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I'm not sure who I am yet, but here is my journey

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I've written and erased this a few times... but here goes.


Right now I go by Jyn. I am 33 and AFAB, but that has never felt right. I am pretty new to interacting with the community, so bear with me if I don't say all the right things. Most of my life I have operated as my birth gender and straight, and even though I am more open about who I am now I am still easily viewed as a straight woman. I've been hiding behind that wall forever, and I've treated it as my safety net.


From a very early age I just rejected gender norms. When I was very young, it was really no big deal. I got labelled a tomboy and everyone moved on. I accepted that, but I still didn't feel completely right. I had trouble bonding with other girls, even the "tomboys". I was much more comfortable with the boys, which was problematic as most boys of that age are of the opinion "Ew girls". I had a few friends, but I remember being told on more than one occasion I couldn't play because I was a girl. The neighbor boys let me play, but at a handicap because I was naturally a bit rougher than them even then.


Even pre-puberty I realized I found girls attractive. I felt very confused about this, and thought maybe I was supposed to be a boy. I was pretty religious at the time and wondered if god had made a mistake. I was initially afraid of these thoughts. I had nightmares that I would suddenly grow male parts one day. Over time it didn't seem like nightmares anymore, and the dreams were a welcome escape from reality. I kinda hoped it would happen, and even checked some mornings to see if it had.


Somewhere in 6th or 7th grade I just decided I wasn't going to dress feminine anymore, and dressed exclusively in boy clothes. I tried hard to get my boy classmates to accept me. I was rejected harshly and lost nearly all of my friends. Around that time I became aware of what intersex was, and wondered if that was me? I worried more and more as my other classmates went through puberty and I didn't. I was very late, almost 14 when it happened. All the time I became more and more worried I was a boy, and that became scary again as I had been rejected.


Once I finally started puberty, the summer before I started high school I made a decision. I needed to reinvent myself and be female at all costs. Being female was what was expected of me , and if I didn't I would be rejected forever. I asked my mother to buy me a whole new feminine wardrobe, and she enthusiastically obliged. I think she had been worried about me, but was letting me do my own thing. It worked. I made friends, and even had boyfriends. I was still picked on a little but most people forgot the earlier years and I got to just be.


Late in my sophomore year I started questioning things again. I had a female friend come out as at least bi-sexual and asked out another female friend, which freaked everyone out. I played middle man and simply asked why it was such  a big deal? You can say you're flattered, but it's just not for you. Everyone abandoned our bi friend except me and one other girl. Having witnessed her rejection, I didn't dare mention  my own feelings.. but at least I could support her. I was letting go of my religious background and feminine foundations again, but I did not know what to do with it all.


The summer between my sophomore and junior years I spent in Tennessee with my sister. I don't know why I did it specifically, but I suspect I wanted some distance from my hometown where I did not fit in. That's when I met two friends who changed everything for me. I learned so many new things, new ways of thinking. I listened to a rock genre for the first time ever and at that time it was a BIG deal to me. Cruising down old dirt roads in Tennessee with my slightly older friends listening to Nine Inch Nails. Feeling open, completely accepted, and different. The main friend I made there taught me I could be whoever I wanted and F everyone else who tries to tell me different. I made some confessions to her, but not all. When I went home I was different.


I went back to my junior year in boys clothes again and I finished school that way. It just felt right to me, and I had a job and money to buy whatever I wanted. People tried to bully me again, but I had a new attitude and I wasn't standing for it anymore. I still didn't have words for what I was, but I knew it wasn't what I had pretended to be. When I came out as bi in my junior year a girl threatened to beat me up, but the person who had shrunk away in fear was gone. I welcomed the threat and challenged her to do so. It ended in a couple ugly stare downs, but she backed off. I came back with a new energy to not only support my friends, but defend them as well. I was still the weird one no one seemed to like, but I didn't really care anymore.


I didn't know what trans, or gender non-conforming, or non-binary was at the time. I had never heard the words or seen the people until my senior year of high school. I did not take it well. You know those super homophobic guys everyone teases is lowkey in the closet? I behaved exactly like that, except with trans people. The only thing I can say is that it had to be out of fear. When I had tried to claim anything other than my birth gender from an early age people destroyed me. Why would someone subject themselves to that? I am embarrassed to admit to the point I participated in a debate about it in my senior year, and in my very conservative rural community I was declared the winner... and invited to be an extra on the team... I would take back everything I said then now if I could.


