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Need hair style advice.


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You can see by my small pic I had longer hair.  I do not currently since going back to a military type male cut.  Well a tad longer but still very male.  
I would like to find a style that can be multi sexed in nature.  Long enough to style it cute but short enough to present male when needed.  
Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I know.  
If I’d just come out I wouldn’t need to deal with this. 
I’m not there yet.  But I am getting tired of seeing just a male in the mirror. 
I realize I could just search images online.  But would love your opinion or pics.  

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  • Admin

Your best bet is going to be on a wig site and looking there.  Even while presenting male my hair got down to my collar top, but I was a wig girl from a very short cut on.  Wigs.com, WilshireWigs.com and Acewigs.com were candy store sites for me.

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  • Forum Moderator

I've got a wig store in walking distance. Getting fitted was WAY more fun than I thought it would be. Learning wig care... less fun, but a fundamental skill for me. I should emphasize that: If you get a wig, learn how to take care of one. I'd get a cheap one first to learn on... well, I DID get a cheap one first to learn on, but the curve is steeper than you think.



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So with that advice.  Is it better to keep my hair shorter?  Not to mention the balding spot.  

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Nah, I love having long hair. You should just be aware that it's more upkeep than you think. If you're working a bald spot, you're going to want to consider wigs and/or weaves. It's not like there AREN'T bald women, but I'm incredibly self-conscious about my hair loss and again, I feel like I have to girl a little harder than a cis woman because I lack the advantage of genetics. Also, without my hair I look... well, looked... a lot like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. Not cool. Now I just look entirely too much like my grandfather.


So yeah, the wig helps me sell my presentation. They say, "Shake and Go" but that's a dirty, dirty lie. I own more hair products now than I did when I had hair. In your shoes, I'd probably keep my hair short so it fits under a wig cap and use a wig when I'm out and about. You get used to it fairly quickly. Just plan on a couple extra minutes in the morning for wig care and maintenance. -- I take about 5-10 minutes every morning. Longer when I wash it. That's about a two-hour affair for the wash and dry.


Still, you do you. Whatever makes you the most comfortable, right? Just because I'm super-sensitive doesn't mean you need to be.



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  • Admin

I put some wig information in this Gallery a few years ago about wearing wigs.  https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/gallery/album/1573-wigging-out/


And some more in this one on hair pieces that work well.  There are wiglets especially for bald places that even cis women have that are useful for us.   https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/gallery/album/1349-hair-piece-madness/


Have fun though and go to a wig store is one is not too far away they are pretty closed mouth since they deal with medical patients, which we are to some degree.

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  • Forum Moderator
2 hours ago, VickySGV said:

Have fun though and go to a wig store

This is great advice ...even if you don't plan on using a wig in the future.  Being able to see what works with your coloring and face shape is priceless.  You can then try to emulate that with your natural hair.  If you can get a picture with you in your favorite wigs so that you show your hair stylist what you're aiming for.


Back some 34 years ago, I bought what I thought I wanted and assumed it was the best style for me.  I went into a small wig shop, tried on 2 different wigs and quickly said, "that's the one!" bought it and left.  From that day forward, I always bought that exact same style and length wig.  Even when I came back out last year, I did the same thing and ordered the same wig I wore when back in my 20's.


My wife convinced me to go to a nice wig shop and try on several wigs in different lengths, styles and colors.  She was sure there was a better look for me.


We showed up when the shop first opened at 10am.  There was no one else there except us and the two owners.  One of the owners spent an hour or so with me and I tried on over a dozen different wigs. I got to see so many completely different styles on my face.  I quickly saw what worked and what didn't.  I kept going back to this one that was much different than what I originally thought I wanted but was pleasantly surprised about my choice.  I still have it and it's a nice back up in case Ihave a bad haircut...which happens.


Good Luck,

Susan R?

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hey Vicki sit really help me. In my profile pic I am wearing one of the wigs..there some great deals.


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I have a few different wigs and I have found that they have to be conditioned with fabric softener. They just behave better. And it takes away any unnatural shine from synthetic wigs. I can then pretty easily pass a brush through the hair and it snaps to its original style fairly easily. Getting the bangs cut and trimming it can be a great way to make it actually look more natural. The best wig I have right now is actually not the best color for me but looks ok. The others have to be altered quite a bit to work right. One might even need some color streaks. I’m shopping around for something else that’s a better look though. Wigs are great but without makeup they don’t really look right. My natural hair is finally collar length again and almost long enough to tie up. I think in a few months it’s going to be about shoulder length or more. It’s really taking off and has gotten very curly. The longer it gets the wavier it will eventually be. Right now I’m trimming the bangs but I’m going to try letting them grow out later. I don’t really style it. I just let it find it’s own shape with a little combing. 

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So as usual I am taking all your advice to heart.  

