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The Viv Element

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The Viv Element

I'm still fairly young with blonde hair as well so my facial hairs isn't visible when shaven but i know i'll have to get electrolysis eventually, At what age does your facial hair start to leave a shadow? Because i'm trying to avoid shaving everyday to prevent thicker hairs so i can be clean shaven on special occasions.

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I think the shadow is mostly about the colour.  If your hair stays blonde, you may never have to worry about it.

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Shadow is about hair color. My beard, very dark brown almost black, left a distinct shadow no matter how closely I shaved. Now most of it is silver white, so when shaven it doesn't show.

If you are blonde blonde as opposed to germanic blonde (blonde when young, darker and darker hair as you get older) then you likely shouldn't have anything to worry about. Eyebrow and private places hair color is often a good indicator of what your beard may end up.

I think electric razors tend to damage the skin less, so go with a decent one. Mine is a Braun snatched up in an Amazon special. It does not irritate my face.


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The Viv Element

Oh thats good to know! I am germanic blonde actually so yeah my hair has been getting darker. I use an electric razor to shave longer hairs then a regular mens razor to clean up. There is another question i had, Since i'm transitioning MtF... Do I use men's or women's products? Like I have feminine shower gel & shampoo and conditioner but i'm not sure if i should still be using men's razor? 

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1 hour ago, The Viv Element said:

Do I use men's or women's products? Like I have feminine shower gel & shampoo and conditioner but i'm not sure if i should still be using men's razor? 

My opinion on this would be use men’s stuff as it’s made to deal with thicker hairs.  Men’s razors and shave cream I mean.  Once HRT starts to change your body chemistry And your hairs get finer and more supple then go with what you like.  Jmo 

I am still using my men’s stuff to shave my beard as it seems to be the most coarse hairs on the body.  My body hair has thinned out nicely and gotten finer already so I’m using female shave products all over.  Except my dang butt and back of my thighs.  Geesh it still like a grill brush back there. 
Again Jmo.  

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There is no difference in razors except for the colour of the handle.  And maybe the price: apparently pink plastic costs more than brown! ?

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The Viv Element

LOL omg i thought i was the only one who hated shaving my butt and back thighs, standing all awkwardly in the shower is an annoyance lol. 

buuuuut I've never felt so much confidence before shaving my body so I guess its all worth it, especially for your significant other! ;) 


4 hours ago, ShawnaLeigh said:

Except my dang butt and back of my thighs.  Geesh it still like a grill brush back there. 


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The Viv Element

Also I just realized the inequality i'm going to be dealing with on women products/clothing, oh christ. Thank you for reminding me about that. 

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Maid In Bedlam


1 hour ago, KathyLauren said:

There is no difference in razors except for the colour of the handle.  And maybe the price: apparently pink plastic costs more than brown! ?



Yes your right Kathy However there is a suttle diffrence. The lube strip is normally in a diffrent place.  Not that it really makes much diffrence to its performance.





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    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Breanna.  I hope that your wife comes around to supporting you.  It often takes a while, and a lot of conversation and facts, to reassure a spouse.  With my wife, once she went out with me and saw that people treated me as a woman and there was no drama, she started to warm up to Carolyn.   Before CA changed its insurance laws to ensure that transition related care was covered, I paid cash for HRT and office visits.  After the initial exams and blood work, HRT turned out to cost about $20/month.  Obviously surgery will cost much more, but its not an ongoing expense for many people, especially if limited to an orchi.  But I'm getting ahead of things.  Therapy and HRT come first.  I wish you all the best.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Heather Nicole
      Haa ha!     *hugs*, that is so wonderful, I'm so happy for you!!!
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Erica.  Please look around the forums and post questions and comments wherever you like.     Carolyn Marie
    • Heather Nicole
      @Dana Michelle: I'm glad to hear that you seem to be getting through it alright, and that it seems to be getting easier.   I may be a complete novice here, but I've always gotten the impression that professional workers who have the possibility of encountering erections during the course of their usual line of work tend to already be trained to be fully-aware of what all us AMAB's are already naturally well-aware of: that the "stuff" down there tends to have a mind of it's own!!!  
    • Dana Michelle
      Is that 15 to 20 hours per month, for the next 8 to 10 months? A total of 15 to 20 hours is very low. I've heard the average transwoman takes 200 to 300 hours of electrolysis to completely remove the beard. I've had 215 hours so far. My cheeks are mostly finished but chin and upper lip still need a lot more work.
    • Heather Nicole
      OMG, Love the cute boots!!! And the outfit!   And girl, I'm envious of those legs! Mine are like tree trunks!
    • Heather Nicole
      Hee hee, I love "Omergerd"!!     As a US-ican, I can confirm that I have Ibuprofen in my cupboard, but have never heard of "Savlon". (BTW, heading into spring and summer now? Lucky!!)   Happy for your happy dance!  
    • Heather Nicole
      Hi Aurora! Nice name!   You sound similar to me! Although I haven't started transitioning (don't believe my profile pic, it's a lie) and I'll only start gender counseling monday, I'm another 6' footer (without shoes), and I'll be 39 in December. And yes, as much as I may miss them, the 80's/90's didn't have the most awareness of this, and I too regret that fact and envy the present-day trans youth. Maybe in next life!   Glad to meet you!
    • Heather Nicole
      Those are cute. Although I can't quite decide which is cuter, the shoes, or the young model's impeccable legs! 😄   With all due respect to his holyness, Tan France, I'm not sure how much I buy into "age-appropriateness" in fashion. I mean, yea, there are times and places for certain things, and not everything works in every situation. But if something really speaks to someone, isn't denying it kind of similar to denying one's gender identity? Maybe one's "age identity"! Heck, my toenail wraps right now are super-juvenile, candy-pink with a daisy and a heart, but I love them! (Although, true, I'm not currently showing them in public.)   I'm reminded of this commercial:   Or maybe it's all just the shopaholic in me speaking  
    • Erica Gabriel
      I am Erica. Hear me roar. I’ve outgrown my man pants and am dressing up into womanhood. 
    • Erica Gabriel
      Our sister, English actress Rebecca Root, has a nice role in this series. Much love to her.
    • Shay
      @JustineM beautiful 
    • Emily michelle
      Welcome Breanna I also feared the insurance company. When I called them originally they said no transgender coverage. I went to my endocrinologist and met with her and they were able to push it through. I have been on hrt for 6 months and have had a mammogram and insurance has covered everything including the majority of my prescriptions. When or if you decide on hrt talk with your endocrinologist. Working in a male dominated field is hard. I’m not out to my union and employer yet. Eventually I will get there hiding is proving harder than coming out.
    • Aurora
      Thank You both.  I am on the Trans pulse discord and just love it there.
    • RunValRun
      Completely understand the "work in progress" part. Websites in general, and forums in particular, are ever evolving 😃   The funny thing was, when I first opened it on my phone, I thought something went horribly wrong with the screen until I figured it out 🤪
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