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Sally Stone

Embracing Part-time Womanhood

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Sally Stone

So, I proudly consider myself a part-time woman.  It's way more than crossdressing, yet I have have never felt compelled to let go fully of my male persona, or to transition fully.  Some might say I can't have it both ways, but I disagree.  Expressing my femininity on a part-time basis is amazingly fulfilling.  I feel right, and complete when I'm expressing my feminine persona, but it also feels right expressing my masculine side.  I have decided that expressing both personas provides me with a balance that makes me happy and content.


h, sure, it would be nice to have my own boobs and possess a more feminine face, but those are compromises that would add significant complications to the  bread-winning male persona.  So, for now, I use the illusion of makeup, clothing, and foundation garments to create my feminine form.  Those items combined with my inner femininity allow me to express my womanhood, yet ensure I can enjoy my male persona as well.  


Part-time womanhood works well for me in my current life situation.  If that situation changed, I'd certainly take another look, but being honest with myself, I'm not sure I'd change things much.





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Sally it is good to be happy with how things are going on in your life and you sound pleased.  Good for you!  We all need to do what works for us and I am happy to see you have found that balance. 


Hugs, Jani

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Susan R
49 minutes ago, Sally Stone said:

Part-time womanhood works well for me in my current life situation.  If that situation changed, I'd certainly take another look

Hi Sally, it's sounds very much like you are very happy right where you are. It only matters how you yourself feel. Obviously, a spouse also requires careful consideration when embracing part-time womanhood. As long as you (and your spouse) are happy, who can say anything worthwhile against this lifestyle? I lived this as a woman (no HRT) for 10 years (1986-1996) and only presented male only for work.  I enjoyed it very much but my situation eventually changed...I met my current wife.  I fell in love and decided to suppress it for years believing she wouldn't ever accept that part of me.  If I was able to go back in time, I still wouldn't change a thing about those 10 years in regards to embracing my part-time womanhood. It made me who I am today.


My very best to you,

Susan R🌷


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We all find our own path.  I lived part time as well and found comfort in either gender.  That changed for me as i went full time but i still enjoy much that might be considered masculine.  Enjoy life as it comes!  Sounds like you're doing that.





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NB Adult  (Inactive)

Been there things change and compromises will be made, good for Sally Stone for having found a perfect plateau for the present time. Though we all know, there are still some steep trails ahead as transition is a never ending trek.

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15 hours ago, Sally Stone said:

Some might say I can't have it both ways

"You can please half the people half the time, but not all the people all of the time."


You , we, them, us, can have it anyway that You , we, them, us want to live life. If someone doesn't like it, then that's on them, not You , we, them, us. 

I guess I feel like I am a woman that "dresses like a man," and that's my business, not someone else's. If and when I decide to "go full time man," that will be up to me, and I am ok with this.

I can also say that I choose not to verbally lash out at some people that chose to give unsolicited comments about anything that I do, or dont do. Unless of course someone feels like they cross the line and go to far, other than that, I usually walk away from "person X," knowing i wont see that -censored- again. 

In this crazy world of ours, we constantly have to put on all sorts of faces to deal with all sorts of people, whether it has to do with a specific part of of our lives. 

Do what you have to do, and hopefully we do not have to compromise our own lives too much, so we can all live the way we want to. I am not too keen on people suggesting the way I should live my life, but I also Do what I have to do. 

I wish you the best in your Journey! 



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Hi Sally,


I get the part time bit. The gender spectrum is very wide though and as our mind varies we drift back and forth to some extent along it. I read the 'way beyond crossdressing' as occasionally I do wonder if thats all I am but I do think in simllar ways. In my last job I dressed male principally because of the rough nature although used makeup and presented very feminine. Now I dress female pretty much 100%. With me it's more a mental thing as I think as I am not how I look. I am not sure about my male persona. I suppose it must exist but I don't see it. Perhaps in different circumstances I would more fully transition. Maybe my time will come too but having met many cis women who have their body issues too I am put off jumping too readily. I would always agree with someone living the life as a woman for some time before transitioning and getting to know other women. Although I have not gone as far as physically transitioning the thing I have noticed is that, although being a woman seems different, it is interesting in how similar it actually is to that of a man. Perhaps more a difference in perception and emotion in responses rather than anything fundemental. In time life becomes as everyday as before. I must say though that I have never rejected my feminine side so it has always been present in life hence the step was perhaps not as great as many have had to move. Being someone is not how you look but how you are.


