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No real review but questions on stuff, devices, products.

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Ok so I like many others, I have wasted way to much money on products that claim this or that and simply did not do a thing.  At least for me. Some are outrageous on how much they cost with little support to them actually working.

Items such as suction therapy on breast and/or nipples.  Creams that "slow" hair growth on your face.  Hair removal (other then electrolysis) 

Do these products really work?


I have tried breast suction devices and even bought Noogle suction therapy and during the "procedure" I achieve a nice full breast.  C cups and bigger!  Excitement threw the roof.!!!  The potential for future boob size!  One second later its back to man boobs.  I realize any sort of therapy that increases the size of anything has to be done over a long period of time.  For a long period of time per day 7 days a week.  Who can do this?  Especially if your not out yet.  Ultimately in my estimation on how this "should" work, the device will stretch my chest skin and hope that fat fills it in.  It will of course not build breast tissue.  (Or at least I do not think it will.)  It does supply the breast and nipples with tissue building blood flow.  So maybe.  Its way to easy to over use these or use them wrong.  IE: to much suction.  I know....


Nipple suction I have seen ok results.  However I was taking hormones and blockers too.  So not sure if it was the pills or the suction or the combination.  At this point I did see results.  My nipples were very small and no areola.  Little boy small even as an adult.  I have increased the size by double though that's still not female size or shape.  I use an inverted nipple suction cup for breastfeeding mothers, (sorry I do not know the brand of the top of my head).  Its compact and strong but comfortable to wear long term.  Strong enough to stay on while your sleeping or to work out with.  The Snake Bite cups are brutal in my opinion.  Ouch.


I have yet to try any of the hair growth slowing creams for your face, or other areas, as I do not want to waste money and time.  If they do indeed work then please send me a product to try.

Hair removal.  The bane of my inner and outer women.  I hate body hair.  I hated it with a passion. It make me want to quiver with repulsion.  Yes, I am somewhat hairy.  Some places no but legs butt and fore arms, I'm an ape.  I have only had access and the obvious instant success with shaving but lets face it.  What a pain in all senses of the word.  The pickiness once regrowth starts is brutal in certain regions.  Feels gross under clothing and that is after it stops hurting.  Shaving bumps suck.  No better way to state that. 

I recently tried the use an epilator for coarse hair.  Damn girl that's not pain free either!  Over a few weeks I "conditioned" myself to just take it.  Beautiful can be painful.  In the end my regrowth was a few day beyond shaving but again it was a chore to do my whole body.  Some areas no way.  Still get "shaving bumps too".  (Sigh)


Laser is probably a no go for me.   I am old.  LOL 

A lot of my hairs are turning grey/white and white or light colored hairs do not respond well to laser treatments. So I've read.  It does kind of make my beard less noticeable being mostly white to gray after shaving.  But I still have enough dark hairs to be noticeable.  My body hair is still very dark so maybe there.  But do the home DIY home devices work or are they a waste of money?


Electrolysis is way out of my financial means, probably always will be. Though I know it is the most successful treatment for permanent hair removal.  But takes a long time and many treatments to get where you want to be.  If only.... (dreams and wishes)


So please help a girl out and suggest what really works.  Please chime in and let me know what your experiences have been and if you have found success.

Thank you all for the help.


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The adage "if's it's too good tone true, it probably is" applies here.  All the items you mention are attempts to lighten your wallet.  Even the use of an elpilator will result in return of the hair.  Laser is not inexpensive nor is is permanent although you may see some positive results.  Interestingly all these items promise pain free results. Ha!  With hair removal, think what you are doing.  It will be painful.  Electrolysis is not inexpensive and not a one time deal either.  There are only a few successful processes for adding or removing hair.  


The only successful method for any of this to go the professional route and have it done properly.  Sorry but that's it.  

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Thank you for the reply.  I was hoping for a magic cure but deep down knew better.

I understand that the real deal will cost and big.  Time and money.  Something most of us don't have a surplus of.  


Keep buying razors.  LOL


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Jackie C.

