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I'm not sure what I am


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I really don't know if I belong here or not and I'm pretty confused about what I am or what condition I may have.


So my sex at birth is Male and growing up and throughout my life, I never really had any issues with this. Nothing really felt wrong with being a boy and even though most of the other boys I knew were into sports and cars and all that stuff, the fact that I wasn't into that didn't make me question anything. That hasn't changed to this day, where I feel pretty confident and good about my body as an adult in my late twenties.


My friends have been a pretty healthy mix of boys and girls throughout my life and I've always felt like I do well among either group. I've had some girls tell me in the past that once they got to know me, they realized that I'm more feminine than most guys but not in obvious ways or through my body language, more like very subtle things about the way I think or act or the things I notice, etc. But then most guys will say that I'm very much a typical guy (though I think hetero guys are less observant of these traits).


So here's where I get confused. For my entire life, since I was very little, I have had some type of sexual attraction to the idea of being a girl. I quite vividly remember being about 5 years old, laying in bed at night and imagining that my penis was transforming into a vagina. When I got older I would see voluptuous girls and get turned on because I wanted to become them and I still very much enjoy sexual fantasies that involve me turning into a woman. If I ever watch straight porn, then I picture myself as the woman and sometimes become envious that they get to experience penetration with a vagina. I frequently fantasize about growing out breasts as well, or having much wider hips than I actually do, etc.


I should also mention that I'm bi, I mostly prefer being with men and I enjoy being on the receiving end during sex, partly because it makes me feel like I'm in the woman's place.


The fact that this is all sexual is what really confuses the heck out of me. When I'm not -excited-, I don't think about having a more female body. That physical aspect of it all seems to be directly linked to my arousal mechanisms. I can only assume that this is wildly different than what an actual trans person goes through because for them it seems to not be a purely sexual thing like it mostly seems for me.


However, there are some other things that I feel are worth note and that feel more in line with typical experiences I've read about from trans people:

- In general, I really like it when other girls view me as one of the girls. Even though I mostly don't act that feminine, I find myself wanting to be one of the gal pals and I DEFINITELY want the girls who I meet to assume that I'm not going to be chasing after them and that they can trust me like they can trust their other girl friends. (When I was in freshman year of university, all my girl friends called me by the female variation of my first name). I also relish in the fact that I can achieve this by telling girls that I'm gay (easier than saying I'm bi and explaining I mostly like men) and that being into men means I can relate to girls in ways that my straight guy friends cannot.

- As a kid, I have some vague memories of seeing girls my age with toy makeup bags and things of that nature and being very fascinated by it and kind of wanting my own stuff like that

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Well I'm still in my confusion/discovery part of myself so I am hesitant to lay a label on anyone.  I can see you feel a lot like I do/did in my earlier years.  Born male and being attracted to females was a big thing for me because I felt female inside but played my male role my entire life.   I'm going toward transitioning to female just now at age 52, in the early stages still, though I am still only attracted to women even though I am becoming one myself.

Having a strong sexual connection to your confusion is not uncommon.  It is a sexual change you desire it sounds like.  Going from one sex to the other is a sexual change and it is not unreasonable to feel sexual stimulation when contemplating it or acting on it.  JMO

Saying that you are bisexual reinforces this to me.

All I can suggest is what I was told and that is to try and see a gender therapist and see what he/she says.  I can tell you it was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I have meaning and I am valid.  Not broken or need to be fixed. 

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I agree with ShawnaLeigh, you should see a gender therapist to help you figure things out.

I do recommend a gender therapist, as I've been seeing a regular therapist for several years, but still have many open questions.  Its a question of focus, rather than competence....

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I'll add yet another affirmation to the benefits of a competent and experienced gender therapist.  The first gender therapist may not feel like the right fit, as well, so keep in mind that you're free to discontinue at any time and try working with another.


A resource that I found helpful is How to Understand Your Gender, A Practical Guide for Exploring Who You Are (Alex Iantaffi and Meg-John Barker, 2017).  Lots of exercises that will get you thinking about many different aspects of gender.  


