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Carolyn Marie

Abby Stein: From Ultra Orthodox Rabbi to Trans Activist

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Interesting.  There are a lot of good stories out of CBC Canada.

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    • AdriannaB
      This video,    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOOw2E_qAsE&t=49s
    • AdriannaB
      My sister Allison shown me something and it empowered me more.She was on youtube lately and found this video reminding of me.It is a Nikkie De Jager video on coming out and told her thank you for showing this to me.It was this video she shown me, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOOw2E_qAsE&t=49s
    • MetaLicious
      I know what you mean. For the last 25 years, I thought of my feminine side as a "Michelle" but she only got a couple of chances to make an entrance into the wide world.  Now that I've decided to come out, I realized I would probably need a name that didn't also belong to my cousin.  The only names that felt right were variants of Michael, possibly that 51 years of using it biasing my thinking.  I have (for now) settled on Michaela, although I prefer the spelling "Mikhaila". Ultimately, I'd rather my name be easy to spell... 
    • Cyndee
      I want to wish everyone that had a birthday today    Happy Birthday ! @KathrynJulia @Michelle 2010 Especially my good friends (ex mods) here Kathryn and Michelle    Hugs   Cynthia   
    • MaryMary
      we have to walk the line between painting a realistic picture to people who starts transition and also just being optimistic and giving hope to people. I love the model where you need to go see a gender therapist that has the job to be very real with you and tell everything about transition not being a miracle cure or something and helping people clear the confusion and on the other hand me personnaly just telling my story of things going far better then they were and not trying to put false shadows in the picture. We need the stories where things don't go too well to warn people but we also need the stories that are going well and that are giving hope. We need hope.
    • KathyLauren
      My wife and I enjoy going out together.  No one thinks anything of it, and we don't get stared at.  The only time the question of whether or not we are a couple comes up is when we are asked if we want one bill or two.   My wife was a bit weirded out about being a lesbian through no choice of her own.  She considers herself a "lesbian by marriage".  But she has no reservations about us remaining a couple.  As far as she is concerned, my transition is part of the "for better or for worse" that she signed up for.  I am not sure I could have done the same had the positions been reversed, so I consider myself very lucky.   My wife likes to be bratty.  Sometimes when we are walking down the street and she spots someone looking disapprovingly at us, she will hold my hand, just to give them something to stare at.
    • Sarahnr1
      Thank you so much i do try my best   Sadly ive lost count on how many TS /TG  that have takend this step  (ie transiton + also in some cases HRT etc...  ) to fast and then crached (incl in here as well as otherwise online ) and its therefore i try to keep this aspect alive as much as i can  and this goes  for  fore all ages  young as well as even older then me  both MTF as well as  FTM  . Its VITAL that we that have transitioned   (with or without HRT or  and  SRS )  DONT  paint up this glorius life  and  happiness  /princess  / Prince life  without also mentioning the struggle and price many have to pay. + the medical risks of this as well as of course what we have gained  of course.   And i would also like to add  reg  our situation over here from  having to high  bounderies (they were  WAY to high )  to be alowed to  start the journey they have now lowerd  to much  and  therefore  we have this  problems  with   more and more  TG`s  /TS   being alowed HRT etc... to YOUNG when they get older  they regret  there  choice .   Also i must also add that of course  there are happy cases   of  (in this case  )  FTM  that have  gone back to female  but as i said  way more that havent been happy ending                   
    • Jani
      @Sarahnr1 You wrote it clearly dear!   
    • Jani
      Welcome Lily.  I'm glad you decided to come here and that you thought it would help.  There are many kind people here to speak with and even vent every now and again, as life presents challenges.  I'm happy to hear you've been able to break through and speak to someone.  This is good.  Understandably your family knows you well and sees the change in you.  Talk to your therapist about how to address this subject with them.   All my best. Jani 
    • Sarahnr1
      I couldent agree more  nor been able to express it  better  even as i tried  WELL spoken indeed   
    • Jani
      Doubts are common, but if you're on the right track they subside.   This is the critical point to understand.  Transition does not solve all the worlds problems.     While there are some that bemoan "gatekeepers", taking a good long time to grasp all the ups and downs of transition and coming to peace with your inner self can never be overstated.  Its always nicer when looking over the fence.  But no doubt this is hard work, emotionally and physically.    Jani
    • Sarahnr1
      Forgot to add  and  over here as well  with those on HRT  that had to stop because there mental problems.   
    • Sarahnr1
      Actually despite what is said in this otherwise brilliant article over here  (and also Finland for what ever reason actually ) FTM are sadly in MANY cases regretful of there  transiton (usely done  WAY to young and all done  with the  sergery etc...  )   and its  a HUGE problem this days  that to young  (ie  under  18 )  TS   being  given both HRT  and all the rest (incl sergery .)   and sadly over here  theres  no way back  as far i understand this  with FTM.       Its also important  to way in that  transiton is NOT the  magical gift that will magically  make youre life   a  living dream despite how many that claimes this. Its also  vital that if you go this route  you HAVE  to be  101  %   clear  on EVERY aspect of this desition  and the  possible price we may have to pay (or not  )and of course also what we  have to winn as well .   +  its also WELL known   that HRT   often  mess  with youre mental  mind  (hence im  refused to get my HRT  and   SRS due to my diagnosis i would  literly  go under  without   proper  support  24 /7 for the  first  year  or so   )  i have had  friends  (TS  )   that had to stop HRT on the count they were going  cracy   ( and i mean banarnas ) not to mention depression is  all to common  as well . Add to that if youre expectetaions  of this are not  in line to what  actually is duable.  other  words  its VITAL to have youre   actuall facts  on what  this step does  mean   and how far youre able to get .   All this said  let me be clear  im NOT against  any  transiton in any age (although SRS  or  the  other way for  FTM  )  to young   can and have been in many cases  gone the wrong  way .SO   its VITAL to get  proper  help   as  young  most defenetly  BUT   sadly im forced to say   that its  better to hold  on sergery  until 18 +   same with HRT   (blockers  fine  )    its  MANY  young TS  around  USA   that have to stop HRT as there mind  is  going   (ie depression etc...  ) same with  others that started  HRT   +  also many medical  risk factors  that force them to stop  of course     Same with  de transitioning  in general for some the  price to pay for this gets to high (incl they feel they cant  as it would indeed offend there god  & religion )  and so they feel forced to get back to there assigned birth. And  sadly they end up in many cases  brokend  down un happy and  in most cases miserable lifes  and also some commit  suicide.  This is the SAD  facts  of  being  TS                                     
    • SaraAW
      Hi Lily and welcome!
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Lily!  I can appreciate the anxiety you feel even coming here and admitting how you feel.  It was a difficult moment for me, as well.  You made a good decision.  I would urge you to find the confidence to explain to your therapist about your dysphoria.  It's the only way he or she can help you deal with it.  They are there to help you, not judge you.   Please look around the forums and post questions and comments wherever you wish.  We'll be here to help.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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