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I’ve been researching different Gods and Goddesses and I was curious. Is there a specific deity you (yourself) call on for Trans-related issues?  Personally I tend to here the call of a couple warrior Goddesses, but I was interested in who other may call on.

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    • A. Dillon
      Listen: this is not hints, this is essentially asking you out. You should say something!! He is scheduling a kiss with you, kind of very much implying that you will be dating. Cuddling, hand holding, this all sounds like you're already dating! I think that maybe you should suggest going somewhere with him, like a date of sorts. That way you can get to know each other in a more open environment, and will really have a chance to talk about life and stuff. If your parents would let you, being able to just go to lunch with him alone or something like that would be great.
    • magical realism
      Yea,i kind of like the movement,just the idea of having magic just casually appear as part of reality kind of fits my life as i am also schizoaffective,so its like a theme for me,plus whenever i think of the idea in film i think of my neighbor totoro which i also love, i dont know thats just how i understand it anyway from what little i know, so thanks tammy!
    • secondlook
      I love the "spiders all the way down" comment, that's hilarious. My family will pretty much literally give you the shirts off their backs if they approve of your lifestyle, they can be truly selfless and genuinely nice people. But I guarantee they will ostracize me when the truth comes out.   As far as hair goes, as long as I was forcing myself to live as a dude, it wasn't on the top of the list of my struggles, and I lost it by age 22, so it's been this way more than half my life. I suppose in some ways it was one of the biggest things that kept me in denial about my true self. But now that I actually want hair for the first time in more than 20 years, I intend to look into hair transplantation options. I'm probably a fringe candidate (pun intended) but if there's any hope, I aim to give it a shot!
    • secondlook
      Excellent advice all around, exactly why I came here! Thank you.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I believe you need to use what ever your legal name and designation are on record.  More so for payroll, taxes, retirement saving, etc.  It would be perfectly fine to include your chosen name as long as it is explained as well.  You don’t want to appear like your hiding anything either.   jmo
    • Miseria
      Breathe life into this topic of poetry I think it was in September of 2018 when i first submitted my poems here... I have been away for a while I would like to see more poetry and will make my contributions💗
    • Aidan5
      I just made a deal with him...   since I didn't give him his "Birthday kiss" I said he sould kiss me on my birthday and he made me shake his hand! Lowkey excited and nervous at the same time. I think he is just gonna keep dropping hints, because today on the bus he kept complaining about how he was single haha. He wanted to see who had bigger hands and turns out he did >:0 He put his head on my shoulder again and my heart is going to explode AAA He was really close to my face the whole bus ride so I put my hands on the sides of his face and we both turned away in awkwardness. AAAA
    • Aidan5
      I will be your friend!! I aa a 16 yr trans guy
    • Jennifer T
      Ooooooooo...  I like this!   ”In Red I Wait”   In the mirror She stares back In-recognition, searching   In red I wait Beneath swelling clouds Ominous, foreboding She arrives We ride   In familiar rhythmic silence We glide  By field and wood Fauna disturbed momentarily   Interstate In streaks of red and blue Corpulent silence I am alone   “Are you angry?” Aberrant, pensive Issues parturient As vultures to a kill..   “No.” My only reply.   - Jennifer T, May 9, 2003
      14 yr old trans dude looking for some friends!
    • Jennifer T
      Then the effects of the poison will slowly and certainly wane.  Embrace the beauty that resides in the heart. 
    • Jennifer T
      You are welcome @Miseria. The greatest hope that is ever have through the words I write is that another will feel.    Thank you you for expressing this.  And I pray that you find the beauty in life to feel all that is good and lovely as well as the sorrow.    Peace
    • luke_b
      I usually stick with a hoodie and pants to be safe (hoodies always have been my safe space), but I find that layers usually can balance things out if I'm feeling dysphoric, so jackets and flannels over shirts, or short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts (very e-boy style). To be honest, men's pants don't really fit me (the damned female body) so I found jeans called "Levi Strauss Signature", which give me hip room while avoiding the tightness that women's jeans have. Of course they are black jeans, because I live almost entirely in black/monochrome clothing, but they come in normal jean colors as well. For shirts, I legit went to the Target or Walmart men's section and found shirts there, they come in some cool, generic prints, but fit really well. My favorite hoodies are a size or two larger than I am, from Champion, Under Armor, and other brands that make hoodies. I've sorta built up a collection, and I don't think that any of my friends have seen me wear anything else. For shoes, I'd go with vans, even though they are expensive, because the men's shoes fit my tiny feet without making them look feminine. But just like Dillon said, I'd also go to goodwill to find affordable things.
    • Jackie C.
      We actually have one on the main page. It's a bit out of date though.   Hugs!
    • Laura76
      Will there be a page with a glossary of terms?  With terms and meanings changing, it is a challenge to keep up on the latest jargon.
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