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Maid In Bedlam

Trumps Pledge to the Un Congress.

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Maid In Bedlam

“My administration is working with other nations to stop criminalizing of homosexuality,” Trump said. “And we stand in solidarity with LGBT people who live in countries that punish, jail and execute people based upon sexual orientation.”


Did you get that bit?


Going by whats been said in this forum about trumpy and his anti LGBT stance.


I just wondered what this statement will mean for my American Cousins.


Link to Blade here with just the LGBT/Homosexual statement.




Charles Moran, managing director of Log Cabin Republicans, heaped praised on Trump for including the global initiative in his speech.

“President Trump is fulfilling on his initiative to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe,” Moran said. “We are thankful that he will use this moment while addressing the world to call for the end of senseless persecution of LGBTQ individuals. President Trump is keeping his promises to the the LGBTQ community, and for standing up for American values.”

Echoing that praise at Log Cabin was board chair Bob Kabel, who said Trump “challenged the world to do better concerning LGBTQ protections.” Log Cabin endorsed Trump last month.



Full speech here if your interested. Or if you want as CBS Puts it "Addresing the world"





Quite interesting or a load of Hogwash?


Please do tell if this makes a bit of diffrence? Asks the english woman who trys but doesnt really understand the workings of Politics in the US.

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Susan R
Just now, Maid In Bedlam said:

Quite interesting or a load of Hogwash?

The latter.  Trump has a forked tongue.


I'll repost this information which I originally copied from a previous post here on Transpulse.  People need to know the truth about him and what he is doing to our community.  It's a list of the onslaught of attacks on LGBT rights (especially trans people) that the Trump administration has done so far.  This is a LONG list.


ANTI-TRANSGENDER & ANTI-LGBTQ Legislation under Trump administration through May 24, 2019

• May 24, 2019: The Department of Health and Human Services published a proposed rule that would remove all recognition that federal law prohibits transgender patients from discrimination in health care. Courts across the nation have ruled otherwise.


• May 22, 2019: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a plan to gut regulations prohibiting discrimination against transgender people in HUD-funded homeless shelters.


• May 14, 2019: President Trump announced his opposition to the Equality Act (H.R. 5), the federal legislation that would confirm and strengthen civil rights protections for LGBTQ Americans and others.


• May 2, 2019: The Department of Health and Human Services published a final rule encouraging hospital officials, staff, and insurance companies to deny care to patients, including transgender patients, based on religious or moral beliefs. This vague and broad rule was immediately challenged in court.


• April 12, 2019: The Department of Defense put President Trump’s ban on transgender service members into effect, putting service members at risk of discharge if they come out or are found out to be transgender.


• March 13, 2019: The Department of Defense laid out its plans for implementing its ban on transgender troops, giving an official implementation date of April 12.


• January 23, 2019: The Department of Health & Human Services' Office of Civil Rights granted an exemption to adoption and foster care agencies in South Carolina, allowing religiously-affiliated services to discriminate against current and aspiring LGBTQ caregivers.


• November 23, 2018: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) erased critical guidance that helped federal agency managers understand how to support transgender federal workers and respect their rights, replacing clear and specific guidance reflecting applicable law and regulations with vaguely worded guidance hostile to transgender workers. While this guidance change did not change the rights of transgender federal workers under applicable law, regulations, Executive Orders, and case law, it is likely to cause confusion and promote discrimination within the nation's largest employer.


• August 10, 2018: The Department of Labor released a new directive for Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) staff encouraging them to grant broad religious exemptions to federal contractors with religious-based objections to complying with nondiscrimination laws. It also deleted material from an OFCCP FAQ on LGBT nondiscrimination protections that previously clarified the limited scope of allowable religious exemptions.


• June 11, 2018: Attorney General Jeff Sessions ruled that the federal government would no longer recognized gang violence or domestic violence as grounds for asylum, adopting a legal interpretation that could lead to rejecting most LGBT asylum-seekers.


• May 11, 2018: The Bureau of Prisons in the Department of Justice adopted an illegal policy of almost entirely housing transgender people in federal prison facilities that match their sex assigned at birth, rolling back existing protections.


