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Amber Lyn


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Amber Lyn

This is a poem I wrote as I struggle through stepping out of the box I've lived within for over 46 years.



I stand on the brink

Afraid to look down
Afraid to look forward
Afraid to look back

I close my eyes
And I can feel the world
As it churns and breaks
Beneath my feet

Where do I step?
Where do I sleep?
Where do I live?
Where do I weep?

I can't move unless I'm moved
I can't be free unless I'm freed
I can't live unless I try

How do I make a me from all these pieces?
How do I understand how I am made?

I may never know
I only step forward
Into myself
Into being me

And I live and love and hope to find joy in it all

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    • Shay
      There is just something about this song and this woman....  
    • Shay
      Keeping fingers crossed my HRT NP sent me email indicating my doctor said it takes 2 weeks to transfer records and it's been a week - but they were trying to fast track it - so maybe this week.   Could you share the changes you've seen and felt over the time you've been lucky enough to be on HRT? Good and bad.   Thanks,   Heather Shay
    • KayC
      Hi Toni.   I am a bit concerned for your safety.  Do you have someplace to go if your roommates become aggressive again?  Assuming you're still in Minneapolis area?  I found this online https://www.mntransgenderhealth.org/  Please take care of yourself❣️
    • KayC
      Nice to meet you @key plate! and welcome! You've found a great place to let this out.  We are all here facing both similar and different obstacles to transition, but all with the same hope ... to be happy. I cannot and should not give you advice about your mother.  You seem to know her well, since your are not surprised but rightfully disappointed by her response. I do hope you make the choices that are best for yourself (and not somebody else) but ... When its all said and done, she still is and will forever be your mother.  Don't let go of the love in your heart for her (it seems like she needs it)   Deep breaths ... one step at a time❤️
    • KayC
      Wow!  Thanks for sharing your photos and story @Joslynn!  That's quite a transition and very inspiring❣️
    • KayC
      That's great Jackie! Sending sincere prayers for a smooth procedure and recovery🙏  Thank you so much for all you do to share your journey with us❣️  
    • KayC
      People who are sincerely kind (without expectation of anything in return) are truly compassionate.  They are that way because they know deep down that we are all intimately inter-connected as part of this complex and eternal universe.   You figured it out, @Mary Jane.  You are enlightened❣️    
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🐀   Happy birthday benzenemess!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Liam da potato
      I meant "not aligned on the.. line" XD Can I ask how u did that?? OoO
    • Liam da potato
      I don't know how u did that but it's really impressive if your ok with comments I' say that the nose with mouth are not really on the vertical line that separates the head in 2, if you understand what I mean. (not my drawing) Mouth and nose are like that \ and eyes like that | But seriously that's really good!
    • Liam da potato
      nice ^^, how about Loic? Stephen? Mathew Michael argh I can't put my eyes away OO
    • Chrysalis
      Bless you Sweetie. . .hang on 'til the sun comes back up!
    • Chrysalis
      I dressed someone else's feeling about that very same sort of thing. What i said then and strongly suggest now is that you find a gender therapist! Like alcohol counselors, it is most typically Gender Therapists are trans themselves and so have been through the early stages of doubt and confusion and come through with experience and the knowledge that provides.  Hope that offers you some hope and help?
    • jae bear
      Thank you girls for all the really kind and hilarious comments, a few of those I laughed out loud so hard I think it shook the walls! I’m sure I’ll get through it just fine, I’ve already mixed up the jug of horribleness and have everything ready for tomorrow morning. Not my first rodeo so I’ll just “go with the flow”! Hugs to you all! Jackie
    • KayC
      THANK YOU @Susan R.  Yes it DOES❣️❤️❤️❤️
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