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Teachers and substitutes

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Today during Anatomy and Physiology I saw that we had a substitute and my anxiety levels spiked because the teachers lists have my deadname on it. He starts announcing names and kids call back announcing their presence, I dreaded the thought of hearing my name but when he got to me he said "Aidan Hoyle" and I actually let out a sigh of relief and appreciation for my teacher, she had edited my name on the roll call sheet and printed out all new ones, just to get my name in as Aidan instead of my legal name.


She knows I am trans and uses male pronouns on me which automatically makes her on of my favorite teachers besides my online course teacher/ 2nd year history teacher, Every morning she would greet me, making sure she used my preferred name and asked me how I was doing. It made me feel so much better about myself. I think these kinds of teachers need more appreciation for what they do, it really does make a difference to me with their presence. 


Some of my peers are still oblivious to the fact that I am trans, and still believe that I am a cis guy and it feels great, but I also feel like I am lying to them.  


My brother still refuses to call me Aidan or AJ or even just A. We used to be so close and I wish he would come around. I did tell him I was Bisexual and he just called me a lesbian. I will just ignore him though. Other than that I had a really great day.

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Carolyn Marie

I can totally understand why you're feeling great about the day.  You have a wonderful teacher, Aidan.  Great to hear.


Carolyn Marie

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Its so nice nice to have an ally in school like this.  Very good @Aidan5!!

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    • KymmieL
      I have never used any type of app. let alone the face ones. I have been told by my therapist at one session that if she didn't know better she would think I was a woman. (yea)   I have thought of FFS but that is a ways off. (if at all)   Kymmie
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Lol you always get me.  Lol
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Me too!   Nice look!
    • Susan R
      Both sets of glasses look very good on you.  I like the top set (the heavier square-ish ones) with your facial structure a little better. They both feminize you’re face quite well.   Susan R🌷    
    • VickySGV
      Looking good!!  I have to wear glasses or I cannot see as far as the end of my nose!!  
    • Belle
      I like the glasses look on you @Miseria!
    • TrIIIy
      In Mississippi, I had to see a gender therapist and get a recommendation letter from them to give to an endocrinologist. This process took not quite a year. The hardest part for me was finding an endocrinologist able and willing to do transgender HRT who wasn’t 50 miles away. Mississippi just doesn’t have a lot of trans resources, though. You might have better luck where you live. I actually found my doctor through a Facebook support group. Once you have everything in order, make sure to check about your T being covered by your insurance. I didn’t think that mine would be, since I have Medicaid, but it was! I had to wait until my doctor sent the prescription to the pharmacy before I could find out, though. It was a nice surprise.
    • Miseria
      Hello all, I find glasses do conceal my brow slightly as bangs arent much of an option for my style. I find i cannot shape my eyebrows to save my life... that is without them resembling Nike signs... First photo is of reading glasses 2nd are large circular ones i bought from wish.
    • Jackie C.
      That's not ALL bad. I have a lovely, white peasant skirt that I fear for whenever I wear it outside. It's light and breezy, but the white always makes me nervous. I know SOMETHING is going to stain it forever. The only solution is constant vigilance. That wears on you after a while.   Hugs!
    • Claire 1960
      Love wearing my skirts and dresses    just wish I could do that outside    sadly will never happen 
    • AdriannaB
      Therapist was glad to hear it and gave great advice how to do it.Going to meet me as Adrianna tomorrow for the first time
    • Susan R
      Great advice Trilly...the world will go on without us.  It’s like most things...you get what you put into it.  It’s takes motivation to engage in activities we are unfamiliar with but if you try a few on for size I think you’d be surprised how many activities you never realized you enjoy.  For example...Try volunteering somewhere....there are endless opportunities in most metropolitan areas.  Pick one and get information...make a few calls and see what they need.  That way you help not only yourself but possibly someone else in need.  It’s a great feeling.   Susan R🌷
    • Belle
      I'm glad you have such wonderful support Claire!   Belle ❤
    • Jackie C.
      Yes you do. 😁   You're not actually shilling anything though, so I can probably let it slide. Especially if it's actually a good product. Personally, I always hated shaving. I'm glad you've got something that works for you.   Hugs!
    • Claire 1960
      I work all day as a Male    I come home now and dress full time as a woman   my partner has allowed this
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