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I have a dark secret. I need to share.

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I’ve read a lot here and my heart goes out to you all for the things you went threw.  My story does not seem to compare to most here but it was something that happened to me and I tried to forget about this and live my life.  Lately I have been in a place where my soul needs to be cleansed so here goes. 
I was sexually abused by an adult when I was 16.  
I was working at this point.  My second job.  Retail in a small local department store.  
My coworker was a super nice guy.  Funny.  Positive and extremely complimentary to everyone.  Everybody liked this guy.  I’m not sure how old he was but my best guess was in his twenties or low thirties.  Big guy too.  Well way bigger then me.  I wasn’t very big at 16. 
We got along really well but my supervisor never liked our friendship.  She always was telling him to leave me alone.  
I did not know why.  I was a stupid sheltered kid.  
So he invites me over for dinner and movies. Made it sound like a party. Not just me.   I’m ok with that and go that Friday evening.  
Long story short.  I was drugged and raped.  I don’t remember a lot of it but do know it was over several hours.  I was semi aware but powerless.  I tried to resist.  Nothing.  
I have no idea what he gave me but I was very sick from it later.   Or the thought made me sick.  
It was early in the morning I was able to get out of the house.  It was still dark. I hid in the woods and cried.  I didn’t know where I was or where my car was.  I just ran.  Once it got light I saw my car. 
Once I was able to get my nerve up and get to my car I drove home.  
I was so ashamed.  So hurt.  Angry.  But shame over all was the worst.  
I have had nightmares of this throughout my life. I can not even remember his name.  I never saw him again. Probably wouldn’t know him if he stood right next to me.  I quit my job and never went back into that store.  
I haven’t thought of this in years.  I have never shared this with anyone.  Old feelings of quilt and shame now.   

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First, you are not alone, and what happened to you does not deserve shame on your part although you have said you feel it.  Shame is a terrible devil that leads us to attack ourselves not just once but many times and for years, but we do not deserve to have it.  You have started Gender Therapy, and the good news is that your GT can help you work with this event.  In all likelihood the sense of shame has kept you from facing your gender because society does try to heap shame on us for being Trans, another shame we do not deserve.  Yes, you acted against advice and made a bad call on going with him.  It was a bad choice but an understandable one, in fact it could have been a wonderful choice and you could have had a wonderful time with a friend.  The two outcomes were both possible.  Yes, you did not have the experience to weigh in on your choice of action, but that was to be expected, and not shameful in and of itself.  You acted heroically on your own behalf when you could and did the right things there, many would not have handled it as well as you did in the long run.  Your GT will be thrilled to help you explore how to put this in perspective of the right things you did and how it will affect your life as you move forward.

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Thank you so much Vicky.  
I haven’t even thought of this in years.  Then reading about others brought it all back.  I feel it like it happened yesterday.   I am in a bit better place now then I was then but the shame was powerful.  
I understand more now.  I can’t imagine a day where I will feel proud of myself during any part of that experience.  But knowing other feel I did the right things does help me feel better. 
I feel others have gone threw far worse or still are.  I can feel for them vs myself.  

