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Thank you everyone for the kind regards and time. To stop your worrying, my friend Dillon has talked me out of it, and I will get my head up back in the game. It may take a bit of time to heal but I will get there eventually. Sorry to worry you all. ❤️

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Jackie C.

Give Dillon a hug for me sweetie. I'm happy you've decided to give being awesome another chance.



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1 hour ago, Aidan5 said:

Thank you everyone for the kind regards and time. To stop your worrying, my friend Dillon has talked me out of it, and I will get my head up back in the game. It may take a bit of time to heal but I will get there eventually. Sorry to worry you all. ❤️


I KNEW you could do this Aidan . Listen to youre friend  Dillon and above all  im PROOUD to get to talk to you  Aidan and my Pm is always  wide open for you


No need to say youre sorry  you did the right thing  you asked  for help and got it  (those that dont is the ones that sadly takes the  wrong way )     

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Timber Wolf

Hi Aidan,

You mentioned that your family doesn't give you much love and caring. But take a look at the posts in this thread. I see a lot of love and caring. The people hear are your family, Aidan. So many of us here have been at that point where we wanted to die. So many of us here have tried to bring that about. There is a lot of understanding hear. That gives us a special ability to empathize with each others pain and truly care. Always remember we are hear for you. You are not alone.


Lots of love, 

Timber Wolf 🐾

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The Viv Element

I'm so happy to hear that, You never have to thank us or apologize :) Take care Aidan.

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Aidan. You are such a cool person, and so many people would be absolutely devastated if you were to die.

Your feelings are completely valid. You have been dealt a bad hand. Your family treats you very unkindly. But there is more to life than what you can see right now. When we are young, everything seems so permanent and final. But if you give yourself the gift of growing into an adult, you will gain new perspective on everything. It will not always be easy even then, but you will have so many cool experiences and meet so many great friends who are just waiting for you out there.


I personally would be devastated if you were to end your life. Please don’t.

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Good for you Aiden. I knew you could do it!