I am glad you have found your balance :)



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I find it refreshing to hear a story like yours.  Finding that balance and making it truly work for you.  You sound very happy to say the least.

I am trying to embrace this too believe me.  Being so early in my transition I am still like 80% male presenting during my day.  I have little choice in the matter for now.  Which just increases my desire to make my changes asap.  I am trying to just let it happen organically and to not be in a hurry but some days this is so hard to achieve.

I can "let my hair down" at home with my wife as she is ok with this part of my transition.  Dress how I wish in our home.   But I can not claim to be embracing it at all.  

The moments I am able to be "myself" I feel right with the world.

My day long male persona expression is getting harder to endure and starting to become more of a chore.  

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    • Debra Michelle
      Did a little shopping at Harbor Freight and Lowe's.Needed a new toolbox for home,bought a 56 inch US General.Ran out of room having 3 medium sized toolboxes.Gave one of them a neighborhood kid and he was glad to get it.A good kid and knew he deserved it,let him make the choice on which one.His dad was glad I did this and they both thanked me.Lowe's,a couple new light and a friend of mine whom is an electrician is going to wire them up for me.I pay him cash sometimes and I do get him a 12 pack of Bud Light once in a while.He does drink,not on the job.
    • Jackie C.
      How rude.   However I know that hospitals have licensing requirements that govern what sort of procedures can be done under their care. For example, a local hospital kept my father in law for a week before they admitted they couldn't perform the heart surgery they said he needed.   Personally, I had mine done at a teaching hospital. I sort of assumed that was the norm from my limited experience (the local guy works out of U of M).   Hopefully your surgeon will get this straightened out and find another place to practice. Deep breath. Everything is moving along. This is just a minor bump in the road. Best to have a bump in the road now. You'll appreciate bumpy roads less after your surgery. Trust me on this one.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      It feels good doesn't it? Just to be treated like one of the girls.   I had the same problem with my pharmacist a couple of months back. She was just having the toughest time finding me in the system until I finally took pity on her and said, "Jackie (because her name is Jackie), sweetie, you know darn well who I am." You could SEE the switch flip over as she put everything together. Glorious. She's much better about it now.   I still get a bump whenever a random stranger treats me just like any other woman. I hope that feeling never goes away.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Happy Birthday!   May you have many more as your true self.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Not usually what's discussed when you "Whip Out the Big D," but OK. I have a shirt that says, "She wants the D&D" on it. Susan doesn't get it. Bless her heart.   I'm a little disappointed. I admit I was still holding out hope that she'd see that you're still the amazing person she married and carry you to the bedroom for a weekend of apology sex. Punctuated of course by letting the dogs out at regular intervals because they're dogs. Maybe meals too. You should probably keep up your strength while having a wild weekend of apology sex. You cannot live by whipped cream alone.   That said, what you've got isn't bad. So long as things remain friendly, the divorce doesn't have to be too traumatic to either of you. Disappointing that a lawyer has to profit, but what can you do? I suppose lawyers gotta eat too. We're going to have to call her something besides your wife now. She's being cool...ish about your living situation. A good girl friend or three isn't a bad thing to have. Rooming with somebody you actually like can be a rare treat. I think you'll be OK. I mean obviously you need to make plans for the future just in case one of you meets somebody amazing, but for now things are calm and the two of you have a good new groove that works for you both.   Wardrobe is a forever thing. You get a collection started and you add to it, one or two pieces at a time until it falls on you in the dead of night and smothers you in your sleep. Shoes are the same way. I've got a good start to my collection, but I could use another pair here and there. Of course part of my reluctance is that it's hard to find cute shoes in my size. The bigger a woman's shoe size, the uglier the available shoes. Finding stuff I like that's comfortable and cute is a project. You have smaller feet so you'll be less limited.   Excited about you going out as yourself though! That'll be fun and it's a huge confidence builder! It gives you a chance to stretch your girl muscles and figure out how you like to present... which turns back into buying more work clothes, finding shoes and accessories to match and starting the cycle all over again. Until you're crushed by your clothes collection in the dead of the night.   Hugs!