• March 23, 2018: The Trump Administration announced an implementation plan for its discriminatory ban on transgender military service members.


• February 18, 2018: The Department of Education announced it will summarily dismiss complaints from transgender students involving exclusion from school facilities and other claims based solely on gender identity discrimination.


• January 26, 2018: The Department of Health and Human Services proposed a rule that encourages medical providers to use religious grounds to deny treatment to transgender people, people who need reproductive care, and others.


• January 18, 2018: The Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Civil Rights opened a "Conscience and Religious Freedom Division" that will promote discrimination by health care providers who can cite religious or moral reasons for denying care.


• December 14, 2017: Staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were instructed not to use the words “transgender,” “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “fetus,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based” in official documents.


• October 6, 2017: The Justice Department released a sweeping "license to discriminate" allowing federal agencies, government contractors, government grantees, and even private businesses to engage in illegal discrimination, as long as they can cite religious reasons for doing so.


• October 5, 2017: The Justice Department released a memo instructing Department of Justice attorneys to take the legal position that federal law does not protect transgender workers from discrimination.


• September 7, 2017: The Justice Department filed a legal brief on behalf of the United States in the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing for a constitutional right for businesses to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and, implicitly, gender identity.


• August 25, 2017: President Trump released a memo directing Defense Department to move forward with developing a plan to discharge transgender military service members and to maintain a ban on recruitment.


• July 26, 2017: President Trump announced, via Twitter, that "the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military."


• July 26, 2017: The Justice Department filed a legal brief on behalf of the United States in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, arguing that the 1964 Civil Rights Act does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or, implicitly, gender identity. 


• June 14, 2017: The Department of Education withdrew its finding that an Ohio school district discriminated against a transgender girl. The Department gave no explanation for withdrawing the finding, which a federal judge upheld.


• May 2, 2017: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a plan to roll back regulations interpreting the Affordable Care Act’s nondiscrimination provisions to protect transgender people.


• April 14, 2017: The Justice Department abandoned its historic lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s anti-transgender law. It did so after North Carolina replaced HB2 with a different anti-transgender law known as “HB 2.0.”


• April 4, 2017: The Departments of Justice and Labor cancelled quarterly conference calls with LGBT organizations; on these calls, which had happened for years, government attorneys shared information on employment laws and cases.


• March 31, 2017: The Justice Department announced it would review (and likely seek to scale back) numerous civil rights settlement agreements with police departments. These settlements were put in places where police departments were determined to be engaging in discriminatory and abusive policing, including racial and other profiling. Many of these agreements include critical protections for LGBT people.


• March 2017: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) removed links to four key resource documents from its website, which informed emergency shelters on best practices for serving transgender people facing homelessness and complying with HUD regulations.


• March 28, 2017: The Census Bureau retracted a proposal to collect demographic information on LGBT people in the 2020 Census.


• March 24, 2017: The Justice Department cancelled a long-planned National Institute of Corrections broadcast on “Transgender Persons in Custody: The Legal Landscape.”


• March 13, 2017: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that its national survey of older adults, and the services they need, would no longer collect information on LGBT participants. HHS initially falsely claimed in its Federal Register announcement that it was making “no changes” to the survey.


• March 13, 2017: The State Department announced the official U.S. delegation to the UN’s 61st annual Commission on the Status of Women conference would include two outspoken anti-LGBT organizations, including a representative of the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM): an organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


• March 10, 2017: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced it would withdraw two important agency-proposed policies designed to protect LGBT people experiencing homelessness. One proposed policy would have required HUD-funded emergency shelters to put up a poster or "notice" to residents of their right to be free from anti-LGBT discrimination under HUD regulations. 

The other announced a survey to evaluate the impact of the LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Prevention Initiative, implemented by HUD and other agencies over the last three years. This multi-year project should be evaluated, and with this withdrawal, we may never learn what worked best in the project to help homeless LGBTQ youth.


