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curly hair is holding me back

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so, my biggest problem atm which is really making my dysphoria intense is my hair. my natural hair is brown and curly, think Seth Rogen. Its low maintenance and doesn't really need conditioner, but despite my best efforts it barely if ever goes "girl like" it only gets poofier and bigger, so internet do your thing what should I do to make it girl like 

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That one actually is easy in your area.  Go to a Trans friendly salon who can make little changes in the style that will be either gender neutral or maybe a little on the femme side that you can get away with for now.  Contact your nearest LGBTQ community center who can recommend someone, maybe another Trans person who is a hair stylist.

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I also have naturally curly hair. I recommend you take a peek at Pinterest. Search curly hair, you’ll finds tons of pics and stuff on curly hair care. The Curly Girl method is a really popular care method. I’m still not out so my hair is fairly masculine though I am growing it out. 



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Maid In Bedlam

I actually had a perm a couple of years ago. My hair is straight as a dye.


I actually loved it but took so much looking after. I gave it up and went back to straight.


Sorry im not much help but curly hair can be lovely if its cut right. I would speak to a stylist. Tell them you would like it. Even take a few pictures with you to show how your inclined to want it. See what they come up with.  As Vicky says. If your a bit unsettled about going to your local hairdressers then find yourself a trans freindly one. Even if its a drive away. Your hair can make it or break it for you. You want it done right.

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Hmm... thanks for the tips, I'm still in the process of growing it out again (I have been cutting it really short, made wigs easier, also made me look like Charlize Theron in Mad Max Fury Road)

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Clara, I don’t know if this will work for you personally, but I actually found a salon to get mine chemically relaxed.  My hair is EXACTLY like you are describing yours.  My attempts to grow it out were being met with this frustratingly curly, frizzy Afro-like result.  Now it was a bit rough on my scalp, but I have tried it a few times over the last 13 years.  

I need to very seriously go in for another session since I haven’t in almost two years and the frizz is still annoying.  However, I have had success in getting it almost to the middle of my back and I am about to start learning how to start doing things with it.  

I hope that helps, or at least gives you another potential alternative.

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