    • Juelie_Atlas
      Congratulations on 6 years! I can't wait to get to that milestone! 😄
    • Miss Bunny
      Yes, I have wondered if it is me creating a self fulfilling effect.   Mind is a weird thing
    • ShawnaLeigh
      So as some know this has been a looming ultimatum placed on me in regards to presenting female outside of the house or in public.  It was agreed upon that once I do the paperwork starts.   We had a very unemotional and matter of fact conversation about this just this morning over coffee.  As two adults working together for our mutual benefit.  I told her I am getting ready to stop hiding outside the house and once the hospital staff knows about my transition there is nothing else holding me back.  Other then my lack of wardrobe but heck I don’t think I will ever have enough clothing or shoes.   We both came to the conclusion that we have been separated as husband and wife for a few months now and not living as spouses at all but roommates and girlfriends.  Which feels right.   Please don’t misinterpret this to me being upset because honestly I am not.  We have both had time to come to terms with this for a couple months and although we both care about each other it is the right thing to do going forward.  Im actually feeling like the cage door had been opened.  I’m scared but feel freed.   The divorce will be in effect for legal purposes only but our living situation will still remain as is.  For both of our financial security.   I’m ending one phase and heading into unfamiliar territory and I’m both terrified and excited for my future.    
    • SaraAW
      Great way to look at it Kathy! I too passed moderately as a man. 
    • SaraAW
      I’m only a little more than a month on meds, but wow has it helped me mentally. Similar to Jackie, I’d been a mess mentally for awhile, even having attended therapy for months. Within a week of starting, it was like a godly of self loathing and despair lifted. I’m also noticing some more range in emotions, subtle so far, but I’m loving it. Any doubts I had regarding whether hrt was for me are completely gone now. I can’t wait to see how things progress mentally and physically, although I know it’s a slow road, so I’ll have to. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!
    • KathyLauren
      I dislike the word "passing" because, to me, it implies role-playing, or pretending to be something one is not.    However, @Belle, I agree totally with your reasons:   Those are the same reason that I try to have a good female presentation.  And yet, despite #2, it doesn't matter to me if someone guesses or knows that I am trans, as long as they treat me as a woman, they don't voice any cognitive dissonance, and I like what I see in the mirror.   I passed moderately well when I was presenting as a man.  I don't need to pass as a woman, because I am one.   Regards, Kathy
    • SaraAW
      Shawna, so exciting!  Sounds like a great time out, with that one awkward experience. So happy for you. Hugs!
    • SaraAW
      I’m wondering, could this be a placebo/nocebo effect?  The mind is pretty powerful and can actually cause physical manifestations of symptoms in all sorts of ways. Not sure I’ve read any literature around bleeding, but I haven’t done a lot of research in this area.    In would definitely recommend to keep an eye on it, maybe keep a diary, recording the dates, times, activities and other things occurring around the bleeding episodes. It may help you and your doc to figure out what is causing it.    Hugs!
    • Jani
      By now you should be healed enough to be able to apply a lotion (like A&D Ointment) to the area where the pad chafes.  It doesn't take much to make a difference.  
    • SaraAW
      Not really sure where I stand on this at the moment. I’m still closeted, so not trying at all to present any way other than cis male normative.   What I really just want is to be able to just be and be treated as a human with respect and dignity, regardless of how I look or present. Then maybe I’d feel safe and comfortable enough to present how I want to in the moment.    Hugs!
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