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A. Dillon

Coming out at school...

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A. Dillon

I am in a high school that is not totally known for its trans acceptance, but hasn't had any attacks or anything. I am part of the SAGA club (sexuality and gender alliance) there, and it is not like I am super closeted. However, I just can't seem to work up the courage to tell anyone but a very small, close knot group of friends that I am ftm and/or bi. People will just say she/her, and while my euphoria screams "say something!!", my anxiety retorts with "dig yourself a hole and just live there!!" I could realy use some advice on how to get over this.

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It's good to hear you have some close friends you can be out to. Coming out is a very personal experience. It's ok to stay in the closet until you feel you are ready and safe to. In the meantime, cherish the friends who are loving and supportive of you, and the SAGA club, community is important! 💗



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On 12/7/2019 at 9:03 PM, A. Dillon said:

"dig yourself a hole and just live there!!"

One can only do this for so long until it get gets dangerous.  Suicidal even.  I learned this the hard way.


I am still early in my HRT after years of denial and though I am out to a few now, its not all.  I still present male in public and at work.  I look forward to a day when I can fully be myself to the world but I am not there yet.  No rush really.  But desire is still there.

I am choosing to not get uptight about pronouns. 

I mean for how long have these people known you?  Or about you now? It takes a tremendous effort to remember and change a habit.  Its the same with pronouns and names.  To me anyways.  

Intentionally saying things wrong.  The wrong pronouns or even your new name wrong on purpose is a different story.   Especially after reminder. 

Those who don't know your out, or just recently found out, need time to make the change in themselves too.  This is not over night or even easy within the same month.  Be patient and remind them nicely if at all possible.   Its all you can really do or let it drive you crazy.  Which is good for no one.




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A. Dillon

Yeah, I can feel that, and really hope that you are able to come out fully soon. When I realized that I was trans, while my understanding of myself improved, everything else got worse. I knew I was supposed to be born a boy, spent years just waiting and praying for the testosterone to kick in. Eventually, I just thought that maybe I had just failed at something, and should just end it. Maybe then I could be reborn, and be a boy in that life. I seriously got into theology, and when I came to my own personal conclusion that I did not believe in a god, I decided that I had no option but to face what i was dealt. I then spent 3 more years in the closet, still struggling to come to terms with it. Now that I know who I am and who I can become, I feel this constant pressure to move toward my goal, and resistance can be very hard for me to deal with, so I can only imagine how hard this is for you. I am trying my best to gain some confidence, and I am getting there.


In the meantime, thank you for your advice, and may you have only the best during your transition.

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Jackie C.

That's, yeah, pretty typical in a lot of the US. There aren't education programs and ... well, going through school, peer pressure, etc... isn't the greatest time of your life to start with. Add being trans to that and it's a total nightmare. On the plus side, if you do decide to transition, T is a really powerful thing. Inside a year people won't be able to tell you'd ever been feminine so long as you're wearing pants. E takes longer and I've still got hips like a snake. 😋


I get the resistance thing too. I had a set-back that looked like I wouldn't be able to afford GCS. I had never been that broken before. I did, however, learn that I can cry so hard that no sound comes out. I completely freaked out my wife. She postponed a trip to see her dad just to make sure I didn't do something stupid in the heat of the moment. That was probably the right call.


So yeah, what I was actually getting at. Coming out is hard as first, but it gets a little easier every time you do it. There's no timetable though (well, maybe a hard limit if you're on HRT and start growing a beard). Come out at your own pace and when you're ready. No pressure.

I'm not especially strict about my pronouns either. It takes time for people to form new habits. If they're trying, that's enough for me. Also, it's hilarious to see them apologizing all over themselves when they get it wrong. I figure that accidents happen (unless I'm wearing something that loudly proclaims "This is a woman, stop it."), all you can do is roll with it if you want to remain friends. I have had other friends jump on a stranger for misgendering me though. I actually felt bad about that. It bothered them more than it did me. If your friends might do something similar, you might want to let them know in advance that they shouldn't.





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A. Dillon


50 minutes ago, Jackie C. said:


I have had other friends jump on a stranger for misgendering me though. I actually felt bad about that. It bothered them more than it did me. If your friends might do something similar, you might want to let them know in advance that they shouldn't.


For me, this is my sister. She is very involved in the community, and is gay herself, so she kind of goes beast mode whenever she thinks that someone is being discriminatory. I appreciated the support when my dad said that I was not his son, and that I was always going to be his daughter, but I just end up feeling bad. I mean, he just doesn't really know what he is saying yet.


Also, I do really want to transition soon, and am super excited for the changes that will come with that. My parent said I will have to wait until I leave the house, but I am going to a gender therapist soon, so maybe I can get them to change their minds if they see how serious this is. Will update!