That happened late in my senior year and in the following year I did a bit more struggling and soul searching. I came from a traumatic past. My mother abandoned me with my stepfather, who was super creepy (and in jail now as a sex offender) and I wanted out of that house bad. I decided, again, I needed to drop the boy stuff and just be a woman if I ever wanted to get out, get married, have a family, and be happy.


I succeeded for a few years. I got married, moved out, and had 3 children in an ultimately unhappy marriage. Surprise, it ended because I do not fit the mold of a housewife or a woman. I started experimenting with dressing as a man... among other things... and came out as genderfluid. My husband left.


I went through some more back and forth stuff... always primarily dating men who didn't want anything other than a woman. But that's ok right? I am genderfluid... so I will choose to present feminine to keep them happy. Surprise again, that doesn't work. I got a short haircut and the guy I was dating at the time FREAKED out. It suited me well however, and the ladies LOVED me.


After that relationship ended I decided I was letting other people decide who I was, and committed to being single until I had that sorted. It has been over 3 years now but I am closer now than I have ever been.


I identify more now as non-binary... possibly trans-masculine. I am definitely looking for a name change, but I don't want to commit until I decide what I am I guess. I'm just enjoying the process of finding out what feels right.


Also, those friends I talked about that were bisexual and accepting of me? We lost touch and recently got back in touch. They were some of my first non-binary and trans friends. Other friends I connected with the most and lost... have all come back the same... and I am finding I relate with trans and non-binary people way more than I have anyone else in my life. I finally feel like I am on the right track to being the me I have always been meant to be.


Sorry if this is long and rambly... but hello! Here I am! I am looking forward to making new friends as I continue this journey!

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Welcome to the Forums.  Your story is in keeping with the ones of a large chunk of us here. 

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Hi Jyn, and welcome! This forum is a great resource full of friendly people glad to have you here with us💕

I'm also 33, and found much of your story relatable. 



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Welcome Jyn.  You're in friendly company here.  


Hugs, Jani

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Hi Jyn! Welcome to the forum! I loved your story, thank you for sharing with us :) I think you'll find it very welcoming and supportive here.


Belle ❤

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Welcome Jyn! I certainly identify with the emotional struggle with gender dysphoria you seem to express, even though I am MtF. I know you will find kinship with a segment of people here who are much like you. This is a safe, supportive place.





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Hi Jyn!  I appreciated your taking the time to describe your journey thus far in some detail.  Although I am AMAB, there was much I could identify with in your story as someone who has, over time, evolved to a gender identity of non-binary.  You're not alone!  


Wishing you well as you continue your journey,



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Jackie C.

Welcome Jyn!


Sorry, I'm late to the party, I was out with friends.


I'm glad you found us here though. Welcome to the community. I think a lot of us feel the way you did. We try to conform to make others happy. It hardly ever turns out well. That's just not who we are. It sounds like you're on the right track though. Taking your time. Figuring things out. Enjoying the ride.


I wish you joyous discovery. We're here if you need us and there are volumes of information here to help you on your way.



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Thank you all for the welcome and warm wishes ❤


And yes, I am glad to be enjoying the process. I might not be there yet but boy do I feel better every day!