I started to search out what is available to me in my area for wig shops as just buying one online is not an option for me.  Not that I wouldn't buy feminine items outline, because I do, I just don't know what I am doing when it comes to wigs.  I don't want to waste money in other words.  LOL

I was extremely surprise to find a Wig shop about 15 minutes away that seems to crater more to the trans community then to the medical needs out there.  Though they of course service both.

Actually they have a Wig web site and shop to sells and deals with both communities and their needs, helps with insurances, and tips and guidelines for those who need wigs.   Then an associated web site and shop that is tailored for us special girls.  To accompany this service they also have make up classes, and do photo shoots, teach how to on just about everything beauty, the full meal deal...  I have yet to contact them or schedule anything as I don't want to get ahead of myself quite yet.   

You can imagine I am excited about this as it gives me a place to learn and try things without outing myself at home or the expense of wasting money on items that just don't do it for me.  

Eventually even once my wife knows I still think it is worth using this resource to gain knowledge, training, and products testing in some of my needs.

I've stated before I do not think I will ever be "heavy" into dolling up every day but at this point I do not know.  Maybe.   It depends on what I can achieve and what I am willing to deal with daily.

I can be lazy sometimes.  LOL


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  • Forum Moderator

Well no, you don't want to doll up EVERY day. For special occasions though, you want to look as nice as possible.


For example, I just bought an awesome faux (I think. It doesn't matter. I love it.) leather jacket in a motorcycle style. I look awesome in it. I didn't need it as I have a couple jackets of the same weight. I did need to look awesome.


Much the same could be said of my new cute fox sweater, but that's closer to an everyday cuddly look.


Or why I have date shoes...


So yeah, there's "I'm being casual and I feel like me." There's also, "I want to turn heads." On different days you'll want one or the other. Have fun!



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1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:

Well no, you don't want to doll up EVERY day. For special occasions though, you want to look as nice as possible.


For example, I just bought an awesome faux (I think. It doesn't matter. I love it.) leather jacket in a motorcycle style. I look awesome in it. I didn't need it as I have a couple jackets of the same weight. I did need to look awesome.


Much the same could be said of my new cute fox sweater, but that's closer to an everyday cuddly look.


Or why I have date shoes...


So yeah, there's "I'm being casual and I feel like me." There's also, "I want to turn heads." On different days you'll want one or the other. Have fun!



Oh I definitely understand “Options”.  Lol

Even as a male I had more clothing and shoes then ten of my guy friends had together.  
My wife though has a few department stores worth of clothing and a whole room I built her for just her shoes.  All the walls are shelves floor to ceiling and packed full!



She has an entire storage room with three sshelves for this big totes full, FULL of different clothing.  She swaps them out every spring and fall.  Like about 20 totes worth.  It’s crazy.  
Im so jealous.  I have like 4 totes I swap out and one of those is hunting clothes.  Lol

I so wish we were the same size...

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  • Forum Moderator

Nah, Susan and I can share pants. I'm a very lucky girl.