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Closets will keep you safe. Not gonna lie. But if your friends are worth keeping, they will accept and support you. 


The best advice I can give is to tell your teachers via email or something and counselor before hand.  

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    • ShawnaLeigh
      This is terrible.  How can someone that is suppose to love you be so mean.  I’m sorry it is like that’s for you.  😢
    • Robin68
      ❤️ My Lung I was very timid here also and did not speak up for a time. I was like Shawnaleigh. I have learned this is a very safe place and you are very welcome here! Your English is excellent! I live in an area where many Vietnamese have settled in the United States. I look forward to reading more of your comments!   Hugs! ❤️   Robin
    • AdriannaB
      Came out today,going to be Adrianna in March.At 15 years old,I questioned myself if I was really female from the inside and knew the answer was yes.On my list of things to do was go further into my journey of being Adrianna more.So far came out at work,to my wife,mom and my 3 sisters.So far so good and I started seeing a therapist last month.Transitioning,decided not to go on the HRT and doing it surgically on March 6th.Having the body contouring surgery,ffs and breast augmentation done.My wife Nikki even came out too,said she has always liked me as Adrianna more and going to be there for support.So far I am excited about it and going to love the results.Next are my friends and other family members including my twin son and daughter tommorrow
    • AdriannaB
      Today was coming out more today and it was time.When I was 15,I questioned myself if I was really a woman from the inside and knew the answer was yes.So far good at work and even with my wife Nikki.My mom and 3 younger sisters,did take it good.I knew I wanted to go farther sometime later in my life.Did start seeing a therapist last month and decided to do this transition with no hormones,surgically.Even went to my first consultation today having a body contouring surgery,ffs and breast augmentation.Good news it's going to happen on March 2nd changing my life around in a good way.Nikki is going to be there for support,has always said she has liked me as Adrianna more.I turn 41 next month and want to see family and friends see me as male before I become Adrianna for good. 
    • Jani
      Greetings Mickey and welcome. That's nice that your wife understands happiness is most important.  Please join in.   Cheers, Jani
    • Charlize
      I was involved in an attempt to get a trans meeting going in New Hope PA a few years ago.  Unfortunately there were not enough folks in our area, and while some drove a long distance to attend at times it was only one or two of us too often. You are certainly in an area with a larger population and bigger trans community so hopefully that won't be a problem.    The TGAA meetings on Zoom are basically the same as any other meeting.  For a great many people it is the only place they can share about issues they face as trans folks.  we have a literature study program, a Big Book Study, a speaker discussion and a topic discussion meeting.    I have found that the Hazeldon publication "Glad Day", which is covering issues the GLBTQ community faces,  often brings on good discussions.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Laura76
      When my grandchildren asked what name to call me, I asked them to suggest a nice name they could pick that wat they know it will always be unique to me.  They came up with "Maddie." Their born-again religious mother however told them immediately while I was present to never talk about me, or ask me about transitioning my gender.  When my older sisters were told about my new nickname they said my grandchildren should be calling me, "Grandpa sicko," "Confused Grandpa," "Idiot Grandpa," or "Maddie is the insane Grandpa." (so much for sibling support....)  
    • Laura76
      Another story from products from China... I ordered a hoodie for my sister, it was too small. So I reordered a larger size from the same company, the item they sent said it was two sizes larger than the original size I ordered, but when we compared the two hoodies side by side, the first smaller one was larger than the replacment XXL size that we just ordered.  The larger size was was the first "Large" size, and was larger than the XXL size. As previously stated be VERY cautious when ordering from China, especially vendors that do not refund, or replace.
    • MetaLicious
      Thanks for the warm weIcome! While it's true that I aim to misbehave, I've read the rules and promise to keep my misbehaving elsewhere!
    • Laura76
      Early in my transition whenever anyone says anything about me and shaving, I would ask them if they are willing to shave my face each morning for me. Of course they wouldn't so, I would always respond with,  "you can do whatever you want with your face, let me decide what do to with mine."
    • VickySGV
      Even I had a problem, you folks are not alone.  Use your Forum Password.  The username does cross in from your forum application.  
    • Laura76
    • Laura76
      I too had trouble accessing Discord. After I attempt to connect it asks for my email and password. It does not say what password, the one I use to access my Trans Pulse account, or do I make up a new one?? After I enter my email a message pops up "there is already a user with this email address." What am I doing wrong, I can't seem to fine step-by-step instruction how to access discord, can anyone help?   Thank you
      any gender is fine! i love everybody!!!!! and i would love to have some aunts and grandmas lol
    • Jackie C.
      Salutations Michaela! Welcome to TransPulse! It's good to meet you. We're glad you're here.   Please have a look around. Feel free to ask questions (within forum guidelines, I have to smite you if you misbehave) and poke around. Lovely to have you with us!   Hugs!
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