• March 8, 2017: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) removed demographic questions about LGBT people that Centers for Independent Living must fill out each year in their Annual Program Performance Report. This report helps HHS evaluate programs that serve people with disabilities.


• March 2, 2017: The Department of Justice abandoned its request for a preliminary injunction against North Carolina’s anti-transgender House Bill 2, which prevented North Carolina from enforcing HB 2. This was an early sign that the Administration was giving up defending trans people (later, on April 14, it withdrew the lawsuit completely).


• March 1, 2017: The Department of Justice took the highly unusual step of declining to appeal a nationwide preliminary court order temporarily halting enforcement of the Affordable Care Act’s nondiscrimination protections for transgender people. The injunction prevents HHS from taking any action to enforce transgender people's rights from health care discrimination.


• February 22, 2017, 2017: The Departments of Justice and Education withdrew landmark 2016 guidance explaining how schools must protect transgender students under the federal Title IX law


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Josie Beth

His small tokens of lip service belie his actions. If the last 2 years isn’t enough evidence of a clue, then people really are dense. He’s waging some ill advised campaign, against transgender people especially, for no good reason. None of these policies have any effect on him at all, and none of them really effected his base constituents. They have all caused a lot of problems for transgender people. I’m even sure that the takedown of Craigslist personals and other sites is directly related to stopping anything deemed sexually deviant instead of actually fighting against sexual trafficking. They haven’t stopped any really bad people from exploiting those who are engaged in sex work, they just drove it underground and they also removed alternatives for people who don’t fit in to the typical dating apps. It’s a puritanical purge. It’s hideously similar to THT and that’s not even an exaggeration. I never liked him, I always thought there was a lot off about him. His actions seem to be provocative as well. Like a bully trying to corner someone into a fight. What it’s causing is an even greater rift in the population. This is why I really hate the idea that politics should be used as a weapon to punish the losers. This nonsense of using politics to harm others is not just wrong but it’s becoming deadly. 

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2 hours ago, Susan R said:

ANTI-TRANSGENDER & ANTI-LGBTQ Legislation under Trump administration through May 24, 2019


To be honest, Susan, none of this is legislation.  All of this is by executive order or direction to the various bureaucracies under the President.


I am not a Trump supporter, but neither do I disdain him as many do.  He, like any President, has brought a mix of good and bad to the office.


2 hours ago, Maid In Bedlam said:

Please do tell if this makes a bit of diffrence? Asks the english woman who trys but doesnt really understand the workings of Politics in the US.


The problem here is we have our Congress, which is similar in many ways to your own Parliament, which is tasked with creating laws and managing the nations finances, but there is another 'government' superimposed below it, which is causes its own set of problems.  The idea of our Founders in separating responsibilities and powers was to keep government in check and keep it from becoming too powerful.  At some point, we began creating all sorts of bureaus and such under the President, and under the President's control.  These Bureaus often create regulations, which too often are laws disguised as something else.  Our system is designed wherein laws are created by elected representatives who should be answerable to their constituents.  What all the bureaucracy does is put law-making power in the hands of appointed officials.  You can be jailed or fined for breaking a regulation.  They are, in effect, laws without being laws.


I find it ridiculous we Americans moan and complain when Presidents direct the various bureaus to do something we don't like using the bureaucracy, and applaud something we like.  We are oblivious of the fact we are allowing ourselves to be governed by a government for which we are not giving permission.  The foundation of both U.K. and U.S. government concepts is that government is by consent of the governed.  The English Monarchs had to call parliaments to gain consent and get almost anything significant done.  When Obama was in office, conservatives would cry, "Hey, he can't do that!" every time Obama used the bureaucracy to put policy in place they didn't like.  Now, liberals are crying "Hey, he can't do that!" every  time Trump uses the same mechanism.  Yes.  Yes, he can.  Why?  Because, we tolerated the last guy doing it and the guy before him, and the next guy will be even worse, whoever he or she may be.  This process of un-elected officials making what amounts to laws will continue, and only get worse until we realize it is completely un-Constitutional and demand it stop.