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    • Robin68
      Hi Jackie,   I have experienced a few disconnections from the site and this undoubtedly explains why. I hope you can resolve the technical problems soon! 🤗    
    • ToniTone
      I always wanted to take aikido. It looks effective. 
    • Susan R
      @Charlize @Jani Thank you both for the reassurance.  I never want to ruin a good thing with a family relationship.  I was playing it safe to some degree but when you have only bits and pieces of a particular situation you’re serving an entree of ‘best guess’ with a side of ‘wisdom’.   Thanks again, Susan R🌷
    • Jani
      Well yes and no.  My dad still uses the nickname I used for decades.  It sounds silly when he does it.  My wife even commented on it when we last saw them.  I'm at the point of not caring anymore since I'm comfortable with who I am and if its said loud enough in public, he's the one who seems odd.  Plus we don't see my parents face to face regularly.   So the daughter just may see it as not worth the effort.    This would be a nice outcome.     Jani
    • Aidan5
      Hey Spence! Welcome to the forum, we welcome you with open arms    
    • Charlize
      I would have done the same thing you did Susan.  I say that from my own experience.  It has taken my son many years to properly name me and not refer to me as Dad in public.  When we are together in private it doesn't bother me but in public it can cause confusion and embarrassment.  If the woman does use her daughters chosen name and it disturbers her daughter i'm sure she will say something.  My guess is that she would see it as a final acceptance.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Susan R
      Thanks ladies, I trust both of you for your sage advice.   Susan R🌷
    • magical realism
      Thanks susan, and you dont have to think i was putting up with anything, its just nice to hear im not completely alone even in some small way,heh
    • Aidan5
      Haha that's true.     He is so hyper and excited all the time it is adorable and hard to keep up with him, and I thought I was hyper!! But I really think he was throwing some hints at me and I am definitely taking them and keeping them. He seems like the kind who likes to tease playfully so I better watch out haha.  
    • VickySGV
      Asking the Trans person is always in good taste and correct manners.  My only caution is to do it at a private time between the two of them.  
    • Susan R
      Welcome Magical Realism, a pleasure to meet you...You are not alone in this at all.  I too have been having dreams like this.  I’ve had them for decades but since going full time they now have changed slightly. Mine were a little different [pre-transition] in that the fact that I was presenting male except I had breasts accompanied by a bra under my male clothes. The funny thing is that in almost every dream, the people in the dream were unknowing of my little secret until later in the dream, I eventually always get outed by some ridiculous circumstance..lol.  But oddly enough, since actively starting my transition, I am always presenting as Susan.  It’s almost as if my subconscious is aware of my conscious activities...(kidding)   Well Magical Realism, thanks for putting up with my ramblings. These things happen from time to time. I’m glad you came aboard...hope you stay for the ride.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Jackie C.
      I would have been a little more direct and said, "Maybe you should ask her." That's just me though. I can't think of a reason I would be uncomfortable if my mother started calling me by my actual legal name and using the correct pronouns. Well, I might be a little skeeved out. We're not close and she's been hostile about it up until now. She'd be up to something. Your new friend though, she seems sincere.   I don't see anything wrong with your answer. It never hurts to try and make a loved one more comfortable when you're talking to them.   Hugs!
    • Susan R
      My wife & I are attending an inclusive church regularly now and afterwards we attend an adult class at the church.  Right now, we’re in the middle of a 7 week study called ”Dialogues on Sexuality”.  The class focuses on LGBTQ+ inclusiveness, birth gender, gender roles, church patriarchy, and gender identity.  It’s been very good.  I think this class is the church’s way to get the members of congregation to learn, understand and adopt their “inclusiveness doctrine”.  It’s early in the game but they’re trying so hard and for the most part, we feel very welcome there.   My wife brought one of the class members over to me after the class was over.  My wife had been talking to her and confided with her in the small group time.  The nice woman had an interesting question for me. Her daughter is a 36 year old MtF.  The daughter is now called by her new female name by everyone except her.  So this lady asked me, “If my daughter hasn’t specifically asked me to call her by her female name but has asked others in front of her to use her female name, should I continue to use her male birth name?” Then added, “Do you think she minds?”   I had to pause and think.  I said, ”You're using all the correct pronouns, why not match that when you address her and do what she asks the others around her to do.”  I added, “I think out of respect and love, she is simply not correcting you.  Make her day and starting right now, only use her new female name...see how she reacts. Or you could just ask her but doing it out of your own volition will probably make her happiest”    I honestly don’t know if I gave her the best advice because on the small chance her daughter wanted only her to call her by her birth name I could of messed up a good thing.  I just saw it through my own eyes.  Well, this lady and then my wife started tearing up and she now wants us to get together.  I’m just hoping I helped instead of hampered the situation.  I really don’t know the daughter so it’s a hard call and wondering if I there was any advice, different or not, you all would’ve given this nice lady.   Susan R🌷
    • AdriannaB
      I was comfortable presenting as female
    • magical realism
      Thank you so much. 😃
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