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    • Maid In Bedlam
      Thank you Jackie. I am lucky enough to have nails i can do myself to a reasonable standard. It wasnt always the case. I have taught myself how. But be assured my first efforts were nothing like the semi skill i have in that department.       Shawna; Awesome news on the acceptance from your nearest and dearest. Post a picture of those boots if you can. Love to see them 😊     Just a smal piece of happiness today. It is always nice when something is justified.   My voice. If you look back its one of those things i did with only the therapy of singing to Annie Lennox in the car and just working  hard to get it just right. Since perfecting it. I have never really had it questioned like talking on the phone and such like.. Yesterday i was in an online platform. I ended up talking to a woman i had never spoke to before.  Somehow the conversation got onto menopause. She contiued to ask me about how did mine go. Therefore i can just assume my voice has reached a point where it is no diffrent from any other woman in the street.   Not much. But it lovely when something happens like that and it kind of justifys the work you put in. As perfecting a voice to portray me was always very important for me to archieve.    
    • KymmieL
      Well asked my wife why she went straight to the big D. She said she married a man.   I need to let her know if I decide to continue to transition and we get a divorce. That I will be moving, I will not be able to live in the same town as she does without being married to her.  I will have to make sure that If I visit my sons and their families that it is not when she is. If it happens I probably just severe all contact with her. It will hurt too much to even see her.    I hope this makes sense to somebody as I barely does to me.   Kymmie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Adrian.  Being here among friends is a wise thing to do, and learning everything you can will benefit you now and in the future.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.    HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      I'm so sorry that you went through that ordeal, Debra.  That is an awful trauma for anyone to experience.  I'm glad that you got the help you needed, and reported that sexual predator and he got what he deserved.  You did all the right things, and I hope that your old roomie appreciated that you turned in that creep.    Thank you for being brave and for setting an example that others here can learn from.  You are a hero in my eyes.   (((HUGS)))   Carolyn Marie
    • Aidan5
      Heyo Adrian, Welcome to the forum man. We share a lot of the same hobbies, I think you will enjoy this platform.
    • theocecil
      Hi everyone! I'm looking for a little advice.   I've been on T for a little over a year. I just turned 24. Im in South Ga.  I have supportive friends (most of which are trans as well), I've had a couple partners in the past year (also trans), and I'm generally holding a good life together. I'm encountering an issue now that I'm having trouble turning to anyone I know about, and I'm hoping y'all can help.  I look in the mirror when I'm not wearing any clothes and I see myself, I see a man, I see someone worthy of desire. But as soon as I start to put on clothes or think about going out, I lose it. I don't feel attractive, I don't feel seen, I don't feel like myself. I pass about 80% of the time. But I've never had any of the moments my other transmasc friends have had where they've been hit on, or felt fully seen, as men. Just a hot guy at the bar kinda thing. I've always been trans first. "That's Theo, he's trans, look how cute, what a sweet boy" - but there's an unspoken 'no one will bring him home, no one will be his friend in public' type thing, chasers not included.  Anyway. I'm having trouble aligning my self with my public self. I see a man in the mirror when I'm alone - separate from the social performance of fashion, dress, and interaction. But then I go out and I stress about every nuance.I stress about holding my shoulders right, about speaking the way I should. I dress well enough, I'm hip, I'm collected enough to be attractive-adjacent  by current standards. But I'm still not seen in a way that makes life easy. I'm always on guard. I want to move with an easy thoughtlessness, but I'm hyper-aware of every moment. My depression is getting worse and it feels linked to this dysphoria.  I don't know how to exist.  I'm tired of being opted into my battles rather than choosing them.    Idk even what I'm really asking. I guess I just want to feel seen.  If anyone has any advice about encountering trouble a year into T and a few years into social transition I'd appreciate it!   Love always, Theo
    • TammyAnne
      Hi and welcome Adrian! I also enjoy singing, playing my guitar, and painting and drawing. The creative outlets help me deal with life's frustrations. Great group of supportive people here. It's a good place!
    • Jani
      Greetings Adrian and welcome to the forum.  I think you'll find many people like yourself to talk and bounce ideas off of.  Please join in.   Jani
    • Jani
      This is wonderful news Shelly!  I know you'll be please with the results as everything I'll heard about Facial Team has been very good.   Sounds like you got to tour a little around Marbella too!  Hugs, Jani 
    • TammyAnne
      Hug. Maybe something will open a path in time.
    • Ronin82
      I've actually started T while still living with my parents, and they don't know I'm trans. I've always dressed in masculine ways, had short-ish hair, and enjoyed masculine activities more than feminine ones. I've never been a girly-girl, no matter how hard my Mom tried to make me one! I was able to blame most of the "masculinity" on sensory comfort since I'm on the autism spectrum (Asperger's), but I'm mostly in the closet as a trans man. I've told two close friends, some supportive coworkers, and a couple of distant relatives, but my immediate family still doesn't know.   I told my parents that I was starting T as an unconventional treatment for some medical conditions, since I knew voice changes would happen quickly and I didn't want to freak them out too badly. It worked. I sound almost as deep as my brother, and they just don't realize what's REALLY going on! My therapist and I are making a plan for telling them the truth when I don't have to depend on them financially anymore, and I'm really looking forward to doing so, but I know it won't be a comfortable discussion. It's why I'm still closeted. I'll have to tell them right before top surgery, I'm sure, which is when I'll be socially and legally transitioning (during recovery).   All that to say, yes, I started transitioning LOOOOOOONG before I came out.
    • NB Adult
      Yeah I knew from the start that was where you were headed, it's not her though, it's you! Look at your record, and we're suppose to underwrite what you are doing? I know the others here don't have the nerve to confront this sort of thing, I do and I want you to reconsider what you are doing and ask yourself if your marriage is just another convenience for you, or were you actually serious about the vows you took and did you actually love her at all? Think about it, you don't have to be embarrassed, we will support you if you are making any kind of effort to make it work. She married you for better or for worse, she's trying to make it work in spite of everything.
    • NB Adult
      Totally with you on that!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      ...then your invited to your wife’s room for an afternoon of sex.  For hours. I’m not going to kiss n tell but it was fabulous. It was loving and special and tender  It was also mostly lesbian sex.  (-what the heck-).  Talk about giving confusing signals.   Just when she has me resolved to eventually moving out due to “not wanting to be a lesbian In our marriage ” I get an afternoon like this.   I don’t need confusion right now.  Mixed signals.  I have no idea why or if she is just trying it to see or what.   For me  It is boiling down to she does not want me if I’m going to be the true me.  Which makes me very hurt and very angry.  Spurring on my pride to just end it.  But I won’t.  Not yet.   Im not ready financially to go out on my own.   Aaashhhhhrrrgggg.  I feel trapped.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I’m at a tipping point where I love her dearly and our home and life.  Ours plans for retirement but I am also ready for a positive change.  To find someone who can give me what I want and need.  I am tired of being the “guy” in our marriage and she is being so nice lately as my lady friend.  I am leaning towards moving on. Even if it starts on a low note.    Sorry for hijacking your post Toni.   but thanks just the same.  ❤️
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