Obama said the Constitution was a document of 'negative liberties.'  It is only a document of negative liberties if you are in the government.  The Constitution is designed to limit the power and scope of government.  The power-hungry politicians on both sides have discovered this great little loophole to get around the Constitution.  The loophole is called the "Department of...", "The Bureau of...", the "Office of..."  Every time we allow someone on our side (liberal or conservative) some new power, we have to expect the other side will use the same power in ways we don't like when they get their chance.

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Susan R
3 hours ago, michelle_kitten said:

To be honest, Susan, none of this is legislation

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and the attention of others reading this, Michelle.  You may be correct which makes his "actions" even more a travesty of justice, imho.  I re-posted the list using the original title and the article's content "as-is" with no changes being made.   Nonetheless,, all of these actions under the watch of Trump show a clear pattern... bias and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.


Susan R🌷

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Josie Beth

Here’s where the fallacy breaks down. I didn’t consent to being governed by a bunch of self serving and or vindictive twits, I was born into it. If I was to revoke the implied consent I have been forced into by being born into it, what would happen? I can’t really say I don’t consent, I don’t have a choice. It’s foisted on me just like my birth gender. Choice is imaginary in a pre-existing government because it’s usually the choice between two evils. That and there’s nothing ethical about politics, it’s often broken down into us against them and political actions are used as weapons against the losers every election. The only way to change things is by fundamentally changing how humanity views their place in the world and how they ethically act towards each other. Without actively and mindfully engaging in our world it’s always going to be the same insane repeat feces show. We can’t vote that in or take political actions to make that reality. We have to lead by example. That’s going to mean proposing new ideas that don’t demand that someone has to lose something to benefit us. That’s going to mean we don’t expect to get cake on one hand and a poop sandwich just to balance things out. There is such a thing as a win/win with that new perspective if people understand boundaries and respect.

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Maid In Bedlam
On 9/25/2019 at 1:49 PM, michelle_kitten said:

The problem here is we have our Congress, which is similar in many ways to your own Parliament, which is tasked with creating laws and managing the nations finances, but there is another 'government' superimposed below it, which is causes its own set of problems.  The idea of our Founders in separating responsibilities and powers was to keep government in check and keep it from becoming too powerful.  At some point, we began creating all sorts of bureaus and such under the President, and under the President's control.  These Bureaus often create regulations, which too often are laws disguised as something else.  Our system is designed wherein laws are created by elected representatives who should be answerable to their constituents.  What all the bureaucracy does is put law-making power in the hands of appointed officials.  You can be jailed or fined for breaking a regulation.  They are, in effect, laws without being laws.


Thank you for your insight into US Politics Michelle. Very informative



It would appear that some others also regard the statements made by Trumpy ring a little shallow in there substance


Trump's Support for LGBTQ Rights in U.N. Speech Rings Hollow to Many





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Josie Beth

All his statements are hollow. They don’t have any substance at all. He’s just a lying bully with the strange ability to paraphrase himself 20 times in the same paragraph. I’m not sure if he’s trying to alter reality by repeating something enough times or make a lie true by repeating it enough, or trying to bludgeon people into believing his poorly delivered speech. He’s just better at being a totally transparent A hole than others in politics. It’s sad that people are so thoroughly misguided about what a true man is that they really think he’s the prime example. For someone who is looked up to he sure is a huge fan of ad hominem attacks on people while puffing his red cheeks out and waving his finger in a threatening manner. It’s more akin to a 4 year old throwing a tantrum. Really manly. 

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On 9/27/2019 at 7:42 AM, Josie Beth said:

For someone who is looked up to he sure is a huge fan of ad hominem attacks on people while puffing his red cheeks out and waving his finger in a threatening manner. It’s more akin to a 4 year old throwing a tantrum. Really manly. 

I just can't see the difference between Trump and any other politician of recent decades.  They've all been Mr. Stompyfeet when things haven't gone their way.  I am not a fan of ANY of them, since before Clinton, and a few before that have been questionable.  Read about what a horse's behind Lindon B. Johnson was.


