our haters, and they will dwindle in numbers in government. That is when real transgender rights will be achieved.   


We may see some early fruits of our labors ourselves, but more importantly we will leave a legacy of freedom for those who follow us.


Wow, this turned into a rant. Oh well. Just what was on my mind is all.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf 🐾

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Carolyn Marie

If the SCOTUS decides against the plaintiff, we still have one chance left to safeguard our rights; beat the Repubs at the ballot box next year.  If we have control of the WH and both houses of Congress we might be able to amend Title VII to include the LGBT communities.  That would protect us, at least until the Repubs take over government again.  Is it a long shot?  Yes it is, but its a shot we have to fight to win.


Carolyn Marie

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    • Jani
      No not really!  I felt happy after starting but no fireworks.  As you have found changes do creep up on you and all the things you note will present in your life soon enough.  As to depression, talk to your doctor and get something for it.  There is no need to have this cloud over your life.    Jani  
    • Jani
      Hello Rami and welcome. There are many "older" women here with similar stories to yours so you'll feel comfortable here.  Accepting that you are transgender is big.  I'm glad to hear you are dealing with it now.  I look forward to seeing you around.    Jani
    • Jani
      Thanks for this info.  I sent word to my mother who has a cat.    Jan
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, probably not for me either. It's a small office with a cramped and crowded waiting room. They may start taking appointments only though so, after I get the REST of my paperwork filled out (My gynecologist needs to inspect my GCS surgeon's work, declare me female and fill out a form to that effect), I can start looking into that.   The birth certificate should be easier. I can do that by mail or maybe online.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Cloth. I got mine from Lookhuman then another pair from Amazon. Susan found one she liked at the antique store she was visiting on her birthday as well. I had to laugh when the young woman at the wig store asked for picture ID. "But... we're all wearing masks..."   Hugs!
    • lachallenger
      Huh! Usually communications with them are a bramble patch for me - though an office visit isn't going to be an option for me for a while, that said.   Cheers!
    • Jackie C.
      My spouse is a vet tech and my estranged mother a veterinarian. I don't keep Lysol in the house. It's very poisonous to them and it works very, very quickly. Keep the babies safe. 😻   Hugs!
    • Dinaki
      Good Lord, I have two precious babies here. Thank you for tell me that Jackie dear!
    • Jackie C.
      That's surprisingly straightforward too. I went in with my paperwork, chatted with the clerk, asked a couple of questions (There are stupid regulations in changing gender markers in my state), and went about my way. The worst part was sitting in the waiting room.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      It's fatal to cats though, be careful with how you use it.   Hugs!
    • Willow
      Thank you everyone.    It is the story of all of us who knew something was different from an early age but didn't understand.  It took me way to long to admit what I should have known all along.     Have a great day.   Willow      
    • MikaReich
      I can't wear a mask for medical reasons and have a letter from my doctor,can't breathe in it and gives me bad headaches
    • lachallenger
      Finding a name that resonates with you can really take some time. Speaking as a long-time player of video games, I found it easy to work through something like a character name or alias or the type, a bit like a callsign. I... reached the peace with my own name after creating a character that used it, and it resonated with me enough that I have every intention of using it. Jackie is absolutely correct about the procedures for changing names and identity legally - both that the legal procedures tend to be fairly straightforward and involve legal fees, paperwork, swearing that you're changing your name for legal reasons - but the other side of it's true as well - having to explain credits or work history or anything else attached to a person's birth name and identity. I do not look forward to having to (e.g.) go through the change of name procedures with Social Security. I am used to poring over lists of names whenever I am creating a new fictitious character - but in this circumstance, in your place, I would start with what culturally resonated with me the most, and move from there.   Sincerely - I hope any of this helps you!
    • Dinaki
      Here is another but very rare performance with the song She was never he
    • Dinaki
      If I understand correctly, the disinfectant is a good fighter for Covid    Lysol Desinfectant
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