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Had my most affirming morning ever!

Susan R

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This is a little long and mostly for ‘posterity sake’ but I wanted to remember this because it was such a great feeling and they don’t come around often.  For those who don’t like reading, there’s a short version at the bottom of the post.

Some of you may know that I love racquetball..ALOT.  In a previous life, I had spent endless hours in the court.  Back in my glory days, I would sometimes practice for hours in an empty court until someone showed up and asked if they could play.  Sometimes, I would be the one to ask but I always found someone to play a game or two during a workout. 


Fast forward about 30 years. My wife and I recently joined the YMCA last Oct. in our hometown here in WA State and I’ve been going there very often.  Of course, the big difference these days is that I play now as a woman.  So I find an empty court on most days but it seems everyone in the other court is always paired and sometimes they’re playing doubles (2 pairs).  I have been practicing for months but I have not had a single person ask to play.  Also, I have sat in front of a few courts being used after I’m finished but no one ever seems to be in their court alone.  Everyone is always paired.


Well, today that all changed.  I was practicing for a half hour and noticed 3 guys and 2 of their wives or G/F’s watching me practice for awhile.  It was odd but I didn’t think too much of it.  Then one of the guys decides to pop his head in to ask me if I’d like to join him and his 2 buddies in a doubles game.  I was a little intimidated at first but I came out of my court and explained to them I have never played doubles racquetball before but I’m willing to try.    I also mentioned I hadn’t played in an actual game with anyone in years.  One of them said, “We watched you...you hit the ball good, you’ll do great.”  We all introduced ourselves and not one of them seemed to mind I was female, trans or otherwise during our conversation.  I wasn’t sure if I had been clocked by either of them but I went in the court with them and we paired up.  Then they explained the few differences between singles and doubles racquetball and we got started.  I won the serve so I was up...I thought to myself, “OK Susan. here we go”...I served and got an Ace right out of the gate!  I was feeling it and was on a roll.


You know though what was the most amazing thing during that 40 min. game?  Not one of guys misgendered me at any time.  It was all “her” or “she” and one guy seemed to always refer to me as Susan.  I was on cloud 9...I was accepted as “one of the guys” so to speak.  What a turn of events...lol.


We played out the game which at one point was tied 10-10.  We then pulled ahead for good with a 5-0 streak an ended up winning 15-10.  We all shook hands and they all congratulated me and said I’ll have to join them again soon.  One of the wives came up to me afterwards and said, Wow, you did really well  in there...Blah blah blah”.  So now, I have a few regulars that I can play with once in a while and they completely accept me as me.  It was the best morning there at the YMCA yet...probably up there in my top 3 moments during my transition.


tldr: was finally invited to play racquetball with the guys.  Played a game with them, was not misgendered even once and my teammate and I won.  I will be invited to play with them again.


Susan R?



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  • Admin

You seem to have gotten on the ball for that one!!  Good going. 

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I have no clue about racquetball (is it the same as squash?) but I am delighted that you have had such a wonderful time! ?

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Sounds like a truly wonderful time Susan. Hopefully this is just the start of many more great times at the court for you. Hugs!

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This is amazing!  Good job out there and Congrats!


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Brilliant Susan!



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Hey thx ladies?.  It’s the one male dominated sport that I’ll never give up.

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Wow! That is great to hear.  I'm glad you shared this with us - it made me feel good just reading it, I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been first-hand.

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    • Heather Nicole
      Hi Aurora! Nice name!   You sound similar to me! Although I haven't started transitioning (don't believe my profile pic, it's a lie) and I'll only start gender counseling monday, I'm another 6' footer (without shoes), and I'll be 39 in December. And yes, as much as I may miss them, the 80's/90's didn't have the most awareness of this, and I too regret that fact and envy the present-day trans youth. Maybe in next life!   Glad to meet you!
    • Heather Nicole
      Those are cute. Although I can't quite decide which is cuter, the shoes, or the young model's impeccable legs! 😄   With all due respect to his holyness, Tan France, I'm not sure how much I buy into "age-appropriateness" in fashion. I mean, yea, there are times and places for certain things, and not everything works in every situation. But if something really speaks to someone, isn't denying it kind of similar to denying one's gender identity? Maybe one's "age identity"! Heck, my toenail wraps right now are super-juvenile, candy-pink with a daisy and a heart, but I love them! (Although, true, I'm not currently showing them in public.)   I'm reminded of this commercial:   Or maybe it's all just the shopaholic in me speaking  
    • Erica Gabriel
      Our sister, English actress Rebecca Root, has a nice role in this series. Much love to her.
    • Shay
      @JustineM beautiful 
    • Emily michelle
      Welcome Breanna I also feared the insurance company. When I called them originally they said no transgender coverage. I went to my endocrinologist and met with her and they were able to push it through. I have been on hrt for 6 months and have had a mammogram and insurance has covered everything including the majority of my prescriptions. When or if you decide on hrt talk with your endocrinologist. Working in a male dominated field is hard. I’m not out to my union and employer yet. Eventually I will get there hiding is proving harder than coming out.
    • Aurora
      Thank You both.  I am on the Trans pulse discord and just love it there.
    • RunValRun
      Completely understand the "work in progress" part. Websites in general, and forums in particular, are ever evolving 😃   The funny thing was, when I first opened it on my phone, I thought something went horribly wrong with the screen until I figured it out 🤪
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks for the reassurance Jani.    That is my hopes, I would hope the meds wont be much of an issue.  Its just hard hearing that when you finally open to the idea of pursuing this when there is a strong chance of it completely changing life.   I think I have other avenues to take to get the one surgery I want/need.  it will just take time and lots of appointments complaining about issues i have mostly ignored after being told its no big deal.
    • RunValRun
      THAT is what matters 😃🤩
    • Jani
      You will get swelling for a while until the hair gets more slender and your face aclimates.  I used to get quite red with swelling but it stopped after a year or so.  Hang in there and it will be gone in due time.   Cheers, Jani
    • Jani
      Welcome Breanna!  I hope your journey with your wife goes smoothly.  As to insurance, I think that is a common response.  I'm retired but I don't believe my employer covered any TG services.  My current insurance doesn't provide coverage either.  After starting therapy, you may find HRT to be reasonable in cost.     Please join in the conversation. Jani
    • Jani
      Welcome back Aurora!  I'm glad to see you've rejoined us.  Being able to post when we're down and get response is certain a benefit of the site.  Lots of caring people here!  I look forward to seeing you around!  Cheers,  Jani
    • VickySGV
      Welcome back Aurora.  Little different look and some new faces, but the same attitude and acceptance as always. If you remember your old name and account details, PM one of the Admins and we may be able to put you back together.
    • JustineM
    • 2beBreanna
      Thank you for the welcome and reassurances.  I feel that my wife is slowly coming to as she she thinks back to my more male/not so friendly being compared to the feminine gentler being.  I try to get her to realize that if i am happy with who I am, I will be the gentle lovey dovey person she wants now more.      For now my goal is to start HRT slowly and possibly an orchi since that is my biggest dysphoria spot.  I have been hoping for a few years to get rid of those things.     I called insurance today and got what I feared would happen...Transgender care  is excluded from the policy.  I have a good insurance plan but I guess they decided the employees would not be open to others transitioning.  Working in a "mans" job sucks, but it pays the bills.  Now i need to research what steps i can take to get on HRT or even just T blockers.
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