In medieval times, during certain periods of time and in certain areas, there was a backhanded way of keeping control of the serfs.  Serfs weren't technically slaves, but some lords resorted to fining serfs for the slightest little infraction.  These fines, call amercements (implying they were merciful), were stacked so heavy on most serfs that most of them could work all their lives and hardly start to pay of the fines they owed their lord.  Thus, if the lord said, "jump," the serf asked, "how high?"  Today, in the United States there are so many laws and regulations the average citizen breaks approximately 5 to 6 a day without even being aware...  Sounds like the old amercement system again to me.


Do I think Trump supports the LGBTQIA+ community?  No, but neither do I think any of the other candidates, or current elected officials, past getting the LGBTQIA+ community to vote for them, care about us.  Sure, they'll throw us a bone here and there to keep us hooked, but that's it.  As soon as we are inconvenient the whole lot would turn on us like a rabid dog on a bleeding chicken.  I don't trust them, because everyone of them is playing this dishonest, reprehensible, twist the truth game, or outright lying to us.  The vast majority of them have the attitude we are all to dumb to know what's good for us, but somehow, by virtue of having duped us into voting for them, they do know what's best for all of us.


Somehow we've let us get into this identity politics merry-go-round where in we think in strict black and white terms in regards to groups and labels. Party X = All bad, while Party Y all good.  This sexuality = all bad.  That sexuality = all good.  This religion or no professed religion = all bad.  That religion or no professed religion = all good.  George Washington warned us about this in his Farewell Address.


I can't tell you how many people I've talked to who have all but fried their brains trying to force me into a category when I tell them I don't support either party, and I don't trust anyone in office.  They ask me pointed questions about my stance on certain subjects, to try to align me with one side or the other.  My stance is the least amount of government we have the better.  Government is a necessary evil, because human beings don't always have self-control and have a streak of selfishness in them.  The problem is government tends to attract the very same people it seeks to control, who will do their best to manipulate it to their own ends.  The only way to keep this from getting out of control is to tie the hands of government so much, it becomes unappealing and nearly useless in the hands of the greedy and selfish.


And don't think either socialism or communism solves this either.  Every time those systems have been tried the results is a political class and a criminal class who live in opulence , while the rest suffer.  Even worse, in order for communism or socialism to have a prayer of working it requires giving power to the government, which will attract to office those who will misuse that power.


Josie Beth is absolutely correct.  The only way the United States becomes other than a cesspool of corruption is for us to have the moral courage to do what is right and quit being so self-absorbed.  We have to engage in the system.  We have to vote out the human waste we have in office now, almost to the individual.  We need to hold our politicians  accountable to represent us.  That starts with refusing to wallow in our own confirmation bias and stop allowing our favorite media outlets from feeding us carefully filtered, and expertly spun perspectives of the world.  We have  to think for ourselves.  We have to look at someone like Trump and admit he's done some good along with the stupidity.  We have to look at Bernie Sanders and say, "Well, he makes a few good points, even if he comes across only slightly less of an inept old codger than Tim Conway's Oldest Man in the World.  When you think about it, there is little difference between Pence and Ocassio-Cortez.  Both of them have little in the way of mental processing power, but neither one of the is a complete waste.


LGBTQIA+ rights have to come from cultural transformation, not government.  It takes time to change a culture, and we suffer until it changes.  I know of no way to fix that, except to be morally upstanding to the best of my ability and to be something of an ambassador, diplomatically reaching out to others and in doing so remove the veil of ignorance.  If our culture were more accepting and kind, we wouldn't need laws to protect us anymore than anyone else.  We need to be the change we want to see.

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Josie Beth

Yes! Absolutely agree. I don’t trust any of them either. They all pay lip service and then toss everyone away after they get what they want. Sounds like a bad relationship to me. I can get that in the dating world.

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When I vote , would love to be able to vote to keep the postion vacant .  I think in most elections give people a reason to vote for them , not the best of the worse . But if keep it vacant it would have a lot of open seats or positions and would show what voters truly think of the choice they have .  Postion vacant by voters choice and then run another election with other people and keep on doing it until the people have someone in office that commands respect . 