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    • KathyLauren
      We had to take the hound to the vet to have a growth on her tail removed.  Since she had to be there early, we had breakfast out.  Strawberry waffles, Mmm!   Since we were in town anyway, I went to the government office to get new license plates for the car.  They lent me a screwdriver to remove the old ones, but it didn't fit the bolts.  A nice young man in the next parking stall got out a wrench and removed them for me.  He was still there when I came out with the new plates, so he helped again with his wrench.   I don't mind a bit when men are chivalrous.   Regards, Kathy
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I have struggled with this myself when first coming out to my wife.  I had no clear answers and the "time line" questions that kept coming up I answered based on generic time frames for certain physical changes due to HRT.  I had no real idea what my time lines were or even are right now as my body and mind continue to change week by week.  But I threw out answers before I was clear on what the true answers were to try and defuse the situation back then and give her something to chew on.      I had to explain this again just last weekend because she threw it in my face that I was saying a year or two until I would feel comfortable presenting full female and 6 months into it I am saying now is a good time.  I truly did not think I would be ready or had the right mind set to do so this quickly but I can not be blamed for how my transition is effecting me.   Try to think of it this way. Yes you knew something was going on with you for a very long time, years even, but you clearly did not know "exactly" what it was and your journey begins with discovery of certain things dealing with transition.  That's after you have accepted there is something going on and its real.   Explain that any time lines or feelings from a few months ago may not apply now because you are changing both physically and mentally.  Again you have no idea how fast or slow these changes can occur Try to set it up as "I will tell you as changes and mind set changes happen asap and keep you informed as best I can." I mean you can not expect to explain everything up front and answer questions when you don't know what it all is yet.   I understand you want things to go smoothly and with as little drama and stress but you are learning so give yourself time too.
    • Willow
      Good morning everyone    had two cups of black dark roast this morning.   @Donnie_1961 those are wonderful pictures you posted. Very natural.   my stress level is rather high right now.  And when my stress level gets this high I tend to freeze.  No, not cold temperature but unable to do the things I need to do.  I’m in the middle of a project at home and I just can’t get going on the next step.     Stress also makes my dysphoria worse.  This much stress over whelms my anti depression meds, but even if I could take an extra, it takes a week to make a difference and usually by then I’m naturally better.  I just have to find a way to push through this.    Willow
    • KymmieL
      Good Friday morning everyone. Well my Friday anyway. Actually slept good last night only had to get up once to pee. I wore sleep pants and seemed to help keep me warm. vs what I usually wear which is very little. Then again We didn't have a cold wind pounding on the bedroom wall all night.   Now I know the reason I hate closing. It can be boring. which it was last night. Got most of the closing done early then nothing.   Everyone stay warm as normal.   Kymmie
    • Aidan5
      Welcome to the forum!   I think it's awesome that you are here and my dad is also a navy chief!! I find it really cool. 
    • TammyAnne
      Good morning everyone! Beautiful sunrise this morning, coffee is finished and I'm feeling energetic. Well, a little anyway. Been sleeping well the past few nights. But also having interesting dreams in which I go in for Orchidectomy surgery. One dream had me having three testicles to remove! I'm about to get my day started, so let me wish you all well! TA
    • TammyAnne
      Aloha chief! Welcome to our little ohana! TA
    • Charlize
      As an old Tom Baker fan i couldn't help but share this.  What fun!  Maybe a long pink, white and baby blue scarf?   https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/02/23/doctor-who-rebecca-root-first-transgender-companion-boy-meets-girl/?fbclid=IwAR31VTt3aSUTETpbz2AmIojGk3Kf4M4XXgCwOS9dH1svrMc5Es4cPKl859c   Hugs,   Charlize    
    • secondlook
      I have a new problem now. When I came out to my wife, I had only been aware of my true self for a couple of weeks. My thoughts up until coming out had been dominated by how I would explain it to her, how I could be sensitive and understanding and try to soften the blow as best I could. That meant that I hadn't done a lot of thinking about how I wanted to explore becoming the real me going forward.   So when she started asking me questions, I didn't have a lot of great answers, and now it seems that something I said that I thought was true at the time is now not entirely true. I told her that my need to become a woman physically wasn't about cross-dressing, that I had never cross-dressed and that I wasn't thinking about it in the future. I told her I could envision myself wearing largely the same kinds of outfits that I do now, jeans and button-down shirts.   But now as I research and come to grips with the fact that any kind of physical transformation is years in the future, no matter how well I deal with the obstacles in front of me, the idea of seeing how feminine I can make myself with my current body becomes more and more appealing. I'm reading fashion articles with interest for the first time in my life. I've got a number of feminine pieces of clothing and accessories sitting in my Amazon shopping cart.   I worry that disclosing this reversal, so soon after the shock of my coming out, will undermine the remarkable emotional progress that she has made up to now. But as long as I keep it quiet, I'm being deceptive again. This is the catch-22: my exploration of this new side of myself seems to be happening faster than she can emotionally process it, leaving me in the position of having to choose between damaging revelations or merciful deception. These seem like equally bad options. 
    • Markjvp
      Thank you for answering my first question but so far except for having someone to talk to I’ve done it my way so far is playing or watching something it works but not all the time even if I play or watch something again it can work or can fail once I can I’ll experiment more like trying art without art class but for now I guess that’s how I’ll cope or fight with the negative but that also means needing new things to play and to watch    I’ll try it soon and for what @Sarahnr1 said yea it’s a hit and miss thing hopefully when I need to replace my already comfortable pair I can find one   and for the last one thank you I’m most likely going to socially transition first once I can and if I still feel gender fluid or trans (yes the 2 feelings won’t go away and I think the feeling of being trans is rising up again so I might change my gender on the site to trans again
    • secondlook
      I agree with the others that there are going to be times where it's OK to let yourself feel negative, as long as your thoughts don't spiral into bad directions. When I do manage to pull myself out of a funk, it's usually by looking for small victories, whether it's finding joy in a moment where I feel even slightly more feminine than normal, or in reading a post here that reminds me of my life and seeing that someone else overcame the exact challenges that I'm facing now.   My dysphoria is ramping up at an alarming rate, but I'm using that as fuel. I'm a problem-solver by nature, and I'm motivated. It's just a matter of finding solutions. 
    • Charlize
      Welcome Trisha.  I found this journey much easier with the help of others on the same road.  Glad you've joined us here.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Donnie_1961
      Good Morning! I just got home from work. I started the coffee maker. (It's programmable. But that's kinda like programming your vcr. It's a no brainier to just hit the record button.) I let my cell phone at work yesterday. But I survived a day without. I'm not one of those people who would have a nervous breakdown if I didn't have my phone. Good night at work. Nobody died. Didn't have to send anyone to the hospital. And nobody fell out of bed. All my patients slept. With the exception of one patient who is as much a night owl as I am. He just visited with me all night, drank coffee and I allowed him to go outside for the occasional cigarette. He also had some laundry for me to do. I usually do about 7 loads of sheets and bedding a night when things are quiet. Then I fold bibs, napkins and table cloths. I'm not much for sitting around  doing nothing. I like to keep busy. I do my patient rounds every two hours and make sure everyone is ok.  I received a nice gift from the members of the resident council. A brand new coffee cup. I'll get some use out of it.   I've got a few thing to do this morning then I'll catch some shuteye before going back in tonight. Y'all have a wonderful day!   Be safe. Be smart.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Welcome to TP and I love the enthusiasm!   Your will make a great addition to our family!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      You certain did not do anything to me or made me feel uncomfortable whatsoever.  I chose to tell you (and everyone) all on my own.   I am proud of the young man I was trying to be and I was successful at it.  But I am not one to boost or brag and that is the only thing that makes me feel odd as what I tell people of my past does come off that way   To me anyways. Like I mentioned.  My life between high school and now is a very different story and most of it was horrible.  I made so many mistakes that hurt so many families I was a part of.  I have asked forgiveness from everyone and had received it and I eventually had forgiven myself but it still all happened and I try to just move on from it all. Being myself now is truly what I needed and work hard to achieve. But the struggle is real.  
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