Finally, don't expect your gender therapist to listen for awhile, and then pronounce you to be a particular gender orientation. That's for you to work at and arrive at an informed opinion....which may, over time, adjust.  You'll find, reading over the many stories here in the Forums, that many of us have done just that during our journeys.


Good luck and best wishes!



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On 11/13/2019 at 4:07 PM, Astrid said:

Finally, don't expect your gender therapist to listen for awhile, and then pronounce you to be a particular gender orientation. That's for you to work at and arrive at an informed opinion....which may, over time, adjust.  You'll find, reading over the many stories here in the Forums, that many of us have done just that during our journeys.


I went into gender therapy was this hope and expectation to be honest.  I wanted to be told what I am, not to try and figure it out on my own.  But I find as I live with this change and progression towards the person I want to be I am seeing a change in my mind and the way I see myself and what I want for myself.  My therapist is simply helping me understand each phase and step I am taking on my own.  Giving information and encouragement to be who I am.  Reinforcement that I am valid and what I feel and want is not wrong but instead a normal part of becoming who you are.  Sheading one life for another but incorporating both the old and new together to be a well balance person.

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8 hours ago, ShawnaLeigh said:

My therapist is simply helping me understand each phase and step I am taking on my own.  Giving information and encouragement to be who I am.  Reinforcement that I am valid and what I feel and want is not wrong but instead a normal part of becoming who you are. 

Yes!  That defines the essence of a good and helpful gender therapist! And, that reinforcement that "I am valid" is so important amidst all the negativity we might be tempted to start to believe.  Doesn't may it easy, but it is easier.


Thanks for those insightful thoughts!