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    • Audrey
      @ElizabethStarThis is one of my biggest worries about coming out at work. I'm sure it's deeply painful for you that some your co-workers aren't creating the emotionally supportive space for you. I do hope you have other co-workers who do accept you and a supportive HR department if it comes to that. I'm early in my transition and not out to anyone in my office yet, but I will need to do something because my physical changes will soon be less subtle and more obvious and that will bring the inevitable questions. My colleagues (and clients!) may have harmful views of transgender people as well and I'm sensing that I may face a similar situation to yours in the future. I work in a very small agency that's very prone to gossip so I'm fearful of what coming out will be like.   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Audrey
      Hi @Tyler1 welcome to TransPulse. I empathize with you about the emotional eating, it is something I struggle with as well when I'm feeling anxious or depressed. You are doing one of the very best things right now by reaching out and connecting with a community who can relate to you through shared experience. You'll find everyone here extremely supportive! I'm pretty early in my transition, and I do experience a lot of dysphoria from things about myself that I would like to be much different than they are now. When I realize that's happening, I strive to change my thoughts in that moment to something about myself that fills me with hope and confidence instead. I find that changing my thinking often changes my feelings, which in turn helps reduce the chance I'll start eating emotionally. What are some things about your transition that bring you hope and confidence? Love, ~Audrey.
    • DeeDee
      Hi Vivienne, it was an interseting video documentary, if a bit dated for me, Aiden and Michelle were at very different stages of their journey's. I am glad you found something that helped you to talk and connect to your siblings. This is wonderful!  
    • Jackie C.
      Well for me, my weight loss was fueled by a couple of things:   1) What Kind of Woman Are You? I mean sure, man in your case but the principle is the same. Is Jackie fat? No she is not. That got me into the gym. The fact that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life for surgery was also a motivator, but secondary to the idea that this is my body and I'm taking steps to make it something I feel comfortable living in.   2) Dysphoria. Once I started addressing my dysphoria, I went all-in. I wanted to look a certain way and I started doing everything in my power to make that happen. Every. Day. That means gym time and watching my diet.   For me it was absolutely about taking the time every day to lose weight. Side benefits included exercises to round my butt out (you can do the same thing, but build your upper body/chest) and narrow my waist. Exercise also helps with depression, which in turn helps you knock off the emotional eating. Also a vicious cycle, but a more positive one.   I hope some of that helps.   Hugs!
    • Emily michelle
      I had the same problem for a while and I ended up having to just wear sports bras for a while or I did have one racer back.  I looked at third love several times and it looks like they have very nice bras. I would also try soma if they have one near you. They are super comfortable and the associates were happy to help.
    • Tyler1
      Hi everyone, I’m Tyler.  I joined this website last year but have now just started being active on here. I’m 26, currently on testosterone and now just need to work on my mental health and losing weight for top surgery. I’ve come here as I’d love to here peoples experiences with there transitions and overall journey. Also to talk to people who have in common with transitioning from female to male but also just wanted to talk to people who are also on their gender identity journey. Thanks for accepting me into your community and would love to get to know you all a bit more.  Thanks for listening and taking the time to read my intro.  Tyler
    • Gabriel
      They are so fun, and they are also therapeutic! I can crush all of them and when I refresh or open a new page they are there again so I can go at them again. Good stress relief   (and I'n not even on T, I may become a monster LOL)
    • DeeDee
      @sarahmetal You're not alone... I love liquorice too. Honestly I can't add to the previous advice, other than to say that the journey is just as important as the destination, don't look for a particular label and try to see if you fit it, but find out what gives you the most internal peace and then look at the description that matches. I found starting by deciding what I was not (cis male) helped me to gain the momentum to explore outside that box.😊 Like most therapists gender therapists wont give you answers, but they will help you to find your own, it just helps to have someone who has expertise in that field.
    • Tyler1
      Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m currently on testosterone but need to lose weight before I’m able to get top surgery. However as I still have female traits such as large breasts but yet I’m growing a beard, I’m finding I’m emotionally eating as I’m not what I want to look like yet but I need to lose weight for top surgery. So I’m in this vicious cycle so I just wanted to ask you all if you had any advice or tips to help with getting through this stage of my transition.  Thanks for your time Tyler
    • Gabriel
      Hi @Kelli, welcome.   Just what Susan said, it is always good to explore who you are and what makes you feel more you.  Exploration often goes hand in hand with confusion. At least it did for me. And confusion is a definitive uncomfortable feeling. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to label whatever we are experiencing, and it also natural, because our brains (or egos) need the certainty of something to hold on to. So it's not easy.   It is totally normal that you don't know how you feel about something new you're trying. Just give it a bit of time and when it stops feeling weird you'll know if it is a yes or a no for you.   That said, you cannot come to any conclusion from one single experiment. If you feel like it, you can also experiment with other easy things (clothes, even if it is at home, underwear, styling your hair, ...). Be open to yourself about what you feel, it could be a wide arrange of things, and just knowing them you will come to know yourself better. And that is great.   And, if you feel anxious or overwhelmed by your questioning, you can contact a gender therapist. They will make the journey way easier and help you makes sense of it all.   This place has lots of wonderful people who can give you a helping word of support of advice.   Wish you a beautiful journey of self discovery Gabe 
    • Tyler1
      Hi everyone, my name’s Tyler and I was hoping to see if anyone had advice on dealing with depression during the transitioning stage. I’m overweight and have to lose weight for my top surgery but I’m emotionally eating due to still having breasts but need to lose weight for the surgery so it’s like a vicious cycle so just wanted to ask you all for any advice or steps to help me lose weight and get through this stage.  Thank you for listening  Tyler 
    • tracy_j
      It was lovely to see the Christmas lights when I logged on this morning, and to find out they are not just ornemental too!   Thank you Petra Jane   Tracy
    • sarahmetal
      I'm a little overwhelmed how kind and welcoming all of you are; thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to figuring some things out about myself, and I'm so glad I found this forum and all of you in it.     Hi KayC! I'm so happy someone else who lives in Japan is here too. If you know of or discover any local groups of support, please let me know! I'm extremely shy, but more local friends and support would do me some good.   I don't actually have a gender therapist; my therapist is just... a therapist lol. He's fully aware of my feelings however and is very kind; he helps me as much as I could hope, but he admits having support from inside of a community of like-minded people with similar struggles would be invaluable to me, in tandem with therapy. So I sought this place.   Many other posts I've glanced at here have mentioned that specifically having a gender therapist is deeply helpful. I've begun looking for one to communicate with online. I imagine it'll be easier and more fruitful than finding one locally. Hopefully I'm successful and things go well.   Thanks again, everyone. I'm beginning to feel a little less alone. I'm nervous but I'm excited to be here.
    • Denisenj
      I meant to say the owners 20 year old daughter help me put my hair in a ponytail. I need to proofread when I'm voice texting
    • KayC
      WOW!! What a GREAT surprise to see the Christmas lights when I logged in today ... then to accidentally realize they POP when touched with the mouse.  Thank you @Petra Jane!  you are so FUN❣️
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