What Jani said. Unfortunately there's no magic wand. I so wish, but wishing doesn't work either. Herbal products are a bad idea for a variety of reasons from, "It doesn't work and cost a mint," to "It doesn't work and gave me an exciting new health problem." The same goes for vacuum pumps. You do not want to throw a clot.

Honestly all these products are looking to make a buck off of someone else's moment of desperation. Where you'll try ANYTHING to get just a little closer to your goal. The people who peddle such problems should be pecked by perturbed penguins until they repent.


Breast massage along with hormone therapy (under the supervision of an endocrinologist) helps a little. Your mileage may vary. It's pain free though.


I can't comment on hair removal though. I was "gifted" with alopecia universallis for my 39th birthday. I'm going to look on the bright side and say, "At least I don't have to shave anything." I have found that most SRS surgeons in the states won't touch you unless you've had electrolysis in the "target area" for at least a year though. Made scheduling my surgery a challenge.



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6 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

Honestly all these products are looking to make a buck off of someone else's moment of desperation.

This is the one guaranteed item they don't talk about! 


As to electrolysis, I am just over four years and 240 hours.  I told my electrologist (who's become a great friend) if I had known I would still be on the table four years later I would have cried.  Oh wait!  I did cry, but from the pain when she zapped hair on my lip.  But everything gets easier and I am almost finished.   With just a number of white hairs on the neck to go, I rarely wear makeup now unless I'm doing something special.  I've achieved my goal of blending in and being one of the girls when I am out.   


TL:DR  There is no easy road to success (or happiness).  You gotta work for it! 

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Nipple suction I have seen ok results


A few years ago I wanted more noticeable nipples, and I asked my dermatologist if it was possible to "plump up" my nipples with collagen, much like some women do with their lips.


She said she had never seen it done, but she thought it would work. She would purchase a container of collagen, and inject my nips as needed (I guess collagen injections need to be refreshed from time to time.), and keep the collagen in her fridge just for my use.


I didn't have it done, but I'm keeping it i mind. If I have extra money after surgery, I may pursue it again.