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    • Heathick
      Wow, I'm so impressed and envious!!!
    • Cheyenne skye
      I'm fed up with doctors these days. So I missed a "virtual" visit I had scheduled last week. Now I'm worried that the doctor won't refill my prescriptions unless I reschedule my appointment. And the psychiatric nurse practitioner I see for my depression did the same thing. I was about to run out of my medication and the pharmacy tried calling to get a refill but I was told to call the office. The nurse said that she would only give me a single refill because I hadn't seen her since January. I would need to make an appointment with her to get further refills . I mean, if there was a problem, don't you think I would have called by now? And with the pandemic, I figured it safer to only go to the doctor for emergencies.  I've been on HRT for 8 years now and my last dosage change was at least 4 years ago. My blood work always comes back the same.  Why do I still need to see the doctor so often. At this point, wouldn't once yearly be sufficient? I'm so tired of having to see the doctor so much.  (I go to a local clinic that is well known for being LGBT friendly.  All the providers there mostly follow the same protocols when it comes to trans patients so switching to someone else there would likely have the same result. ) Anybody else tired of doctors taking advantage of you?
    • KymmieL
      Good to hear, Liz. I bet it felt fantastic even with the couple of snags. I so envy you.   Today for me was an OK. day. Got the word on my wig. then had a therapist appointment. I wound up rescheduling it because my wife was home. She was going to be nice and go upstairs and do some cleaning. Then as my appointment time came she decides to sit in the living room.(Three feet from me) and look through some pictures. Some privacy. So I scoot upstairs. With her just sitting down here. I really didn't want to open up so I rescheduled.    Of course, when I came down early she asked, All done?  me:Yep short and sweet. her: OK  I hope that I didn't invade your privacy.  in a snide kinda way.   I love her to death but I am getting so fed up with her crap.   Kymmie
    • Heathick
      Holly, girl, sometimes you remind me of myself! I love a pink headband, I'm completely in your boat on weight, I also have a winter/christmas-theme in my name (which I cherish), and although I'm nowhere near any point of choosing a vagiplasty procedure, I know without a doubt if I do ever decide to both transition and also opt for bottom surgery, for me personally, the ability to experience vaginal penetration, be it a guy (even though I'm not romantically attracted to them), or a trans-woman with or without SRS, or a...prop (with or without batteries )...or...any other more universal anatomy...[sly grin]...For me personally, that's where my heart is, and huge part of what I've always envied from the female side.   Personally, I don't even care if it makes me look loose, or even downright slutty. For me, sexuality, along with its partner sensuality, rank among to absolute best top reasons for being alive!!! And I say to heck with any restrained haters!
    • Confused1
      I am 65, pre-op, married to my soul mate and have no interest in penetration or dilation. So I guess that makes me lesbian. I also had my prostate removed with salvage radiation 2 years later (this year). That will make the surgery to install a canal more difficult and hazardous. If I was 30, I might go in another direction. The only thing that makes any sense for me is the Non Canal version. I have my GCS consult next month.   I don't have estrogen yet, but also don't have testosterone either, other than from the adrenals due to Lupron shots. My therapist told me she has never seen someone as happy as I am without any hormones. I can't wait to try estrogen. I don't ever want that poison called testosterone in my veins ever again! 
    • ElizabethStar
      My first full day at work as Elizabeth was interesting. I got my Outlook account updated but somebody forgot to remove my the old picture from my signature. Thankfully I only sent 1 email before I caught it. I have been on auto-pilot introducing myself on the phone for the last few years so I was surprised I only messed it once. I was also pretty funny listening everyone correct themselves when they would use my dead name.   I also changed everything on my FB account. I decided to just update my name, profile picture and just see where it lands. So far it's been going over good.
    • grubsky
      Hi, this is my first post, so hopefully I didn’t screw up somehow. I’m bisexual, AMAB, and right now I am struggling with gender questioning and feeling nonbinary (specifically genderqueer or bi-gender.) I already have a therapist who is a grad student, who I really like and enjoy talking to, but I have presented to him as a cis male from the beginning of our correspondence. I am currently working with him to battle my anxiety and depression symptoms and working with his office to get a formal diagnosis. I don’t know if he has experience in gender therapy, but I feel a need to get help from someone who can help me address my gender identity. The obstacle is that I’m really scared and I don’t know what to say, especially since he already knows me as male, and my gender identity is a bit more complex than just transfeminine (not to undercut the struggles of all of you trans femmes out there, love you!) Anyway, do you think I need to look for a separate gender therapist who can help me? Should I focus on getting my anxiety and depression sorted before I tackle my gender? (Keep in mind I may want to pursue gender affirming medical transition.) Should I just bite the bullet and tell him in an email if I’m too scared to do it in person? I feel terrified, and any response would be appreciated. Thanks.
    • Shay
      So sorry to hear that @Abi 
    • Berni
      This thread is so interesting to read ... even though I feel like this kind of decision is a really long way off for me. So great to hear everyone's stories and thoughts. Such a valuable resource.   I think you are all so brave! I'm sitting here feeling sore and sorry from a really minor operation. The amount of .... determination? (Is that the right word?) ... to undertake what you have gone through is very inspiring.   Man, we trans girls are tough!
    • Abi
      I feel very let down today    
    • Abi
    • Lexi C
      oh Thank you ladies so much. I just spoke to his nurse today. They require two letters so i am running around like mad to get then even do my appt is not until April 22. I am not sure if i am planning on have sex. I keep catch my self being attracted to women. So confused. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP.  
    • RunValRun
      One surprising outcome of the name change is that you discover just how MANY places you have to amend after the fact. Some are easier that others and completely uneventful, some will test your resolve 😀 and yet others might end up with a feeling of euphoria. I was updating my BestBuy account (which is still unclear why they need me to call their main line from the store, but that a mystery for another day), and at the end of the conversation the customer service rep asked me whether I would like to be called sir or ma'am due to name change. No hesitation in my voice I informed her that ma'am would do wonderfully. And that made my day 🤩 Still smiling thinking about it.
    • HollyNoel
      @Jeanette West If you feel it's time, then go for it. Only you can decide the point when you want to take the name change step. After bawling my eyes out the other night while filling out my paperwork, I'm not really sure I'm ready to change my name legally. I might need more time to come to terms with shedding my old name. I got to talk to my therapist before I make that move. Anyway, whenever you do it, make sure you are ready.
    • HollyNoel
      When My time comes, I plan on going full canal. Whether I plan on dating a guy or not, I still want the option. And if I don't date a guy, there are things that two women can do that are just as much fun. lol. The thing is I want the option so that if I want, I can decide which I want at the drop of a hat. I know that makes me sound like a lose girl, but I've done my time alone on a Saturday night. I want to have some fun now. lol.
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