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Thoughts on LGB Alliance and their "non" transphobic questions for potential MPs

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LGB Alliance. the new transphibic star in the list of LGBT especially T-phobic organisations is asking 12 questions and non of them related to the claim:


 “We are pro-LGB and we are advocating for LGB rights,”


Well, we get it! They don't like trans people, but why do they need to do harm?


I don't know if you have read that article - those of you who are not from UK or Europe, but it reached me here, in the forgotten Bulgaria and I was like "Hm, okay! Another battlefield! More complexed people who we don't want to fight, but here they are!!!"...


So, here is what they are and what they are asking. I don't have a lot lesbians and gay friends so this here is not helping me a lot. We already have some issues in here - LGB against T... so it's hurtful, hurtful for all of us!


Share some thoughts!

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The gay community has a history of having difficulty accepting the trans. community.  At the same time many do support us.  Unfortunately others would rather we fade into the closet again.  I have dear gay and lesbian friends who accept me as myself but i also know others who don't.  Fortunately there seem to be more of the accepting ones.  Thea almost sounds like the straight community.  Most accept but a few simply do not.  I can't control that so i try to let it go, hoping that they can see me as a good person and not a threat.





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The internet has made it extremely easy for the small minority of trouble makers in society to publicise themselves.  These people claim to have many more supporters than they probably have.  The average person, gay or straight, probably doesn't even think about trans people, and certainly has no strong views about them.


This hate group is probably generating as much of a negative image of LGB people as it is of trans people.



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Jackie C.
3 hours ago, Robin said:

The internet has made it extremely easy for the small minority of trouble makers in society to publicise themselves.  These people claim to have many more supporters than they probably have.  The average person, gay or straight, probably doesn't even think about trans people, and certainly has no strong views about them.


Exactly, the article makes sense of some static I was getting about "Gay leaders who think Trans people should go their own way." I read his little manifesto and he was so very full of equine excrement. At its best I feel like the LGBTQ+ movement is about inclusion. That's really all I want. I'd like to sit at the big table and have the same rights as everyone else. I'd also like everyone that isn't me to join us. Of course, I might be biased. I identify as L and T so I'm not even sure how that would work. Self-loathing maybe? I've been there. I'm not going back.


There's a push right now to subdivide ourselves into smaller and smaller groups. I suspect it's largely manufactured by groups that would prefer to keep the dissenting voices small and powerless. Unfortunately, those groups own media outlets. All we can really do about that is push to come together in spite of them.



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A personal view but really, except for being a similar minority group exactly how similar are we to the gay community? In my opinion we are not at all. It has always been stated that sex and gender are different things. My view is that there is some corealation but that would need extensive research.  I won't elaborate further as I know it is a hot subject but just my opinion.


To me it's not to me an us against them at all, it is for the world living in harmony. If we are banded together we should help each other.



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    • Jani
      Hi Drago.  If you are still concerned this is something to discuss with your dermatologist first to get this issue addressed correctly.     From all I've heard, going on testosterone can cause acne so again, talk to your doctor before you ask to start HRT.  They may have an answer for you.   Jani 
    • drago
      Hello everyone! I have a question because I'm a little bit concerned. I've always had bad skin with acne. Last year I got an allergic reaction and I ended up with a face full of pustules and cysts. My dermatologist prescribed me Accutane. I've been on Accutane for 9 months. Now, it's 4 months after this treatment, and I have some relapses but they are still rare, small and disappear fastly. I'm 22 and I want to start hormone therapy, but I'm afraid I may experience the same horror again and don't know what I can do about that. So my question is - Has anyone else experienced such a problem?  Any information will be very helpful. Thank you!
    • Jani
      And Denise too since she was the OP.     Jani
    • Jani
      I'm sure you are feeling much better by now!!    Jani
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🦄   Happy birthday Lorry!🎂 Happy birthday Chris Gabi!🎂 Hope you have a beautiful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Jani
      When it happens you'll be thrilled.  It's amazing to hold a baby again after all those years.  They do grow fast though!
    • Carolyn Marie
      Still waiting for my first grandchild.    Carolyn Marie
    • Emily michelle
      Hmm i will have to look into that thanks Jackie.
    • kelly sinclair
      If feels different  I'm can put it into words it unsuspected . I thought  the worst  would  happen .  Hugs to all 
    • BrandiBri
      I'm happy that she's ok with it. Maybe she can go shopping and help you with your new wardrobe. I never had anyone to help me with that and now I have a mishmash of dresses and skirts that I don't dare wear out of the house.  Wishing you luck as you come out to others in your family and friends.   Hugs from my fortress, Brandi
    • Jackie C.
      Maybe not, I did all my speech work online with a therapist in California. I'm told I got good results. There's a couple other packages you can purchase online to help out.   Hugs!
    • KymmieL
      The big one I know of personally is blood clot history. Because of that I will not go on HRT through the VA. Maybe from a Doctor outside VA but they will probably not do it either. OH, Well. I am on blockers and they seem to be working.   Kymmie
    • BrandiBri
      There are gender therapists that do it online or even by phone. For me, I was hesitant to seek help, but it was the best move I made. I understand the confusion, for me, it came after I began transitioning. The thought that I wasn't a boy because I didn't think or want to act or talk like a boy, but that my body gave me away not being a girl. I identify as female, but I still sometimes wonder...  Imho, I tend to think that we are to some extent genderfluid. This goes for cisgender people as well.   Hugs, Brandi
    • Emily michelle
      Thanks kymmie. I need to find a speech therapist now but that will probably have to wait until the world opens back up.
    • KymmieL
      Again I so envy you Emily. But so happy for you.   My Saturday. but no cartoons.😞 LOL. Forecast for 60 today. Yea. maybe able to work on some of my projects. Have my GYN phone appointment today. Just a follow up on my Endo appointment. then speech and MH tomorrow.   Couldn't wait for my coffee so I got it going myself. Just waiting for it to stop dripping.   Have a wonderful day everyone. Stay healthy and happy most of all stay safe.   Hugs Kymmie
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