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    • Jani
      Hi Sarah!  Another older member here.  Welcome.     Me as well.   As Kathy noted, I also could have written your intro.  You're not alone here.  I understand it scary to admit this to yourself but its all part of the process to gaining freedom in your life.     Please join in the conversation.  There are a number of us music lovers and a few sailors as well.  You're in good company.   Cheers, Jani 
    • The Viv Element
      That's totally understandable, but you came to the right place. Some might say that reaching out for help in gender questioning is a milestone so be proud of yourself  next step is identifying yourself and the lifestyle that goes with it so you feel more like yourself, I hope you find the answers you seek!
    • KathyLauren
      Hi, Sarah.  You have come to the right place.   Your story is very, very familiar.  Except for the kids, I could have written it myself.  I was 61 when I was where you are now.    If you can, I would recommend that you see a gender therapist.  They will be able to help you figure out what you want to accomplish and how to get there.   Regards, Kathy
    • SarahVA
      Thank you Viv!  It was hard to write, it's all kind of scary actually.
    • The Viv Element
      Also you look great for someone your age! 😍
    • The Viv Element
      Hi Sarah! Welcome to Transpulse forums  Thank you for sharing your experiences because most importantly these experiences help the gender questioning peeps out there to see a clearer version of themselves when they realize others are going through the same thing & never hesitate to open a post for any questions you might have down the road because that's what we're here for     Goodluck on your Journey Sarah!❤️
    • Cyndee
      Nice Dakota, thanks for sharing here, and good luck !!   Cyndee 
    • SarahVA
      Hello everyone.  Just  joined so I thought I would try to do some sort of an introduction.  I am not very good at these things.  First off, am older (64) identified male at birth, and I guess best descriptor right now would be MTF questioning.  I have felt for a long time that I am not quite right as male.  This is probably a story that most have heard before.  Sarah has been kept in a box for many years.  When little I knew I preferred being a girl.  Back then there was no "gender identity", even transgender wasn't something anyone talked about or even knew anything about.  So I liked girl things and just felt that was what I wanted.  Of course, didn't go over well, got punished, got the "boys don't do that" lectures so that's what I did, boy stuff.  Except for some playing "house" with a friend who wanted a sister, pretty much pushed it all away, figured I was weird or it was a phase.  Put Sarah in a box and kind of nailed it shut for many, many years.  Did all the "right" male things, scouts, military, married, kids.  Sarah would peak out now and then, but basically didn't think about it much, or tired not to.  Fast forward to the internet and I was able to see there were others out there and then started doing some dressing as a woman now and then.  Started with crossdressers but that didn't really seem to describe me and how I felt.  Dressing wasn't a stress reliever, or anything sexual,  it just seemed to be me.  Well fast forward a few more years and now it is more and more  emotional and feeling that it's just not me as a male.  So just trying to figure things out and make some effort to balance it all out.  Hope that wasn't all too long winded.  Thank you.  Sarah
    • Jackie C.
      Neat! So you've got kind of a Hugh Jackman thing going on now? All growly and gravely?   I'm a little jealous honestly, I wish hormones did jack-all for MtF voices.   Hugs!
    • Dakota16
      Hey everyone!   I've been away from here for awhile. Adulting and work have pretty much dominated my schedule over the last several months. When I do have time off, I've tried my hand at writing. My first book comes out on March 17th, and I'm so excited to get a new part of my life going!   I also have a smaller book that's part of an LGBTQ+ author promotion for the month of February. Feel free to check it out with the link below! My book is called Rebuilding Christmas under the pen name Lizzie McCord   https://books.bookfunnel.com/lgbtqfebruarygiveaway/41zv7v6ajn
    • VickySGV
      Not really the case I am afraid.  I had largely been ignored as my male self for some good reasons I may add.  I was simply the dad of two children who were important to their youth program.  If I had simply tossed the kids out of the car on Sunday mornings I would not really have been missed.  They began to cautiously get to know me over a the first two years, but I felt more like sticking my neck out as I Transitioned.  My longevity was a matter of space occupation not really anything more.
    • Jani
      I use an Apple MacBook Pro and have no issue.  When you say it won't connect, does it just take forever and never load or is there some other indication?  Jani
    • TrIIIy
      Week 4, and my voice is different today! Definitely a bit deeper and a little bit scratchy. So excited!
    • Jani
    • Susan R
      Yes, the timing of the membership orientation was premature in our timeline.  I haven’t written off the church, my wife and I just need more time to make that level of commitment.  I hate letting people down though and that’s what bothers me more than anything.  The Pastors, both of them, call me, stop by to chat after the service and  greet me affectionately every time I see them.  I realize that no reason to attend but it sure makes it hard not to step up to the plate.   I feel love in many people in our congregation.  There are many who would put their lives on the line to help another.  Of course, there are, of course, others that are there for their own benefit.  Overall, I feel more love there than a lack of it.   The church has more outreach operations than any church I’ve visited.  There is no way one individual can participate in every one of them.  They are making a difference here in the local community.  Events are going on constantly.  As a congregation and through the leadership, the church is pouring out love into the community.   I am developing relationships now with some of the members.  Enough so that going out for coffee is an option.  The vacation will be a little longer in the timeline..lol...but who knows?   The main difference here is your long standing in the church.  You had likely proved yourself in that amount of time.  The coming out for me would be nearly simultaneous to my  becoming a member.  Those who haven’t already seen my wife and I as a couple would instantly be brought up to speed.  The church, imho, may not be ready to accept an open LGBTQ+ member.  That won’t likely stop me.   This is what is keeping me attending.  I feel I can help out and I have my wife wanting to assist in this with me.  It would be easier to find another church that is further along in its Inclusion Doctrine implementation but maybe I am there for that specific reason.  I do feel it is a congregation that wants change in this direction...I was just hoping they were already there.  I’m almost comfortable enough to make the commitment. I just think I need a little more time.   Thank you all for your wonderful insights and taking time to read through all I had written.  It’s a very important part of my life and I’m happy that you cared enough to give me your thoughts.   Susan R🌷
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