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Josie Beth

But who’s going to run the country? people say. Who’s going to protect us? Won’t everything grind to a halt? There won’t be anyone there to make laws or sign papers or fund anything. That’s one of the main reasons people have to vote for someone. They can’t imagine what it would be like if nobody was pulling the strings. It’s bound to bring swift disaster. After all we have to have politicians so we can brush our teeth or take out the trash or walk the dog. Life would end. We couldn’t even go to Walmart or McDonald’s if politicians didn’t exist. It’s unthinkable. The sun would refuse to rise and the weather would just decide to be weather. Who’s going to pave the roads? 

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      Hi megan,its nice to hear your story, when i think of someone transitioning i dont necessarilly think of them as wanting to become something, with the proper frame of mind youre only merely cultivating whats already there,i dont know, i have a lot to learn, i just thought it might help a little,be well.
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      Thanks Jackie,  I think their logic is that God made you a male and you are going against His will and his intention.  My logic is that birth defects happen and He allows them as he allows an imperfect world. Life would be boring and we would not have a need for God if everything was perfect.  If you want perfect go for heaven.    So when you are TG, God, in my humble opinion accepts that and DOES NOT want you to worry about His judgment with that issue and He IS kind and loving and has been to me.  God is not the problem, Evangelical Christians are and they are in the minority among Christians.  More and more denominations are arriving at accepting LGBT as "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR" trumps all other issues.    So as to my wife, she was made that way too, believing what she does and she can't help it any more than we can.  She finds comfort in believing all the rules and that makes her feel safe, so I love her and don't hold it against her and I feel bad about how this is affecting the last years of life that she planned on.  I am 74 and she told me she is going to become a widow prematurely.    I am grateful that she is not trying to destroy me the way some women do when getting a divorce.  Hugs to you too.  Donna
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      As a woman, how does she make ends meet?  I understand that some of these are in deed silly when you step back a bit.  But it does show the level of misunderstanding people have about transgender folks!  All of those questions would seem weird if asked to her, but I totally get her point.  I think it will be a nice visit where you can dispel any and all rumors  (and show off your dust free home!)   As to whether she missed something way back when; well they do say love is blind!     Jani    
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      Yes. For the situation where I can't avoid and can't run away from I have my handy collection of scars.
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      When I was an unhappy female, I realized how vulnerable I was so I've studied Martial Arts for the last 16 years, some brutal styles and some very passive ones. My go-to is still the brutal styles, but I'm glad I have more gentle tools in my toolbox so I can defend myself without going too far. I used to have my CHL, but I let it lapse when my suicidality was super-active. Now, I'm concerned that my MH diagnoses could result in unfavorable litigation should I ever have to pull my weapon, so I haven't pursued renewing my permit. I do, however, ALWAYS have a large knife in my pocket specifically for defense situations. Now that I'm physically turning into the guy I always felt I was, I'm finding that the NEED to be so on edge about my safety is diminishing, although security concerns will always be a way of life for me.   In addition to being able to handle myself physically, I'm also trained in confrontation psychology and Verbal Judo. Its always best to be able to talk your way out of sketchy situations than to let things escalate to the physical. As stated above, the BEST strategy is to STAY OUT of the situation in the first place!!
    • VickySGV
      I am no longer afraid of being out at my meetings -- I say no longer for good reason -- but no longer is true. We have gifts to bring to the Recovery Tables that it does take us a while to realize.  We are different than the others (Chapter 3 reading); we have had to become scrupulously honest is ways that make other's pale by comparison because ours MUST BE in our hearts or we have no chance.  We even do the Steps in our Transition Journey in many ways.  Our spirituality and images of our Higher Power are different than a Cis person's, but they show the AA principal of "God as we understand (him, her, they) God just a little more brightly in the face of how religions treat us just as many treat recovering addicts of all sorts.  Explore your Transition and sobriety together and apart -- if you can that is -- or live them as your whole life.  I am at 11 years both sober (this time) and OUT and free.  It is fun and helps our AA friends in their paths.
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